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EmpoweringOurMelanin The Podcast

EmpoweringOurMelanin The Podcast

By EmpoweringOurMelanin
Our series where we showcase a guest to give us a third voice and a third perspective. Often we can get stuck in our own bubbles. Which is why it is important to branch out, highlight, and learn about different perspectives. This series will include talks on a range of topics, each month we will have a new topic and a new guest. Uplifting and Empowering BIPOC. 💜💛💚
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Into 2021 we go

EmpoweringOurMelanin The Podcast

Save the earth, save the animals... but what about the people?
As Jackson, Mississippi faces an environmental crisis, we decided to tear apart the layers of environmental justice with our special guest @quake_aurelien. Not just where there are weather crises but, also the disparities and history behind food deserts, environmental hazards, environment intrusions causing destruction to BIPOC’s health and community plus much more you will have the chance to hear on this episode. Take a listen to @empoweringourmelanin 's seventh episode, (in collab with @start.empowerment) of EmpoweringOurMelanin The Podcast, “Save the world, save the animals... but what about the people." @quake_aurelien is a staff writer for @start.empowerment and is representing them during this episode! Learn more about him by reading his bio which is on @empoweringourmelanin
March 31, 2021
BHM through Poetry
To wrap up Black History month, we are featuring some incredible black poets from around the world/country. Stories are going to be told through these pieces that consist of various themes. Thank you to the Black Poets, Katie Rothfuss, Lena-Fields Arnold, Mel Vee X, and Savannah Cheyanne, who took the time to participate in this podcast that we hope will motivate, inspire, and engage others. These poems are presented in the first half of this podcast with the other half being a conversation between us covering BHM, Black creatives, and celebrating who we are this month but also year round. Take a listen at night, afternoon, or morning, even before bed! We hope you love our sixth podcast of EmpoweringOurMelanin The Podcast! For more make sure to follow us @empoweringourmelanin where we will also be sharing more info about the featured poets! 
February 28, 2021
Not made for us
What is life like being one of thirty black students at Columbia University? Or one of 5 at your high school? What about being Black in the South? In this podcast we spoke with Kendyl Curry about the experience of being a BIPOC in a white space. Whether it's disingenuous conversations around race, or micro aggressions relating to cultural differences/styles, race, and hair….. we talked about it. This podcast includes how a lack of diversity impacts us within or outside of predominantly white spaces. So how do we thrive in a space not made for us? We hope you enjoy Episode 5 of EmpoweringOurMelanin The Podcast, for more make sure to follow us @empoweringourmelanin!
February 02, 2021
Into 2021 we go
In this podcast we reflected on 2020 from topics from TV shows, music, trends and more and to kick us into 2021 we also spoke about our aspiration for the new year. Come listen to our fourth podcast to start off your 2021 on a good note while enjoying our cover art made by Chloe Ambrose. Happy New Year! Uplifting and empowering BIPOC
January 02, 2021
All the things we cannot say .... so just listen
No guest! Just us  Stealing trends? Culture? AAVE? All of the things we cover in this episode of EmpoweringOurMelanin The Podcast. The things we cannot say are the problems we face everyday that get brushed off, the small and the big, the way we monitor ourselves to avoid specific words from coming out of someone's mouth or the credit we DON'T get. Aggressiveness and attitude being the only words to describe us but then why do they use our culture? Hypocritical Behavior, Cultural Appropriation, Stereotypes, and using AAVE, layer after layer. Come give our third episode a listen to hear about our reality. 
December 28, 2020
Our Untold Stories
On this episode our special guest is Thomas Jemil Foster. When was the last time we heard our opinions and experiences through this being told on big levels, and written by us? Actually though….where is it? It’s not happening. We feel like many adults are talking about this and sometimes they talk about our experiences without asking us to contribute. Is it mainly adults experiencing virtual learning, or is it us, who’s being left out from voting but still working towards change, US! We aren’t always given platforms to express our stories, but now the youth (Gen Z) are making podcasts and blogs to present this to the world. So here is our story, for us, by us!
November 17, 2020
Privilege, Prejudice, and the Pandemic
Welcome to our first episode of Empowering Our Melanin The Podcast. On this episode our special guest is Lucy Mayer. We talk about Privilege, Prejudice, and the Pandemic. This includes subtopics like CoronaVirus Case Disparities (showing the privilege some people have over others), Hate Crimes towards Asian Communities (highlighting how the pandemic fueled prejudice and xenophobia against API communities), and more. We hope you guys enjoy our first episode.
September 15, 2020