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ENM Talk Podcast

ENM Talk Podcast

By LoveTribeMedia
Let's talk about everything related to ENM (Ethical Non-Monogamy)! From Swinging to Polyamory, current events, and lifestyle tips Michael and Ellie and their Love Tribe will talk about it all!
We will regularly discuss articles and features from our magazine publication, ENM Magazine, personal interviews with real people who are in the ENM Lifestyle and more.
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A New Beginning - Reboot!

ENM Talk Podcast

A New Beginning - Reboot!

ENM Talk Podcast

We Found a Unicorn!
Join us as we talk with a real live Unicorn found in the wild! Learn all about her mysterious ways... and where you can find her and her unicorn friends! Joking aside... this was a great interview... and we learned a lot about Ms Alexa, and what how her approach to the swinging lifestyle works, her kinks, her turn-ons.... fair warning... and apologies in advance... we lost track of time talking with Alexa so this episode runs a bit long at an hour and 10 minutes... grab a snack! 
October 8, 2020
Coming Out
Christina joins us for a conversation about the complexities in the decision to coming out to friends and family about living an Ethically Non-Monogamous life in the open. We discuss some of the struggles that people in ENM have with loss of support from friends and family, and the dangers to relationships and social constructs.  It's not ALL bad though... we've discuss some of the amazing support we've experienced, and some of the awesome friendships and some of the skills we've learned by living in an openly ENM living arrangement. 
October 5, 2020
Bringing back some old memories... this is what we used to do on our old Lifestyle Talk Podcast! But now Squadcast has made it even easier to do remote interviewing!  Join us as we sit down with an Arizona couple we met on Kasidie for a fun introduction conversation where we get to know their story a bit... it always makes for a fun and titillating conversation... join us for the fun!  Note from Michael - I'm still struggling a little with the audio... getting the best settings dialed in... trying to perfect this... thank you for your patience! 
September 29, 2020
Living Together
Christina joins us for a topic we're all very passionate about, and it is something that is very personal for us.... Living Together.  Apologies for the length... but we think you'll agree this one will go by quickly!  We talk about the benefits and challenges that come along with living together as a poly triad. Some of those challenges and benefits we expected some we didn't, but love, respect, and commitment to the family see us through, and each challenge makes us stronger. 
August 25, 2020
Can't Find the Words with Kitty Chambliss
Kitty Chambliss is a truly amazing person, and as someone who practices ENM much the same way we do, her philosophies are a great match for our magazine and the message we try to convey on the world.  In this episode Michael sits down with Kitty for an interesting and lively conversation about how people who are married can address a lot of the questions and scrutiny they get from people by being married and open.   You can find Kitty Chambliss on the web by visiting her website at: There you can find her lifestyle and relationship coaching practice, as well as links to buy her book "The Jealousy Survival Guide: How to feel safe, happy, and secure in an open relationship" You can also join the Loving Without Boundaries Facebook group for some great community oriented interaction with others who are experienced in ENM, Swinging and Polyamory.  You can find the home page for "Dear Kitty" with links to her previous articles and a form to use to submit your questions to Kitty at our Dear Kitty page on the ENM Magazine website.  Otherwise you can submit your question via direct email by writing her at 
August 16, 2020
Michael and Ellie Part 2 - We Evolve
The road over the last 8+ years has been challenging.  Tune in to find out how a couple where one is Poly and one is a Swinger somehow manage to find their way into a harmonious existence... but not without struggles along the way. 
August 8, 2020
ENM Magazine August Issue Preview
Join us along with a couple of our writers for a review of our August issue of ENM Magazine.  You can find the magazine online at
August 3, 2020
Michael and Ellie Stumble Into the Lifestyle
By request... Michael and Ellie revisit the beginning of their journey into Ethical Non-monogamy. It's a great and funny story you won't want to miss! 
July 29, 2020
Karen Tortora-Lee
Join us as we sit down with ENM Magazine columnist Karen Tortora-Lee for a conversation about her life and experiences as a writer and her shared vision of what makes ENM Magazine amazing! 
