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E2B2 Podcast

E2B2 Podcast

By Evan J. Thomas
Father and Son duo Evan J. Thomas & Brandon Thomas give their reviews on movies, TV and pop culture while having fun also giving tidbits on their daily lives.
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E2B2 Podcast - EP.40 - "Candyman"

E2B2 Podcast

E2B2 Podcast - EP.57 - "Jurassic World: Dominion"
Evan & Brandon review one of the most anticipated movie of 2022 "Jurassic World: Dominion", Brandon finishes school, more concerts for Evan and much MORE! OUR REVIEWS:  Brandon - 4.5    Evan 4.5
June 12, 2022
E2B2 Podcast - EP.56 - "Top Gun: Maverick"
Evan & Brandon are back! The guys review the blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick”, what is new with them, a hilarious new segment and much MORE! OUR REVIEWS:  Brandon - 4.5+   Evan - 5.0
June 11, 2022
E2B2 Podcast - EP.55 - "Firestarter"
Evan & Brandon review the remake of the Stephen King 1984 film “Firestarter”, the guys fill you in on whats new & lots more! OUR REVIEWS:  Brandon - 2.5     Evan - 2.0
May 15, 2022
E2B2 Podcast - EP.54 - "CoDA"
Evan & Brandon discuss what is new with them, Evan gets interviewed in Brandon’s media class, the guys review the Oscar winning movie ”CoDA” and much more!  OUR REVIEWS:  Evan 5.0    Brandon 5.0
May 01, 2022
E2B2 Podcast - EP.53 - "The Last Duel
Evan & Brandon discuss what is new in their lives, the loss of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and review “The Last Duel” movie and MORE! OUR RATINGS:  Brandon 4.5     -     Evan 4.0
April 16, 2022
E2B2 Podcast - EP.52 - "Studio 666" & "The Batman"
Evan & Brandon are back with double feature movie review of “The Batman” and the Foo Fighters “Studio 666” and MUCH MORE! OUR REVIEWS:  "STUDIO 666"  Brandon 3.0+     Evan 3.5 "THE BATMAN"   Brandon 5.0     Evan 4.5
March 21, 2022
E2B2 Podcast - EP.51 - "The King's Man"
Evan & Brandon finally review “The King’s Man”, our Super Bowl weekend, upcoming movies we want to see and MORE!  OUR REVIEWS:  Brandon 3.5+  -   Evan 4.0
February 20, 2022
E2B2 Podcast - EP.50 - "Jackass Forever"
Evan & Brandon review “Jackass Forever”, the guys reveal their “Boobie” and “Fox” stories and what does Brandon say at the end of the show to make Evan crack up laughing?  This is a MUST!!  OUR REVIEWS:  Brandon - 5.0  Evan - 4.5
February 06, 2022
E2B2 Podcast - EP.49 - "The Power Of The Dog"
Evan & Brandon review the movie "The Power Of The Dog", talk about Brandon's newest road trip, Evan's raise and promotion and MORE! OUR REVIEWS: Brandon - 4.0     Evan - 3.0
January 23, 2022
E2B2 Podcast - EP.48 - "The Beatles: Get Back" Episodes 2 & 3
Evan & Brandon discuss how long is to long to keep up Christmas lights and trees and the guys review episodes 2 & 3 of "The Beatles: Get Back" documentary and MORE!! OUR REVIEWS:  Evan & Brandon - 5.0
January 13, 2022
E2B2 Podcast - EP.47 - "Don't Look Up"
Evan & Brandon count down their Top 10 Movies of 2021, review the DiCaprio/ Streep flick “Don’t Look Up”, their Holiday & their yearly New Years road trip to North Carolina & MORE!  OUR REVIEWS:  Brandon & Evan 4.0
January 02, 2022
E2B2 Podcast - EP.46 - "The Beatles: Get Back"
Evan & Brandon are back with a NEW show as they talk about their birthday weeks, Thanksgiving, “Coolest Thing That Has Happened” and review The Beatles: Get Back documentary.  OUR REVIEWS:  Evan & Brandon - 5.0
December 12, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.45 - "Dune"
Brandon attends State Cross Country, doesn’t have the “Vid”, Evan celebrates Braves winning the World Series, amazing Blacktop Mojo show and the guys review the new Dune movie & MORE! OUR RATINGS:  Brandon 4.5  --  Evan 4.5
November 14, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.44 - Halloween Top 5 List
Evan & Brandon give their Top 5 Halloween lists of Candy, Costumes and Movies, the “Coolest Thing Thats Happened in the Past Week” and MUCH MORE!
