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Ensoul Media - Fearless, Bold, and Aligned. Ensoul Podcasts are created to house real conversations concerning black culture, the everyday-Black Girl, along with uplifting the boss in you!

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The Lull/ Sunday's at 7 PM with Co-Host Vivian Page
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Beauty and Brains

Ensoul Media

Au revoir 2020: Unfiltered
As we bid farewell to 2020 your favorite ladies share their expectations for 2021, and reminisce on one of the toughest years for the whole world. While we continue to strive for greatness Vivian and Jasmine have decided to pause some things in their lives...including The Lull. So take this last ride with the ladies of The Lull 💜💛
December 31, 2020
Tis The Season!
This episode is so timely inspired by TLC's: Sleigh Ride. Do you hear the jingle bells? Are you dancing around in your Holiday PJ's yet, Or just sitting on the couch wondering how Christmas is already next week?! This time of year may not be as festive as previous years but the ladies are determined to find joy in the simplest things. They reflect on their traditions and family memories surrounding the holidays and look at the things that make them happiest. Hot topics: Most memorable Christmas gifts ever received and What is most missed this year due to Rona still being around. The Ladies are hopeful that Next year, the holidays will look a lot different and they continue to build their own traditions while celebrating through music, food, family and friends. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas from The Lull!
December 21, 2020
Girl Code: Boundaries and Friends
The Ladies of The Lull are talking Boundaries. Where they draw the line and how boundaries are established in their world. They focus in on how boundaries are sometimes telling of possible insecurities in relationships as well as how well trust is established. Vivian chimes in from the married POV about what works in her relationship and Jasmine shares how an innocent situation was viewed as nothing of the such. As a single woman, Jasmine shares how easy things can be misinterpreted simply because she is single. It's all about the Girl Code. What do you share with your girlfriends and what's off limits? The Ladies also share what's private and when they will make that decision to break the Girl Code. This episode is inspired by: Ginuwine's "Ain't None Of Your Friend's Business"!
December 14, 2020
1. 2. 3. Let It Go
The new Mantra is 1,2,3 Let it Go. Say it slowly and as often as you need to. On this episode, The Ladies are weighing in on the things they need to let go of in their lives. They share what they are willing to accept from others and what baggage they are still working to part with. If it's not going to matter 5 years from now, let it go. Sometimes this is easier said than done. What are you carrying along with you? When you're able to answer this and decide if you'll continue traveling this way, is when you truly know you're "unbothered". The ladies give us a few examples of whose living life just like this. There's a peace of mind that we all are aiming for and The Ladies find it through the vibes of Gregory Porter and his song: "Holding on", which is the inspiration for this episode. Add it to your playlist, count to 3 and Let it Go. Enjoy!
December 7, 2020
Reality vs. Expectation
On this Episode, The Ladies of The Lull sit down with their very first guest of Season 3; Ashley Wright. Ashley is a model, actress and author and shares insight about life from her perspective. The Ladies begin their discussion with a question posed from Ashley about Life's Expectations. The question: "What did you expect your life to look like at this current time? Have you reached that point, if not what is different? The Ladies weigh in on their personal expectations and reflect on the moments that have changed them the most. As they continue to evolve, they look deeper at what they label success and happiness and how they stay true to themselves. The Ladies get to have some fun answering questions from Ashley's book entitled: "Soooo, Questions in Black and White". This episode is full of fun and laughter, you'll feel the Great energy in the 1st minute. Song of the episode is the feel good song:" You Gotta Be" by Des'ree. Remember to take time to ask yourself the questions that matter most, continue to learn yourself and others and don't be afraid to change what your reality looks like. You can find Ashley's book of Questions on
November 30, 2020
Mind the Business that Pays You
Opinions...Everyone has one but they are not always welcomed. On this episode Vivian And Jasmine have plenty to say about the unsolicited advice, opinions and judgement that comes from others. This generation has a thing about sharing what they think without any filters and expecting others to take it or leave it but that's not how this works. Jasmine gives us 3 things that she lives by when it comes to judgements and how to deal with individuals who just may not get it. The ladies also zone in on feeling secure and what being authentic as a black woman looks like to them. From establishing Boundaries to sharing some inside stories about dating, it is revealed just how much they have grown and changed. There's certain things they will no longer tolerate and Jasmine explains just how crazy the dating scene can get, but she refuses to lower her standards for anyone! All thoughts, ideas and information shared are those solely of the hosts of The Lull and They said what they said. Episode 4 of Season 3 is inspired by 3LW's "Playas gonna Play." Enjoy.
