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The Reformed Rant

The Reformed Rant

By Edward Dingess
In this podcast I rant about theological, philosophical, apologetical, ecclesiological, and political issues from a distinctively reformed perspective.
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The Christian Franchise

The Reformed Rant

The Christian Franchise
In this episode, I rant about the Christian Franchise. Modern Christianity has adopted the franchise model in the 20th and 21st centuries. The Christian Franchise's top service is affirmation. Everything she says and does is geared toward affirming people in the marketplace so as to attract and retain market share. All across the globe, people suffer from my newly coined term Affirmation Addiction Disorder Syndrome (AADS). The Christian Franchise reacts to the pagan market share with the goal of having much of that market as possible. From being politically correct to being hip, cool, woke, affirming, etc. Whatever it takes, the Christian Franchise does. The sad thing is that the bigger the market share, the more the pastors feel affirmed as well. 
September 09, 2022
The Doctrine of Original Sin and It's Denial
In this episode, I rant about the denial of original by men like Leighton Flowers and movements like Provisionism. The denial of original sin is a rejection of historic biblical Christianity.
September 02, 2022
The SBC: Is The Concept A Good Idea
In this episode, I rant about the concept of the Southern Baptist Convention and contemplate the question: Is the concept itself a good idea? a
August 13, 2022
Provisionism: A Summary Critique
In this episode, I close out my rants on Provisionism with a summary critique. If Leighton Flowers and his provisionists followers want to object to provisionism being compared to Pelagianism, they need to specifically outline the distinctions between their view and Pelagianism. They also need to account for why they defend Pelagius and condemn Augustine. Finally, they need to explain why they platform unorthodox Christians who claim that Pelagianism is little more than a myth, a theological construct created by Pelagius' opponents in order to proper up their own theology. What's more, they need to explain why such a creation was necessary if there really wasn't a Pelagian kind of movement from the start. 
August 07, 2022
Provisionism: On Free Will
In this episode, I rant about Provisionism and its view of free will. I conclude that it is exegetically bankrupt, theologically baseless, logically incoherent, and a philosophical non-starter.
March 11, 2022
Provisionism: An Incoherent View of Divine Sovereignty
In this episode, I rant about Leighton Flowers and the Provisionist's incoherent view of divine sovereignty. No one should hold to a system that is internally inconsistent with itself. Irrationalism is antithetical to Christian belief. 
March 05, 2022
Provisionism's Incoherent Doctrines of Regeneration and Election
In this episode, I review the doctrines of Regeneration and Election as stated by Provisionism. As it turns out, both doctrines fail in that they prove to be logically incoherent and exegetically untenable. 
February 26, 2022
Provisionism: An Incoherent Doctrine of Grace
It's difficult if not impossible to get the gospel right if you get grace wrong. Provisionism gets grace terribly wrong. 
January 20, 2022
Provisionism's Incoherent Doctrine of The Atonement
Provisionism claims to affirm the penal-substitutionary view of the atonement. On the other hand, Provisionism claims that Christ atoned for the sins of people who will not be saved in the end. These two propositions are contradictory to one another and reflect a muddled and confused doctrine of the work of Christ.
January 16, 2022
Provisionism: Incoherent Hamartiology
Why did Jesus say men need to be born again if they are born innocent with a will that is not impacted by Adam's fall and a nature that is merely inclined to sin and not actually sinful? It is one thing to say we are born with a nature inclined to sin and another to say we are born with a sinful nature. Provisionism claims the former and seems to deny the latter.
January 01, 2022
Provisionism: Rational or Irrational Representation of Christianity
In this episode, I cover the unavoidable incoherence between Provisionism's soteriology and theology proper. If God really wanted to avoid anyone going to hell, then He could have simply chosen NOT to create or He could have created man with the ability to freely choose various ways to only please Him. But God created a world in which He, according to Provisionism, knew that most men would die and go to hell and still He created this world. How does provisionism reconcile this obvious contradiction in its system? 
December 27, 2021
The Weakening of Sola Scriptura
In this episode, I rant about the principle of sola Scriptura and the critical role that this principle plays in Christianity.
October 12, 2021
Brad Mason: CRT Evangelist Extraordinaire
In this episode, I rant about Mason's not so brief overview of Critical Race Theory and his continued slide into full-on apostasy. This is what happens to someone when Scripture is no longer their source of authority for truth and you don't plant yourself in a godly church with godly elders who care about your own godliness.
June 03, 2021
The Menace of Manipulation in Ministry
In this episode, I rant about the popular practice of manipulation among pastors and elders. Pagan society engages in open and shameless manipulation in order to advance its agenda. While it may seem unthinkable that pastors and elders would mirror this same behavior, it is happening nonetheless. What is worse is that the practice of malicious manipulation in the churches has passed into business as usual.
