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Elliott's Podcast

Elliott's Podcast

By Elliott Fienberg
Chronicling the inspirations behind Elliott Fienberg's music.
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The Gospel Show
When I started a podcast, I wanted to make sure that I spend time looking at different styles of music as a way of showing my appreciation for all the work that has happened in this amazing field of art. So this week I thought it would be nice to look at gospel music, but specifically black gospel. Tracks played on this episode (listen as a playlist):  Noah - The Golden Gate Quartet Stay with Me Jesus - The Chosen Gospel Singers  Jericho - Sister Rosetta Tharpe  Count Your Blessings - The Como Mamas Amazing Grace (Organ Instrumental) - Moses Tyson Jr.  Watch Sound Field's Episode, "What Makes Black Gospel Musicians So Skilled?"
June 13, 2021
Listening to the Environment with Darren Copeland
I had the pleasure of chatting with Canadian sound artist Darren Copeland about the art organization he operates with his wife Nadene Theriault-Copeland as they celebrate their 20th year in service to the community.  Learn more about the Absent Listener project on Darren's site, and visit for more info about New Adventures in Sound Art's work.  Like this podcast?  You can buy me a coffee. 
June 6, 2021
Your Journey
This week I am talking about the child inside. Go to the edges, and come back to tell the tale of your journey... 
May 30, 2021
Saturday Night Elliott Live Stream Recap
This episode reviews some things I've learned about live streaming this week, as well some helpful ideas from the book Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner. Support this show and the live streams by buying me a coffee at 
May 23, 2021
Who is Mr. Tunes?
The mystery of a man who walked the barren landscape that is funky soulful music in Canada for probably a decade is examined in this week’s podcast. But there is some other housekeeping along the way, such as a public service announcement regarding how to put the turmoil of the world in perspective, and a quick listen to one of my favourites Raymond Scott. Music featured: Shape and Dillate - Elliott Fienberg (link) Portafino 1 - Raymond Scott (link) Chatting on a Pond - Mr. Tunes (link) The Sirens of Peace - Mr. Tunes (link) The Asian Secret - Mr. Tunes (link) Sound clip: A Dispatch From Outer Space on The New York Times' Daily Podcast (link)
May 16, 2021
Let's Go to Hawaii
This episode takes a look at my inspiration in Hawaiian music, but more specifically the Americanized take on it that might be up for controversy. You enjoy controversy right? Then listen in! Songs played in this episode: That Time the Earth Stood Completely Still - Elliott Fienberg (link) Honolulu March - Ben Hokea Sweet Leilani - Lawrence Welk Sweet Leilani - Ray Coniff Yellow Bird - Arthur Lyman The Enchanted Sea - Martin Denny Listen to the songs here:
May 9, 2021
The Dead Episode
Check out the Relisten app to listen to all the jam bands for free.  This episode plays some music from the 1989 Alpine Valley show. 
May 2, 2021