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The Early Twenties Podcast

The Early Twenties Podcast

By The Early Twenties Podcast
This podcast attempts to spark conversations on navigating our early twenties in a more meaningful way. We are a gang of four college friends -- Gyani(24), Sodhi(24), Shubhu(24) & Preet(23), figuring out life in runtime. And we wanna document it, sharing our experiences with the world! Every Sunday, one of us takes the lead on a topic that has been most pressing in our professional/social lives, and all of us take it from there :)
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Our experiments with NoFap | Thoughts about male sexuality

The Early Twenties Podcast

quarter-life bliss!
Apr 24 2022 Creators of Early Twenties podcast got together after a hiatus of a year only to realise that they are aging beyond their early twenties! Bids for takeover might be considered. Lot has changed since we recorded last- we've moved across continents, startups and relationships have been shut, personalities have shifted, jobs have been switched and ankles have been broken. Tune into this episode as we draw upon epiphanies like 'there is no point of money if you cannot say no to more money', 'having children is like IPO' and 'sub-consciously asking yourself about whether the woman will be the right mother of your children, on the first date, but sub-consciously'!
April 30, 2022
Be flexiple! | Guest episode with Karthik Sridharan
Yo yo yo! On this episode of the Early Twenties Podcast, we sit down with Karthik(Co-Founder & CEO at Flexiple) to discuss his journey thus far. We discuss about the importance of bootstrapping a startup, his experiences as he navigated life after college(BITS Pilani & IIM-A) and for a first time on this podcast, we talked about dogs. One thing that struck out to us was the first principle thinking methodology that Karthik follows, tune in and enjoy! Shownotes: Flexiple: Karthik on Linkedin Karthik on Twitter
March 26, 2021
Guest Episode with Debarghya (Deedy) Das!
Welcome to one of the biggest episodes on this podcast, on this one we sit down with Deedy(yes, from the Deedy resume fame!) to talk about his life's journey, career decisions, relationships, fitness and a lot more! Deedy has a lot of stories to share, and we have a funny feeling about him making it big in the podcasting world :) This episode is especially interesting for folks doing/have done Computer Science as their major as he talks about his transition from working at Google & Facebook to now working at a startup in the valley. One thing we've learnt from talking to people on the show is that a huge amount of skills are transferrable across different sectors of life - and this was one thing that was very clear as I reflected on this conversation. Lots to unpack here, tune in and enjoy! Shownotes: Deedy's website: Twitter: Linkedin: The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis: Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman:,_Fast_and_Slow
January 31, 2021
New Year, New Me - 2021 Kickoff episode
On this episode of the Early Twenties podcast, the four of us sit down to do a review on 2020(as they say, Hindsight is 20/20), and discuss goals for the new year. We discuss finance, relationships, work and martial arts - along with the usual bakchodi that comes with our episodes.  Tune in and let us know whether you like these free-flowing conversations better than the scripted ones? Well, we never did scripted ones anyway :)
January 28, 2021
Nobody said it was easy! | Guest Episode with Anirudh Singla (Founder & CEO at Pepper)
"Wankhede Stadium me shareholder meeting karni hai" - Anirudh Singla On this episode of the Early Twenties Podcast, we have a candid conversation with Anirudh about starting up out of college and navigating the highs & lows of entrepreneurship all at the age of 21. One thing that struck out for us for the maturity that he displays, and how he talks about growing exponentially on a day-to-day basis. Lots packed into this episode, especially if you're in the creative field and curious to know how Pepper could help out! Shownotes:   - Anirudh on Twitter:  - Anirudh on LinkedIn:  - Pepper:
December 19, 2020
Changing the world, one programmer at a time | Guest episode with Abhishek Gupta (CEO @ NavGurukul)