November 23, 2020
Dreams and Things
"Dreaming, I fell asleep beneath the flowers, for a couple of hours, what a beautiful day." This 3rd episode of Season 3 is inspired by "Daydreaming" by Lupe Fiasco and Jill Scott. Jasmine and Vivian explore the levels of dreaming and the possible deeper meanings they entail. Jasmine shares that she has been dealing with some intense, borderline nightmarish dreams! Is this prophetic intel about turning 30 years old? Who knows! As her usual supportive self, Vivian shares her own experiences with dreams good, bad, and shocking. One thing they both can agree on is wanting that "million-dollar dream"- meaning they would love to dream about that miracle idea to get the riches. Do you have similar dreams or any that repeat over and over again? They say there are signs and directives for life given in dreams that can be decoded. Sometimes those Big Dreams appear in nightmares, sleep paralysis, and more. Tell us if you've ever experienced any of these, and let's keep the conversation going. Find us on Instagram: Jasmine- @ensoulmedia and Vivian at @love_y_vida! Email us at
November 9, 2020
Spirits and Spells
On this new episode of The Lull, the ladies are Inspired by the classic: "I put A Spell on You" by Nina Simone. They dive into the new phenomena of LoveCraft Country and share appreciation for black creators of horror films. They take a closer look at religion and dissect the origin of traditional practices. Why are these practices considered wrong, bad and evil? These are some of the questions posed while discussing the conditioning of black people and their religious roots. The ladies share some personal experiences with the supernatural and embrace the spells that enchant their own lives. Enjoy. 🔮
November 2, 2020
Chapter 3!
What's The 4-1-1? The ladies of The Lull, Jasmine Riana and Vivian Page, are back with a new season and they're giving you the 411! At the end of season 2, Jasmine was transitioning to a new place and preparing for her 30th birthday. She shares some personal sentiments on becoming 30 and what her new space represents for her. Vivian, a new mom celebrates the changes she has experienced in motherhood and reflects on how far she has come in her journey. They discuss how embracing a new mindset is a part of elevating your situation. They dive into the differences between a struggle/ scarcity mindset and an abundance/ prosperous mindset and reveal how they both have conquered obstacles from both views. Reflection is a beautiful thing and The ladies are truly standing for what they deserve. They're speaking a few new affirmations, of course by Jasmine, who is known to drop some gems for the Culture. The Lull is certified Fresh on this new episode of the New season and we're welcoming in the vibes we've all come to appreciate. This episode is inspired by Mary J Blige's: "What's the 4-1-1." Tune In, Enjoy and let them know what's the 4-1-1 with you.
October 25, 2020
Smile, Laugh, Heal.
Season Finale!!  Can you believe this episode marks the Season 2 Finale! Thank you for rocking with us this season and I hope you are just as ready as us for Season 3!! We wrapped up the season with our favorite pastime, LAUGHING! When we think of laughing it becomes more of a therapeutic stress reliever. And boy! are we fortunate for that relief. We think back on some moments (mostly Jasmine lol) on times that laughter saved the day! So let Vivian and Jasmine drift you away as they discuss, Laughter and Healing. Song of The Episode: Love and Happiness by Al Green. 
August 23, 2020
Rock The Vote! Oh! What a dope pastime having your favorite influencers, celebs and TV shows promote voting. Vivian and Jasmine reflect on the 2004 voter advertising that influenced their desire to be involved. Vote or Die was created by Diddy (P.Diddy) then, he plastered it all over 106 and Park and made our community go out and vote. While the influencers have changed, the urgency to vote for this election has NOT. We stand in agreeance that the Cheeto man needs to GO! So before we go full throttle, Chisholm, on you have a laugh with us while we think back on better times. Song of The Episode: My President by Young Jeezy
August 16, 2020
It's Tough, Take A Break!
