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The L&D Forecast

The L&D Forecast

By Emily Sheetz
The L&D Forecast is a podcast about Learning & Development, corporate training, performance, people, and the future.
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INTERVIEW Bianca Woods

The L&D Forecast

The Internet is Cool, But Have You Heard of The Metaverse?
The Metaverse will change our world as we know it - what does that mean for us in L&D? Read the transcript and access all resources on Medium:
August 22, 2021
INTERVIEW Catherine Lombardozzi
Attention! There is so much wisdom packed into this episode that a description is near meaningless. Nevertheless, I will try. Catherine Lombardozzi is the founder of Learning for Learning Professionals - a group that analyzes and translates the latest research about learning and shares their findings with learning professionals. Sit down, grab a pen, and listen to this episode at least 10 times. Here are just SOME of the topics we discussed: social learning, scholarly practice, self-directed learning, learning culture, modern Instructional Design, and the inevitable trend toward specialization. Check out some more of Catherine’s work at
November 23, 2020
Mark Burke is a Sr. Director of Custom Learning Solutions at Judge Learning Solutions. Join us for a passionate conversation about design collaboration, real gamification examples, the importance of using data in learning, and why the learning of the future will be smaller and faster. Technologies discussed: Storyline and Vyond. (A quick note: the last few seconds of this recording has an odd audio mix snafu, but I promise you will enjoy the heck out of this episode and may not even notice!)
November 11, 2020
INTERVIEW Bianca Woods
Bianca Woods is a Senior Manager of Programming at The Learning Guild. Bianca shares with us some tips for speaking and sharing your knowledge at conferences and in the industry, how to broaden your L&D horizons and why it’s important to do so, and stories about applying cutting edge technology in our L&D world. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with her and I know you’ll thoroughly enjoy listening to what she had to share.
July 07, 2020
Watching a Blockbuster Training Video from 1990
In a very special episode, Kate Loesch and I travel back in time to watch an old Blockbuster training video from 1990. Boy oh boy is it delightful. To our surprise, many L&D principles are present and still relevant in our modern L&D world. Also in this episode: a character named Buster, big hair, and maybe Geena Davis?
June 30, 2020
INTERVIEW Linda Daniels
Linda Daniels is a Learning Architect with an incredible depth of experience and passion for sharing knowledge. We talk about why Learning Experience Design is vital and how to handle the challenges that come with it. Linda is not afraid of technology and mentions using several including: Mural, Invision, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Slack, Zoom, WebEx, and Blue Jeans. If you’re at all interested in Learning Experience Design - you won’t want to miss this!
June 23, 2020
Megan Libby is a VP, Executive Development at LVMH. You may know LVMH through some of their brands like Moët champagne, Louis Vuitton, and Sephora. Megan shares with us her journey into L&D, how her team is successfully pivoting from 100% live learning experiences to 100% virtual learning experiences, and why she thinks virtual reality is what’s next for L&D. Technologies discussed: Zoom, Kahoot, Klaxoon, and SharePoint. Here’s a link to the article mentioned at the end of the show about virtual reality being used for Executive Diversity & Inclusion initiatives:
June 16, 2020
Like Riding a Bike
We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s like riding a bike.” But is it really true? In this episode, I discuss 5 L&D Lessons learned from this simple phrase. Article available on Medium:
May 14, 2020
In this episode, I sit down for a chat with Nick Floro. He’s the President of Sealworks, an award-winning learning solutions agency. He has been in the biz for 27 years so he offers a unique perspective on the evolution of learning and technology and where we might be heading in the future. Suggested tech to check out: Miro and
April 29, 2020
Join me as I sit with my friend, Kate Loesch, to discuss L&D, friendship, adapting to your learners, and much more. Kate is a Learning Consultant at Independence Blue Cross.
April 29, 2020
The Search: How the Evolution of Finding Information has Changed L&D
Search is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal yet we don’t talk about it much. This episode explores the concept of how people find information and how we can harness it in L&D.
November 17, 2019
Forget Learning Objectives! Tell Learners What’s in it for Them.
This episode challenges you to rethink learning objectives. Learning objectives are kinda boring. That’s a fact. Can we borrow from our pals over in marketing to envision a world where we describe what’s in it for the learner? In this simple way, we could excite learners rather than boring them.
November 03, 2019
L&D: A Vision of the Future
In this episode I talk about the future. More precisely, my vision of the future as it pertains to L&D. I love thinking about what could happen in our field and I’m so excited to share these thoughts with you.
October 27, 2019