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By Stephen Henrik
Hear from guests who live an energy lifestyle. Henergy is a healthy energy lifestyle for everyone because everything is possible when you love your energy. Enjoy energy tips & music @
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​Protect Your Sensory Energy From Pollution


This Month's Healthy Energy Tips
Here are energy tips I enjoyed in July. Cheers to your energy! Stephen The benefits of raw foods by Happy Cow "Studies have shown that living foods have healing powers that can alleviate many illnesses such as low energy, allergies, digestive disorders, weak immune system, high cholesterol, candida, obesity and weight problems." Essential oils for energy by Spartan Race "Your five senses are your body’s most direct connection to the outside world. They take in information 24/7 whether you know it or not. Harnessing any one of your senses can be a powerful way to stimulate the brain to achieve optimal results. Using essential oils for energy is a potent tool." The benefits of healing crystals by Energy Muse "Crystals pick up on your unique vibrational energy and amplify the positive vibes that you’re cultivating. In this magical world of vibrations, crystal energy helps you on your spiritual journey because it works to hold your intention and remind you of your connection to the Earth." Ayurvedic secrets to staying cool during summer by MindBodyGreen "Summer is the season of the pitta dosha—which is hot, fiery, and intense. 'When you add in the morning commute, pitta can go into overdrive,' says Kiera Nachman, founder of Nao Ayurveda. 'Think heat, frustration, stress, anger, intensity, inflammation, rashes.' The key is to balance out some of that pitta energy with cooling vata energy." Five tasty, energy-packed salads to try out this summer by The Breeze Quinoa Salad Mediterranean Salad Tuna Poke and Mango Salad Chicken Avocado Caprese Salad Kale Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette
August 4, 2019
​Protect Your Sensory Energy From Pollution
Sensory energy is your ability to stay fresh from sight, smell, sound, taste & touch pollution. It’s a new type of energy I introduced this year because I felt that our senses are being bombarded by pollution every day. Air pollution. Digital pollution. Food pollution. Noise pollution. People pollution. And they can mess up your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. I mentioned sensory energy to you when I talked about Kawhi Leonard’s energy efficiency and how good he was at never letting the noise of the crowd get in his business. Here are some scenarios, senses affected and suggestions: AIR POLLUTION The air quality where you work or live is poor. Sense affected: Smell Suggestion: Spray an essential oil around your face at work. Scent where you live with plants or flowers. DIGITAL POLLUTION Your eyes are constantly tired because you spend too much time on screens. Sense affected: Sight Suggestion: Take eye breaks by closing your eyes for a minute. FOOD POLLUTION You eat too much cooked foods. Sense affected: Taste Suggestion: Eat raw food once a day. NOISE POLLUTION Where you work or live is loud. Sense affected: Sound Suggestion: Wear noise cancelling headphones at work, earplugs while you sleep or play white noise or sleep music. PEOPLE POLLUTION You interact with too many people in transit or at work. Sense affected: Touch Suggestion: Self massage your body parts to relax & relieve stress. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
July 31, 2019
Nature’s Healing Energy (From Hungary)