July 17, 2020
Cassie Brighter
***Audio cleaned up and revitalized on 7/14/2020*** Join Michael and Ellie and columnist Karen Tortora-Lee as we sit down with Portland local writer, public speaker,  vocal trans advocate. and the founder of, and SmartSluts, Cassie Brighter for a lively conversation about the challenges of being a trans woman in the Sex Positive and ENM Communities.  You can find the full article about Cassie with a link to the magazine layout at on our blog post at ENM Magazine. Referenced in the Podcast: Dance Naked Productions Stand Up Smut Empowered Trans Woman - Facebook - Instagram SmartSlutsMedia - Facebook - Instagram Sum of Us Fest - Facebook - Instagram
July 10, 2020
July Issue Review
Our first 48 page issue in awhile... Join Michael and Ellie for a chat about the highlights of the newest issue and some details that might just make you hungry for more!!!  You can access our July 2020 issue at:
July 8, 2020
Portland, OR artist Ponciano has travelled all over showing off her work, and Karen Tortora-Lee got to sit down with her and put together an Artist Spotlight article with her. If you've never seen one of our Artist Spotlight articles this is one of the best... you won't want to miss it!! However... in this podcast, we sit down with Karen, and Ponciano and talk a bit about her work, and her life and her inspiration... it gets a bit chaotic at time, but we think you'll be able to pick up on her energy and her enthusiasm for her art... if you're not a Ponciano fan already, you will be after meeting her here on our podcast, and seeing her beautiful layout in ENM Magazine!
June 23, 2020
Swinging - For the Fun of It!
Christina joins us to complete our Love Tribe broadcast where we talk about Swinging.. a little history, a little of OUR history and a lot of chit chat... this was supposed to be a Town Hall broadcast but we couldn't get anyone to join us :(  We will definitely be trying again soon! This was a fun episode to put together and it goes along very nicely with our "Swinging! For the Fun of It!" article in ENM Magazine. If you'd like to read more about some of the details, and check out the rest of ENM Magazine while you're at it, you can find it at  
June 15, 2020
It's All About the Magazine and Pizza!
If you've never heard of ENM Magazine we recap the many different articles you might find inside including features from talented professionals like  Nolan Lawless, Kitty Chambliss from Loving Without Boundaries and Ellecia Paine. The magazine is also all about the people of our ENM Communities, so we love to feature them in our Temptation articles and our Real People of ENM articles.  We love featuring the people of ENM.... you all are sooo very cool!  Next up we talk about our Artist Spotlight article. It is perhaps our most favorite article, because we get to meet and get to know some pretty amazing artists and get to take a tour through some of their most favorite work and hear the artists stories and anecdotes about each piece.   Moving onto our entertainment section, we talk about our Lola Down article written by Hermann Humbert, who checks in with tales about his life with his beautiful and sexy hotwife, Lola Down...  the stories are always fun and titillating, and at times quite humorous. We're excited to have them on board with us.  If you'd like to check out their works outside of our magazine you can find them at One of the things about our magazine is that while we are primarily all about Ethical Non-monogamy, we find that many people in our community are also into kink and BDSM.  We like to be inclusive of that community as well, and so you'll find occassional content in that vein... our own Marilyn Belle, loves to write about her adventures as a submissive and some of the lessons and excitement she has had along the way in her Confessions article.  And then last, but certainly not least... we chat with Ellie Love about her food article we call "For the Love of Food"... what its all about, how she incorporates her non-monogamous life into her articles and how she shares her lovely recipes for us all to try.  This month she covers her latest endeavor Homemade Pizza and how it is not only a tasty meal that her poly family loves, but also how it is a fun family activity as well with each person getting to make their own pizza just the way that they like it! If you'd like to check out this months issue of ENM Magazine and read Ellie's For the Love of Food article,  you can follow this link - June 2020 Issue ENM Magazine
June 8, 2020
A New Beginning - Reboot!
Drop in and visit while we dust off the old podcast equipment, and sharpen our audio skills! Sort of a Mini introduction for what is to come! We will catch you up a bit... before we dig into the more serious topics coming up soon! 
June 3, 2020