Are you tired? Worn out? Mentally drained? Us too, and we're here to tell you to TAKE A BREAK! Life has hit us all hard this year. Most of our 2020 visions have been put on pause, changed, or adjusted. We're dealing with it. But man, we could go for a break from the constant updates on what is going wrong. Vivian and Jasmine discuss the significance of taking time away from social media, focusing on growth and enjoying the now. Jasmine also discusses the impact of Breonna Taylor. So as Vivian will say, how is your mental? Let's talk! Song of The Episode: Amerikkkan Idol by Joey Bada$$
August 9, 2020
Own Your Love
In this episode we discuss our Love Language. Not only as a receiver but also as a giver. What does that look like for you? Is your Love Language universal? Has it changed throughout the years live Vivian? This is episode is sure to keep an ear out for why. As always, we gave y'all some good vibes with our "Song of The Episode": Love Language by Kehlani; how fitting! Enjoy!  
August 2, 2020
A Woman's Work/ Worth
A Woman's Work, where does it begin, where does it end? We discuss the extent of what women do and how our worth is associated with our efforts. This episode is inspired by: Maxwell's "A Woman's Work". Enjoy!
July 26, 2020
How Do You Cope?
Sistas, How y'all Doing, Brothas ya'll Alright? This Episode is a Reality check on how we Cope. Do you know how you cope and deal with situations? How do you find peace? We're discussing it all! The origins of our coping mechanisms and our patterns, can tell us more about who we are than what we already believe about ourselves. Enjoy!    
July 19, 2020
The Superwoman
Cuz. I. Am. A. Superwoman, Yes I am, Yes She is. We carry that S on our chest Oh Yes, We are Superwomen. This new episode of The Lull is dedicated to the Beautiful and Fearless Black Women in our lives. We are taking time to say thank you to the leaders we see and know. The ones who have stood by and held down the family, community and more by loving hard and being relentless in what they stand for. We also honor the women who have piloted the fight that we continue today. It feels good to just say Thank you, We see you and We Love You. This episode is inspired by "Superwoman" by Alicia Keys.
June 28, 2020
Give Me Space
We need space so we can breathe. On this episode we are processing all the recent events, and speaking about navigating relationships within workplaces and outside, with anyone who doesn't believe that Black Lives Matter. This episode is perfectly inspired by Common's song entitled: "Be", because that is all we are trying to do. Just Be.
June 7, 2020
It is Time for a Revolution. We are in a space and time that demands we take a stand. Push all regular scheduled programs to the side because nothing else matters but Our Lives. We will NOT be Silenced. We will NOT be Threatened. And we will No longer be treated as less than human then expected to respond with more dignity than our oppressors. We let it All out on this episode. It's time for a Revolution! This episode is inspired by the song "War", by Edwin Starr
May 31, 2020
Time After Time
We're highlighting the legends that have been called home in 2020. It seems like this year just keeps hitting us in an unexpected way. We find it so necessary to take time on this episode to bask in the beautiful memories created by the genius artistry of Andre Harrell, Betty Wright and Little Richard. Vibe with us as we celebrate their lives. This episode's inspiration: "Our Love" by Natalie Cole. 
May 24, 2020
The Reasons
Season 2, Episode 11: Welcome Back, Welcome Back! Your favorite ladies of The Lull are back with a 🔥Fire episode! Pun intended! This episode is inspired by The legendary group: Earth, Wind and Fire's song, "The Reasons". 😉 We catch up on All the things we've been doing and feeling in this quarantine season. The good, bad, and the ugly. So grab your popcorn and tea because this is gonna be Good!
May 17, 2020
Village Know Matter What!
It's Time For A NEW Episode!! Joined with the multi-dimensional team from Mom Know Matter What, Shirell and Christina. What a joy these ladies are about motherhood and keeping it real. While this was a wholesome conversation, Shirell surprised me with a revelation about her past!! She became a viral sensation due to discrimination at a local store in Charlotte, NC. This is a MUST listen show!! Be sure to follow these lovely ladies at: @momknowmatterwhat on Instagram and Facebook. Also be sure to purchase Shirells book, Woolly Bully!
March 31, 2020
Beauty and Brains
We're in the midst of a crisis but this multi-talented maven Samantha DeLoache is here with the antidote. She inspires you to pursue your dreams no matter how many detours or careers. By day Samantha is a Pharmiscits, at night she models; then she assists with credit repair in between all while being a motivational speaker. She's strong, charismatic and powerful speaker, and did I mention fashionable!! Tune in to hear how she has entrusted her journey to God and leveled up with each error.  Follow this M.O.D.E.L (you gotta listen to get it) to learn how she can be of assistance to YOU! 