Are you interested in a free solution to get you through a bad day, get focused, inspired, relaxed, gain some wisdom & soothing?  It’s called nature. And it’s free lol.  Going through a bad day? Comfort yourself with comfy clouds.  Got to get focused? Get clarity from a clear sky.  Want some inspiration? Start your day at sunrise.  Need some relaxation? Set your soul at sunset.  Want some wisdom? Look up to the trees.  Need some soothing? Feel the breeze…  Nature’s healing energy is available everywhere every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year. Nature is always there to protect your energy. Don’t forget to protect nature’s energy in return. Enjoy this video of nature's healing energy from my cousin Laszlo's beautiful backyard from the panoramic Hungarian countryside by Lake Balaton. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
July 25, 2019
FIFA Dares You To Shine
The slogan for the FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019 is "Dare to Shine ("Le Moment de Briller"). Sometimes what holds us back from doing something daring is a deficiency in spiritual energy which is a lack of faith in yourself.  So here's some spiritual energy from footballers as they reveal what Dare To Shine means to them. For me, it means to take pride in what you do because if you take pride in what you do now you will gain the confidence to do what you want to do next. #DareToShine Pablo Aimar “Free yourself. Get rid of the pressure, the tension, the pre-judgements.”  Célia Šašić “You have the chance really to become outstanding and special. You have visions, you have dreams and just try to follow them, to focus on it. If you fall, then it’s not a failing, and it’s not whatever. It’s just the step to be better the next time. So just dare to do it.” Marta Vieira da Silva “In life people have to take risks, to believe, and to not be afraid of making mistakes. To be willing to shine.” André Filipe Tavares Gomes “And to conquer this dream you have to fight, you have to do something for it, you cannot sit around waiting for something to happen.” Nadine Kessler “Dare to shine, means just for me to stop thinking, just enjoy the game, be as good as possible and also enjoy yourself while doing so.” Sarina Wiegman “You have to do the things that you love. It’s just about being the best you can be and work hard to fulfill your ambitions.” Cheers to your energy! Stephen
July 6, 2019
This Month's Healthy Energy Tips
Here are energy tips I enjoyed in June. Cheers to your energy! Stephen The danger of overusing exclamation marks by BBC "I’m removing the mask of punctuation that drains my energy, and drawing a hard line to protect my time and energy." Slings in Motion: Energy swing by Art of Motion Academy "Elastically strengthen your Superficial Back Line as well as the Superficial Front Line. Actively lengthen and open your Superficial Front Line with the Up Swing & Energy Swing!" 11 essential rules every empath needs to know by Yoga Journal 1. Set Clear Boundaries 2. Meditate, Meditate, Meditate! 3. Ground Your Energy 4. Create a Protective Shield 5 I.D. What Fuels You - and What Drains You 6. Watch Your Consumption 7. Ask Yourself, Is This Mine? 8. Know When to Take Responsibility 9. Cleanse Yourself of Others’ Energy 10. Spend Time Alone to Recharge 11. Heal Yourself First 4 methods superstars use to protect their energy by Robin Sharma "Energy is more valuable than even your intellect ... Without the execution energy to get your big dreams done, nothing happens." 1. Don't work like a marathoner, work like a sprinter 2. Take a nap during your workday 3. The trinity of radiant vitality model (exercise, recovery, nutrition) 4. Joy as a GPS (who, what, where fuels your joy) How to improve energy levels: 7 strategies for the overtired by University Health News 1. Get your magnesium 2. Eat right 3. Be water-wise 4. Get a walking start to regular exercise 5. Sleep well 6. Become a stress-handler 7. Consult your physician
July 6, 2019
Are You Managing Your Energy?
