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Erratic Dispatches

Erratic Dispatches

By Outre Tomes, Inc.
Erratic Dispatches was a podcast hosted by Eric Morris Eskenazi from 2020 to 2022 which featured interviews with actors, artists, comedians, journalists, photographers, poets, public speakers and writers discussing their current and upcoming projects.

Since this podcast is no longer being produced, all episodes are now archived on for the public's listening pleasure and reference.

All Erratic Dispatches podcast episodes are the copyright of Outre Tomes, Inc., a division of Brooklyn Digital Media, Inc.
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Interview with Cathy Nesbitt: Entrepreneur of Vermicomposting, Laughter Yoga and Sprouts
Cathy Nesbitt has been running Cathy's Crawly Composters for twenty years in Canada. Her worm farming business focuses on the importance of vermicomposting for food waste with the use of Red Wrigglers. In addition, Cathy runs laughter yoga and sprouts businesses. During this podcast episode, Cathy discusses her fascinating journey of becoming an entrepreneur, educating students and other business owners about the importance of vermicomposting, spreading laughter to everybody and eating more healthy with sprouts. Check out Cathy's Crawly Composters: Get involved with Cathy's Laughter Yoga: Purchase Cathy's Sprouters here: Be sure to visit Cathy's YouTube Channel: Watch Squirm - The Cathy's Crawly Composters Story:
June 19, 2022
Interview with James Noll: Horror Author, Recording Artist, Audiobook Producer and English Teacher
James Noll is a prolific author of six novels, two short story anthologies, an illustrated hybrid monster coffee-table book, and one piece of non-fiction. In addition, he is an audiobook producer, podcast editor, recording artist and an English teacher. During this podcast interview, James discusses his early beginnings as a writer and fan of the horror genre, forays into filmmaking and upcoming events and projects. Check out Silverhammer Studios' website: Be sure to visit James' Instagram: Follow Silverhammer Studios' Facebook Page Purchase books by James on Amazon:
June 11, 2022
Interview with Sally Brown: Feminist Artist, Writer and Curator
Sally Brown is a Feminist Artist, Writer and Curator who has a very prolific career as an illustrator, painter, lecturer and academic. She has been collaborating, modeling, designing fashion and producing public art for two decades now. During this podcast episode, Sally talks about her inspirations and technique for focusing on femininity and the body with her vast knowledge of trailblazing women artists throughout history.  Be sure to stop on by Sally's official website: Purchase Leaves of Absence: An Illustrated Guide to Common Garden Affection from Amazon: Purchase Intimates and Fools from Amazon: Check out Sally's YouTube Channel: See Sally's artwork on her Instagram: Follow Sally on Facebook: Visit Sally's Twitter:
June 11, 2022
Interview with Carlos Walker: Artist of Race Reversal Paintings and Inspirational Activist of Prison Reform
Carlos Walker is a return guest to the Erratic Dispatches podcast after having been first interviewed in 2020. He published a collection of his race reversal paintings in a book titled What If: A Historical Fiction Novel. Carlos has had his paintings exhibited in many galleries and profiled in publications, and he has conducted speaking engagements at universities about his work. During this podcast episode, Carlos further discusses his artwork, the importance of putting yourself in other people's shoes to gain perspective and sympathy, reaching a wider audience and inspiring others after serving time in prison to become a powerful visual chronicler of racism that African Americans experience every day in America. Purchase What If: A Historical Fiction Novel from Amazon: Check out Carlos's Instagram: Read an interview with Carlos from Mogul magazine
June 04, 2022
Interview with Chris Regan: Author, Filmmaker and Screenwriter of the Horror Genre
Chris Regan is a very prolific author, filmmaker and screenwriter of the horror genre who is based in England. Paintball Massacre, a film based on his script, is currently streaming on Tubi. During this podcast episode, Chris discusses his love for horror, what inspires his writing, working on various series and his upcoming projects.  Be sure to visit Chris's IMDb profile: Check out Chris's Author Page and purchase his books on Amazon:
June 04, 2022
Interview with Harker Jones: Author, Critic and Screenwriter