April 30, 2021
The Milky Way: What You Win Them To, You Must Keep Them With
In this episode, I rant about the practice of modern pastors to reduce everything sermon, bible study, and Sunday school lesson to the lowest common denominator in order to look out for the new believer. This tactic is a ruse on the part of pastors to keep people comfortable and coming to their little kingdoms.
April 23, 2021
The Myth That Is The Modern Jesus
In this episode, I rant about the all-important question that Jesus put to His followers in Matthew 16: Who do you say that I am? Most modern Christians have created a Jesus that looks strikingly similar to the person they see every day when they look in the mirror. Jesus is like me. He likes what I like. He affirms what I affirm. He approves of what I approve. Only, he isn't like us. 
April 11, 2021
The Purge: The Cancer of Modern Christianity
In this episode, I rant about the God who is a God of purging. God purged the earth of wickedness during Noah's day. God demanded that his covenant people in the OT purge their communities of wickedness. God demands that his covenant people in the NT purge their communities or wickedness. In the end, God will purge the wicked from among the righteous for all eternity. Why do the churches and their leaders refuse to obey God's demand to keep the body of Christ pure?
April 05, 2021
The Insanity of Sin
In this episode, I rant about the continued deterioration of the human condition under the curse. Modern humanity has displaced rational thought with the evil desires of the human heart and assigned a new role to the cognitive faculties: justify my evil desires and behavior and shape the will accordingly. As we carry on our lives, humanity has redefined life, marriage, sex, gender, masculinity, leadership, the family, and so forth. If God designed it, man hates it. And our churches are marching in lock-step with this insanity because they are filled with unregenerate sinners. 
March 23, 2021
Answering Modern Atheism (Agnosticism?)
In this episode, I rant about the ever-shifting irrational views of the two least incoherent and untenable expressions of atheism: materialism and naturalism. Christians must shed their intellectual and spiritual laziness and stand up to the challenge and command issued by Peter 2,000 years ago. We must prepare ourselves to defend the claims of biblical Christianity. 
March 02, 2021
Politics & Parents: Responding to Josh Wester's ERLC Propaganda
In this episode, I rant about the sleight of hand employed by Josh Wester over at the ERLC and his attempt to continue to convince evangelicals that you can support the philosophy, values, and ethics of the democratic party. He uses the ruse of parent-child relationships. It wouldn't be a good ruse if he were just plain honest. 
February 11, 2021
Postmillennialism: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
In this episode, I rant about my observations on the history and beliefs of Postmillennial Eschatology. While I reject the notion that we should divide over eschatological schemes, I also acknowledge that some systems open the door to issues that can, do, and should create division. These other views would include issues like theonomy, reconstructionism, and dominionism. I would ask that you listen to what I am saying, and not what I am NOT saying. 
February 09, 2021
Gary DeMar Defends James White: Reconstructionists, Theonomists & Dominionists, Oh My!
In this episode, I rant about Gary DeMar's criticism of my criticism of James White's criticism of John MarAcrthur's criticism of Postmillennialism. My biggest concern with the Postmil eschatological scheme is the little branches that seem to consistently spring up within it. Those branches are reconstructionism/theonomy and dominion theology. These are very dangerous branches that must be avoided at all costs. I do NOT claim that they are the necessary conclusion of PM theology. It is interesting that White spoke positively about Rushdoony in his episode and Rushdoony is the founder of Christian reconstructionism. I hate to say I told you so, but there it is. 
February 02, 2021
TGC's Gospel of Manipulation
In this episode, I rant about the tactics of manipulation being employed by those who would want to shut down dissent. If these tactics do not work, I predict they will, like the Jesuit Catholics in the Ottoman empire, use the pagans to shut it down. Taking someone's claim to its logical conclusion and evaluating that conclusion based on the teachings of Scripture is not a false gospel, it is not violating divine command, it is not unloving, and it is not being divisive. 
January 31, 2021
James White's New Dance with Postmillennialism
In this episode, I rant about James White's criticisms of John MacArthurs premillennial views on how the end-times will proceed from bad to worse. The postmil guys all ignore Jesus' comparison of the days of Noah with his return. That said, I do not offer a critique of postmillennialism, a view that I consider the weakest of the eschatological schemes. 
January 29, 2021
Social Status & Class in Greco-Roman Times: Did The Apostles Love Their Neighbor?
I this episode, I provide a very high-level overview of the social structures in Greco-Roman times, specifically, class and status. Then I ask the question: did Jesus or the Apostles work to change things in that structure? What are the implications of the answer to this question?
January 10, 2021
Critical Response to Al Mohler's Structural Sin & Systemic Racism: What does the Bible Teach about Structural Sin?
