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Episode #2 | Pre-Pay – Hitting an Inflection Point

An episode of The Energy Exchange: An EnerNex Podcast

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Welcome to The Energy Exchange podcast hosted by EnerNex. A podcast where we talk about a cleaner, smarter energy system of the future.
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Episode #5: AMI and More | Realizing the Full Opportunity of Communications
As the utility industry looks to gain more information at the edge of the distribution network, the need to capture, analyze and act upon sensor data presents a unique opportunity to leverage assets and infrastructures that may already be in place. This is the vision that an AMI system seeks to achieve. While many utilities have deployed this technology, we are now beginning to see leading companies execute on this goal. EnerNex host Ron Chebra interviews Glenn Pritchard, Manager of Advanced Grid Operations & Technology at PECO, about his experiences with bringing convergence of information over the AMI communications infrastructure.
December 4, 2018
Episode #4 | Enterprise Analytics: From Vision to Reality
Today utilities have the potential to harvest a wealth of information to help them better understand, analyze and control the grid. We’re at the beginning of experiencing the explosive area of Grid of Things, where devices not only perform their fit for purpose design, but are a critical part of a holistic mesh of interconnectedness to more effectively deliver safe and reliable electric service. The plethora of data that is being captured not only needs to be structured, organized, and accessed but also to be analyzed to truly extract greater value. The challenge now is not how to gather data, but rather what to do with all of it. Join host and EnerNex Vice President Ron Chebra in this episode of The Energy Exchange as he explores this topic with special guest Raiford Smith, Vice President of Energy Technology and Analytics at Entergy.
November 1, 2018
Episode #3 | Designing the Enterprise for Grid Modernization
This episode explores the challenges and needs utilities have in developing a good foundational solutions architecture that is flexible and extensible enough to support many of their grid modernization programs. Many leading utilities have developed and implemented an established process and methodology to help ensure their investments are done in a holistic and orchestrated manner. For insight on real-life experiences, VP Ron Chebra of EnerNex interviews special guests: Jerry Casarella, Enterprise Architect at PSE&G and Kay Stefferud, Director of Implementation Services at EnerNex.
October 10, 2018
Episode #2 | Pre-Pay – Hitting an Inflection Point
This episode of The Energy Exchange is all about the pre-payment movement within utilities. What are the drivers, motivators, benefits and societal impacts of these pre-pay programs? EnerNex VP Ron Chebra explores the topic with special guests David Elve, CMO and EVP of PayGo, and Scott Whitmire, a member of Georgia Power’s Enterprise Planning and Strategic Support group within the Customer Service Organization.
September 6, 2018
Episode #1 | Reliability, Resiliency and Response
In this first episode of The Energy Exchange, host and EnerNex VP Ron Chebra covers the topic of: Reliability, Resiliency and Response. Hear from special guests: Teresa Hansen, Editor-in-Chief of Electric Light & Power and PowerGrid International and Chair of the advisory committee for DistribuTECH; Jason Handley, Director of Smart Grid Emerging Technology and Operations with Duke Energy; and Scott Rogers, Senior Vice President of Technology Integration with ECI Consulting.
June 14, 2018
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