Los Angeles-based Harker Jones is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Until September, screenwriter of the award-winning short films, Cole & Colette and One-Hit Wonder and a member of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle. During this podcast episode, Harker discusses the beginning of his literary and film inspirations while growing up in rural Michigan, previous experience working as a Managing Editor for Out magazine and his upcoming projects.  Purchase Until September from Amazon: Visit Until September's Facebook page: Check out Harker's Instagram: Seek Harker's Author's Page on Amazon: Drop on by to Harker's Goodreads Author Page: Watch the short film, Cole & Colette, on YouTube:
May 29, 2022
Interview with J.R. McNair: Entrepreneur, International Speaker and Startup Expert
J.R. McNair is based on Atlanta, where he has been starting successful and financially sustainable businesses since age 10. He founded both The Velocity Accelerator and the Georgia Crowdfund, Inc. J.R. is not only an entrepreneur, but has coached thousands of businesses through conventions, seminars and workshops. During this podcast episode, J.R. not only shares his business ventures, but history of being involved in the sports and the music industries. His mastery of communication and of sharing valuable lessons will prove highly inspirational to all novice and veteran entrepreneurs.  Check out J.R.'s official website: Friend J.R. on Facebook: Explore J.R.'s Instagram: Be sure to follow J.R. on Twitter: Check out The Velocity Company's Website: Follow the Small Business Magazine on Instagram: Learn more about the Small Business Magazine on Facebook:
January 30, 2022
Interview with Erez Agam: Author of Berlin's Immigration Secrets
Erez Agam moved to Berlin in 2016 after having grown up in Israel. He has documented the challenges and triumphs of the immigration process in his book, Berlin's Immigration Secrets. During this podcast episode, Erez discusses the advantages of moving to a progressive city in Germany and the freedom it entails. His book is a must read for anybody considering moving to a country that is very welcoming to immigrants from all across the globe. Check out Erez's Facebook Page for Berlin Guide: Be sure to leave a review for Berlin's Immigration Secrets on Goodreads:
January 20, 2022
Interview with David Bossert: Animator, Author and Disney Historian
David Bossert has had a very fortunate and amazing career working in such roles as an animator, author, Disney historian, effects animator and special effects animator. He started working at Walt Disney Animation Studios during the 1980s and ended up contributing his animation skills on classics like The Little Mermaid, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Lion King. In addition, David is the author of many educational and historical books related to Disney. These books profile visionaries such as Claude Coats, Salvador Dali, Roy E. Disney and Kem Weber. His latest book, Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer—The Making of Disneyland: From Toad Hall to the Haunted Mansion and Beyond, is out now through The Old Mill Press. Be sure to checkout David' official website in which you can purchase his books, read a wide range of fascinating articles and watch the series of DocuMinute videos:
January 18, 2022
Interview with Debra S. Yates: Author of Woman of Many Names
Debra S. Yates has written a beautiful portrait of her seventh-great-grandmother and a key figure in the history of the Cherokee Nation. Woman of Many Names chronicles Nancy Ward aka Nanyehi, whose immortalization in books, historical sites and stage productions continues to this very day. Debra's book should be mandatory reading in all history classrooms across the United States and every child should be more familiar with the strength and majesty of Nancy Ward. During this podcast episode, Debra discusses digging deep into family history with researching about the legend of Nanyehi and sharing the importance of Native American history to future generations.  Order Woman of Many Names from Amazon: Check out the Facebook page for Woman of Many Names:
December 05, 2021
Interview with Kristen Schalk: Actor, Choreographer, Dancer and Singer
Kristen Schalk is a Los Angeles-based actor, choreographer, dancer and singer. She has appeared in many music videos and live performances showcasing her work. Kristen is very passionate about the artform of dance and loves to teach others with her classes. Her multi-talents are always growing and will be interesting to see flourish in the future. Check out Kristen's official website: Watch Kristen's Tik Tok: Be sure to follow her on Twitter: Watch Kristen's videos on her YouTube Channel: Sign-up for Kristen's dance classes here: Follow her on Instagram:
November 21, 2021
Interview with Helen Zuman, Author of Mating in Captivity
Helen Zuman is a Harvard graduate who spent a period in her twenties at Zendik Farm, a community that she found out later on was a cult. Her book, Mating in Captivity, chronicles her time spent at Zendik Farm, associating with other like-minded individuals who didn't want to be a part of mainstream society and the control that was put on them by the hierarchy on the farm. Helen has written a fascinating and vivid account of alternate living, youth idealism, sexual awakening and maturing from experience.  Check out Helen's official website: Purchase Mating in Captivity: Read Helen's article, Fifty Shades of Community, on the Foundation for Intentional Community's website:
November 21, 2021
Interview with Natalie Duque: Folk Singer and Songwriter
Natalie Duque is a Los Angeles-based folk singer and songwriter who has several EPs and singles out now on all major music streaming platforms. Her latest single, Gemini, features the song Know Me Better, which has a beautiful music video. Natalie is a true independent music artist who writes very haunting and emotional songs which have featured in films. During this podcast episode, Natalie discusses her background, songcraft, working with producers and upcoming live dates.  Check out Natalie's official website: Be sure to follow Natalie on Instagram: Watch Natalie's music videos on her YouTube Channel:
September 02, 2021
Interview with John Baltisberger: Splatterpunk Author, Kaiju Poet and Publisher of Jewish Horror and Bizarro Fiction
Austin, Texas-based John Baltisberger is the founder of Madness Heart Press. He is a very prolific author and poet of many short stories and books dealing with extreme horror and fantasy. He incorporates many elements of mysticism, splatter and Jewish elements in his ever-growing collection of published works. During this podcast episode, John discusses his literary inspirations, passion for incorporating Jewish myths and folklore, and what it's like being a speculative independent publisher. Check out John's official website: Purchase John's books from Madness Heart Press: Be sure to follow John on Instagram:
August 31, 2021
Interview with Zach Beach: Yogi, Author, Poet and Love Coach
Zach Beach has been a devoted practitioner and instructor of yoga in California's Bay Area for over a decade. He is also a published poet and author of two books, 108 Savasana Poems and The Seven Lessons of Love. Zach coaches people from all over the world about the value of love. His Learn to Love podcast showcases his gift and passion for engaging in enlightening conversations with writers, doctors and spiritual leaders on the importance and value of intimacy, love, relationships and sex. Zach also heads The Heart Center in which he offers consultations to those who are serious about expanding their knowledge and philosophy of love. Check out Zach's official website: Be sure to get involved with The Heart Center: Watch Zach's yoga and poetry videos here:
August 22, 2021
Interview with Frankie Raye: Singer and Songwriter
Frankie Raye is a Florida-based singer and songwriter who is currently working on a new album. Her prolific career as a live performer has generated an international fanbase and concerts at such venues as the House of Blues. Frankie writes songs that are very heartfelt and touch on topical issues. She has a great love and appreciation for the singer songwriters she grew up listening to as a child and teenager. Both of her albums, Brave and A Thing or Two About a Dream are widely available to stream on all major platforms and on CD for purchase from her website. Check out Frankie's official website: Follow Frankie's Instagram: Watch Frankie's videos on her YouTube Channel:
August 15, 2021
Interview with Mercedes Killeen: Blogger, Poet and Mental Health Advocate
Mercedes Killeen has published two books of her poetry through Grey Borders Books, and is an accomplished blogger and writer who has advocated for the importance of mental health through both the creative and financial sector. Her poetry books, Tulips and Using a spoon as a knife, are very harrowing and vivid accounts of surviving mental illness. Mercedes has also written articles about financial wellness, and advice for freelancers and self-publishers. Check out Mercedes' official website to purchase her poetry books and read samples of her writing:
August 01, 2021
Interview with R. Scott Edwards: Author, Founder of the Laughs Unlimited Comedy Clubs, Podcaster and Serial Entrepreneur
