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CPA Perspective Podcast

CPA Perspective Podcast

By Evolve Now
The accounting industry is going through significant changes, and the type of content and way we consume it is evolving. Technical updates and accounting software discussions don't do justice to the value the profession has to offer.

Hosted by The Rapping CPA, Drew Carrick, the CPA Perspective Podcast is the most entertaining and engaging podcast for accountants and CPAs on the market. With expert thought leaders from a variety of industries, the show offers a fresh perspective on accountants and the profession.
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Learning Atypical Accounting Skills with Terrell Turner
Many people believe that it those who are actors, or look good on camera, have natural talent. While there certainly is a certain level of natural ability that varies person to person, there is nothing that can't be learned, practiced, and trained to get to an advanced level on. Nobody is born with the ability to do accounting - we learn and master it, just like any other skill. So, why haven't accountants and CPAs considered learning additional skills in order to become more diverse in their abilities? We discuss the changing profession and overcoming adaptation fears on this episode of the CPA Perspective Podcast, with guest Terrell Turner. Terrell Turner is a CPA and the Senior Partner of the TLTurner Group; a firm focused on providing consulting and training services to make accounting and finance less complicated, for business owners and executives. He is also the founder and host of the Business Talk Library; a professional content show that features interviews with CEOs, executives and Ph.D researchers in accounting, finance and various aspects of business. Prior to launching his firm in 2020, he served in several finance and accounting leadership roles with Ernst & Young, Navistar Inc., General Electric, and Passport Inc. in both North and South America. Follow Evolve Now on all social media platforms: Connect with our guest Terrell: & YouTube Channel Connect with our host Drew:
March 3, 2021
A Fresh Approach to the Profession with Dave Ashworth
Sometimes, concepts that appear to be radical at the current time, turn out to eventually become a normal part of business. It started with summer Fridays, and flexible time off...but it has evolved into so much more. Have you ever considered a shared book of business, rather than a partner by partner set-up? What about no dress code? Would you consider different shifts based on optimal working hours by each individual? In this exciting episode, we discuss with Dave Ashworth, CPA, the types of skills that it takes to go beyond basic accounting work, the types of changes that the profession needs to see in order to evolve, and some not so radical views on what the industry can do differently.  Dave founded The Quantify Group in 2011 out of his passion for providing value to clients and helping them grow. Dave has extensive experience and knowledge in the public accounting sector. Before founding The Quantify Group, Dave worked at a large regional public accounting firm in Pennsylvania. As Managing Director at The Quantify Group, Dave provides high quality accounting solutions to a diverse base of clients. Dave holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Widener University. He currently resides in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. Outside of the office, Dave is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys spending his free time hunting and fishing. He also regularly attends church at Calvary Chapel Chester Springs. Follow Evolve Now on all social media platforms: Connect with our guest Dave: Connect with our host Drew:
January 20, 2021
Breaking Accounting Stereotypes with Matt DiRusso
If there's someone who knows about accounting stereotypes, it's Matt DiRusso, KPMG tax associate and recent law school graduate.  Not only did he witness and work with stereotypical accountants and CPAs over the last decade, but he also got to hear from his law school classmates and professors about their thoughts on accountants.  Matt is cut from a different cloth - a more entrepreneurial minded one - where he is always ambitiously looking to grow, gain new schools, make new connections, and be a true business developer. His tenure through audit and tax services at national and Big 4 public accounting firms has given him a tremendous amount of opportunity to see what goes on at clients, but also what goes on within the CPA business. He quickly realized that being just an accountant may be good for some who have goals of becoming a controller or a partner at a firm, but that even these individuals create a cap for themselves by refusing to pursue a wider array of skills. When it comes to evolving, knowing how to communicate, lead, manage, speak with clients, and become more human (rather than robotic) are critical.  As has been said for years now, people are the most important part of a business - not anything else. Not only do firms need to treat their people well, but the people need to be more personable too - which comes from leadership example. Encouraging and embracing change and pursuit of passion and ambitions beyond just spreadsheets are necessary for this transformation and evolution. Follow Evolve Now on all social media platforms: Connect with our guest Matt: Connect with our host Drew:
December 11, 2020
The Future of Accounting with Garrett Wagner
The year 2020 has ruptured the foundation of the accounting profession as we know it. The inevitable came to fruition as a volatile market, changing work circumstances, and digital take-over collided and presented the industry with eager eyes during a time of uncertainty. Many failed to adapt to the quickly changing environment, because they were not prepared, or did not have the skills necessary to rapidly prepare and execute on a  sudden shift in business style.  So what is in store for the accounting profession moving forward? An evolution. Change is guaranteed, but it can no longer be gradual. There is a need for accountants and CPAs to evolve into advisors of the future, who are not just technically sound and good with numbers and spreadsheets, but rather possess a variety of skills that enable them to provide unparalleled value to their clients. Whether you are an employee starting out, a manager of a team, or the leader of a firm, your goals can only be reached and achieved if you take the time to invest in yourself and your business by not only preparing, but executing a strategic long term plan based on the direction of industry is going. In this episode, we discuss why and how the future of the profession is changing with CEO of C3 Evolution Group: Garrett Wagner, CPA. Garrett has been speaking on the need for change in the accounting profession mentality and focus on value add skills for years, creating video content under The Entrepreneurial CPA Show. With 2020, he is upgrading his vision through the creation of Evolve Now, a future of accounting content platform, aimed at offering insights and knowledge from thought leaders, via video content primarily, as well as offering CPE course subscriptions teaching skills important to evolving as a professional in the accounting industry.  Follow Evolve Now on all social media platforms: Connect with our guest Garrett: Connect with our host Drew:
November 5, 2020