In this episode, I rant about Mohler's article on the subject of structure sin and systemic racism. Christians need to think more critically about what our leaders are saying about these incredibly important issues.
January 02, 2021
Frank Turek: The Greatest Argument for The Existence of God
In this episode, I rant about an interview that took place over the summer between Frank Turek and Tricia Scribner regarding a book that Scribner helped edit: Answering the Music Man. The Music Man is a response to many of the arguments that Dan Barker has made against Christianity. I offer up criticism of the method employed by Turek and Scribner to answer the music man.
December 21, 2020
Team JD Greear Obliterates The Jerusalem Conference in The Name of Wokeness
In this episode, I rant about Team JD Greear's complete obliteration of The Jerusalem Conference all for the sake of defending the new Woke Cult that most of the SBC has become. Did you know that the apostles were actually trying to figure out how to remove obstacles to the gospel? This is how Greear frames the theme of the first conference in the history of Christianity. The insanity of these men knows no bounds.
December 03, 2020
Purging The Church of Woke Theology: The Way Forward
In this episode I rant about the way forward for the churches in light of the recent infiltration of Woke-Liberation Theology. It is an infectious disease that is deadly if not rooted out. I talk about the deconstruction of Christianity, of the American idea, and a return to a focus on Sola Scripture, the Gospel, and the Mission of the church.
November 11, 2020
The Woke Cult
In this episode I rant about the cult of wokeness that has invaded our churches through a complete disregard for the duty of training and equipping the believer. I talk about the Woke gospel, the kingdom of Wokeness, and I get into some of the deadly sins of Woke beliefs and practices.
November 03, 2020
Voting and The Christian Ethic
In this extended episode, I rant about what your voting behavior reveals about your beliefs and what your beliefs tell us about your Christianity. Do you embrace the version of Christianity that is supernaturally revealed in Scripture or have you unwittingly embraced a contemporary version designed to appease and satisfy your own conscience? 
October 28, 2020
John Piper Riposte
In this episode, I do a follow up on Piper's voting article in light of his statement that he will not vote for Trump or Biden which is effectively a waste of time. Why vote at all? The point of the riposte is to counter the claim that Piper was not targeting Trump. I believe the evidence strongly contradicts that claim. 
October 24, 2020
The Prophets of Baal: TGC's Q-Anon & Platt and Piper's Bizarre Voting Philosophies
In this episode, I RANT about TGC's manipulative use of Q-Anon, David Platt's "Before You Vote" and John Piper's article, "Policies, Persons, and Paths to Ruin." While each of these is tackling different subjects, they are all working hard for the same end: they want to turn you into democrats or, at a minimum, get out of the way of the democratic machine.
October 22, 2020
The Great Deconstruction of Christianity and America & Christianity's Sad Complicity
In this episode, I rant about the great deconstruction of Biblical Christianity and American, why they go hand in hand, and sadly, the church's complicity in the project. 
September 22, 2020
Tim Keller's White Slander Contains Neither Justice nor Gospel
In this episode, I rant about the recent slander of all white people by Tim Keller. I point out that the principle Keller employs to indict white humans everywhere is not based on Christian doctrine and that his idea of privilege vs no privilege is a false dilemma. The fact is that privilege is not a have or have not sort of thing. Privilege comes in degrees. Enjoy the Rant.
September 21, 2020
American Christianity in Disarray - My People Perish for Lack of Leadership
In this episode, I rant about the ecumenism of Tim Keller, the judgementalism of J.D. Greear, the tyranny of the Gospel Coalition, and the new Generation Z Bible translation that amounts to blasphemy. And oh, I return to my view on COVID and in-person vs digital worship.
August 26, 2020
When Love You Neighbor Becomes Tyranny
In this episode, I rant about the way pagan culture, liberal Christians, and even evangelical Christians and leaders are arrogantly employing the second greatest commandment to bully and intimidate Christians so that they behave and think according to their own personal standards.
August 21, 2020
Jarvis Williams: Not Saying Black Lives Matter Could Mean You're Not Saved
In this episode, I rant about an article by Jarvis Williams who implies that Christians who have a problem with saying black lives matter could mean they are not saved. 
July 30, 2020
Reviewing the Chosen: An American Jesus and His American Disciples
In this episode, I rant about my concerns regarding the very popular series, "The Chosen." Another American fiction tale about Christ that only serves to misinform, confuse people but it is entertaining or so they say.
July 25, 2020
SEBTS and African Hermeneutics
In this episode, I rant about the recent SEBTS and its symposium which included a lecture from Elisabeth Mburu on the topic of African Hermeneutics..
July 17, 2020
Christian Franchise or Christian Church: What Are You?