R. Scott Edwards founded the Sacramento-based Laughs Unlimited comedy clubs in 1980 which spawned three separate locations featuring upcoming and veterans of standup comedy. He has been starting businesses in California and Hawaii since he was seventeen years old. During this podcast episode, Scott shares hilarious stories of interacting with famous personalities from the comedy world and his passion for being a seasoned entrepreneur in many industries. In addition, Scott discusses the books he's written and the weekly comedy podcast he regularly hosts. Check out Scott's website for Standup Comedy "Your Host and MC": Listen to Scott's podcast from Standup Comedy "Your Host and MC":
July 25, 2021
Interview with Kym Jackson, author of The Hollywood Survival Guide for Actors and Founder of The Secret Actor Society
Kym Jackson is a professional thespian and acting coach who written an invaluable textbook for anybody navigating through the waters of Hollywood and the entertainment industry. She also offers essential education to actors with her online videos and workshops. Kym was kind enough to offer a special 2 months free discount code for - it's Brooklyn60. In addition, she is offering two free copies of her book to listeners to the Erratic Dispatches podcast.  Be sure to download the official Secret Actor Society iOS app: Check out Kym's amazing credentials from her IMDb profile:
July 11, 2021
Interview with Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley, author of Am I Famous Yet? – Memoir of a Working-Class Rock Star
Ivan "Funkboy" Bodley is a professional and versatile bassist who performs with some of the classiest and famous legends of the music industry. He has recently published his very down-to-earth and entertaining memoir, Am I Famous Yet? – Memoir of a Working-Class Rock Star. During this podcast episode, Ivan discusses his beginnings as a musician, and working as a session player and music director for many of the top singers and bands. His memoir is full of antidotes about what it's like to play not only in the biggest venues of the world, but also showcasing wonderful music for all occasions and social functions. Check Ivan's official website and be sure to purchase a copy of Am I Famous Yet? – Memoir of a Working-Class Rock Star:
June 19, 2021
Interview with Kira Leigh: Author of Constelis Voss Vol. 1: Colour Theory
Kira Leigh is both an amazing visual artist and author of queer science fiction based in Providence, Rhode Island. They have a new book out called Constelis Voss Vol. 1: Colour Theory, which is the first part of a trilogy. During this podcast episode, Kira discusses the inspirations for writing the trilogy and creating vivid LGBTQ+ characters.  Buy Constelis Voss Vol. 1: Colour Theory on Amazon: Check out Kira's official website: Read Kira's blog: See Kira's visual artwork on TikTok: See more of Kira's artwork on Instagram: Be sure to follow Kira on Twitter:
June 02, 2021
Follow-up Interview with Scott Milne, discussing updates on how businesses can effectively prevent COVID-19
Scott Milne, Founder of the Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group, previously appeared as a guest on the Erratic Dispatches podcast in October 2020. He has generously returned to give updates on how businesses in many industries should invest in the right technology so that their customers and clients will feel safer. Scott is the author of an essential book on implementing crucial measures to fight off COVID-19 in homes and businesses titled Win The War On COVID-19: Virus Defense Strategies for Home and Business.  Purchase Win The War On COVID-19: Virus Defense Strategies for Home and Business: Check out COVID-19 fighting products at the Virus Depot: Here's Scott's business website for the Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group: For fellow travelers, be sure to learn more about the benefits of the Elite Room: Check the YouTube Channel of The Conservation Tech:
May 07, 2021
Interview with Tamara Sellman: author of the poetry collection, Intention Tremor
Tamara Sellman has a very impressive career as both a writer of journalism, creative writing and poetry; and working in sleep health. Her collection of poetry out now through MoonPath Press, details what it's like living with MS. During this special podcast episode for National Poetry Month, Tamara discusses a wide range of fascinating subjects covering her education, publication history, deep interest in health and maintaining a productive schedule while coping with MS. Intention Tremor will inspire everyone who is part of the MS community or has a loved one struggling with health issues.  Purchase Intention Tremor directly from Tamara's website: Learn more about the MS organization, Accelerated Cure Project: Be sure to follow Tamara on Twitter: Check out Tamara's Instagram: Learn more about Tamara's upcoming literary events:
April 15, 2021
Interview with Composer, Podcaster, Producer, Songwriter and Performer: Santiago Ramones
Santiago Ramones is an Oklahoma-based composer, podcaster, producer, songwriter and performer who has mastered music composition and is equally passionate about discussing his craft and inspirations. He hosts a podcast called Bit Depth in which he probes deeply with fellow musicians and artists to discuss topics including spirituality and musical techniques. Santiago's debut album, Bloom, is available now on all major streaming services and he is currently working on its follow up.  Check out Santiago's official website:  Follow Santiago's Instagram:  Listen to Santiago's Bit Depth podcast:
April 07, 2021
Interview with David Paris: Author, Dancer, Educator and Survivor of COVID-19
David Paris has a very impressive background in academia, dance and having written many books for middle school students For this podcast episode, David discusses his professions, experience being treated for COVID-19 in 2020 and what it's like being a survivor. His harrowing book, A COVID Story, is available now and is recommended reading for everyone! Purchase A COVID Story through the link below: Check out David's other books through his official website: Learn more about David's dance company: Be sure to watch Paradizo Dance Company's videos on their YouTube Channel:
April 07, 2021
Interview with Comedian, Podcaster and Video Artist: David Feinberg
Philadelphia-based David Feinberg does Stand Up comedy, co-hosts the So Tell Us podcast and creates unique video projects with the Feinberg Experimental Light Project. During this podcast episode he discusses creative inspirations, his hopes for the arts post-COVID, and the many facets of working within multimedia and live performance. David has been doing comedy since his teens and loves to explore the distinct elements of the craft either through improvisation and/or solo work. Check out David's videos on his Instagram: Listen to the So Tell Us podcast: Explore the Feinberg Experimental Light Project: David has requested listeners for this podcast episode to please support Trans youth organizations:
April 05, 2021
Interview with Composer, Musician, Producer and Sound Designer: Mike Hall
Mike Hall has over twenty-five years' professional experience working in the film and music industry as a composer, engineer, producer and sound designer. He hails from Iowa and has been working on many audio books, documentaries, feature films and video games projects. During this podcast interview, Mike discusses his background collaborating with bands and filmmakers to contribute immersive soundscapes; and his passion for being an artist. Stream Mike's soundtrack music on SoundCloud: Check out Mike's IMDb profile: Be sure to follow Mike on Twitter:
March 24, 2021
Interview with Grungesploitation Filmmaker and Host of the 2-Bit Horror Podcast, Kelly Hughes
Kelly Hughes has been making exceptionally entertaining indie films and documentaries in his native Pacific Northwest for three decades. He also hosts the 2-Bit Horror Podcast in which he interviews film industry veterans. During this sprawling podcast episode, Kelly discusses his inspirations, learning his craft within public access television, working with both professionals and non-professionals; and spawning his own Grungesploitation genre of hilariously perverse, cult classics. Check out Kelly's official website: Warch the documentary, Hush...Hush, Nellie Oleson!
March 22, 2021
Interview with Bunye Ngene, author of The Bodies That Move
Bunye Ngene is an author originally from Nigeria, who has lived in Munich, Germany since 2010. His debut novel, The Bodies That Move, details the turbulent journey of Nosa, who migrates to Europe through dangerous conditions. Bunye discusses his literary inspirations and research he conducted based on the very topical issue of immigrants being smuggled across terrains and dealing with surviving their ordeal through any means necessary.  Check out Bunye's Goodreads profile: Purchase The Bodies That Move here: Explore Bunye's Instagram:
March 12, 2021
Interview with world-class photographers, Arnold "Arnie" Zann and Margo Taussig Pinkerton