If we don’t take responsibility of weeding out unwanted societal elements, it will eventually come back and bite us! — Abhishek On this episode of the Early Twenties Podcast we learn about Abhishek’s journey of navigating from the helm of capitalism to an agent of change.  He sold a startup right after college and now runs Navgurukul, a foundation that enables youngsters from under privileged communities to get high paying jobs in the industry. We dig deep into his quest for happiness and meaning, evolving through experience instead of intellect and how everyone can contribute towards a better society. Fun fact- Abhishek went from being a temperature sensitive person to living without a fan in Delhi summer and bathing in the river in hilly winter. He is an intense personality and so is this episode. Rest assured, it’s going to be a lot of learning and unlearning. Jump right in! Shownotes: Abhishek Gupta- Navgurukul- Work with Abhishek-
December 02, 2020
Running a thousand kilometers in eight months | Celebration Episode with Gyani
On this episode, we are celebrating Gyani's 1000 kilometer running goal this year. On the one-year anniversary episode of the Early Twenties, we had committed to mileage goals for 2020, Gyani went ahead and killed it in eight months!  We go behind the scenes, and talk about Gyani's running consistency and how controlling the diet helped him lose 16 kilos in this time period. Running is one of those things that are discussed often on this podcast, and we never get bored of it. Continuing on the thread of making commitments on this public platform, we commit to training goals for our full marathon attempt in Jan/Feb 2021. Drawing parallels between running and life isn't much of a stretch, and that's why they say, Keep hammering.
October 10, 2020
Breadth-first search in life | Guest episode with Aayush Jain(Co-Founder & CEO at Greendeck)
Be the jack of all trades. It's being looked down upon, but that's not actually true. It's good to be the jack of all trades when you're 19 -- Aayush On this episode of the Early Twenties Podcast, we talk to Aayush Jain and talk about his journey from Kota to Pilani to London & Indore, and also about the story behind his transition from a finance job to leading Greendeck as CEO.  We go into the details of Aayush's early startup attempts in college and after, and how he has grown as a founder over the years. We, at Early Twenties, are never the ones to hide our vulnerabilities - we talk about the low points of running a startup when things don't work out.  This, and a lot more about what Aayush is currently building at Greendeck. Tune in for another banger! Shownotes:  Aayush Jain: LinkedIn, Twitter Reachout to Aayush at  Greendeck: TrueMD on YourStory- The Satyamev Jayate episode on Generic Medicines with Samit Sharma-
September 19, 2020
Our experiments with NoFap | Thoughts about male sexuality
Raw. Unfiltered. Fascinating.  On this episode of the Early Twenties podcast, we discuss about our experiences & experiments with nofap, male sexuality and pornography. This has been an episode long time in the making, one which we always wanted to discuss in detail without any censorship. It is weird that we don't discuss sexuality openly in the mainstream or even with our peers, although it is a topic that affects every individual's life. We discuss the objectives of our NoFap streaks, how & what we felt, and where we see this going forward in our lives. It might be a discussion that could change how you live your everyday life. We are joined by Preet Singh Khalsa, a junior from Pilani who's going to be a core member of the Early Twenties team from now onwards.  It takes us a while to get into the meat of the topic, so sit back, relax and tune in. Shownotes: Captain Sindbad on his NoFap experience Nofap on Reddit Four Hour Body by Tim Ferris - 15 minute Orgasm Mantak Chia on London Real - Sexual Exercises for Men The Great Porn Experiment - Gary Wilson at TedX  Chakras as explained in Hinduism
August 31, 2020
Cut to Scene! Guest episode with Aditya Vijaykumar & Devansh Chaudhary
Life imitates art more than art imitates life. On this episode of the Early Twenties Podcast, we sit down with the founders of a brand new podcast series - "Cut to Scene", where Aditya & Devansh critique films with their unique perspectives. Their recent episodes had us hooked, and we decided to dive deeper into the mindset of someone who watches cinema with a critical eye. Lots to unpack in this episode, let us know how you find it!  Shownotes: Listen to their episodes on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and everywhere else Cut to Scene: Instagram, Twitter Aditya Vijaykumar: Instagram, Twitter Devansh Chaudhary: Instagram, Twitter
June 21, 2020
Guest episode with Mishti Khatri: What we talk about when we talk about running!
