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Eaton Deez Topics

Eaton Deez Topics

By Corey & Dyani Eaton
Just a couple who likes to talk about anything with a light heart and big smile.
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Episode 2 - Episode 1 is lost Forever!

Eaton Deez Topics

Episode 5 - Thursday Night Mass
Yes, we went over on time again (and we even edited this down) HOWEVER its gonna be great for your listening pleasure! Also, we don't know when to stop talking so we are making a round 2 with Mr. Austin James soon so if you liked this one, keep on the lookout for the sequel! Thank you again Austin James for joining us this week for Thursday Mass. Cant wait for the next one!!! Check him at @AustinJames on all social medias as well as the True American Show on Youtube!!
November 4, 2020
As we continue to tweak our format and topics, we decided to shorten this one a bit and only do a couple of topics. Our squirrels were raving a little to hard the first 2 episodes so we had to sober them up and put them to bed.  Shoutout to Handlebar Diner and Adam Allison from Mesa, AZ Shoutout to our Kansas City Chiefs Shoutout to all you amazing beautiful people listening out there!
October 28, 2020
Episode 3 - The curse of the white bucket
Shout out to  Reel Buzzed Crew - ArtOfKickz- #NOPE! Not Me! Glam&Gore - #It's A GHOST! Fantasy Footballers - also comedy Kansas City Chives On - (find a chapter near you! You wont regret it!) #Bethe10% Fyler Farms - KC Bier Co - (That mustard is no joke)
October 13, 2020
Episode 2 - Episode 1 is lost Forever!
Although there is a part of this that claims you can go back and listen to the first episode, WHAT WE MEANT TO SAY WAS you will know what parts we are talking about once episode 1 is finished because we got ahead of ourselves in getting part 2 out BEFORE part 1..... (our bad) but this is what this podcast is about! The CRAZIIIINNNNEEESSSSSSS and utter NONSENSE that is our life!! ENJOY episode.............. we don't even know, so we are calling it 2!!!
October 4, 2020