In this episode, I rant about the complete vacation of duty that most modern American pastors have been on for decades now and its impact on the Christian message in American and Western society.
July 03, 2020
Black Lives Matter: Godly Movement or Demonic Organization
In this episode, I rant about the mission and beliefs of the organization Black Lives Matter and ask the question, what kind of relationship can the Church have with such an organization.
June 22, 2020
Evangelicals Embolden New Breed of Domestic Terrorism
In this episode, I rant about the overlooked fact that what we see happening in American society right now is a new form of domestic terrorism that is every bit as dangerous as any terrorism imported from the outside and the fact that leaders and pastors, as well as the civil authorities, seem paralyzed to anything about it.
June 15, 2020
The George Floyd Incident and Inept Evangelical Leaders like JD Greear
In this episode, I rant about the inept state of evangelical leaders. Pastors who refuse to speak up about this issue, bring Scripture to bear on the current milieu reveal more about their true character than they realize. You should listen to what is being said but more importantly, listen to what is NOT being said. 
June 10, 2020
Prevenient Grace: Rescuing Device for Libertarian Freedom #74
In the episode, I rant about Evan Minton's response to my critique of his article on the evidence from Scripture for prevenient grace. Minton fails to understand that irresistible grace is not the same as resisting the divine commands. And because of that, we end up with another terribly confused Arminian/Pelagian who simply does not understand Calvinism, or Reformed Theology and in this case, Biblical Christianity.
May 25, 2020
David Platt's Fight Against Racial Injustice Turns Out To Be Racist and Unjust
In this episode, I rant about another attempt from David Platt to supposedly take up the cause of racial injustice in light of the Ahmaud Arbery situation. In this episode Platt mangles Ps. 133 while unwittingly putting forth a number of ideas that are racist and unjust. One of the pastor's advocates for judging the McMichaels based on the color of their skin without realizing that is what he is doing. That pastor's wife admits to having a greater connection with people based on melanin rather than Christian convictions, theology, ethics, and values. Something is very wrong at McLean Bible Church. 
May 21, 2020
Al Mohler Repents
In this episode, I rant about Al Mohler's repentance from what was clearly the biblical position on the morality of slavery to one that is approved by pagan culture. Now that the pagans know that Mohler values their opinions of him, my guess is this only the beginning. At least Jonathan Merritt has hinted that he is coming after Mohler on other issues.
May 16, 2020
SBC Leaders: Seekers of Justice or Just Opportunists?
In this episode, I rant about how leaders in the SBC and pastors all across the SBC and other evangelical churches are just not being honest about their real objectives concerning the Arbery incident. You cannot be interested in justice and indifferent to truth. Either you are incompetent or immoral. In the spirit of Christian charity, I will allow them to choose which one best describes them. 
May 15, 2020
Ahmaud Arbery: A Christian Responds
In this episode, I rant about the "Christian" response to the Arbery shooting that took place in February in Georgia. Is it Christlike to rush to judgment? Is it Christlike to call these men white supremacists without a shred of proof? Should a pastor actively endorse, promote, and forward a petition that engages in malicious gossip and slander and ultimately promotes division and disharmony? Let's talk about it. 
May 09, 2020
Eric Kemp's Sanctimonious Search for a Hyper-Calvinism
In this episode, I rant about Eric Kemp's supposed search for a Hyper-Calvinist. His point will be, in the end, to claim that all Calvinists are Hyper-Calvinists and all Calvinism is Hyper-Calvinism. While Eric seems to be an intelligent man, educated, articulate, bright, his argument isn't intelligent, it is cogent, it isn't educated, it isn't informed, and worse of all, it isn't sincere. 
May 01, 2020
The Scandal of Immature Faith in Discernment
In this episode, I rant about how discernment ministries very often conflate arguing for the truth with speaking the truth IN LOVE and why it is that many in this field actually engage in the very thing they claim to be working against: ignoring the truth of God revealed in Scripture. 
April 18, 2020
Andy Stanley: The Modern-Day Marcion
In this episode, I interact with a short except of Andy Stanley's Easter Sunday sermon in which he does everything he can to unhitch the resurrection from the Bible and Christianity from the teachings of Jesus. The argument is logically untenable, philosophically implausible, and exegetically groundless.
April 16, 2020
A Friendly Rebuttal of JD Hall's Romans 13 Rage
In this episode, I take a look at three of the main points of JD Hall's argument and provide an alternative that I believe comports with Scripture and the Reformers far more than his. Enjoy!
April 14, 2020
Responding to the JD Hall COVID19 Rage - #66
In this episode, I rant about JD Hall's article over at P&P where he classifies Christians who do not believe it's necessary to have communion every week with pseudo-Christians and Christians who don't even believe in a Lord's Day.