On this episode of the Early Twenties Podcast we geek out over sports & fitness with Mishti Khatri, an ACSM certified trainer, pacer at Nike Run Club, currently pursuing her MSc in Sports Nutrition at the University of Huddersfield, UK. We talk about Mishti's motivations to work in the fitness industry, her transformation story, how she curates her Instagram content and much much more!  Oh, and also, some good masala on the vegan debate ;) Shownotes:  - Mishti's Instagram page  - What I talk about when I talk about running by Murakami  - Born to Run by Christopher McDougall  - The Gamechangers documentary  - Joe Rogan's thoughts on the carnivore diet.
April 07, 2020
Sodhi, tu karna kya chahta hai!
We're back with yet another free flowing podcast where the three of us catch up on life and discuss about current affairs. We talk about mental models required to think about meta questions, and we also break down Sodhi's time-table in the pursuit of progress. Let us know feedback from the episode!  Oh, and also, don't forget to get some.  Show notes: 32 minutes: The drawing advice that changed my life: 1:08  Three-body problem:
March 07, 2020
Moving into the mid twenties | one-year anniversary!
Kaafi banter! This was super fun for us to record and listen to. Hope y'all enjoy this too! Keep slaying, people!
December 15, 2019
Charting out your own path, and living a good life! | Guest episode with Abhishek Nayak
"All wounds are self-inflicted." -- Abhishek Nayak On this episode of the Early Twenties Podcast, we have with us serial entrepreneur & fellow Bitsian, founder of Gharpay, ClinkNow, Mobshow, BicycleAI, the one & only, Abhishek Nayak! This episode is packed with inspiring stories -- from arriving in Pilani one week early to get good internet, getting ACBs in four semesters, to founding multiple startups & recently being a part of YCombinator. A consistent theme through our conversation was growing as a person, while being thrown out of the comfort zone constantly. We talk about life, entrepreneurship, being happy, relationship advice, and a lot lot more -- take out your earphones & tune in. This will be a nice two-hour ride :) Our podcast has been on a pause for a while, treat this as Season 2; Episode 1. Shownotes  - Abhishek's Linkedin  - Abhishek's Twitter
July 14, 2019
Putting yourself out there, & being okay with rejections! | Guest episode with Gargi Sharma!
"You'll get a lot of rejections, and you'll eventually become good at handling them -- and they sometime suck, but that's the way to live life. You put yourself out there!" -- Gargi Sharma On the latest episode of the Early Twenties Podcast, we sit down with Gargi Sharma and dive real real deep into everything under the sun! No seriously, we talk about Systems Programming, Universal Basic Income, Women in Tech & very interestingly, Gargi's favorite Recurse Center!  Gargi graduated with a degree in CS from Pilani in 2017, and has been working at Bloomberg since. 2019 has been her year of exploration, as she has spent six weeks at Recurse Center, and will now be a part of Addiscoder in Ethiopia later this year! We talk about all the tech conferences she's speaking at, and how she managed to get these opportunities. We dive into the experiences women often feel in tech companies, and where the institutional problems arise from, and how reservation might solve that in the short-term future. That, and a lot more packed into this two-hour episode over drinks at Sodhi's place! Shownotes - Gargi's Github: - Gargi's Twitter: - Recurse Center: - Addiscoder: - Outreachy: - Never Split the Difference(Negotiating as if your life depended on it):
May 13, 2019
Taking the leap of faith! | Guest episode with digital nomads, Andy Mathews & Gaurav Chandrashekar!