March 17, 2020
Intuition Plus Intention
Ever had a gut feeling about something and you didnt trust it? Or do you always trust those signs you get? On this Episode we are discussing our intuitions and the intentions in our lives; two delightfully different things. Pull up a chair and sit a little while with us, let's Chat and share some stories that have Ultimately changed our lives. Enjoy 💜💛
March 15, 2020
Waiting For Mr. Right
Joined with my friend and author Maya Jones. We discussed the struggle with dating, the many ways to heal after failed relationships; plus we shared some funny moments with online dating. Ladies if you find yourself getting D- and F's in dating, this episode is for you. While Maya is a friend, she's also the author of The Beauty In Love, That Don't Love Me: Letter to My Daughter. She writes candidly about suffering from sexual abuse as a young child and also loving the wrong man.  Although we joke about our singlehood but one thing you will hear is that we are WAITING for Mr. Right...and maybe enjoying Mr. Right Now too. Be sure to follow Maya on Instagram :  And purchase her book here:
March 11, 2020
Raise The Crown
Queens, We See You. This is an Ode to Black Women Who Always Hold it Down! We drop All Our thoughts on the Honey Pot controversy and share some insight on Unity within our own Community and how racism and white privilege walk hand in hand. Let's Talk About it because We have Plenty to say! Share your thoughts with us and Enjoy.
March 9, 2020
No Days Off...I Think Not!
Do You Work Alot? Never Take Days off? Are you Exhausted? Do you Feel Guilty for Calling Out? If You answered Yes to any of these Questions, you may need to have a seat and listen to this episode. Word on the street is: Constant Grind is actually not good for your mind. It's time to take a break and rest. In this episode, we discuss the guilty feelings associated with taking days off, how lack of rest affects you and Jasmine drops a Good word on what Rest should really look like. "I Gotta Find Peace Of Mind" by Lauryn Hill, is the inspired track for this episode of The Lull. Enjoy.💜💛
March 2, 2020
Glamour Meets Ambition
Ending #BlackHistoryMonth with the owner of The Glambitious Brand, Lillie Mae. This southern belle has navigated the Media scene in various roles. Spending over a decade in Atlanta, Georgia, she is ecstatic to spread her brand throughout the Carolina region. This mogul is highlighting women in the highest regards, curating events for your soul and managing to explore life's changes. These are one of those episodes, that you have to listen to the very end, to get the full spectrum of Lillie Mae! Plug into who she is by following her on her social networks and be sure to check out her website for all events and services: IG: @GlambitiousIAM Email: Website:
February 25, 2020
I Wanna Dance Tonight!
What a Week! Have you ever felt like you earned a night out to just treat yourself and let your hair down? Yeah Us too!!! This week was one of those weeks. We worked our butts off and just had to take a moment and pat our own selves on the back. Catch the vibes on this epidode as we celebrate and remind ourselves that We Got This! We also have some pretty exciting News to share so Tune In and share your wins with us as well. We gonna Dance tonight, even if it is in our livingroom in a onesie cuz we aint trying to be out in this cold! This episode is inspired by none other than Lucy Pearl: ”Dance Tonight". Enjoy!
February 24, 2020
Young Mogul
Hey there! Welcome back to a new installment of Community Tuesday! Joined with the young Queen Maia, we chatted about youth entrepreneurship. This young lady is the owner of Mais Illustrations. a stationary card design business that she created by hand. She is passionate about success, black business and inspiring others with ambition. This young woman is on FIRE! Listen to this 16-year-old share old wisdom and make sure you support this mogul! Instagram: 
February 18, 2020
Maybe I'm Crazy
There is an art to taking "L's". Whether you take them in private or in public, those Losses are all a part of the journey, so Embrace It! On this episode, we share some laughs, some CAPITAL ”L's" that we have taken and also share how we get back up on our feet and keep smiling. How You ask? Maybe it's just us, ...maybe it's you, or maybe we're all a little crazy. This episode is inspired by the one and only Gnarls Barkley and his song entitled "Crazy". Enjoy and share with us some of "L's you have taken on your worthwhile journey. 💜💛
February 17, 2020
Who Got Us?
