The Dolly Mama and the Millennials

Episode 1: Our Big Three (according to Josh)

An episode of The Dolly Mama and the Millennials

By The Dolly Mama - Esther Goetz
Welcome to this podcast! I am a mom of almost four millennials. I will be speaking with all of my adult children about life, parenting, God, and how all that jumbles together! Get a glimpse of life behind-the-scenes of our beautiful and messy journey together as parents and kids. Hear our secrets, struggles and successes! Find courage and hope along your own parenting journey. Whether you are just starting, in the middle of the mayhem, launching your young adults, or "been there and done that," this is for you!! WELCOME!
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Episode 2: Faith is a Journey, Not a Guilt Trip (Sarah's Take)
Sarah, our first-born, and a mom herself, tackles the tough question about how our faith journey both harmed and helped her during her childhood.   What happened when our faith was filled with fear and guilt and behavior-management?  What changed when that all began to unravel?   How did we change and what was different in how we parented?  FIND OUT the wise piece of advice she gives toward the end (you have to listen all the way through) that brought healing in my own life (right on the spot).   She reveals something that we ALL need to hear!
January 16, 2019
Episode 1: Our Big Three (according to Josh)
Join with me as I interview Josh, our third-born of four adult kids.  We explore "our big three" according to him, what he believes we highly valued and esteemed in our parenting and family life.  You'll find out about my mom mantra, "TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR STUFF" and how that kept us from continuing to have those never-kept behavioral contracts I had my kids sign but never followed through on.  You will also hear what other TWO (what this Dolly Mama would deem) SUPER important life values somehow made the leap across that seemingly giant chasm between my heart (and Allen's too) and his!
January 6, 2019
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