It takes a lot more courage to say, "I don't know, but I'll just give this a shot" and that is very very important. -- Gaurav  On this episode of the Early Twenties podcast, we sit down with Andy & Gaurav, two digital nomads who have been living the nomadic lifestyle for the better part of the last 3 years! Gaurav has now settled into a one-place lifestyle in Singapore, while Andy is still moving around every three months and is currently based out of Bali.  Gaurav & Andy first met in Dojo Coworking in Bali, and then have travelled to Mexico together -- all while Gaurav explored the Galapagos in Ecuador, learnt Spanish and travelled through Latin & Central America, while Andy skied in the Alps and surfed in Bali! We talk about their remote work lifestlyes, how they view the early twenties as the time to explore, discuss the not-so-good aspects of living as a nomad, and also peek into a couple crazy travel stories! The whole discussion centers around the theme of "Taking the leap", which is good advice when it comes to skydiving, but honestly, it scales really well to almost every aspect of life! If there is one Early Twenties podcast you have to listen to, this is it! And as always, we are looking forward for your feedback(both the good & the bad!) -- shoot it our way, we are @earlytwentiespodcast on Instagram!  Shownotes: Gaurav's Twitter -- Gaurav's Blog -- Gaurav on the World Wanderers podcast -- Dojo Coworking ( in Bali & Sayulita Cowork( in Sayulita, where Andy & Gaurav spent their time working! -- created by Pieter Levels ( Andrey Azimov ( -- ProductHunt Maker of the Year Visa requirements for Indian citizens (
May 05, 2019
Let's live befikar! | Guest Episode with Dhairik Fuletra!
We have with us Dhairik Fuletra, the founder and CEO of Befikar.  Learn how a BITS Pilani Alum, former consultant at BCG is going head to head with the biggest food brands in India in this episode. Befikar is a food company based out of Rajkot in India. They are working on the perfect trio -- food that is tasty, healthy and affordable! If you are based out of Pune or Mumbai they'll be in a store near you early next month. Everyone else don't worry, you'll have them in shops near by soon too!For those who shop digitally they'll have a store online -- healthy food at your finger tips! Stay tuned till the end for surprises.  Visit their website at  Follow them on Instagram @befikarlife
April 30, 2019
Is Work-Life Balance a myth?!
When you’re gone would you rather have your gravestone say, ‘He never missed a meeting.’ Or one that said, ‘He was a great father.’ - Steve Blank On this episode of the Early Twenties podcast, the three of us sit down to have a conversation around work-life balance -- we discuss our personal definitions of balance, what we think about on Friday evenings, and also get in an interesting discussion around money and work. Being weirdo engineers that we are, we discuss about some time-tracking tricks to quantify 'balance' in our lives. We also take on audience responses from our Instagram poll on their definitions of work-life balance. That, and some random Arabic rap from the one and only Arabian superstar, Gyani!  Hope you derive some value out of this episode, let us know how you liked/hated it! We're always looking forward to your feedback :)
April 21, 2019
Sher Aaya Sher! | Guest episode with Nilay Singh!
I would go back and slap my 19 year old self and say that, Bro, Books are important! On this episode of the podcast, we are joined by Filmmaker, Beatboxer, Drummer, Nilay Singh! With multiple viral hits under his belt, Nilay, who is currently working as a Director at Schbang Motion Pictures, talks about his journey into music and film-making. He touches on his experiences of being from a middle class family and tackling social, peer and family pressures. Specifically, Nilay also spoke to us about choosing to drop to take another stab at the entrance exams jazz and how that went for him. We spend a lot of time discussing his progress through his Bachelors of Mass Media journey and how he was gigging for five bands during university. Towards the end we talk about his own venture @stopmotionwaale, how that came into being, what's his plan for the near future and more! With a lot of stories with drama and comedy packaged into this episode, this will be so worth your time! Oh and don't forget to check out Nilay mind blowing Instagram and other socials below! Instagram Facebook Team Patil: Short Film Seth Godin: Purple Cow Gliding friends video  This gave the intial idea about @stopmotionwaale
April 14, 2019
The Ultimate Information Broker from Pilani! | Guest Episode with Nirant Kasliwal!
