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Essential Aromatica

Essential Aromatica

By Amy Anthony
Join certified aromatherapist and educator Amy Anthony to question and explore the world of aromatic plants and their preciously concentrated essences.

Whether you are new to Essential oils and Aromatherapy or well versed in the subject matter, Essential Aromatica is here to inspire, ask questions and touch upon topics ranging from safely working with essential oils to supporting the chakras through aromatherapy and much more.

Aromatherapy is much more than "essential oils." It may connect us with nature and remind us of our whole nature: mind, body, spirit.

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Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Jackie Kaplan of Nuda Botanica

Essential Aromatica

Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Jackie Kaplan of Nuda Botanica

Essential Aromatica

Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Jackie Kaplan of Nuda Botanica
This episode highlights Jackie Kaplan of Nuda Botanica. She is a tea blender, aromatherapist, Master in Food Culture & Communications, a meditation teacher-in-training...and much more!  Topics include being curious, knowing ingredients (What are you eating? What are you putting on your body?), "objectification of essential oils," blending (!) and trusting yourself. For me, our conversation reinforced how paying attention & stepping back gives us space to notice nuance, learn, receive and grow.  We get personal and share stories: sometimes all you need is your breath, awareness and a little Vetiver (Jackie) or Ginger (Amy) oil for grounding when you're feeling unsettled.  Get in-touch with Jackie and find out more about Nuda Botanica on the web and Instagram.
May 28, 2021
Luna Aroma: Showing Spirit with Play, Confidence & Chamomile
May is the month of the "Flower Moon," when "all plants display their spirit sides for all the world to see." This episode explores how spirit is bolstered by confidence and playfulness. German chamomile is a plant emblematic of this! Join me as I wax away and slip into the realms of an e.e.cummings poem: "I am too busy with my flowers to believe, the rain answered." Go ahead, make yourself a cup of chamomile tea and set a spell...
May 15, 2021
Spotlight on Aromatherapy in Practice with Candice Forness
Spend time with Candice Forness, a holistic healer from a lineage of healers, and Amy Anthony as they discuss the life-changing potential and depth of essential oils and aromatherapy. Candice’s versatile practice focuses on holding space, lifting people up and fortifying the mind-body connection through a multitude of healing arts. As she puts it, we can be Cerebral AND Organic at the same time. She shares how we can get on our own “Beauty Cloud” to meet ourselves again and be deeply inside ourselves. Things get deeper (!) when she shares how “the integrity of the molecule” reinforces HOW we treat ourselves, the Earth and others profoundly impacts…everything. Get in-touch with Candice and find out more about her at CANDICEFORNESS.COM
April 30, 2021
Luna Aroma: Cleansing & Lemongrass
The month of April sings songs of cleansing and growth; songs incorporating the wisdom of Grasses. This episode features the sunny & incredibly cleansing Lemongrass! Look forward to Grass-inspired thoughts about growth and cleansing with discernment. Of course I get into Saint George's soup! I forgot to mention the fresh, minced Ginger! OH MY! I wish you were there to smell the Lemongrass infusion AND the heaping tablespoons of fresh Ginger as it was being sautéed to bring out the aromatic components!!!!   Here are resources for making your own sugar scrub & fizzing bath bombs! Check out the monthly New Moon Aroma Salon for access to lunar inspiration.
April 16, 2021
No, There's Not "An Oil for That."
Happy April Fools! But there is no fooling around about the touchy subject of "there's and oil for that"! Join me as I scratch the surface of pondering the limitations of essential oils, where they do in fact shine and how essential oils and "consumption" don't go together very well. Tied into the aforementioned topic is soup making and the heart-breaking essential oil of the Neroli flower. 
April 2, 2021
Therapeutic Aromas and Oils that are Essential?!
Have you ever wondered why Aromatherapy is called, “Aromatherapy?” Is it curious to consider how an essential oil may not be “essential” to a plant and that it isn’t oily feeling? Is it possible essential oils have a lot more to communicate than odor alone? Join me during this episode to ponder the aforementioned topics and geek out over aromatics.  Pssst!!! Access the Guided Mediation and Free Intro Class mentioned in the episode! Note: Photo by @liam_dom
March 19, 2021
Luna Aroma: Sensuality & Spring
March is upon us and Spring is “champing at the bit.” Water, associated with intuition, is rising and running, the sap is flowing in the Maple trees. Birds are coming home and the soil slowly awakens. There may even be some eagerness in the air that goes along with “Spring Awakening”. Revel with me in Spring’s burgeoning flow by musing over March's lunar themes of sensuality, the languidness of Ylang ylang and tapping into those qualities by “living through the senses.”  Are you looking for more lunar inspiration? Read more about the New Moon Aroma Salon.
March 12, 2021
Accessible Aromatherapy
We encounter essential oils every day, from a cup of Coffee to Pine trees in your neighborhood to spices in soups! Possibilities abound for immersing yourself in ad-hoc, on-the-fly aromatherapy-like sessions such as making a soup with Bay Laurel, simmering Cardamom, Cinnamon and Star Anise in a pot or crushing Juniper berries with your fingers. Oh, and was Black Pepper really worth more than gold? Grab your Pepper grinder and join me for a spell... 
March 5, 2021
Welcome to Essential Aromatica
Greetings and welcome to Essential Aromatica, a podcast with Amy Anthony of NYC Aromatica about aromatherapy, essential oils and more. This introduction welcomes you to what is in-store: episodes on aromatic plants & their essential oils to the vast and sometimes controversial topics in and around aromatherapy.
March 3, 2021
Aromatic Root Chakra Rituals
Have you ever felt “out of sorts,” like you’re “living in your head,” ungrounded or tightly clenching to concepts, ideas or possessions? It may be a sign to start tending to the roots of your private garden, your root chakra. Aromatherapy and simple rituals may help support your base-energy, the root chakra. Tune in for inspiration and access the associated blog post for suggested rituals and essential oil blending ideas.
March 1, 2021