Season 2: Episode 5 We want to know Who Got Us? As Black Women, Who really has our back today? There have been countless situations that we have seen with our own eyes, where Black Women are left to defend themselves, but have continued to hold everyone else down. As young black women we wish this wasn't the case, so what can we do to change it? We share our thoughts and personal experiences as black women and hope to create the dialogue needed to make a change. Listen in and Share with us as well.
February 10, 2020
Desi, The Doula
#NewEpisode Kicking off the month with a milestone for the show, chatting with a young, black Doula. Destiny of Whole Healthy Destiny stopped by Community Tuesday to discuss 2 things. Representation for people of color and LGBTQ friendly in the world of Doulas! Check out her story on how she began and listen to how she has created a business model from a lifestyle. This episode is great for #expedctingmothers, #LGBTQ, and people of color.  Remember to FIND YOUR, DOULA, preferably, Book Destiny. Find her at @wholehealthdestiny on social media.
February 4, 2020
Season 2: Episode 4 We're paying tribute to All who lost their lives this past week and Celebrating their lives through the hashtag #girldad. It's Beautiful when we All come together and unite and share the beauty of life together. We spotlight a few great memories with our Dads and reflect on how we All can move forward. This episode is inspired by Luther Vandross, "Dance with my Father". Share with us your favorite memory with your Dad. 💜
February 3, 2020
The Circle Review
Season 2, Episode 3:  ALERT! ALERT! NEW Episode is Up and we are discussing the newest Netflix Original show: "The Circle". What's that you ask? You have to definitely go Watch!! On this episode, We share our views on this social media experiment and decide Who we would be if we were on the show. Would we be ourselves or a completely different person? This Gets Good! Beware of spoilers if you haven't gotten far, but we'd love to hear your thoughts on what you've seen.  Click the link in bio and Enjoy! Your Profile has been updated 🤪. 
January 27, 2020
Cocoa's Dream
Jasmine Riana is back with a new installment of Community Tuesday! This week she is joined with the vibrant Cocoa! This young business-minded lady is writing her own blueprint on what being successful is. She's young, business savvy, outspoken and resilient in these Charlotte streets. As a native of Charlotte, she is looking to invest and create opportunities for her city. Cocoa is not limiting herself and she is NOT taking no for an answer. She just launched her brand Cocoanuts Cream Dream, a multi-faceted niche brand that has your vision at the forefront. Tap into what this young creative is doing! Be sure to rate this episode on your favorite podcast app!
January 21, 2020
Work Hard, Play Hard
Season 2, Episode 2: Work Hard, Play Hard. Questions that Need Answers:  1. Are you Friends with Your Coworkers? Like Really Friends? We want to know. 2. Do you set limits on what you discuss at work?  In this episode we get real about the balance of work and personal life relationships, where that division comes from and the boundaries we set for our own good. Get into this and definitely chime in on your work relationships. We Need Answers.  This Episode is Inspired by: "Work Hard, Play Hard" by Wiz Khalifa. Enjoy! 💜
January 13, 2020
You Go Girl!
Community Tuesday Vol.2. Singer, songwriter Chastidy is coming in hot for 2020 with a NEW album called YOU GO GIRL! Influenced by the TV show Martin, she curated a soulful, melodic album that will have you instantly drawn to this young artist. With discussions on love, consistency and 2020 predictions, you'll find out why Chastidy is up next!
January 7, 2020
New Year, New Season, New Us
Season 2, Episode 1:  Your favorite ladies of The Lull are back for a Brand New Season! Season 2 is here and as we step into the New Year, We are coming All the Way Real!! No shame in our game, New Year, New Us, and we focus on the reflections of ourselves. In this episode, we chat it up about our Blueprint for 2020, what will change, what will stay the same and of course what's to Come!! This Episode is Inspired by "Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake. Listen in and Share with Us 💜 We Look Forward to hearing From You.
January 6, 2020
Growing Pains: Season 1 Finale
It's the FINALE!!! And what a Season it has Been!!  The title speaks for itself, we some grown women still growing!  Never thought THE Lull would bring so much out of us but it's been BROUGHT! We drop our favorite episodes of the season and let you in on some personal thoughts we never thought we'd share. #wegrowingup Get Into This Last episode because You need to Hear All of This!!! And Keep rocking with us; there is so much more to come!
