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The Editing Lawyer Podcast

The Editing Lawyer Podcast

By Benjamin Scott Wright
Welcome to The Editing Lawyer Podcast. I'm talking to other lawyers and professionals about writing, editing, and publishing. Listen in.
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5—From Blog to Book, with Jeremy Richter

The Editing Lawyer Podcast

5—From Blog to Book, with Jeremy Richter

The Editing Lawyer Podcast

5—From Blog to Book, with Jeremy Richter
This week I'm talking to Jeremy Richter about his blog and his new book Building a Better Law Practice. Keep listening for how Jeremy wrote his first book, published it, and is already working on his next one. Links: • Jeremy Richter: • Building a Better Law Practice: • Portia Porter, How to Stiff Your Divorce Lawyer: • Boozy Barrister's humorous review of How to Stiff Your Divorce Lawyer: • Joanna Penn:
November 5, 2018
4—You Need a Platform, with Keith Lee
This week I'm talking to Keith Lee about his blog Associate's Mind, his book The Marble and the Sculptor, and what he's planning to write next. What came up again and again was how important it is to have a platform as a writer. You need to build and audience. And when you write something—a book especially—you have to own it; no one else is going to promote it for you. Keep listening for how Keith built his own platform, his own audience, and how it's helping him plan for his next book. Segments • Intro • Keith's blog, Associate's Mind (2:09) • Keith's book, The Marble and the Sculptor (20:19) • Keith's next book (38:00) Books and Links • Twitter, @associatesmind • Associate's Mind: • The Marble and the Sculptor: • LawyerSmack: • Jeremy Richter: • Building a Better Law Practice:
October 1, 2018
3—The 7-Figure E-book, with Carolyn Elefant
SEGMENTS • Intro • The story behind Carolyn's 7-figure e-book (1:34) • Updating the book (7:51) • Carolyn's goals/purpose for the book (10:27) • How the book generated business (12:09) • Carolyn's experience publishing other e-books and content (21:15) • Carolyn's advice to lawyers thinking about writing an e-book (25:20) • How to determine the scope for your e-book (28:29) • How nice does it have to look? (33:13) • How long should it be? How much content should it have? (36:01) • Deciding whether to charge for the e-book (39:06) • Carolyn's upcoming e-book sprint (44:17) • Parting advice (46:28) LINKS • • Carolyn's 7-figure e-book • 7-Figure E-book recorded webinar • Solo by Choice • Beacon ( and Canva ( for e-book design
September 21, 2018
2—Full Court Press, with Morgan Wright
Segments: • Intro • Morgan's background (0:55) • Morgan's job as publisher of Full Court Press, getting it started (6:56) • Full Court Press's mission (11:36) • Full Court Press's position and role in legal publishing industry (13:42) • Full Court Press's growth and rapid acquisition of books (20:38) • What's in the pipeline for Full Court Press (30:58) • The future for Full Court Press (34:30) • Ending: fun questions (36:55) Links: • Morgan's favorite books: ○ Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll ○ Dune by Frank Herbert ○ The Secret History by Donna Tart ○ Haruki Murakami Get in touch with Morgan:, @morgan_m_wright
September 14, 2018
1—Write Your Problem, with Mike Whelan
In this first episode, I talk to Mike Whelan about the book he's writing and how he's writing it. Warning: This is a minimally viable podcast. After some technical difficulties Mike took over the recording, which is why he sounds like the host. The issue will be fixed for the next episode. Also, the next episode will be shorter—I promise. Books and Links • The Business of Expertise by David Baker (7:46) • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield • Jeff Goin's podcast (25:34) • On Writing by Stephen King (34:25) • Killing Marketing by Joe Pulizzi and Robert John Rose (38:17) • Active Campaign, for email updates (47:20) • Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss (48:20)
September 6, 2018