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Life of a Person is a series of podcasts which explores the journeys of renowned startup CEOs/founders, Economists, Professors and helps us learn more about their lives, their businesses and their careers. Tune in now!
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Life of a Person (Episode 03: Rajat Kathuria)


Transitioning communication into advanced learning: Entrepreneur Gauri Kohli:
ECONOX, The Economics Society of the College of Vocational Studies is back with yet another episode of Life of a person. When the world almost stopped in pandemic Gauri Kohli brought her business idea to life. The founder and CEO of "DoubleSpace Learning", thrives on challenges, she is determined to her notion of communication and learning. Her belief has changed the conventional perception of communication, turning it into an advanced learning process in multiple languages. The young entrepreneur did her graduation from South California and has devoted her life to business ever since she returned to India. This episode highlights inspirational insights from her life, Gauri Kohli is an opinionated, passionate leader who is focused to serve the nation with her idea of learning and communication. Tune in now to listen to her ideas of success in her own words.
March 20, 2022
A Digital Storytelling Pioneer: The Journey of Dr. Amit Nagpal
Welcome to this brand new episode of the Life of a person. There's no teacher like experience and our speaker Dr. Amit Nagpal, is an experienced multi-tasker who just knows how to unfold a story. In this episode, he shares instances from his youth, childhood and how he drew his motivation to become the icon he is today. “Have you seen cats in a group?” is a simple question asked by Dr. Amit Nagapal which has a simple answer but the meaning will force you to dwell in rethinking the premises of your personality and perception of the world. Brace yourself for this podcast as he narrates a glimpse of his story, between answers. To know more about him tune into our new episode NOW!
January 13, 2022
From Commitments to Achievements: The Journey of Mr. Jasmeet Singh
Welcome back everyone to yet another episode of Life of a person. This episode presents a perceptive session with Mr. Jasmeet Singh, who started his journey soon after graduation. His experience of turning his hobby into a profession came out to be very inspiring especially for the youth. From a storyteller to a co-founder, he started his journey through LinkedIn and he enjoys the essence of work. The art of saying ‘no’ proved to be tough yet a great learning experience for him. He is working each day to take his work to new heights. All-in-all his journey so far is amazing and encouraging. To know more about his journey tune into our new episode NOW!
October 29, 2021
The Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur with Mr. Rajan Luthra
After a long break, we’re back with a bang! Life of a Person presents an insightful session with Mr. Rajan Luthra, a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Metvy. His experience would help you learn some concepts that you’ve never heard before. To build such a prosperous startup at a young age, one doesn’t need just skill but lots of hard work and some luck to your side as well. To learn more about what it takes to become such a successful entrepreneur, tune in now!
September 18, 2021
From Corporate Banking to a Leadership Coach: The Journey of Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta
ECONOX, The Economics Society Of College Of Vocational Studies presents to you a new episode in our podcast series, Life of A Person. In this episode of the podcast series, life of a person, we have with us Ms. Yukti Kapoor Mehandiratta as the guest. A leadership and etiquette coach and the founder and CEO of SBY Academy, Yukti Kapoor is a person who defines the idea of a modern and successful woman. She has been awarded with countless awards and has had an impact on a lot of people at various levels in the corporate world. In this episode Yukti Kapoor talks about her journey from corporate banking to a Leadership coach and how her life changed throughout her whole journey. Tune in now to know more about her inspiring journey in her own words.
March 16, 2021
Life Of A Person (Episode 12: Dr. Gurbachan Singh)
In this episode of the podcast series, Life of a Person brought to you by ECONOX, The Economics Society of College of Vocational Studies, we have with us Mr. Gurbachan Singh as the guest. Mr. Gurbachan Singh is currently a visiting faculty member at the Indian Statistical Institute in New Delhi as well as a guest faculty at Management Development Institute in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Mr. Gurbachan Singh has completed his undergraduate in BA Economics Honours from the Hindu College, University of Delhi. He has completed his Masters Degree in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi. He has obtained his PhD degree in the field of Financial Economics from the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi. Mr. Gurbachan Singh specialises in the field of financial stability and his style of writing depicts in-depth knowledge, analysis and a fresh, simple and farsighted exposure to his readers. He is currently writing a book on Interest Rates. In this episode Mr. Gurbachan Singh talks about what inspired him to go for Economics and the current turmoil of the world economy. He also talks about the current generation and its contribution to the economy.
February 21, 2021
Life Of A Person (Episode 11 - Rajeswari Sengupta : RBI, Job and Luck)
Part I: Brought up in Kolkata, moving to Delhi, 2 years in corporates, PHD from the US, and coming back to India to solve India’s macroeconomic problems. How much does she plan and how much does destiny decide? Rajeswari Sengupta talks about her upbringing, her journey into economics and a lot more. Part II begins at 45:17 We had great 2000s, why did the tide turn in 2010s and did we have a “lost decade” in terms of economic growth and opportunities? Is our banking sector headed for a crisis? Rajeswari Sengupta tackles these questions in the second half and gives us an account of the Indian Economy. Also Check out: 1. Dr. Rajeswari’s Profile: ( 2. Demystifying GDP – Episode 130 of the Seen and the Unseen ( 3. Covid 19 Impact on the Indian Economy – By Dr. Rajeswari and Dr S Mahendra Dev ( 4. Non-Performing Assets in Indian Banks - By Dr. Rajeswari and Dr Harsh Vardhan ( 5. Banking Sector Reforms – By Dr Rajan and Dr Acharya ( 6. India’s fiscal Crisis – By Dr Rajeswari (
January 11, 2021
Life Of A Person (Episode 10: Trisrota Dutta)
We're back with Episode 10 that's right we completed 10 episodes (wink wink) of Life of a Person Series. This time we have with us Ms. Trisrota Dutta, an experienced Business Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. She mastered in public policy from National Law School of India. She is a brilliant minded achiever with a lot of experience. To know more about her life journey, tune into this new episode NOW!