Now at the half way point of the year it’s a good time to reflect and think about where we want to go for the next half of the year. To do that, do an Energy Audit by asking yourself these questions: WHO DESERVES YOUR ENERGY? Every personal & professional relationship should be based on energy equality. Remove or reduce interactions with people or jobs that take your energy and don’t give it back. Otherwise, your life will be full of stress or you will burn out. I once left a job because my manager took my energy and never gave it back by acknowledging my efforts. As a manager, you can have an equal energy transfer just by saying thanks when your staff work hard.  WHAT DESERVES YOUR ENERGY? Your goals for the next half of the year will determine your energy requirements. I start a new executive education program on Product Strategy at the Kellogg School of Management so that will be my focus this summer and I will have to filter everything else out. WHEN DO YOU NEED TO HAVE ENERGY? You want to have the right energy at the right time of your day, the right day of your week, the right week(s) of your month and the right month(s) of your year. I use my calendar to map out when I need the right physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & sensory energy. The result of your Energy Audit is you will have the right energy at the right time for the right things with the right people for the rest of your year. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
June 23, 2019
The Energy Efficient Kawhi Leonard
Your energy is your most important resource! Everything you do or is done to you impacts your energy. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Sensory. High. Low. Positive. Negative. If you keep your energy healthy, you can get through your busy day, your goals & grow...   Energy health is personal to me. I saw first-hand how the loss of energy in both my father and my mother eventually led to their deaths. And as a caregiver for eight of the past sixteen years, I studied energy health as a solution to my problem of burnout. I’ve learned how to manage & grow my energy to be a better caregiver, better athlete, better at business, more creative, and blow past my goals and personal bests. Now after two years of blogging and six months of podcasting, I’ve started this newsletter so thank you for being a part of our journey to keep our (& our loved ones) energy healthy. As we think of our father wherever he is on this Father’s Day, I share this poem to you my father wrote a long time ago to me: Out of many… One! You are. TYPES OF ENERGY These are the 5 types of energy at work within you based on my interpretation of how our inner universe works: PHYSICAL energy is your ability to fuel your body. You do this through the right fluids, foods and fitness. MENTAL energy is your ability to filter so you can focus. My insight into this came from Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs. "Steve was very, very strict about filtering out what he thought of as distractions," Walter Isaacson said in an interview with the Harvard Business Review. "He would pick four or five things that were really important for him to focus on and then just filter out - almost brutally - filter out the rest." EMOTIONAL energy is your ability to fortify your feelings so no one can mess with you. This is especially important to those of us who like to help others to protect us from manipulative or ignorant people. SPIRITUAL energy is your ability to have faith in yourself. This can come from your God, your friends, your family, your yoga practice, the stars, the sky, anything in nature, whatever or whoever gives you confidence. SENSORY energy is your ability to stay fresh from sight, smell, sound, taste & touch pollution. This is a new type of energy I’ve introduced because I feel you need to protect your senses whether it’s from climate pollution, digital pollution, food pollution, noise pollution and people pollution. The key to be energy healthy to get through your day, your goals & grow is to have the right energy at the right time. So let’s look at Kawhi Leonard and how his energy helped him become a champ. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
June 16, 2019
Say No To Save You Time
You can say no at this time, this day, this week, this month by stating your priorities and then present options to whoever wants your time of when you can say yes. Prioritize your work by ranking what has the highest impact & least effort as your top priority. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
June 4, 2019
Time Blocking
Time blocking is like doing an audit & forecasting your time using your calendar. Batch your tasks into themes, colour code work vs personal, and add some buffer for travel or prep time. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
June 4, 2019
The Right Energy At The Right Time
Time management is about respecting your time with yourself, with others and make sure they respect your time. But you need to make sure you have the right energy at the right time. I review the 4 types of energy you need with examples of which you need when: - Emotional (fortify your feelings) - Mental (filter so you can focus) - Spiritual (faith in yourself) - Physical (fuel for your body) Cheers to your energy! Stephen
May 12, 2019
Time Management Mindset
