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Faithful Femmepreneurs

Faithful Femmepreneurs

By Chloe Bovia
Welcome to Faithful Femmepreneurs, where we talk to the women-owned brands that are setting the bar and dropping gems. These women tell us the stories of how they launched their businesses, how Christ is at the center of their business plan, and give vital information for success.
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Telling the Whole Story with Courtney Arlesia

Faithful Femmepreneurs

Telling the Whole Story with Courtney Arlesia

Faithful Femmepreneurs

Telling the Whole Story with Courtney Arlesia
This episode features Courtney Arlesia, LMSW, who gets raw about her life story to inspire others. Through writing, she affirms other women and adjusts their crown accordingly. Listen to her talk about how being open and honest helped empower the people around her, and be inspired yourself!  You can find Courtney on Instagram at @courtney.arlesia or on her website at 
May 11, 2021
A Young Lady that Was BLESSED with Precious Swain-Peaks
On this week's episode,  I sit with Precious Swain, the accountant that does WAY more than numbers. She tells her story of humble beginnings, to weaving her way through the music industry, to being a serial entrepreneur today. If you've ever felt like your past was holding you back, this episode is giving you all the permission you need to let it go.  You can find precious on Facebook at Anointed for Prosperity, on IG at @precious_swain and @anointedforprosperity, Twitter at @imprecious, or at her website on 
May 11, 2021
"Who Coaches the Coach?" with LaToya NaShae
One thing is for sure: LaToya NaShae is absolutely unapologetic about the communicator God created her to be! Through writing, speaking, and coaching, she builds authentic relationships while equipping others to live like they know WHOSE they are. LaToya's heart is to see individuals BREAKOUT: to live unstuck, unbound, unbreakable lives in Christ. You can find LaToya on Instagram @coach_latoyanashae, on Facebook at Breakout Coaching, and on her website at
April 29, 2021
Getting Your Edges Back with Chandra Gore
On this episode, I sit down with publicist and serial entrepreneur Chandra Gore. Chandra will make you belly laugh and ugly cry as she takes you on her journey to entrepreneurship and getting off of God's block list. And if you're any kind of businessowner, grab a pencil and take notes! Chandra gives us the scoop on why you absolutely need a publicist, even if you're just starting out! You can find Chandra on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Check out her website and her podcast, Conversations with Chan on Anchor. 
April 14, 2021
Constantly Growing with Tani Lopez
If you're not growing, then what are you really doing? This week, we talk with Tani Lopez about her drive to always be growing, and how it's taken her from New York back to her hometown in Ohio during the pandemic. She gives us insight on how to strategically manage your social media on your own, and tells how she's grown closer to God and family while starting her own business.  You can find Tani on Instagram at @tanixlopez or on her website at
March 19, 2021
From Box Checking to Faith Walking with Karla Aghedo
On this week's episode, Karla talks to us about her transition from box checker - achieving all the things, doing everything you're "supposed to" - to walking completely in faith and seeking true alignment with God's plan for her. We talk about the dangers of "the golden handcuffs" and the power of wellness for every woman. 
March 17, 2021
From Passionate to Profitable with Jade Alycia
Ready for your branding to have a lot more finesse? You need to talk to Jade of JW Branding. On this episode, she breaks down the top three things you need to do before launching your luxury brand. She dives into her book, Profit From Your Untapped Passion, a blueprint for starting a successful online business. If you want to write a book or start a business, you're about to learn something today!  You can find Jade on Facebook and Instagram at or on her website at
March 12, 2021
Trusting the Process with Melanie Joyce Johnson
If you've ever asked God "please change this situation" and He kept you there anyway, this episode is for you. Melanie tells us her journey of rebranding, and rebranding again, her season of learning, and the urgency of consistency. Trusting the process is about trusting the Designer of that process, but we know it's hard so come get your encouragement! Find Melanie on Instagram @PeacefulOasisCounseling or online at
March 5, 2021