November 24, 2019
I Am Not My Bag
Late nights, early mornings.  Grinding all Summer, flexing all what is that Bag looking like? Is it a little light? Yeah, ours too.  Either somebody got us or something ain't adding up! We break it down on this episode. We get all the way real about our financial journeys and talk about what we really want out of life. The struggle can be real but, We Are Realer.
November 11, 2019
Pressure Points
Look Out!!  It's A Bird, It's a Plane, No, It's Jasmine Rhianna dropping some Gems for your brain!! This Episode is THE Most Necessary, get yourself togetha, life check you didn't know you needed. Join us! We talk about how we deal with pressure, what shifts for us, how our reaction styles can change and how our environment has more to do with us than we know!
November 4, 2019
Fall Is Here!
It's Finally Fall, (well at least where we are) and the weather is not the only thing changing! We are acting All the way Brand New on The Lull! We're talking new Wardrobe, new recipes and definitely new playlist! We set the mood of our ideal Fall day and let you in on what goes down in the kitchen when it's cold outside. It's also Jasmine's favorite time of the year so she's sharing some fond memories of Fall, to get us in our feelings just a dollop! Enjoy and make sure to share The Lull with your favorite people!
October 20, 2019
I Am Not My Hair
Stop, take a moment and throw a little "good hair day" energy up in the sky! There is something about having our hair done that changes the way that we walk, the way that we talk and definitely the way that we feel! In this episode, Ms.J lets us in on what really goes down when her hair doesn't cooperate. We chat about the hits that go right along with our new dos and make us feel like a million bucks.  "New Hair, Who This?" = A Whole Mood! Listen in and share your hair stories and your favorite songs to crank when you're feeling yourself!
October 6, 2019
Boss Mode Activated
Boss Mode Activated When your feeling down or preparing for an important meeting what do you listen to. As entrepreneurs, creatives and working women, sustaining the feeling of power is vital.  Make sure to let us know who YOU are adding to your Boss Mode Playlist!
September 29, 2019
Still Standing Tall w/Brenda Bakari
This week on Community Tuesday, Ms. J was joined with the sensational Brenda Bakari.  Mrs. Brenda as Ms. J calls her is a fiery boomer with a lot to say on racism, social issues, and change. On this episode, they discuss the importance of knowing your rights when dealing with Civil Rights Restoration after a conviction or probation case.  As many know Ms. J had dealt with this issue in the past but overcame and has since changed her life around. This past election Sept 10th she worked with the Board Of Elections! A great accomplishment for her.  This episode is filled with many lessons from Brenda B and also vital information for the people who can relate. Please follow Mrs. Brenda B on Facebook:  Be sure to Like|Comment & Share For more information on reinstating your rights or questions about the voting process please email:
September 24, 2019
Don't Be Next Sis...
Season 1, Ep. 2 Don't Be Next Sis! This Episode is A Whole Warning to anyone new on the dating scene, actively dating or completely over dating! Whatever stage you're in, Listen Up!  The Ladies share some pretty funny stories of their dating life, chop it up on standards and why it's ok to have them and also give you the scoop on what you can do to make your preferences work for you! Enjoy and feel free to chime in with us with your thoughts!
September 22, 2019
Game Changers
Season 1, Ep. 1 Game Changers We’re Talking All Women, Young and Old, Making Moves and Standing Bold; The Golden Rule- Stay in Your Lane, These Women know how to Change the Game! On Episode 1, We dive into the ground breaking history of Women today who are Changing the Game! These Women are artists who have discovered that being unique and authentic is the magic touch in the Music world. We take a look at their journey and discuss how they have influenced our lives. You’ll learn a little bit about yourself through them and  what makes you a Game Changer as well. Enjoy! Be sure to Like|Comment|Share! Tell a friend & Tell us about your favorite parts!
September 15, 2019
The Lull Pilot
Ms. J and Vivian Page have launched The Lull. This partnership is sure to infect your soul with good memories, relate-able content all hinged on GREAT music.  The Pilot: This episode Ms. J and Vivian P share the 411 on why, what and how they are taking over your Sundays. They chat about their playlists, musical influences and their fondest memories.  Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments about the topic discussed. Like, what is your music library made up of? Or what is your best memory involving music? We would love to hear from you! Tell a friend about The Lull Podcast Season 1, Sundays at 7:30 PM!