October 19, 2020
Life Of A Person (Episode 09: Richa Rashmi)
Welcome back everyone to yet another episode of Life of a Person: Podcast series. In this episode we had an amazing conversation with Ms. Richa Rashmi. Having done her masters from School of Planning and Architecture, she is a successful public policy consultant at a prestigious institution, Apple and has previously worked as a full time young professional at NITI (National Institute for transforming India) Aayog. To know more about her journey tune into our new episode NOW!
October 12, 2020
Life Of A Person (Episode 08: Anindya Singh)
Welcome to yet another episode of Life Of A Person Series. In this episode we engage into an interesting conversation with Mr. Anindya Singh who is the founder of E-Bibil Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Having done Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economics from Harvard University, he has a lot of tips and tricks to offer when it comes to startups. He is a Business Advisor at The Villg and also the founder of Auto Extremists. If you're thinking that that's all then let us stop you right there. To learn more about what he is doing right now and what he plans for the future tune in now!
October 12, 2020
Life Of A Person (Episode 07: Smriti Sharma)
This episode of Life of A Person series is an exciting conversation with Smriti Sharma who is a professional in the field of public policy consultation and has devoted her time to various prestigious organisations such as Apple, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), United Nations Economic and Social Comission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) and Global Chain Centre of Duke University. Apart from this she has also worked as a Senior News anchor and Assistant Editor with CNBC Awaaz and NDTV Profit prior to her career in Public Policy. So tune in now and listen to this amazing conversation with Smriti Sharma and Pranav Hoon as the host to know a little more about her!
October 07, 2020
Life Of A Person (Episode 06: Supriya Sharma)
Check out the latest episode of Life of A Person series which is an interesting conversation with Supriya Sharma. Surpiya Sharma is a public policy professional currently working with P&G. At large, she works on environment, tax and international trade policies in India and a few neighbour countries for FMCG sector. She has also co-founded two platforms, namely, Government Alliance and MY Parliament which aimed at promoting youth participation in the governance and policy advocacy. She is a certified Yoga and meditation coach and gives due importance to fitness in her life. So what's stopping you? Tune in now and learn more about her! (Use Headphones)
September 28, 2020
Life of A Person (Episode 05: Pankhuri Dutt)
The wait for the next episode of Life Of A Person is over. This episode is an interview with Pankhuri Dutt, an experienced Economic Policy Consultant who is currently working as a Public Policy Consultant at NITI Aayog. Having done her Master's in Applied Economics focussing on Public Finance from Sanford School Of Public Policy at Duke University, Pankhuri has demonstrated a history of working on Economic Policy Research and Analysis with international organisations namely IMF and the World Bank. So, what are you waiting for tune into the episode now and take insights from this wonderful journey of Pankhuri Dutt.
September 14, 2020
Life of a Person (Episode 04: Shivansh Garg)
The fourth episode of Life of a Person is a very interesting conversation with a young mind, Shivansh Garg. Shivansh is the founder of a start-up namely Young Engine, an IIM drop out, an instructor at Udemy and the list continues. Tune in to know more!
July 27, 2020
Life of a Person (Episode 03: Rajat Kathuria)
This episode of Life of a person is about Rajat Kathuria who is serving as the Director and Chief Executive at Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) since 2012. He has over 20 years of experience working as a teacher and 15 years of experience as a policy maker. Having done his graduation from the prestigious St. Stephens College, DU, and PhD. from the University of Maryland, he has worked with a number of international organisations like the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, ILO etc. He has also published in national and international journals, magazines and newspapers addressing the topics of competition, market and regulations at large. He has also served as the director at Microfinance Institutions Network (MFIN). He has worked as an advisor to a plethora of government institutions. Tune into the podcast now!
July 27, 2020
Life of a Person (Episode 02: Preetika Madan)
The second episode of Life of a Person is an interview with Preetika Madan giving insights into her life and much more. Preetika Madan is an experienced analytics manager who is currently working with the company named Wells Fargo. She has completed her schooling from DPS and Bal Bharati and graduated from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, University of Delhi. She gained a post graduate degree from Madras school of economics and has previously worked with companies like Citibank, American Express, Standard Chartered and HP. She is also the Co-founder of Dr. Daddy's Diet. So why wait? Tune in now!
July 20, 2020
Life of a Person (Episode 01: Mitali Nikore)
The first episode of Life of a Person is about the life of Mitali Nikore. Mitali's world is something that all the Economics graduates dreams for. She is an experienced professional Economist and a Public Policy specialist currently working as a Development Economist Consultant at the Asian Development Bank. She is also the founder of a research group i.e. Nikore Associates. She has a diversified history of advising multilateral organisations like the World Bank, ADB and the United Nations. She has also worked in the private sector. She has a strong academic record as well. She has done her Master of Science in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She is skilled in industrial analysis, value chain assessment, market assessment, urban development and what not. Tune in to learn more!
July 15, 2020