Evolve ETFs: The Innovators Behind Disruption with Raj Lala

Cyber Security with Stew Wolfe (Cisco) & Raj Lala

An episode of Evolve ETFs: The Innovators Behind Disruption with Raj Lala

By Evolve ETFs
Raj Lala, President & CEO of Evolve ETFs, joins industry experts to discuss topics such as; cyber security, artificial intelligence (A.I.), auto innovation (including electric and self-driving cars), blockchain, ETFs, and more.
Insights on Innovative Technologies with Matt Ward
Learn about: · What may be the biggest concerns for the future · Amazon and how they affect and disrupt various industries · How 5G may affect different parts of the world and impact lives · How artificial intelligence and automation may affect the future job market · Defining robots in the home and their role in our day to day lives · Sustainability and future of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies  · Predictions about top innovative technologies in the next decade   • About Matt Ward •   Matt is an angel investor, startup advisor and serial entrepreneur, author, futurist and podcaster focused on building a better future through innovation and entrepreneurship. He runs the popular exponential tech podcast Disruptors.FM, is a top blogger on Medium.com, and is the author of Gods of the Valley - How Today’s Tech Giants Monopolize the Future. Learn about Evolve Innovation Index ETF (EDGE): https://evolveetfs.com/product/edge
March 20, 2019
Artificial Intelligence with Salim Naran
Learn about: · How artificial intelligence (AI) works within the financial services industry · Black box AI & glass box AI, and regulations around AI · The impact of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the US & Canada · How data and digitalization is changing the banking landscape · The decreasing importance of cash  · Predictions on new entrants into the financial industry   • About Salim Naran •   Sal is the co-founder of Savvyy, a Toronto-based technology company, and co-founder of Borrowell, an innovative marketplace lending platform. He previously held the position of SVP of Information Technology at Paradigm Quest, a business process outsourcing company in the Canadian mortgage industry. He also served as Director of IT and Chief Privacy Officer at Securitas North America, and was responsible for the Canadian information technology department of Canada's third largest security services provider.  Learn about Evolve Cyber Security Index ETF (CYBR): https://evolveetfs.com/CYBR
March 11, 2019
AI and Cyber Security with Carole Piovesan
Learn about how artificial intelligence (AI) and cyber security are intertwined, the association of increased connectivity to cybercrime, the trade-off between convenience and privacy, the impact of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), top predictions, and more.    • About Carole Piovesan •  Carole Piovesan is Lawyer, Lead in Artificial Intelligence, and Co-Lead of the firm’s National Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Management group for McCarthy Tetrault. She regularly consults across various sectors on legal and policy issues regarding data and AI. Additionally, she is a frequent speaker and author on topics related to transformative  technology, data and artificial intelligence.  Learn about Evolve Cyber Security Index ETF (CYBR): https://evolveetfs.com/CYBR
January 29, 2019
Gender Diversity Inspiring Change with Julia Smith & Raj Lala
Find out how Canada's gender-balanced cabinet has changed the dynamic and views within the government over the past few years; the three biggest challenges in closing the overall gender gap; what is being done to encourage females to enter the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields; and gender diversity in the United States.  • About Julia Smith •  Julia Smith is Senior Policy Analyst, Policy and External Relations Directorate, Department for Women and Gender Equality (formerly Status of Women Canada) / Government of Canada. She helped develop Canada’s first public sector internship program for immigrants, Ontario’s first provincial immigration program and Canada’s first federal gender-based budgeting process. She has also represented Canada around the world on issues including genocide education, organized crime, and building inclusive government institutions. Julia holds a JD and a BBA from the University of New Brunswick and a Masters of Arts in Immigration and Settlement Studies from Ryerson University. She is a BMW Foundation Global Responsible Leader. Currently, she is a Senior Advisor in the Department for Women and Gender Equality. Learn about Evolve North American Gender Diversity Index ETF (HERS): https://evolveetfs.com/HERS
January 16, 2019
Growth of the ETF Industry in North America with Tom Psarofagis & Cam Gill
Listen to discussions about the overview of the 2018 Canadian and US ETF market, the importance of active management for fixed income, the role of ETFs in the current market environment, key differences in the way advisors use ETFs in Canada and the US, the effects of regulations in the US regarding launching active ETFs, pros and cons of the race to zero fees, competition in the ETF space, and thematic ETFs. • Tom Psarofagis & Cam Gill • Tom Psarofagis is an ETF analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence. Prior to joining Bloomberg, he held roles in ETF groups at both Oppenheimer Funds and IndexIQ. Previously, Tom was in Product Development at Nasdaq where he worked on creating innovative indexes for ETF sponsors. Tom attended the University of Connecticut where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Tom is a Chartered Market Technician and a member of the Market Technicians Association. Cam Gill currently leads CIBC’s ETF Execution and Retail Block trading businesses and is responsible for institutional sales, market-making and risk management across all ETF asset classes. Cam and his team actively advise ETF manufacturers and play an integral role in the launch of new ETF products. Learn about Evolve ETFs: https://evolveetfs.com/