May is Time Management month. The better you are with your time the more energy you save. It starts with the mindset of R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Respect your time with yourself. Respect the time of others especially when you book meetings with people you work with. And make sure others respect your time. Always provide an agenda when you ask for the time of others and ask for an agenda when others ask for your time. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
May 5, 2019
Getting Sleep Done
Can't get things done because you don't have energy because you can't sleep? I used to be that way until I changed my mindset to “eat for energy when I’m busy & eat for sleep when I’m done” so my last meal is a reward for a productive day & I eat what I want. When you eat what you want as your last meal it feels great by feeding your emotional energy with positive vibes and your sleepiness reduces sensory pollution so you get to sleep faster & deeper with the ability to get up at 5-6am every day like I do. You can also add a sleepcast to help you fall asleep and FYI the music on this podcast is a sleepcast I created a few months ago with 333 whispers of encouragement (333 is the number for positive energy) under an angelic mix at 55 BPM to help you zzz. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
April 27, 2019
Getting Things Done (0 Inbox)
One of the best feelings of accomplishment in your personal & professional life is to have a 0 inbox of emails & messages. I've been able to hit this peak once a week on average for a year now by increasing my productivity & reducing sensory pollution. Here's how you do it when you put your back into it: 1. Reduce meetings to 15 minute increments & always ensure there is an agenda 2. Reduce your sensory pollution especially around your eyes & ears 3. Finish what you start! Cheers to your energy! Stephen
April 24, 2019
Getting Things Done (Prioritization)
Once you filter out what you want to do so you can focus on what you need to do, it's time to prioritize. Start each day thinking of 3 things you need to get done to avoid distraction from your agenda. Go further by coming up with 3 goals for the year that roll into 3 things for the month and reflected in your 3 things for the day or week. FYI 333 is the number of positive energy. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
April 14, 2019
Getting Things Done (GTD)
Spring is time to focus on your mental energy which is your ability to filter so you can focus. April's theme is on getting things done (GTD) because the better you are at getting things done the less energy you use & the more you can do with the same energy. GTD starts with filtering out what you want to do so you can focus on what you need to do. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
April 14, 2019
Resilience From Loss Of A Loved One
When you lose a loved one you need to deal with feelings of regret, try to keep your routine going, and consider keeping the rollout of communication to a minimum to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. Then build your resilience by getting motivated about something positive, getting moving because movement gives you positive energy, and don't be brave by doing anything stupid & be careful because you are in a vulnerable situation. Always remember, if they are alive in your heart, they are alive. I've been a caregiver twice and lost both of my parents which is tougher as an only child so I'm happy to assist. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
April 1, 2019
Resilience For Success With Felitche
Singer & DJ Felitche shares how to be resilient so you can achieve success in your life from his own peaks & valleys as an artist in the music business. I've been using his song Come To Life as my theme this month on resilience so it's great to hear his insights on this topic. is a weekly blog, newsletter & podcast with tips to keep your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & sensory energy healthy so you can be your best. Cheers to your energy! Stephen Henrik
March 28, 2019
Resilience From Stress
Resilience is the ability to bounce back from a bad day or rebound from a setback. One of the obstacles in your ability to be resilient is stress. I show you how to tackle physical, mental, emotional & spiritual stress so you can zap your stress to be resilient. Thanks to my friend singer & DJ Felitche for use of his track Come To Life perfect for the March theme of resilience. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
March 28, 2019
Resilience In Action
Resilience is the ability to bounce back from a bad day or rebound from a setback. I follow up from last week by putting into action the resilient mindset that "everything is possible but nothing is certain" by striving to hit personal bests when you have to deal with a setback like a breakup, failure, illness, injury, layoff or loss (or like me all the above lol) to pivot from negative energy to positive energy. Thanks to my friend singer & DJ Felitche for use of his track Come To Life perfect for the March theme of resilience. is a weekly blog, newsletter & podcast with tips to keep your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & sensory energy healthy so you can be your best. Cheers to your energy! Stephen Henrik
March 17, 2019
Your theme for MARCH (MADNESS) is RESILIENCE the ability to bounce back from a bad day or rebound from a setback. I learned long ago to have the mindset that "everything is possible but nothing is certain" to help me be resilient through the peaks & valleys of life. I share a story of going from a valley to a peak in my professional life and going from a peak to a valley in my personal life as examples of how to have a resilient mindset to set yourself up for success and deal with a breakup, failure, illness, injury, layoff or loss (or like me all the above lol). You can practice resilience through these exercises: Turn a problem into a solution Turn a negative into a positive Turn a weakness into a strength Turn a threat into an opportunity Thanks to my friend singer & DJ Felitche for use of his track Come To Life perfect for the March theme of resilience. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