October 31, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.43 - "Halloween Kills"
Brandon competes in his first Cross Country meet, Evan goes to the Rock & Roll HOF and Christmas Story House in Cleveland, the guys review “Halloween Kills”, we are unscripted! OUR REVIEWS: Brandon - 4.0 Evan - 3.5   
October 17, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.42 - "The Many Saints of Newark, A Sopranos Story"
Brandon goes to Homecoming, Evan has a heart attack and talks about it, Evan and Brandon go see Badflower and the guys review the movie "The Many Saints of Newark - A Sopranos Story" and MORE!
October 03, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.41 - Shinedown & "Chicago Party Aunt"
Evan & Brandon were at the Shinedown concert in Milwaukee Saturday night, a quick review of the EP.1 of “Chicago Party Aunt”“Coolest Thing in the Past Week Or So” and MORE!  
September 20, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.40 - "Candyman"
The guys talk about Brandon joining his High School track team & asking out “A” to Homecoming, Evan and his concerts he’s photographed, their review of “Candyman” and MORE! 
September 05, 2021
E2B2 - EP.39 - "The Suicide Squad"
Brandon goes back to school, Evan has a Friday morning meltdown and the guys review the movie "The Suicide Squad" and LOTS MORE! OUR REVIEWS: Brandon - 4.0     ----     Evan - 3.25
August 22, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.38 - "Jungle Cruise"
Evan & Brandon review the new Disney film starring Dwayne Johnson/ Emily Blunt “Jungle Cruise”, they also watched the “Woodstock 1999, Peace Love & Rage” doc and much MORE!  OUR REVIEWS:  Brandon - 4.0     ---     Evan 4.0
August 08, 2021
E2B2 - EP.37 - "Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bordain" & Foo Fighters in Cincinnati
Evan & Brandon with a mid week show as they talk about their Foo Fighters show experience in Cincinnati and they review the Doc “Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bordain” and MORE! OUR REVIEWS:  Brandon - 5.0     ----      Evan 5.0
July 30, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.36 - "Old"
Evan & Brandon review the new suspense filled movie “Old” and the guys talk about “The Coolest Thing That Happened in the Past Week Or So”, gearing up for Foo Fighters this week and MORE! OUR RATINGS: Brandon - 4.0     Evan - 4.5
July 25, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.35 - "Fear Street Part 1, 1994"
Evan & Brandon review the Netflix film “Fear Street Part 1, 1994” they guys talk about their 4th of July weekend road trip to North Carolina & MUCH MORE! REVIEW SCORES:  Brandon 3.25   -     Evan 3.0
July 11, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.34 - "The Ice Road"
EP.34 - Evan & Brandon review the Liam Neeson flick “The Ice Road”, the guys catch you up with whats new in their world and they look forward to their 4th of July road trip to North Carolina & MORE
June 27, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.33 - "Army Of The Dead"
Evan & Brandon talk about Brandon’s wedding trip, Evan’s Galena excursion, our whirlwind day finding an open restaurant, our review of the Zach Snyder zombie film “Army Of The Dead” & More!  REVIEW SCORES: ​ARMY OF THE DEAD: Brandon 3.5 - Evan 3.0 LISTEN TO IT HERE
June 15, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.32 - "A Quiet Place Part II"
Evan & Brandon review the long awaited and highly anticipated “A Quiet Place Part II”, Our Harambe tribute, Brandon rants on weddings, Evan’s new gig and much more! OUR REVIEWS: Brandon - 4.75 ------ Evan - 4.5
May 30, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.31 - "From Cradle To Stage EP.1" & "Stowaway"
Evan & Brandon review the Netflix movie “Stowaway” as well as the Virginia & Dave Grohl music documentary series “From Cradle to Stage” & hear whats new with The guys and much more! REVIEW SCORES: STOWAWAY: Brandon 3.5 - Evan 2.5 FROM CRADLE TO STAGE EP.1 - Brandon 5.0 - Evan 5.0