December 12, 2018
Growth in Robotics with Dr. Jonathan Kelly & Raj Lala
Learn about the definition and differences between "automation" and "robotics", predictions for collaborative robots (cobots) that help with day-to-day chores at home, view on surgical robots, the convergence of embodied intelligence in machines, the shift from robots using a preplanned series of actions to robots that are able to be intelligent and adaptive, the industries that are most likely to be affected by robotic automation, how Canada ranks in regards to A.I. innovation, advancements from the University of Toronto, and predictions for the next 5-10 years.   • About Dr. Jonathan Kelly • Dr. Kelly is Dean’s Catalyst Professor at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) and Director of the Space & Terrestrial Autonomous Robotic Systems (STARS) Laboratory. Before joining the UofT, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received his PhD degree from the University of Southern California, where his dissertation work focused on sensor fusion for robust robot navigation. Prior to graduate school, he was a software engineer at the Canadian Space Agency in Montreal. His research interests lie primarily in the areas of estimation and machine learning for navigation and mapping, applied to both robotics and human-centred assistive technologies. Learn more about the Evolve Innovation Index ETF (TSX: EDGE) - evolveetfs.com/EDGE
November 1, 2018
Growth of Cannabis Infused Beverage Market with Dooma Wendschuh
Learn about why cannabis-infused beverages are at the forefront of the "cannabis format war", barriers to entry into the market, views on how the industry will grow, how big the cannabis-infused beverages market is expected to be in Canada, recreational marijuana legalization predictions for other countries, the importance of brand recognition to gain market share, and more. • About Dooma Wendschuh • Dooma Wendschuh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Province Brands, a highly disruptive, Toronto-based startup in Canada’s legal cannabis industry. With 30+ speaking engagements, 20+ national television appearances and hundreds of media interviews, Wendschuh has emerged as a leading voice in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Learn more about the Evolve Marijuana ETF (TSX: SEED) - evolveetfs.com/SEED
August 29, 2018
The Perils of Cybercrime with David Senf & Raj Lala
Learn about: the importance of cyber security measures for low-risk devices, how companies can protect themselves from internal risks vs. external forces, the federal government’s cyber security initiatives including new mandatory data-breach reporting rules, average budget allocations to cyber security for large organizations, the increase in spending on detection instead of just protection, and more. • About David Senf • David is an IT research and advisory thought leader and executive with a particular focus on cybersecurity. He spent close to two decades analyzing and delivering vendor, provider, channel and end-user success. Previously he was a VP at IDC where he worked with and presented to countless organizations – and much of the IT vendor community. He has appeared in a variety of publications, including The Globe and Mail, CBC, The Star, Wall Street Journal, and Wired. Learn more about Canada’s First Cyber Security ETF (TSX: CYBR) - https://evolveetfs.com/CYBR
August 17, 2018
Reimagining Work with AI and Dr. Chitra Dorai
Learn what cognitive computing is, the development of AI from machine learning and taking into account reasoning, planning, and scheduling, how infusing intelligent automation and deeper meaningful engagement with customers can transform businesses, the benefits of deploying chatbots to assist customer service agents and reduce second calls by 15-20%, the importance of data in an increasingly connected world, recommended data safety measures, self-driving vehicle technology progress, what being an IBM Fellow means to her as a female, predictions and more.  • About Dr. Chitra Dorai • Dr. Dorai is a Computer Scientist, Data Science and AI Expert, Innovation Advisor, and Entrepreneur. She was formerly at IBM as an IBM Fellow & CTO. She has 25+ years of R&D experience and an extensive portfolio of innovations with research contributions in computer science. Learn about Canada's First Innovation ETF (TSX: EDGE) - https://evolveetfs.com/edge
August 8, 2018
Benefits of Responsible Investing with Dustyn Lanz
Find out how the terms ESG (environmental, social and governance) and SRI (socially responsible investing) are intertwined and different from each other, the business case for ESG, Millennial investing trends, the suitability of cannabis for responsible investing, especially with the upcoming legalization, the priority for ESG in the institutional space, ESG trends over the next few years from an investment perspective and more.  • About Dustyn Lanz • Dustyn is CEO of Responsible Investment Association. Dustyn is quoted regularly in the national media as an expert on responsible investing and a frequent public speaker at some of Canada’s leading business schools and investment conferences. In 2014, he helped to launch Canada’s first financial designations for advisors with expertise in responsible investing. In 2016, Dustyn received a Clean50 Emerging Leader Award for his contributions to responsible investing in Canada. Learn more about Evolve ETFs: https://evolveetfs.com