March 9, 2019
Sexual Energy For Health & Wealth
Hear entrepreneur & sexual energy expert Natalia Kantor explain why sexual energy is important for health, wealth & charisma. I first learned about sexual energy from her workshop at the Fire Within Retreat she co-hosted last summer. This is a fantastic awareness for you to take action to see results in your personal & professional life. Thank you, Natalia! Cheers to your energy! Stephen
March 1, 2019
Empathy vs Compassion
We all want to help others. But sometimes we give our heart instead of loaning our heart and end up feeling negative & burnout instead of positive & build your capacity especially those who are caregivers like me. Here's how to avoid the Empathy Trap by providing compassion instead of empathy with friends, family, co-workers & even your partner in need and protect yourself from Takers by holding them accountable & cut the cord if necessary. Thanks to Amy Wahbe for her Energy Mastery For Empaths workshop where I learned some of this and applied my own insights & experiences. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
February 22, 2019
The Energy Of Relationships
When you are looking to find a partner you want to find someone who complements your energy or has comparable energy so you get back what you put out. You do not want conflicting energy. You want ROE. Return on Energy. Balance. Here's how to find your emotional, mental, spiritual & physical complement or comparable. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
February 14, 2019
Sexual Energy
Your winter strategy is EMOTIONAL energy. Your FEELINGS. Fortify your feelings in a world where everything is possible but nothing is certain. Your theme for FEBRUARY is: SEXUAL ENERGY Awaken the life force that gave birth to you. Tips: 1. Breathe in to fill your belly 2. Breathe out to strengthen your core 3. Hug yourself for trust 4. Massage yourself for stimulation Cheers to your energy! Stephen
February 7, 2019
Positive vs Negative Energy
Does your mind take you to a place that you can't leave but it's not healthy to stay? A bad decision? A bad experience? A bad relationship? A regret? Start by acknowledging that such a place exists and is a problem because it can really waste your time. A solution I suggest is to find a hobby that takes you to another place. For me that's triathlon. And you can get so good at that hobby you see success. For me that was a 1st place finish. This approach can take you from a problem that gives you negative energy to a solution that gives you positive energy and can lead to success you never thought possible which is a beautiful thing. Nathaniel Chapman, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Marshall University, probes deeper on positive vs negative energy. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Be aware of the words that you are speaking. Be aware of the images that you are seeing. Because what you think about, what you speak about, what you look at constantly is where your energy goes and where your energy goes is where your mind is going to flow. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
February 1, 2019
Sleep With Positive Energy
Can’t sleep? This angelic sleepcast can help! 333 is the symbol of Positive Energy. I’ve chosen 333 words of encouragement in a whisper with 20 minutes of angelic sounds set to 55 BPM to slow you into sleep so you can start your day strong. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
January 28, 2019
Energy Diet & Fitness
January is Positive Energy month so you want to feel good about your diet & fitness every day. This is what I do not just as a triathlete but as a guy who needs energy as a caregiver for my mother and at work for my career. Diet by eating for energy when you’re busy and for pleasure when you’re not. I start the day with a smoothie and keep to mostly liquids (not wine or beer lol) like soups, teas & energy drinks when I’m busy to keep my physical energy going. When I’m done for the day I eat for pleasure so I eat anything I want for my emotional energy to feel good about myself. Stay fit with these full body boosters to get the baby in you going. This is great as a warmup prep or break at work for a few minutes or even a full workout for an hour. 1. Touch! Tap your head to toe 2. Run! Jog or walk on the spot 3. Fight! Kick & punch the air 4. Dance! Move with music that moves you Cheers to your energy! Stephen
January 23, 2019
Positive Energy
Your winter strategy is EMOTIONAL energy. Your FEELINGS. Fortify your feelings in a world where everything is possible but nothing is certain. Your theme for JANUARY is: POSITIVE ENERGY Everything is possible! Tips: 1. Get a plant to grow with 2. Try something new 3. Meet someone new 4. Set 1-3 goals for the year 5. Start the goal with the least effort & most impact Cheers to your energy! Stephen
January 18, 2019
The Nature Of Your Energy
Learn the nature of your energy and why it’s important to have an energy strategy to reach your goals or personal bests. I had 5 personal bests last year because I was able to manage & grow my energy. Cheers to your energy! Stephen
January 18, 2019