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Empowered to Profit

Empowered to Profit

By Erika McMillon
The Empowered to Profit Podcast seeks to have candid conversations to empower entrepreneurs to build and scale a profitable self-sustaining business while serving in excellence and complete alignment with their God-given purpose.
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You will miss the true value behind being successful if you miss these 2 things! Pay Attention!

Empowered to Profit

You will miss the true value behind being successful if you miss these 2 things! Pay Attention!
As entrepreneurs, we "go hard" after our goals and push ourselves to the limits and often times feel as if we go beyond the limits as overachievers. However, if we miss these things along the way we will miss the essence of success and building a legacy. We will not have much value to show for it; and we will not be fulfilled. Pay attention! You deserve it!
July 14, 2020
Team Not Performing to Your Level of Expectancy? This Could Be Why...
Entrepreneurs and small businesses are often so focused on acquiring new customers and miss the mark in proper team development.  In this episode, Erika shares examples of what she's done to help her team perform at the desired level of expectancy and also how she's helped her clients improve their teams' performance. For podcast alerts and related news:
June 30, 2020
COVID19 - The New Normal
COVID19 has changed the way we do business and the way we do life.  In this phone conversation with Erika and Samanda, the two share some of how life has changed for them and how God even prepared them for COVID19. They discuss how you can be more prepared for similar life challenges and what entrepreneurs and ministry leaders can do in the midst of the pandemic so that they are doing more than surviving. For podcast alerts and related news: 
June 16, 2020