August 2, 2018
Autonomous Driving with Marc Hoag & Raj Lala
Learn about the levels of automation for autonomous cars, the behavioural shift to autonomous driving from traditional petrol cars, the significance of technology vs. legislation, the prediction for 2020 as an important year as level 5 autonomous vehicles will be available for public consumption, which companies are making the most progress towards electric/autonomous vehicles, electric vehicle market drivers, and more.  • Marc Hoag • Marc is a California-licensed attorney-turned-2x-startup founder with nearly 8 years of experience as head of product. He has an undergraduate degree in economics from UCLA. Shortly after law school, he successfully raised a Series A to build his first startup in the job/talent space, from which he spun out an internal tool that became Twibble.io, a social media scheduling and automation platform. He also launched his podcast Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag. Learn about Canda's First Future Cars ETF (TSX: CARS): evolveetfs.com/CARS
July 24, 2018
Disrupting the Financial Services Industry with Jos Schmitt
Discover the evolution of stock exchanges, the vision and differentiator for NEO Exchange (a new and innovative Canadian stock exchange), the differences between Canadian and US markets in terms of market data transparency, how PTFs (Platform Traded Funds) work and its expected growth, the launch of NEO Connect, predictions for the industry and more.  • About Jos Schmitt • Jos Schmitt is one of the founders and President & CEO of the Aequitas NEO Exchange, a stock exchange he formed with the support of a number of blue-chip financial institutions. Jos has over thirty years of experience in the financial services industry internationally, with particular expertise in the market infrastructure space, across asset classes and across geographies. Prior to NEO and in the role of President & CEO, Jos formed together with a number of blue-chip financial institutions the Alpha Group of companies, including the Alpha Stock Exchange.
July 18, 2018
The Future of Marijuana Legalization with Vahan Ajamian
Get an update regarding recreational marijuana legalization in Canada and around the world. Learn about policing, supply and demand predictions once recreational marijuana is legalized, expected average price per gram (in Canada) towards the end of 2018, number of regulated retail stores in Ontario, the opportunity for a hybrid system (privately owned and government owned stores), global market demand, importing and exporting, predictions for developing countries, the importance of branding, and more. • About Vahan Ajamian • Vahan Ajamian is Managing Director of Analyst Relations at MedMen and is the principal liaison with brokers and financial analysts covering investment opportunities in the cannabis space. Named a rising star in marijuana investment by Business Insider, he is a capital markets expert in the cannabis sector with more than a dozen years of experience in equity research and analysis. Learn more about the Evolve Marijuana ETF (TSX: SEED): evolveetfs.com/SEED
July 11, 2018
Disruption Through ESG with Doug Morrow
Learn more about the fundamentals of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), how portfolio managers are using ESG strategies within their funds, the potential growth of ESG interest with the transfer of wealth to Millennials, long-term trends for companies that perform well by utilizing ESG indicators, how institutional investors are looking at ESG strategies, and more. • About Doug Morrow • Doug Morrow is the Director of Sustainalytics’ award-winning thematic research team. His work is broadly focused on exploring the investment risks and opportunities associated with macro ESG themes, including climate change, water scarcity, gender diversity, energy transition and health & wellness. Doug has consulted with institutional investors, asset management start-ups and multilateral organizations on ESG integration strategies across asset classes.
July 6, 2018
Personal Disruption with Whitney Johnson & Raj Lala
Find out what personal disruption means, key tips for C-Suite execs considering a change in their business and/or personal lives, the difference in experiencing disruption for males and females, examples of how Whitney applied disruption in her life, advice for parents trying to embrace disruption within their lives, and more. • About Whitney Johnson • Recognized as one of the 50 leading business thinkers in the world (Thinkers50), Whitney Johnson is an expert on disruptive innovation and personal disruption; specifically, a framework which she codifies in the critically acclaimed book Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work and in her latest book Build an “A” Team: Play To Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning Curve. (Harvard Business Press, 2018). She co-founded the Disruptive Innovation Fund with Harvard Business School’s Clayton Christensen and spent nearly a decade as an Institutional Investor ranked equity analyst on Wall Street.
