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ECA Voice of the Cantor

ECA Voice of the Cantor

By European Cantors
An innovative new series of talks in which renowned cantors speak about the joys and fears of the Jewish Prayer leader across the Jewish world today. In 10 episodes, building fortnightly.

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Voice of the Cantor - Episode 4 : The Challenge Of Modern Orthodox For The Cantorate

ECA Voice of the Cantor

Voice of the Cantor - Episode 5 : The Carlebach Conundrum
In “The Carlebach Conundrum” we examine the issues presented by the type of music used in services in the genre of the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, focusing on the phenomenon of the music, which might be described as neo-Hasidic or 'easy singing music'. Leaving aside any view as to the subjective musical merits of Carlebach’s own compositions, we simply note that the man started something, which others have continued and developed upon.     Why did this happen?   We wanted to explore the degree to which music like Carlebach’s has become the ‘new tradition’, and what this sort of music brings to a service (or what it takes away). with Cantor Asher Hainovitz, Yeshurun Synagogue, Jerusalem   Rabbi Yossi Binstock, St John’s Wood Synagogue, London   Rabbi Michael Wolk, Temple Israel, Charlotte NC, USA Cantor Yehuda Marx, Heaton Park Synagogue, Manchester UK Alex Klein Director, European Cantors Association   Moderator Russell Grossman Recorded live on 28 April 2021, 16 Iyyar 5781
May 3, 2021
Voice of the Cantor - Episode 4 : The Challenge Of Modern Orthodox For The Cantorate
Does the Modern Orthodox agenda leave room for the conventional cantor?   A discussion with  Michael Goldstein,  President, United Synagogue UK   Cantor / Minister Alby Chait,  United Hebrew Congregation, Leeds UK Cantor Steven Leas, Central Synagogue, London UK Rabbi Cantor Danny Bergson, St Annes Hebrew Congregation, St Annes UK Cantor Adam Caplan, Prestwich Hebrew Congregation, Manchester UK   Moderator Hirsh Cashdan   Recorded live on 14th April 2021, 2nd Iyyar 5781
April 19, 2021
Voice of the Cantor - Episode 3 : Passover In Pandemic
How have we adapted after a year of the modern plague? Three experienced ministers from UK orthodox communities talk with ECA's Hirsh Cashdan about the special challenges of the pandemic for their communities and how they have negotiated a second 'Passover in Pandemic'.  Recorded live on 31st March 2021.
April 5, 2021
Voice of the Cantor - Episode 2 : Crossing The Pond
Three experienced cantors Cantor Benny Rogosnitzky (Orthodox, NYC); Cantor Jason Green (Conservative, Ottawa); and Rabbi Cantor Gershon Silins (London), who've practised in UK and North America discuss, if the nusach's the same and the music's similar, what's different for them and their congregations working either side of the Atlantic?  In conversation with ECA's Russell Grossman
March 21, 2021
Voice of the Cantor - Episode 1 : Dudu Fisher 'Never On A Friday'
As a curtain-raiser for European Cantors Association's innovative programme Voice of the Cantor, we presented internationally renowned cantor and star of the musical theatre, Dudu Fisher, in conversation with the ECA’s Director Alex Klein, exploring his amazing trajectory and how he has managed to balance a career on the bimah and the stage. This event was held in conjunction with the Cantors Assembly and recorded live on Wednesday March 3rd 2021. 
March 7, 2021