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Mango Minutes

Mango Minutes

By Fajar Siddiq

Mango Minutes is a podcast by Fajar Siddiq from Singapore. I hope to share better and bring better value sharing my journey from inspirational stories, memories, and series of moments as a self-taught designer & developer, bootstrapped founder, independent maker. This podcast is brought to you by
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🏕️Find your tribe for good vibes

Mango Minutes

🤑 Skills To Pay The Bills
🤑 Skills To Pay The Bills
In this 4th episode i share about my skills to pay the bills, got awarded at golden kitty awards 2019 - community member of the year 2019 "honorable moments" on Product Hunt. is for sharing your favorite products with the world. Also share the book "get together book",  New Makerlog Design i'm looking forward to,  Using Netlify redirects to ship fast then ever, it keeps my momentum up in content creating. Focusing on my youtube channel and also my instagram TV, Corona Virus news and i'm so happy Singaporeans staying united, staying hygiene. Speaking at Pakistan Tech Shek Meetup 2020 with Also building currently. Finally after 6 months my diabetes medication have decrease and my lab test was so good! Next up is my hernia surgery. Delete abandoned projects. Writing 2020 book! 🌐Visit my website at
February 13, 2020
💯Better, Not Bigger!
💯Better, Not Bigger!
In this 3rd episode i share about my struggles facing meltdowns, celebrate progress & not goals. Reflecting about what i've done in 2019, my left over todo's task, being pathetically broke & learning new things. No plans for 2020, will continue to eat healthier, save money, build better products. How i wanted to be someone who can mentor others and as well how i overcome my shortcomings during the highs and lows. 🌐Visit my website at
December 25, 2019
👨🏻‍🎨Past, Present & Future: How designing impacted my life.
👨🏻‍🎨Past, Present & Future: How designing impacted my life.
In this 2nd Episode of podcast i share about: I love to draw &  started to draw at the age of 12 years old, I love to think scientifically and i have difficulties in learning. I studied Architectural Design when i was 17 years old. I love read book about scientist & bought science magazine. How i visualize to become a professional yo-yo player & got sponsored. I was doing yo-yo shows & travel all over the world. At age 14 years old i started to do web-design, learn html & css. Started my journey when i was 19 years old & startup in year 2011. Started to use MSpaint to learn design in year 2005. I build my startup Euphorya, Dement Clothing & Ilm Productions. Self-Taught was the key to learning. How i become closer to god, spirtually. Build my own co-working space back at home. Applied job at Netlfix and got rejected. Indie Communities: Indie hackers, makerlog, maker's kitchen & Wip. Meaning of my name Fajar Siddiq, how i get the colour for branding. Some of the side-projects i'm building in 2019-2020. Using Stripe as a merchant payment. Featuring other makers in my next upcoming podcast! 🌐Visit my website at
October 25, 2019
🏕️Find your tribe for good vibes
🏕️Find your tribe for good vibes
In this 1st Episode of podcast i share about: What is Mango Minutes?, I broke the computer and use laptop, Eating healthy food, loosing 5kg, My Makerlog journey in the maker community - How i overcome burnout and anxiety to improve my mental health, Currently building my side-project a video production: Interviews & documentary 🌐Visit my website at
September 30, 2019