September 8, 2019
The Awkward Beep
Joined with Drew Prince, the musically inclined beat maker, music teacher and saxophonist; we discuss the inner makings of who is he becoming.  His recently released project Awkward Beep, he is taking #cltmusicscene by the horns. This gent is packed with a visionary mindset, an incredible helping hand and a passion for the culture.  Debuting a West-Side initiative called Create with Heart. A 4-6 week program dedicated to uplifting our youth through music and skill sets for life. Follow Drew Prince on ALL Social Media Platforms: @DPMCREATES Direct Message him or contact him by email to get involved with his non-profit or to get that music magic.
September 3, 2019
Flawed With Juice
Joined with Flaw Lifestyle Owner Glory we chat about EVERYTHING. From building his brand in college, navigating a introverted lifestyle plus we share life lessons of a 20-something year old. Plus, we brought back with Truth or Dare!! Be sure to follow our featured guest on Instagram, Facebook, etc at Flaw Lifestyle.
August 27, 2019
Glowing and Growing with Brianna Clark
Episode #4 dedicated to #minoritymentalhealthmonth we wrap up our series with the founder of Glow Candle Bar, Brianna Clark. Her journey as a business, woman began during a dark time. Given this idea to handcraft healing candles as therapy birthed a new passion. Almost 2 years later and one mental health event later, she's been spreading her wings and sharing her journey.  We discussed re-birthing your true identity, holding yourself accountable and lending a hand to others in the struggle.  The importance of this series is to raise awareness of minorities struggling with mental health, combat stereotypes and show victory within our community.  If you haven't, be sure to check out the 4-part series. Find Glow Candle Bar on IG, FB and their website  Like|Comment|Share
July 30, 2019
Do The Work with Chevy
Episode #3 dedicated to Minority Mental Health Month I sat down with Chevy of Soul Marmalade. Chevy is a Reiki practitioner, healer and overcomer. Following the #2 episode I wanted to speak with someone who has been on both sides of healing and had a southern upbringing. Chevy shared a traumatic experience that led to her owning her gifts. She also gives me a message from a relative.  #Like|#Follow|#Share Be sure to follow Chevy and purchase spiritual oils, plus book her for an appointment. You won't be disappointed. 
July 23, 2019
The Aftermath with Melody Gross
Episode #2 of our month long series dedicated to #nationalminoritymentalhealthmonth we had the privilege of chatting with Melody Gross. Melody wears many hats; from being a entrepreneur, blogger, domestic violence advocate and the greatest role of all, mother. Statistics shows that  more than four out of ten Black women experience physical violence from an intimate partner during their lifetimes. Melody and I are proof that this stat is harsh reality. On this episode we open up about our journey to overcoming the "aftermath" of those relationships. We discuss the turning point that made us save our lives.  Please get acquainted with Melody Gross:  Be sure to Like|Share|Comment To anyone going through domestic abuse, please reach out, seek help and remember you are worth so much more than pain. I love you. I'm here if you need me, truly. #CommunityTuesday #awareness #domesticviolence #podcast #blackpodcast #ensoulmedia
July 16, 2019
I Forgive Me w/ Vivian Page
Kicking off our special series dedicated to Minority Mental Health Month, Ms. J sat down with the always inspiring Vivian Page! In 2017 Vivian released I Forgive You, a real book about her childhood trauma and upbringing. While she continues to build her life and brand, we touched on forgiving ourselves. With pride to the side Ms. J talks about times before she reclaimed her life. This episode is intimate and open dialogue.  Find Out More About Vivian Page Here: Purchase Book Here:  Instagram: @love_y_vida Facebook: Vivian Page Be Sure To Like|Comment|Share on your social channels
July 9, 2019
Therapy Is Lit With Shayla!
Episode #2 dedicated to Minority Mental Health Month, I was joined with Shayla St. James a licensed therapist who takes a holistic approach. We discussed common myths, stereotypes, and of course The S&L Lounges upcoming event Fight The Stigma Conference. In so many ways, therapy is lit....especially with Shayla St. James Make sure to like, share and comment!