April 10, 2020
COVID-19: A Balanced Christian Perspective #64
In this episode, I rant about the good, the bad, and the ugly I see taking place within the Christian community in our various responses to this virus and how the authorities are managing it.
April 03, 2020
Evangelicalism: Image is Everything #63
In this episode, I rant about the idolatrous obsession with image in both Western society and Evangelicalism. 
March 30, 2020
Evangelical Christianity in Chaos -#62
In this episode, I rant about the utter chaos that exists in the church, isolating just three areas where ignorance reigns supreme: The Doctrine of Scripture, God, and the Church. The level of incompetence among even the most tenured Christians is scandalous. 
March 23, 2020
Robert Gagnon's Continuationist Gaps #61
In this episode, I rant about some of Dr. Robert Gagnon's glaring inconsistencies in his rebuttal to Tom Schreiner on the issue of the NT sign gifts.
March 19, 2020
Responding to Robert Gagnon's Continuationism & Defense of Michael Brown - #60
In this episode, I rant about the deficient logic and conjectural exegesis displayed by the highly respected Robert Gagnon regarding the gifts of the Spirit and whether or not those gifts are active in the churches today. Dr. Gagnon's work in the areas of political behavior and homosexuality are unsurpassed in quality. Unfortunately, his work on the question of gifts as a continuationist is on the same level as most continuationists: incredibly poor, logically flawed, and exegetically groundless. 
February 25, 2020
The Gospel Coalition Wants You To Stop Being Political - #59
In this episode, I rant about Joe Carter's article at the (anti) Gospel Coalition and entertain the question, does Joe Carter really care about your sanctification where politics is concerned or does he care about something else far more troubling?
February 18, 2020
Critical Appraisal of Brad Mason & Standpoint Theory
In this episode, I rant about an article that Brad Mason wrote claiming that Standpoint Theory is NOT antithetical to Christianity. Maybe it isn't contrary to Brad Mason's version of Christianity, but it is clearly contrary to Biblical Christianity and I demonstrate why that is the case. 
February 14, 2020
How Social Justice Inevitably Surrenders Inerrancy - #57
In this episode, I rant about a number of issues and nearly every one of them demonstrates how the chaos that is evangelicalism is threatening the very fiber of Christianity by threatening the Sacred Text upon which it rests.
January 14, 2020
Christianity & Slavery: Danny Akin's Retweet (Retreat) - #56
In this episode, I rant about how the issue of slavery is being used to deconstruct Christianity and redefine it in terms of black liberation theology and cultural marxism. In the process I talk about the recent tweet from Danny Akin and then his immediate retweet as Elmer Fudd would say, retreat as the rest of us would understand it. Enjoy!
January 01, 2020
Democratic Liberalism: A Promise That Isn't Very Promising
In this episode, I rant about the continued push by the ERLC and evangelical elites to move the average church-going evangelical to the political left all in an attempt to hang onto their personal power. The tactics are anything but keeping with Christian ethics and doctrine. 
December 29, 2019
Cody Libolt vs Seth Bloomsberg on Apologetic Method: A Review
In this episode, I rant about Coby Libolt's atrocious apologetic method, not to mention is understanding of Presuppositional Apologetics and nearly slanderous remarks about Cornelius Van Til.
December 15, 2019
Follow-up Response to Wayne Grudem on Divorce
In this episode, I follow up on my article responding to Wayne Grudem's shifting position on divorce with a few more points and talk about how Christian women should think about and handle physical and other kinds of abuse.
December 11, 2019
Contemporary Critical Theory: A Self-Defeating Theory with Tower of Babel Roots #52
In this episode, I rant about Contemporary Critical Theory and it's Ancient Near-East roots and association with the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11.
November 30, 2019
The Cross of Christ: How to Remove the Scandal #51
In this episode, I rant about a series of do's and don'ts for removing the scandal from the cross and the stigma from Christianity. Enjoy!
November 26, 2019
The Evangelical Girls Club (#50)
In this episode, I rant about the negative influence of American feminism on American society as well as it's inroads into the churches by way of women who are heavily influenced by and borrowing from pagan feminist ideologies.
November 23, 2019
The SBC And The Idolatry of Feminism #49
In this episode, I rant about the general nature of women's ministries and the encroachment of feminism in the churches.
November 09, 2019
SBC Leaders Guilty of Racism & Public Slander #48
In this episode, I rant about the obvious and open racist slander directed by SBC leaders toward certain members of First Baptist Church, Naples. It is discouraging to see men who ought to know better conduct themselves in this manner. What is even more outrageous is that these men will preach about the love of Christ while engaging in outright hatred toward fellow Christians they do not know and have never met. 
