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By E-News SG
News can be boring to read. with so many words, doesnt it get tiring? Well today It’s never been easier to to listen to our news podcast. Listen while reading, eating, half-sleeping, commuting, or even working. We discuss and break down topics, for everyone to understand and hear. Local news and International News, everything is covered here.

New Episodes bi-weekly.

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#3: 2020 in (a) review
2020 is finally over!  Links:   Join our wonderful telegram channel:   Why the Beirut blast was a government failure: (Vox)  Using Flash games in 2021: (iSpring Solution)
December 31, 2020
#2: Joe is (Almost) President
 Joe Biden, after winning the presidency, is now going to be the new President of the united states. and we discuss what impact this has.   Latest Results:  Go ahead and try krisp:
November 8, 2020
#1: How we made the new E-News.
E-News has changed, and with so many changes, you’ll probably be like: WHAAAT? How did they do that? What did they do that? Or who did that? Well, we will answer all your questions, right here on the very first episode of the ECast. Follow The ECast to find out more about us! Try Byethost: Try Dreamhost: Clouldflare: our new website: Send a message: Donate to us: Listen to ECast on other platforms: Anchor:  Apple Podcasts:  Spotify:  Breaker:  RadioPublic:  Google Podcast:  PocketCasts:  OverCast:  Stitcher: Advertising Enquires:  Feedback/Questions about the Podcast:  Our Host: Ethan Liew •  Today’s Guest (IVAN LIEW) : •  Your ad Choices:
October 26, 2020