June 20, 2018
Investing in ETFs with Mike Newton
Learn about the innovations taking place within wealth management, the changing investment decision-making process regarding ETFs, active vs. passive ETFs, Millennial investing trends, and ETF predictions for the next few years with Mike Newton, Portfolio Manager & Director at Scotia Wealth Management, and Raj Lala, President & CEO of Evolve ETFs. • About Mike Newton • Michael S. Newton, CIM®, FCSI® is Portfolio Manager & Director at Scotia Wealth Management. Michael develops comprehensive financial plans to help his clients achieve their long-term goals, covering the investment, insurance, tax and estate planning aspects of their individual situations. Michael began his career in the financial services industry in 1992. He is a frequent guest on BNN Market Call, where he takes viewer emails and calls in a live format and has been featured in The Globe and Mail Report on Business.
June 13, 2018
Cyber Security with Sean Sullivan (F-Secure) & Raj Lala
Sean discusses how the Internet of Things (IoT) exposes consumers to potential cybercrime, which industries are most susceptible to cyber attacks, the percentage of companies that are confident in their cyber security measures, and predictions for the cyber security industry. • About Sean Sullivan • Sean Sullivan is a Security Advisor and researcher at F-Secure, which he joined in 2006. Based in Helsinki, he works with a dynamic group of cyber security experts from over dozen countries. He works primarily with the analyst teams who handle the classification of incoming malware samples and develop antimalware automation, and secondarily with the research teams who develop new antimalware technologies. Sean is an active member of “InfoSec Twitter” and also participates in academic events. Mr. Sullivan has briefed government officials and technical experts from around the world on computer security issues and antimalware technologies and is frequently interviewed by media worldwide.
June 6, 2018
Insights with Senior Futurist Thomas Frey & Raj Lala
Thomas explains what a futurist is, the future of colleges and education, potential changes to our daily lives, 3D printing, self-driving cars, weaponized AI, passenger drones, the future of commuting and travelling, the relevance of social media, and more. • About Thomas Frey • Thomas Frey is Senior Futurist and founder of the DaVinci Institute and an internationally renown futurist, author and keynote speaker. He has spoken to audiences of high-level government officials such as those of NASA, executives of Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Capital One, Bell Canada, Visa and Ford Motor Company. He has also been featured in thousands of articles for both national and international publications including New York Times, Huffington Post, USA Today, Forbes, Fast Company, World Economic Forum, and Times.
May 30, 2018
Marijuana Industry Update with Cronos CEO & Raj Lala
Mike Gorenstein, Chairman, President & CEO of Cronos Group, addresses questions regarding Bill C-45, policing of cannabis, average retail price per gram, global market size predictions, consolidation, and more. • About Mike Gorenstein • Michael Gorenstein is the Chairman, President & CEO of Cronos Group. Before joining Cronos, Mr. Gorenstein was a partner at Alphabet Ventures LLC, a multi-strategy investment management firm located in New York City. Prior to Alphabet Management, Michael was the VP and General Counsel of Saiers Capital LLC and a corporate attorney at Sullivan & Cromwell where he focused on Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Market transactions. Michael graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School with a JD, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a certificate in BEPP and the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with a BSB in Finance. Learn more about the Evolve Marijuana ETF (TSX: SEED): https://evolveetfs.com/SEED
May 23, 2018
Insights with Futurist Speaker Nikolas Badminton & Raj Lala
Nikolas will give you essential insights into the way the future world will work. In this episode, he speaks about the "Fourth Industrial Revolution": communications, energy, and transportation. He dives deeper into the topics of genomics (including CRISPR), adoption and timelines for electric and autonomous vehicles, smart cities (including Google Sidewalk Labs projects), and big data. • About Nikolas Badminton • Nikolas is a world-respected futurist speaker, author, and researcher. He wows audiences with keynote speeches on the impact of exponential technologies including: Renewable Energy, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality; Gene Editing and Personalized Healthcare; Work Productivity; Autonomous Transportation; Smart Cities; and The Future of AI integrated with Life and Business. Nikolas regularly appears on the BBC, CBC, CTV, Global News, VICE, and writes for the Techcrunch, Huffington Post, Forbes, Venturebeat, Betakit, TechVibes, Business.com, and other media
May 16, 2018
Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Stuart Sherman & Raj Lala
Discover how big data has changed over the last 10 years and why it matters, the differences between machine learning and artificial intelligence, what Watson aims to accomplish (an IBM supercomputer that combines AI and analytical software), and more with Stuart Sherman, CEO, IMC Inc., and Raj Lala, President & CEO of Evolve ETFs. • About Stuart Sherman • Stuart runs one of the most innovative AI companies in the world, pioneering two new classes of AI, “Behavioural AI”, an “Simulation AI”. Having studied Managerial Sciences in university, specifically the aspects of Managerial Accounting relating to Behavioural Economics, and Organisational Behaviour. Stuart went on to start an early Management Information Services company and founded one of Canada’s first Digital Agencies. Today you will find him working with some of the worlds’ largest companies, designing and implementing AI designed to change the way they understand their Big Data.
