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The EOSHD Podcast

The EOSHD Podcast

By Andrew Reid
Filmmaking, camera gear and artistic discussions with creative people
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The EOSHD Podcast - Episode 2 - Jeff Gibbs, Director - Michael Moore's Planet Of The Humans

The EOSHD Podcast

The EOSHD Podcast - Episode 2 - Jeff Gibbs, Director - Michael Moore's Planet Of The Humans
In Episode 2 I talk to Michael Moore's producer Jeff Gibbs. His latest film ("Michael Moore's Planet Of The Humans") explores a big corporate co-opt of the green-energy industry around the world. Can the technology of an industrialised civilisation REALLY save us from industrialised civilisation itself? Jeff's other work with Michael Moore includes Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling For Columbine, and he started working on this latest film a very long time ago. The natural world and environment is Jeff's life-long passion. In this movie and in our conversation, you will discover an even more inconvenient truth about climate change (and the incessant mining of the planet) without any conspiracies or baseless subliminal attacks on clean energy - because this film is extremely well researched and planted in reality. Although a lot of the thinking behind our move to renewable energy and cleaner technology is well intended, the existing fossil fuel industry is steadfast behind the scenes and more damaging than ever.
February 3, 2021
The EOSHD Podcast - Episode 1 - British filmmaker J.G Harding
In the first episode of The EOSHD Podcast I speak to filmmaker, writer and musician J.G Harding. A friend and longtime EOSHD reader, J.G has been working on some interesting projects and we discuss the latest filmmaking trends, cameras and EOSHD-related topics in a long rambling chat. So get a cup of tea or a coffee as we dive deep into conversation street.
November 9, 2020