I went to the hospital for six days straight, and i thought there was something physically wrong with me. I couldn't breathe -- Nirant Kasliwal On this episode of the Early Twenties podcast, where we are joined by our very own Bitsian senior, Nirant Kasliwal! For all of us Bitsians, this name shouldn't be new to the ears -- you might like him, you may not like him, but you can't ignore him! A semi-celebrity on Quora, and quite a sensation in the Bitsian elections, Nirant has worked in three Machine Learning/AI jobs over the last couple of years -- and has quite a lot to share for folks looking to get into Artificial Intelligence. Over the last year, Nirant even wrote a book on Natural Language Processing, which is just crazy, to say the least! Being a very active reader, we talk about the books and authors he's been reading, and also geek out over Naval Ravikant! Nirant also shares with us about the mentally tough times he faced during his college years and how his internship at Belong helped him counter that. We talk about his process of finding mentors, and taking decisions with contradictory pieces of advice and biases. That, and a lot of Pilani masala packed into this wide-ranging conversation with Nirant Kasliwal. Tune in!!! You can find him almost everywhere on the socials, go say hi :) - Twitter - Quora - Facebook Shownotes - For the first time on the show, a book written by our guest themselves -- Natural Language Processing with Python Quick Start Guide - Keep your identity small:  - Don't call yourself a programmer:  - A Powerful Mind: The Self-Education of George Washington:  - The courage to be disliked: - The Prophet:
April 07, 2019
Fashion ka hai ye jalwa! | With future(🤞) Miss India, Nikita Tanwani!
"I was this skinny kid, with thick eyebrows and nerdy glasses. I used to look at the floor while walking -- Nikita Tanwani" Nikita, recently crowned Femina Miss India Andhra Pradesh, and previously TGPC Miss India came by on the Early Twenties Podcast! She pursued engineering and graduated in 2017 from BITS Pilani, & has been working as an engineer at Oracle since. She's now a finalist in Miss India and will be representing Andhra Pradesh in this years pageant :) Nikita shares with us her struggles during her late teens & early twenties, against her parents, against the society. She shares with us her about her setbacks, the backlash against FashP in Pilani, and how she countered her insecurities with mental conditioning. Oh, and also, she completely fangirls over Priyanka Chopra! Tune in to hear much much more!!! We wish her luck! And and and, when you get the chance, do vote for her! You can find her almost everywhere on the socials, go say hi :) - Instagram - Facebook - India Times Article featuring Nikita! Books that were mentioned in the Podcast - Shoe Dog by Phil Knight - Open by Andre Agassi - Becoming By Michelle Obama
March 31, 2019
All the world's a Stage! | With Dr. Shamoly Khera!
You have got to move forward with what you have! -- Shamoly Khera  Dr. Shamoly Khera(@shamoly.khera) is a multi-faceted speaker, a TV presenter, producer, and speaking coach -- and very interestingly, a MBBS and Cosmetologist by training!  Founder of her Content Production company 'One Take Media', & previously a TV Presenter on UTV & Zee TV, Shamoly takes us through the insecurities and struggles in her Early Twenties -- This episode will make you pause and appreciate the moment. We talk about her early days in the entertainment industry, the pressure from her parents to stick to the 9-5, and much much more! She ends with "Be okay with rejections...", tune in to know why! You can find her almost everywhere on the socials, go say hi :) Instagram LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Website One Take Media
March 25, 2019
Part 2 of 2 -- The Supernetworker of Pilani! | Guest episode with Siddharth Seth
 Yo Yo Yo! On this episode of the Early Twenties podcast, we sit down with our favourite senior from Pilani, Siddharth Seth!  This episode is the second part in a 2-part series, one where we time-travel through his journey -- from a 19 year old Seth in Kota, through his university days, running his own startup for two years in Bombay, and now as Director of Products at Koinex!  In this episode we focus on how he decided to shut down Meshup, the startup he founded after leaving his job at Morgan Stanley, his learnings from it,  his journey through Entrepreneur First, his decision to go back to India to join Koinex and finally the advice to his 19 year old self!! This one really dives into his thinking process and that's what makes it super interesting! Let us know if you've feedback and don't forget to share the episode in your network! Oh, and if you missed the first part, please check the 12th episode of the podcast! Show Notes: * Siddharth is working as Director of Product here and they are aggressively hiring across the board! * Black Swan by  Nassim Nicholas Taleb 
March 17, 2019
Part 1 of 2 -- The Supernetworker of Pilani! | Guest episode with Siddharth Seth
Welcome Welcome Welcome!  On this episode of the Early Twenties podcast, we sit down with our favourite senior from Pilani, Siddharth Seth!  This episode is Part 1 of a 2-part series, one where we time-travel through his journey -- from a 19 year old Seth in Kota, through his university days, running his own startup for two years in Bombay, and now as Director of Products at Koinex! A very free-flowing conversation with the Supernetworker that Seth is, we talk about making the tough decisions in his career, the hard times at his startup, and countering the insecurities in his early twenties.  Tune in, this episode is a gem! Hope you derive some value out of it, and let us know of any feedback!  Oh, and stay tuned for Part 2. Lots in store :) Show Notes: * Siddharth is working as Director of Product here and they are aggressively hiring across the board! * Must see Budapest ruin bars * Tutoring website Siddharth used to make some money when he decided to quit his stable Morgan Stanley job.