May 8, 2018
Cyber Security with Robert Hudyma (Ryerson Professor) & Raj Lala
Find out how the government is tackling cyber threats, legislation for cyber security, gender diversity in STEM, cybercrime predictions and more with Robert Hudyma, Professor at Ryerson University in the Ted Rogers School of Management, and Raj Lala, President & CEO of Evolve ETFs. • About Robert Hudyma • Robert is a Professor at Ryerson University in the Ted Rogers School of Management, where he delivers courses in Business Technology Management. His research interests are in: Cryptography, Information Security, Wireless communications systems, and Deep Learning. Prior to coming to Ryerson Robert was a Vice-President of R&D for a large multinational corporation where he led a team of engineers and developed computer and consumer electronics products. Robert holds degrees in Computer Science from the University of Toronto. Learn more about the Evolve Cyber Security Index ETF (TSX: CYBR): evolveetfs.com/product/cybr/
April 24, 2018
Cyber Security with Stew Wolfe (Cisco) & Raj Lala
Learn more about how IoT is posing new cyber threats, how Fortune 500 companies are integrating cyber security into their firm, biggest threats & opportunities, and more with Stew Wolfe, Associate Principal, Cisco Global Security, and Raj Lala, President & CEO of Evolve ETFs. • About Stew Wolfe • Stew Wolfe serves as an Associate Director in Cisco's global security practice. In his current role, Stew is focused on cross-architecture plays for security including Data Center, Network and Cloud Cisco services offerings as well as the development of Anything as a Service model. Stew is a member of ISACA, ISC2 and is ITIL certified with 25 years of IT experience. Learn more about the Evolve Cyber Security Index ETF (TSX: CYBR): evolveetfs.com/product/cybr/
April 24, 2018
ETF Education with Eric Balchunas (Bloomberg) & Raj Lala
Build your ETF knowledge base. Learn the differences between ETFs and mutual funds, the growth potential of the ETF market, investor demographics, top ETF predictions, and more with Eric Balchunas, Senior ETF Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence, and Raj Lala, President & CEO of Evolve ETFs. • About Eric Balchunas • Eric is Senior ETF Analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence, a unique research platform that provides context on industries, companies, economics, government, credit, ETFs and litigation available on the Bloomberg Professional service at BI . Eric also appears on and helped create the first-ever ETF TV show called “Bloomberg ETF IQ” as well as a weekly segment for Bloomberg TV and Radio called "Exchange-Traded Friday.” He is also a Bloomberg View columnist as well as co-host of a new podcast on ETFs called “Trillions.” He authored "The Institutional ETF Toolbox," which was published by Wiley in March 2016. Learn more about Evolve ETFs: https://evolveetfs.com/
April 16, 2018
Cyber Security with Scott Schober (BVS) & Raj Lala
Discover how cybercrime is changing, the economic impact of cybercrime, the future of cyber security, and more with Scott N. Schober, President/CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc., and Raj Lala, President & CEO of Evolve ETFs. • About Scott Schober • Schober is the President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), a forty-year-old New Jersey-based privately held company and leading provider of advanced, world-class wireless test and security solutions. Schober also invented BVS’s cell phone detection tools, used to enforce a “no cell phone policy” in prisons and secure government facilities. Scott is a highly sought-after subject expert on the topic of cybersecurity. TV appearances include: ABC News, Bloomberg TV, Al Jazeera America, CBS This Morning News, CCTV America, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business, Fox News, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, MSNBC, and many more. Learn more about the Evolve Cyber Security Index ETF (TSX: CYBR): https://evolveetfs.com/product/cybr/
April 6, 2018
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