July 2, 2019
Instant Gratification w/ Levi DaRosa
This week we sat down with Charlotte's songbird, Levi DaRosa. The almost #CLT native is woman of the arts. She has been tapping into her inner creative by unleashing sultry R&B ballads. Currently pushing her release of Constituency, Levi shared why you should be a fan. We chatted about relationships (good and bad), why petite women should have a say so in the #bodypositive movement and how motherhood has kept her in check. Be sure to follow Levi on her social media: IG:  FB:  Reverb:  Don't forget to leave your feedback on this episode. Like|Comment|Share
June 25, 2019
You Knew Me In Off Season w/ Billie Leigh
Ms. J sat down with Billie Leigh, a sultry soul singer, who is making strides to capture her dreams. We discussed her upbringing, life altering challenges, motherhood and her single Jimmy Had A Gun. As 2 plus size women in the media industry we shared feelings of how we push forward even while feeling insecure. Through childhood trauma, motherhood and relentless focus, we get to know Billie Leigh! You can listen to Billie Leigh Music here:   Or Follow her on Social Media: @billieleighmusic Be Sure to Like|Share|Comment on this episode of Community Tuesday!
June 18, 2019
Only Operating Authentic w/ Janae E.
How do you move on after your plan doesn't work? Joined with Janae Edmonds of HerPower Tv, we discussed how we moved on after our plans, failed.  As media sisters we share our personal dilemmas and the tricky-situations you go through with your brands and how your own insecurities can lend a hand in your success or failure.  Be sure to follow Janae on all social media : @herpowertv
June 11, 2019
Raise The Bar
This week on Community Tuesdays we feature New Jersey's own Conscious Rap aka Cr! He released his new album, "Love, Peace & Beatz" in the beginning of the year and of course we invited him to sit down and discuss. We take a look at how he has evolved as an artist, a person and becoming the mogul he is destined to be. Initially we discussed highlighting his album but this interview truly shed light on who exactly CR is! From overcoming hard times as a Haitian 1st gen, to understanding mental health. This episode touches on the different layers black and brown bodied men struggles with. Conscious Rap album, "Love, Peace and Beatz" is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal! Support this brotha!!
March 19, 2019
Money Moves
 Brittany Miller of the Brittany Miller Brand chatted with us about building her empire. For all of those who are juggling work, responsibilities(children, home and etc) you don't want to miss this! She shares how she made lemonade out of lemons. As a serial entrepreneur, empower er and community advocate, this interview will show why she is a woman of many hats and creativity. Be sure to like, share and comment. Find Brittany Here: 
March 5, 2019
The Myeisha Hamilton
As a Charlotte Native, Myeisha Hamilton is showing why it's nicknamed the Queen city. Myeisha's demeanor is classy, sincere and inspiring. She created her self titled brand to be dedication to heart talk, encouragement and so much more. We speak deeply about mistakes, corrections, love and family. Know Myeisha Hamilton behind the brand!
January 15, 2019
Queens Strategy
As the first episode of 2019, this episode of Community Tuesdays is brought to you by Bizness Babe Army's founder Natalie Rochelle. She is a fierce business woman, The Brown-Girl CEO to be exact. She brings village mentality to a highly competitive world of femininity and business. We talk about how to maximize your time, purpose and strategy. Click play to hear how to start 2019 on the right foot!
January 1, 2019
Holiday Blues
This weeks Community Tuesday feature is coming from H-Town! Stephanie Davis is a therapist, author, advocate and sooo much more. She takes her role as an healer to the community, helping teens and families to get the reconciliation they deserve. This week we focused on those "Holiday/Winter" Blues and when it shifts to Seasonal Depression. Hit The Link In The Bio to Listen💖 #ensoulmedia
November 27, 2018
VIP Chats with Courtney Larisa
Courtney is currently on the OWN networks newest reality series and hit show, Ready to Love. Ready To Love explores the real-life dating interactions of sexy, successful and grown black men and women in their 30s and 40s who are each looking for lasting love and an authentic relationship. We had a great conversation about searching for love and her philanthropy work in the Atlanta area. You can catch the show every Saturday night on OWN at 10|9c.
November 20, 2018
The Future Is Female
Community Tuesday's features Anslei Foster. Anslei is challenging gender & race stereotypes by pursuing her doctorate, her passion for science while juggling her photography business Iconic Visuals Studios. She tells us why STEM should be known in the black community.
November 6, 2018
Empowered By Her
Community Tuesday's features HerPower TV. A media brand dedicated to empowering #mompreneurs and lady bosses. Created and founded by Janae Edmonds, she gives us the process of tangling with the trails of becoming your own mom-boss. Like|Share| Comment
October 23, 2018