March 10, 2019
The Baahubali of Singapore! | Guest episode with Ramsri Goutham!
Baahubali!!! What's up guys, on this episode of the Early Twenties podcast, we invite Ramsri Goutham on the microphone! Ramsri is one of the most optimistic entreprenuers I've met here in Singapore, and that goes back to his previous life in India and the States. Ramsri had a really good lifestyle in Silicon Valley where he drove a Porsche Panamera to work, but gave up all of that and came back to India to start up.  We try and dissect Ramsri's life decisions, what strategies he took, and how he has found the entrepreneurship ecosystem across Silicon Valley, India & Singpaore. We talk about self-awareness, the anger against India, and most importantly, Bahubali! A very interesting episode on the Early Twenties, i hope this brings some value and perspective as you go about making life decisions in runtime :) As always, let us know what you liked, what you didn't and what you'd like to see more on the podcast! Oh, and also, feel free to find Ramsri on his Facebook or LinkedIn :)
March 03, 2019
On Friends, old and new!
Welcome to the 10th Episode of The Early Twenties Podcast. On this one, we attempt to discuss Friendships. We talk about the way we try to maintain them, how we create new ones and how much do we actively think about all this. On an absolutely unrelated note, we also discuss Sodhi's love for telegram! I feel it's a rather different topic for us and we would love to hear how you felt about this! No show notes for this one, but I'd like to take this opportunity to look back on the 10 episodes we have created in little over two months now and would like to thank all our listeners who take the time to listen and often reach out to us with feedback or just supportive messages. We absolutely love receiving these and they personally make my day every single time! If you liked what you heard, please share the podcast in your network, tag us and let us know!
February 24, 2019
One third of our lives, Jobs!
Welcome to the 9th episode of the podcast! In this episode we talk about jobs, the transition from university to our first jobs and what we learnt in that exercise. The episode was made to be a shorter one and we'd love your feedback on how do you think that went!! Show Notes: CTR: Click through Rate (Shubhankar talking about optimizing CTR at Myntra) (at 4:00) Clean Code by Robert Martin is a very popular book on writing clean code. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to writing production quality code which works and is maintainable. Always listen to Uncle Bob! Cold start career algorithm: This idea can be an important tool to use when moving into a new job or a new team. Amazon's 14 leadership principles: Amazon does an amazingly good job at instilling their culture throughout their organisation (500K strong). I've found these principles to be very true even in my personal life and would recommend going through the list! As always, Request you to follow us at Early Twenties Instagram Early Twenties Twitter Early Twenties Website  for getting the latest updates and for sharing any feedback that you might have for us. Finally, thanks for taking the time and have an amazing week ahead! Kill'em
February 17, 2019
On this episode we talk about traveling. What we like and dislike, our love for travel, what we pack and our dream destinations. All of us share some travel stories! Here are the show notes :- Joe Rogans Podcast  Youtube The Thousand Dollar Challenge Gyanis Blog Early Twenties Instagram Early Twenties Twitter Early Twenties Website Mr Fisherman Arugam Bay TripAdvisor Shubhankar Vlogs Youtube
February 10, 2019
Apna Time Aayega | It's all in the mind!