November 07, 2019
Bradly Mason's Hypocritical Judgment of SBC Naples
In this episode, I rant about Bradly Mason's and other SBC leaders criticism of FBC Naples decision not to call Marcus Hayes to serve as Senior Pastor. Rev. Hayes happens to be black and now, even in the churches, melanin seems to serve as the criterion that gets you the job NO MATTER WHAT. FBC Naples Florida is an autonomous church baptist church that has a constitution that it followed in making this decision. It is no one else's business who that church calls to serve as its pastor. But hasn't stopped the WOKE hypocrites like Bradly Mason and Danny Aikin from publicly judging the heart motivations of people in Naples that they have never met and do not know. This is a tragic embarrassment for the churches in the public square but these men seem to care less that they are providing fodder for the blaspheming of God's Word. 
November 03, 2019
Did Jared Wilson Slander America's Greatest Preacher? (#46)
In this episode I rant about Jared Wilon's article that questions George Whitefield's Christianity. 
October 26, 2019
John MacArthur's Truth Matters Conference: SBC Meltdown - #45
John MacArthur's Truth Conference did what no self-respecting political-pandering celebrity pastor or celebrity pastor wannabe in the SBC would ever do. It touched the SBC's anointed prophetess, Beth Moore. And as a result, snowflakes are melting faster than Frosty the Snowman can say Happy Birthday!
October 20, 2019
Prominent Social Justice Warrior Dies: Prophet of God or Pernicious Wolf? (#44)
In this episode, I rant about the life of Elijah Cummings and how it was an expression of rebellion and wickedness. This is most clearly seen in his work in the areas of abortion and homosexual projects. I also talk about black and white leaders who profess Christ and who continue to give men like this a pass on their wicked lifestyle simply because of their social causes. It is as if these men are God and God is not. 
October 18, 2019
J.D. Greear's New Inclusive Gospel; Ayn Rand's Objectionable Objectivism; Al Mohler's Empty Words (#43)
In this episode, I rant about J.D. Greear's silly point about the scandal of gospel inclusivity, Ayn Rand's Objectable Objectivism, and Al Mohler's criticism of the political party that many under his employment actually support.
October 15, 2019
Arminianism - Articles 2-5 (#42)
In this episode, I talk about articles two through five of the Remonstrants: Universal Atonement, Total Depravity, Resistible Grace, and the Perseverance of the Saints. The goal is to allow ancient Arminianism, original Arminianism to stand on its own two feet. This way, when I come back to critique the system, I can do so fairly. Additionally, I will be in a better position to show how modern Arminianism in many of its differently flavors has departed from the original system.
October 14, 2019
Apostasy Is At the Door (Tisby, Howard, Beth Moore, Jen Wilken) and Arminianism's Conditional Election #42
In this episode, I cover the latest news on Jamar Tisby's view of forgiveness which is out of step with Christian forgiveness, Kyle J. Howard and Beth Moore's ineptness, and Jen Wilken's dangerous efforts to destroy complementarianism after a new gospel segment that I have instituted on the podcast, and then I shift back to the first article of Arminianism: Unconditional Election.
October 05, 2019
Arminianism: Historical Background Introduction - #41
In this episode, I rant about the historical background of Arminianism going all the way back to Arminius, Coornhert, Molina, and even Erasmus and Luther. The goal of this rant is to set up a series of short rants on historic Arminianism and then offer up a charitable critique later.
September 26, 2019
SBC Seminary Embraces Radically Subjective Hermeneutic Method - Perspectivism #40
In this episode, I rant about the SBC's adoption of the radically subjective hermeneutic method known as perspectivism. It is a method of interpreting the Bible that ultimately destroys the meaning of the text itself. 
September 25, 2019
Christian Suicide, Christian Narcissism, and Female Apologists
In this episode I do an impromptu rant about recent events and discuss my thoughts on issues like suicide, narcissistic Christian leaders (tongue in cheek), and female apologists (do they really exist?). 
September 15, 2019
SBC: Without Godly Leadership, the People Perish
In this episode I rant about the lack of true leadership across SBC churches all the way up to the highest levels. I focus on the women's movement, the homosexual movement, and the Black Liberation Theology movement as examples of what happens when men care less about truth and their high calling and more about their kingdoms and careers. 
September 02, 2019
Discernment Dysphoria - #37
In this episode, I rant about what seems like a low view of unity and Christian charity as well as a serious deficiency of discernment skills that I see in the discernment community as ironic as that sounds. We complain that the social justice advocates won't engage in debate or discussion, choosing instead to call their detractors racists and bigots, but then some in the discernment ministry do the very same thing when people differ with them on the smallest of issues. The double-standard has to be pointed out and hopefully corrected.