May 17, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.30 - "What Drives Us" & "Without Remorse"
Brandon & Evan celebrate their 30th episode and 2 year anniversary doing the show as they give you a double feature review of the Music Doc “What Drives Us” & the film “Without Remorse” OUR RATING of "What Drives Us": Evan 5.0 - Brandon 5.0 OUR RATING of "Without Remorse": Evan 4.5 - Brandon 4.5
May 02, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.29 - "An American Pickle"
E2B2 PODCAST Evan & Brandon bring you the newest things going on in their lives, they review the Seth Rogan flick “An American Pickle”, they saw “Jurassic Park” on the big screen and more! AN AMERICAN PICKLE REVIEW - Evan: 3.0    Brandon: 3.0
April 19, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.28 - "Nobody"
Brandon & Evan review the flick “Nobody”, give their take on the classic comedy/drama series “Freaks and Geeks” and discuss their weekend together and more! OUR REVIEWS:  Brandon - 4.5     Evan - 4.5
April 03, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.27 - "Godzilla vs Kong"
Evan & Brandon reveal their “Coolest Thing That Happened in the Past Week or So”, their highly anticipated review of the new “Godzilla vs. Kong” flick and more antics! OUR RATINGS:  Brandon - 4.5      Evan - 4.0
April 01, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.26 - "Coming 2 America"
E2B2 PODCAST: EP.26 - Evan & Brandon talk “The Coolest/ Most Interesting Thing That Happened the Past Week or so”, funny thing that happened to Evan, and they review “Coming 2 America” on Amazon Prime.  ​RATINGS: Brandon 3.0 : Evan 3.5
March 07, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.25 - "Nomadland"
Evan & Brandon unveil their new segment “The Coolest Thing That Happened This Week”, we review the powerful “Nomadland” Movie, whats new with us and much more!! RATINGS:  Evan - 4.5 Brandon - 4.5
February 21, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.24 - "The Little Things"
Evan & Brandon went back to the movies to see the new Denzel Washington flick “The Little Things, ”Freaks & Geeks” on Hulu, Brandon back to school, snowstorms galore, Super Bowl Sunday & MORE! OUR RATINGS:   Brandon - 4.0  &   Evan - 4.0
February 07, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.23 - "Tenet"
Evan & Brandon talk about what they have been up to, new shows they are watching, and the guys review the movie “Tenet” available  On Demand and we wish Grandma and Grandpa T a speedy Covid 19 recovery!   OUR RATINGS: Brandon - 4.0 Evan - 3.5
January 24, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP.22 - "The Invisible Man"
Brandon and Evan talk about their New Years Eve, whats new with them and they review the psychological thriller "The Invisible Man"
January 10, 2021
E2B2 Podcast - EP21 - "Wonder Woman 1984"
Evan & Brandon talk about their Christmas Holiday, the guys reveal their Top 3 Movies of 2020 and review the highly anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 / WW84 movie & MORE!
December 27, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP.20 - "Ava"
EP.20 - Evan & Brandon talk about Brandon’s first driving experience, epic photo session with Santa, what other holiday mascots we are out there and we review the movie “Ava” & MORE!!
December 13, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP.19 - "Ghosts Of War"
Evan and Brandon talk about their Thanksgiving feasts, Brandon's 16th Birthday and they review the movie "Ghosts Of War" available on Netflix and LOTS OF SHENANIGANS!
November 29, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP.18 - Foo Fighters Livestream show & "Monkey Trouble"
Evan & Brandon review the Foo Fighters Livestream from The Roxy show, they review the 1994 movie “Monkey Trouble” and give you the reason why this was on our must see list & LOTS MORE!!