On this episode of the showwww, we get into Mental Strength & how to go about building it in our day-to-day lives. We talk about self-talk, social media depression, and listen to Djokovic's on-court interview! Oh, and also, power poses & pushups before an interview ;) Shownotes: Djokovic in the post-match interview with Jim Courier Power poses: Ted Talk Open by Andre Agassi Headspace: The Meditation App Sam Altman's tweet Our new Instagram handle: @earlytwentiespodcast Bakliwal Tutorials
February 02, 2019
Sid ke siddhanto pe charcha [Hindi]
In the sixth episode of the early twenties podcast, we move towards a more conversational format and explore topics ranging from  Collateralized loan obligations to Underground communities for music and other things with Siddhant Bhardwaj. Siddhant, graduated out of BITS Pilani in 2015 and has since been working at Credit Suisse. He is currently based out of New York and loves composing music in his free time. Show Notes:   Woh lamhe from Zeher The gentle robot: We overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can achieve in a lifetime The best 10K rupees you can spend: Yamaha F310. The Tim Ferris & Susan Cain podcast talking about pursuing a creative career (Soman Chainani taking SAT prep courses even after becoming a successful author) We had an amazing time recording this one and hope you guys love it as well. As always, Tell us what you liked, and what you didn't! What would you like to listen about? Anybody in the early twenties we can have on the podcast as a guest? We're excited!! You can find us at Shubhu, Sodhi and Gyani.  
January 27, 2019
Making Decisions with Aditya Vijaykumar
In our first guest episode, we have Aditya Vijaykumar, our batch mate from Pilani, currently pursuing a PhD in Physics, talk about Decision Making and how he goes about it. We talk about the various decisions we all have made right from our undergraduate, to career choices and to more recent, company shifts. As always,   Tell us what you liked, and what you didn't! What would you like to listen about? Anybody in the early twenties we can have on the podcast as a guest? We're excited :) You can find us at Vijaykumar, Gyani, Sodhi and Shubhu.
January 12, 2019
Execution! ⚔️
Show notes!   -    -    -   -   -   -   - Tail end -- Tim urban:   - Joe Rogan's podcast with Elon musk podcast:   - Tim Feriss' podcast with Jocko Willink:  - Seinfeld's Productivity Secret:
January 06, 2019
Discussion on Gratefulness and SciFi
On this episode of the Early Twenties hosted by Gyani, we discuss about the things we are grateful for in 2018 & our biggest hits/misses of the year. We then steer the discussion towards Artificial General Intelligence, Ageing and Universal Basic Income. Oh, and we talk about spaceships! Tell us what you liked, and what you didn't! What would you like to listen about? Anybody in the early twenties we can have on the podcast as a guest? We're listening :) Shownotes:  - Artificial General Intelligence by Wait but Why  - Forest App  - Station   - The story on the Chinese Scientist [CRISPR]  - Merkle Science  - Bill Gates on UBI  - Shubhankar's yearly blog report
December 30, 2018
Welcome to The Early Twenties Podcast!
On the inaugral episode of the Early Twenties, we start off with our introductions and sharing the goals for this podcast. With 2019 just around the corner, we couldn't not talk about our New Year Resolutions! And then we geeked out a bit into books, podcasts and Computer Science concepts.  Tell us what you liked, and what you didn't! What would you like to listen about? Anybody in the early twenties we can have on the podcast as a guest? We're excited :) You can find us at Gyani, Sodhi & Shubhu Shownotes  - The Mongol Rally -  Justin Kaan - What to do after College by GaryVee - The Tim Ferris Podcast - E = MC^2 by David Bodanis - The Four-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris
December 23, 2018