July 30, 2019
John MacArthur, Compromise, and Biblical Polemics - #36
In this episode, I rant about the irresponsible manner in which some people are very quick to disparage John MacArthur for preaching the gospel at a conference where Jackie Hill Perry happens to be doing a breakout session. 
July 26, 2019
Mark Driscoll: Calvinism Is Garbage - #35
In this episode I respond to Driscoll's factually wrong points about the Remonstrance and the Five Articles of what came to be known as Arminianism. I also point out how within a five day period he asserted that Calvinism is garbage and that he is reformed, affirms monergism and endorses the give points of Calvinism. Enjoy the incoherence. If nothing else, it is entertaining. 
July 19, 2019
SBC's Unifying Principle: Money - #34
In this episode I rant about the SBC's true unifying principle: money. Is so doing, I openly criticize Beth Moore, Russell Moore, J.D. Greear, Matt Chandler, and SBC leadership in general for compromising the truth of conservative values, male leadership, and a biblical sexual ethic all to maintain an image that garners more income. Truth is slain on the alter of creating a brand that God-haters can tolerate.
July 19, 2019
Who Wrote the Bible? (II) - #33
In this episode I continue ranting about who wrote the Bible and why it matters. Modern Christians are relatively ignore of the Bible, it's contents, it's history, and the history of the Church. They claim to love God more than anything while ignoring our only source for understanding who God is, who we are, and what God demands of us.
July 14, 2019
Who Wrote the Bible? Answering the Challenge from Atheistic Skepticism
In this episode I offer a basic rant about the skeptical question, "who wrote the Bible?" The response is basic, brief, and geared toward atheistic skepticism. This is the first in a series of rants that I will put out on the subject of Epistemic Authority. Christians begin with Scripture. For Christians, Scripture is God speaking and as such, it is our final authority for faith and practice. If one wishes to know anything at all about reality, Scripture is both necessary and sufficient to answer such questions.
July 04, 2019
The Rise of Feminism in the SBC - #31
In this episode I rant about the rise of feminism in the SBC using liberal pastor Wade Burleson as the case study.
June 25, 2019
Wade Burleson and Gender Equality in The New Testament - 30
In this episode I rant about Wade Burleson's claims that gender equality became a thing when the New Testament Church came into being.
June 11, 2019
Wade Burleson: The Neutering of SBC Male Leadership #29
In this episode I engage in a true rant about Wade Burleson's advocacy for and support of neutering every male in the Christian church. Even worse and more specifically, Burleson applauds the increasingly effeminate pastors taking the pulpits across the SBC landscape and wants pastors everywhere to submit to females in their local churches, to include submitting to their own wives. Modern, pagan, American and Western women everywhere love girly men like Burleson. To men like Burleson, being a "real" man is ipso fact to be an abusive man. Just saying that God calls only men to lead is classified as bullying. 
June 06, 2019
SBC Continues to Back The Wrong Horse #28
I rant about the SBC's promotion of Martin Luther King Jr. in light of additional revelations of immorality, Mohler's better late than never response to Beth Moore's feminism, and David Platt's having to explain why he obeyed the Bible and prayed for President Trump. The insanity continues!
June 05, 2019
James Choi's Worldly Wisdom from a Girly South Korean Boy-Band
In this episode I rant about James Choi's suggestion that a South Korean boy band that appeals to young teenage girls offers wisdom from which the church might benefit.
May 28, 2019
Christianity's Identity Crisis
In this episode I rant about the fact that Christianity has become so up for grabs that it is quickly losing its true identity. I discuss the craziness from J. D. Greear's voting for democrats to people thinking that you can be saved and have true knowledge of Christ and Christianity without the bible.
May 26, 2019
What Does Jesus Think About Heretics (25)
In this episode I rant about the Bible's emphasis on the existence of, warnings regarding, and condemnation of false teachers and false prophets. Why do so many Christians have such a causal attitude toward false teachers? Better yet, why are so many Christians hostile toward those who do bother to call out false teachers?
May 08, 2019
Heretic Hunting (24)
In this episode I discuss the importance of heresy hunting, why it is a biblical practice, and reference a twitter thread including Anthony Bradley, Mika Edmonson, Kyle J. Howard, and Beth Moore as good examples of those who are creating division and confusion in the body of Christ.
May 06, 2019
What About These Heretic Hunters? (23)
In this episode I interact with Dave Miller's article "They Will Know You Are Must Disciples if You Trash Heretics." Dave spends a lot of time trashing discernment ministries that trash heretics. The irony is award-winning in my opinion.
April 28, 2019
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (E22)
In this episode I rant about the event of the resurrection, how we know it happened, what it means, and how we should defend it. I return to criticize Frank Turek and Andy Stanley's ideas as toxic and to be avoided at all costs.