Arnold "Arnie" Zann and Margo Taussig Pinkerton have had their professional photography exhibited in major galleries, museums and publications. They discuss the collaborative book, New Orleans, and their love for this unique city and visually interpreting its culture. In addition, Arnie and Margo talk about traveling in Cuba and sharing their passion for photography through the Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures' workshops. Check out Arnie and Margo's Official Website: Purchase New Orleans through the link below: Explore the Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures: Keep informed on Arnie and Margo's upcoming workshops:
February 11, 2021
Interview with Andrew Shanahan, author of Before and After
London-based author, Andrew Shanahan, discusses his brilliant dystopian fiction novel, Before and After, featuring an isolated protagonist and his dog with an eerie premise that written a year before COVID-19. Andrew is also the founder of the organization, MAN V FAT, and shares how his own personal life experiences and journalism career has spawned his imagination and inspired him to help other men struggling with weight problems.  Check out Andrew's official website: Order Before and After now from Andrew's Amazon page: Listen to Andrew read from the first chapter of Before and After on SoundCloud: Follow Andrew on Twitter: Learn more about MAN V FAT:
October 23, 2020
Interview with Scott Milne, author of Win The War On COVID-19: Virus Defense Strategies for Home and Business
Scott Milne discusses his professional career as the founder of Rocky Mountain Efficiency and now the author of an essential book on implementing crucial measures to fight off COVID-19 in homes and businesses titled Win The War On COVID-19: Virus Defense Strategies for Home and Business. Scott also has a website to purchase devices to protect against COVID-19 called the Virus Depot. Purchase Win The War On COVID-19: Virus Defense Strategies for Home and Business on Amazon: Check out COVID-19 fighting products at the Virus Depot:
October 16, 2020
Interview with Datta Groover, author of Different
Colorado-based writer, Datta Groover, is the author of the multi award-winning novel called Different. This touching story about a family in Oregon dealing with both domestic and external conflicts is a wonderful debut. Datta discusses his professional background as an inspirational public speaker and the joys of being a successful writer. Check out Datta's official website: Purchase Different from Amazon:
October 16, 2020
Interview with Angel B. Jimenez, author of Age of the Kings
Teenage author, Angel B. Jimenez, recently published the first part of a series of fantasy novels called Age of the Kings, out now through Newman Springs Publishing.  He discusses his literary inspirations and plans to become a full-time writer. Angel also hosts a podcast called The Athenaeum. Check out Angel's official website: Purchase Age of the Kings from Amazon: Listen to Angel's The Athenaeum podcast:
October 16, 2020
Interview with Ja'Quintin Means, author of Willie
Ja'Quintin Means is the author of a new historical fiction novel about life on a plantation in Arkansas. Willie features conflicted and passionate characters who battle the master of the slaves and those who plot to escape the clutches of human cruelty. Ja'Quintin plans to further expand the story as a trilogy soon. In addition, Ja'Quintin is a noted poet and lecturer of symbols and alchemy. Check out Ja'Quintin's official website below: Purchase Willie and Thoughts Of A Prince from Ja'Quintin's Amazon Author Page:
September 17, 2020
Interview with Maggie Dwyer, author of What The Living Do
Canadian writer, Maggie Dwyer, is the author of the novel, What The Living Do, which covers the murder of a young woman whose adoptive family is Jewish and biological family is from the Cree tribe.      For this podcast episode, Maggie discusses the research done for the novel, Canada's vibrant creative communities and the inspiration for her previously published work, Misplaced Love: Short Stories. Check out Maggie's official website below: Purchase What The Living Do and Misplaced Love: Short Stories from Amazon:
September 11, 2020
Interview with Richard Kiers, Author of Swindled by Faith
Richard Kiers' book, Swindled by Faith, details growing up as a member of the cult, The Move, and escaping it as a teenager. He discusses being subjected to and witnessing various forms of abuse within the cult; and eventually moving on to become a prolific writer of many genres. In addition, Richard has been profiled in the Discovery documentary, The Movement of God, which features interviews with former members of The Move. Purchase Richard's book, Swindled by Faith, on Amazon: Watch The Movement of God documentary on YouTube:
August 17, 2020
Interview with Brenden Kumarasamy, Communication Expert and Founder of MasterTalk