November 15, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP.17 - "Hubie Halloween"
Evan and Brandon talk about their Saturday together, who is Mojo The Gorilla, the bad ass pumpkins they carved, their review of the new Adam Sandler movie "Hubie Halloween", available on Netflix and a FIRST on the show that you DON'T WANT TO MISS!
October 18, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP.16 - "Spenser Confidential"
Evan & Brandon have fun with words that are goofy and tough to say, what is new with them and the guys review the movie “Spenser Confidential”, available on Netflix 
October 04, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP.15 - "Antebellum"
Evan & Brandon talk about whats new with them and the guys review the new movie "Antebellum" out On Demand.
September 20, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP.14 - "The King Of Staten Island"
EP.14 - Evan and Brandon review the Judd Apatow movie "The King Of Staten Island" starring Pete Davidson, Marissa Tomei and Bill Burr.  They also talk about Brandon's first week back E-Learning and how both spent their Saturday together.
September 06, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP.13 - "Project Power"
Evan and Brandon review the Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon- Levitt movie "Project Power" and the guys talk about their day playing tennis and more!
August 23, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP.12 - "The Old Guard"
Evan and Brandon Thomas talk about the good and bad of E-Learning after Brandon unveils that his school will be starting the year online.  We also review the Charlize Theron Netflix movie "The Old Guard".  Check out our rating and breakdown of the movie.  ** SPOILERS **
August 10, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP.11 - "The Rental"
Evan and Brandon are back from Quarantine for our first show in nearly 5 months as they talk about their lives during the Pandemic and their review of the Dave Franco directed "The Rental" available on Video on Demand.  Check it out!
July 26, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP10 - "The Way Back" & "JoJo Rabbit"
E2B2 PODCAST: EP.10 - Evan & Brandon bring you a double feature of reviews for the movies "Jojo Rabbit" and "The Way Back", Brandon also discusses how he revealed his infatuation to his crush on Valentine's Day 
March 08, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP9 - "1917"
Evan J. Thomas & Brandon J. Thomas review the movie "1917" and give their Academy Awards predictions
February 16, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP8 - "The Gentlemen"
Evan and Brandon review the movie The Gentlemen starring Charlie Hunnam, Colin Ferrell, Hugh Grant, Matthew McConaughey and we talk about what is going on in our lives.
January 25, 2020
E2B2 Podcast - EP7 - "Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker"
Evan and Brandon are in Hickory, NC on New Years Eve as they review "Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker" and MUCH MORE!
December 31, 2019
E2B2 Podcast - EP6 - "Joker"
Evan & Brandon Thomas review "Joker" and give their take on the movie starring Joaquin Phoenix and his incredible performance.  Brandon talks about his Homecoming dance & Evan talks about his 3 week Tour/ Festival experience. 
October 06, 2019
E2B2 Podcast - EP5 - "IT Chapter Two"
Evan and Brandon Thomas review the horror movie "IT: Chapter Two" and MORE!
September 08, 2019
E2B2 Podcast - EP4 - "Good Boys"
Evan and Brandon Thomas give the low down on the movie "Good Boys" as well as discussing what is new in their lives with Brandon starting Freshman year and Evan going on a 3 week tour with Bullet To The Heart. 
August 25, 2019
E2B2 Podcast - EP3 - "John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum"
Evan and Brandon Thomas review "John Wick: Chapter 3". They talk about what is going on in their lives and they were cracking up at a funny joke at the end of the episode.
June 30, 2019
E2B2 Podcast - EP2 - "Godzilla: King of the Monsters"
Evan and Brandon review "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" and what they liked about it as well as more movies they are excited about in 2019.  We also discuss Brandon graduating from Jr. High and Evan hosting the Bad Ass Art and Music Show. 
June 02, 2019
E2B2 Podcast - EP1 - "Avengers: Endgame"
Evan J. Thomas and Brandon J. Thomas introduce a new Podcast as the father and son duo tackle life topics, pop culture and have some fun together.   EP1 features the review of "Avengers: Endgame" and we talk about Star Wars and our favorite sushi joint and more!
May 04, 2019