April 21, 2019
Frank Turek Denies The Necessity of Scripture - 21
In this episode I rant about Turek's claim that the Bible isn't necessary in order for Christianity to be true and that Christianity is based on the event of the resurrection and not the Bible.
April 19, 2019
The Folly of Repenting of Whiteness - 20
In this episode I rant about the silly notion that something like "Whiteness" is a thing that merits repentance. What black protestants are doing is relabeling sin as "whiteness" and calling it wicked as if the African heart is somehow not quite as black as the non-African's heart. This is an expression of African tribalism. 
April 14, 2019
Is Presuppositional Apologetics Irrational - Respond to Paulogia
In this episode I response to a youtube video that basically accuses presuppositional apologetics as a method to be irrational. This is a short 30 minute rant intended to deal with the major errors in that criticism.
April 08, 2019
Church and Culture: The Apostasy of the PCA Membership
This episode focuses on a recent survey of the PCA membership revealing a rapid apostasy in that denomination. For example, most PCA members think abortion should be legal and half of the PCA membership thinks homosexuality should be accepted.
April 06, 2019
The Gay Audit for Christian Churches -17
In this episode I walk through the gay audit created by the editors of Living Out. The purpose is to help Christians think better about the attempts on the part of SBC and PCA leaders to import homosexuality into the churches. “A dog barks and stands at bay if he sees any one assault his master. I should be indeed remiss, if, seeing the truth of God thus attacked, I should remain dumb, without giving one note of warning.” [Calvin]
March 29, 2019
Reparations, Grace, and Forgiveness
This episode deals with the irreconcilable differences between the modern concept of African American slavery reparations and the Christian doctrines of divine grace and forgiveness. 
March 23, 2019
Reparations - Episode 15
In this episode I offer up a very frank rant about the idea of reparations and whether or not such an idea can co-exist with the biblical doctrines of grace and forgiveness.
March 18, 2019
The Church and The State - Episode 14
In this episode I continue my rant about the relationship between the church and the state.
March 17, 2019
Would Jesus Be a Democrat - Episode 13
In this episode I rant, at a very informal level, about Christians and American politics in particular.
March 16, 2019
Overview of Presuppositional Apologetics
In this podcast I rant about a very brief overview of presuppositional apologetics. More to come on this subject for sure.
March 11, 2019
The Mohler Meltdown
This episode focuses on the recent Q&A session held during the Shepherd's Conference in March 2019. The session was led by Phil Johnson and included a somewhat interesting and emotional exchange between Johnson and Mohler over the question of the Social Justice Movement.
March 10, 2019
Introduction to Presuppositional Apologetics - Episode 10
This episode provides a brief introduction to the presuppositional method of apologetics along with the concept of transcendental arguments. The goal of the podcast is to refute the misguided notions of young men like Cody Libolt on the structure and nature of presuppositional apologetics.
March 02, 2019
Cody Libolt's Presuppositional Straw Man Part 2 - Episode 9
I continue to work through the numerous logical fallacies and misrepresentations that Cody Libolt makes around presuppositional apologetics.
February 24, 2019
Response to Cody Libolt on Presuppositional Apologetics
In this episode I rant about Cody Libolt's continued straw man representations of Presuppositional Apologetics. 
February 23, 2019
Is Same Sex Attraction A Sin?
In this episode I deal with the question of the sinful behavior of same-sex attraction and the push by men like Russell Moore, Sam Allberry, and J.D. Greear to pressure SBC, PCA, and evangelical pastors to force this view on their churches.
February 23, 2019
Episode 6 - How Can I Know My Gender [Critical Review]
This episode deals with a number of questions that were put forward but not answered in the RZIM sponsored lecture by Sam Allberry entitled, "How Can I Know My Gender?"
February 17, 2019
RZIM Presents "How Can I Know My Gender" by Gay Priest Sam Allberry
This podcast reviews the recent presentation by Sam Allberry of RZIM, a celibate but gay Anglican Priest, on How I Can Know My Gender. The deconstruction of Christianity continues.
February 16, 2019
Reviewing Thabiti Anyabwile On Justice
This episode interacts with Thabiti Anyabwile's interview over at The Uncommentary Podcast.
February 10, 2019
SBC President Claims Homosexuality is an Affliction not a Sinful Choice
In this rant I review SBC president J.D. Greear's sermon from Romans 1, "How The Fall Impacts Us All." 
February 03, 2019
Fencing the Community
This rant concerns the Bible's teaching on church discipline and the idea of purity of both doctrine and conduct within the covenant community.
February 03, 2019
Biblical Justice vs Social Justice
This "rant" asks the question: "Is the modern concept of social justice the same as the biblical concept of justice? It concludes that it is not.
January 27, 2019