Brenden Kumarasamy discusses his inspirations and passion for sharing the technique of mastering public speaking to everyone. He has produced hundreds of speeches to corporations, nonprofits, startups and universities. In addition, Brenden has couched business owners and individuals to strengthen their oratory skills and make their methods of communication effective and interesting. Check out Brenden's MasterTalk website: Watch the MasterTalk Official YouTube Channel: Follow Brenden's Instagram:
August 13, 2020
Interview with Jan McInnis, Corporate Comedian, Keynote Speaker, Author and Podcaster
Jan McInnis is a unique comedian who uses clean humor to showcase the power of comedy in the workplace by speaking at company events throughout the United States. She has written books on her experiences as a stand-up comedian and how the corporate world should adapt to using humor to elevate their employees quality of life. Check out Jan's official website: Watch Jan's videos on her YouTube Channel: Purchase Jan's books below:
August 07, 2020
Interview with Paz Ellis, author of Plantains And The Seven Plagues
Paz Ellis is the author of a very touching memoir about her family called Plantains And The Seven Plagues. She discusses growing up with a Cuban father and Dominican mother, cultural differences, conflicts with obtaining an American identity and her writing career.  Check out Paz's official website: Purchase Plantains And The Seven Plagues below: Here's Paz's Amazon Author Page:
July 27, 2020
Interview with Nir Bashan, author of The Creator Mindset
Nir Bashan discusses his book, The Creator Mindset, which is out on August 4 through McGraw-Hill Education; and background of consulting brands, celebrities and entrepreneurs. He has previously worked in both the film and music industries, which has strengthened his outlook on providing brilliant steps for creatives to succeed in the business world. Check out Nir's official website: Here's Nir's YouTube Channel: Purchase The Creator Mindset below:
July 24, 2020
Interview with Caleb Harris, author of Suffering in Silence: August 15th, 2003
Caleb Harris is an emerging writer from Connecticut and author of the harrowing new novel, Suffering in Silence: August 15th, 2003. He discusses the inspirations behind the book and topical essays from his blog, Unpopular opinions.  Below is Caleb's Linktree: Definitely read Caleb's blog entries: Purchase Suffering in Silence: August 15th, 2003 through Amazon: Here's Caleb's Amazon profile: Watch the Help Us documentary on YouTube:
July 20, 2020
Interview with Jonesy, Comedian and Podcaster of Weird AF News and Free Your F'N' Mind
Jonesy is a very unique and hilarious comedian who hosts several podcasts including Weird AF News and Free Your F'N' Mind. He also appears in many videos displaying his satiric skill of sharing bizarre stories from America and beyond. For this podcast, Jonesy discusses a wide range of topics including his former time on the East Coast, relocating to Los Angeles and his love for the very genuinely weird. Check out Jonesy's Official Website below: Definitely head over to Weird AF News for the latest podcast episodes: Here's Weird AF News' YouTube Page: Jonesy's YouTube Channel of Videos: Don't forget to listen to Jonesy's Free Your F'N' Mind Podcast:
July 15, 2020
Interview with Pamela Enz and Alexandra Guerineaud discussing their upcoming film project, Airtime
Playwright/screenwriter/producer, Pamela Enz and actor/writer/producer, Alexandra Guerineaud, discuss their latest project in development, Airtime, an epic film spanning from 1968 to 1988. This film will take place in both France and the US; and it will cover many historical events such as The Paris Riots of 1968, The Trilateral Commission and The Tompkins Square Park Riot of 1988.  Check out the trailer from Frennemis Jurés (Sworn Frenemies) featuring Alexandra: Below is a trailer from Satin White, a project from Alexandra: Check out another project by Alexandra, After Laughter (Teaser) from the link below: Watch The Trouble with Alice (Teaser) below from Alexandra: Below is information about Pamela's play, Casablaca on the Hudson, which is the basis for Airtime: Here's a short clipping about Casablaca on the Hudson:
July 02, 2020
Interview with journalist/founder of the Center for Contemporary Political Art, Charles Krause, and artist/archivist/chronicler of the Lower East Side, Clayton Patterson
Washington D.C.-based, Charles Krause, and Clayton Patterson from the Lower East Side have a lengthy discussion about surviving Jonestown, Trump's dangerous narcissism, the upcoming election, the recent protests, political unrest, the Lower East Side, gentrification and much more. Check out Charles Krause's Center for Contemporary Political Art: Watch the Launch Event for the Center for Contemporary Political Art: Read an interview with Charles: To purchase Clayton: Godfather of Lower East Side Documentary: Check out Clayton's Etsy shop: Clayton's website: Read more about NO!art:
June 30, 2020
Interview with Pamela Enz, Julian Voloj, Clayton Patterson and Charles Krause discussing collaborations in theater, graphic novels and political art
This episode features brief appearances from playwright, Pamela Enz, and graphic novel author, Julian Voloj, before artist/archivist/chronicler of the Lower East Side, Clayton Patterson, and journalist/founder of the Center for Contemporary Political Art, Charles Krause, have a lengthy one-on-one discussion about the chaos of Trump's America.  To purchase Clayton: Godfather of Lower East Side Documentary: Check out Clayton's Etsy shop: Clayton's website: Read more about NO!art: Short clip of Pamela Enz interviewing Clayton about the Lower East Side: Read more about Julian Voloj: Check out Charles Krause's Center for Contemporary Political Art:
June 29, 2020
Interview with Carlos Walker, a self-taught artist whose exhibition of race reversal paintings at the Center for Contemporary Political Art is a must see
Carlos Walker discusses his exhibition of 48 race reversal paintings at the Center for Contemporary Political Art in Washington D.C., titled What If? The Prison Drawings of Carlos Walker, which is open to the public until Sunday, July 5. He also mentions artistic, historic and political influences for the paintings and his upcoming projects. In addition, Charles Krause, the Founder of the Center for Contemporary Political Art, is seeking donations to frame more of Carlos's paintings. So, please consider making a contribution at the link below: Check out more info about this exhibition: Carlos Walker's Instagram account features more of his work: Here's Carlos' Official Website:
June 26, 2020
Interview with Sarah Relyea, author of the powerful new novel, Playground Zero
Sarah Relyea discusses her novel recently published by She Writes Press called Playground Zero, growing up in California during the counterculture 1960s, her academic career and upcoming writing projects. Click below for Sarah's official website: Purchase Playground Zero from the link below: Check out the Virtual Book Tour for Playground Zero:
June 23, 2020
Interview with Carly Fisher, author of Easy Weekend Getaways in the Hudson Valley & Catskills: Short Breaks from New York City
Super prolific and immensely gifted writer, Carly Fisher, discusses her new travel book, enthusiasm for Upstate New York and cannabis culture. Click the link below to purchase Easy Weekend Getaways in the Hudson Valley & Catskills: Short Breaks from New York City: Be sure to check out Carly's published writings and essays from her website:
June 10, 2020
Interview with Ketriana Yvonne, author of poetry collection, Sequin Soul
Brooklyn poet and host of The Ketriana Yvonne Show, discusses literary influences, collaborating with BRIC Arts Media and reads from her latest poetry collection. Below is the link to purchase Sequin Soul through Balboa Press: Check out episodes of The Ketriana Yvonne Show through the YouTube link below:
May 29, 2020
Interview with Ellen Levitt, author of the Lost Synagogues of New York City
Ellen Levitt is the author of a trilogy of books covering the Lost Synagogues of New York City, Walking Manhattan and a prolific essay writer. Check out her Facebook page on the Lost Synagogues of New York City: Be sure to purchase her books from the links below including the upcoming Monologues From The Makom, Intertwined Narratives of Sexuality, Gender, Body Image, and Jewish Identity:
May 25, 2020
Interview with Leonard Feldman, writer of the play, Waiting For Irving.
Leonard Feldman is a writer from Brooklyn, NY, who had one of his plays, Waiting For Irving, adapted into the short film, Irving. During this podcast he discusses his career as a chiropractor and business owner, becoming a writer later on in life, literary inspirations and the success of his daughters, Rebecca and Liz, who both work in the entertainment industry. Below is the link to view the short film, Irving, on Vimeo:
May 21, 2020
Interview with author, John DeSimone, for his latest book, The Road to Delano
California-based author, John DeSimone, is the inaugural guest for the Erratic Dispatches podcast. His latest novel, The Road to Delano, is out now from Rare Bird Books. It explores the history of the Delano Grape Strike in 1968 with Cesar Chavez and dueling farmer families caught amongst the turmoil of the labor movement.  Check out the author's website at
April 22, 2020