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The Fearless Farmer

The Fearless Farmer

By Farm Solutions
Hello, and welcome to ''The Fearless Farmer'' podcast. This podcast is all about the farming people that we have met through providing support to Irish farmers for over 40 years.
These farmers we have met have been progressive in their thinking and have made a positive impact on not only their own lives but on the lives of others. These are their very interesting, up beat stories, who we hope you enjoy.
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The Fearless Farmer, Pat Doran

The Fearless Farmer

The Fearless Farmer, Joe Rowe
Joe Rowe, our Chief Executive shares his superb ethos on how surrounding yourself with excellent people and treating them with respect is key to helping farms, people and  businesses grow and flourish. Live Midday 18th October 2021
October 18, 2021
The Fearless Farmer, Alice Hodges
Alice Hodges believes that farming is in her DNA, it's her calling and it's what she was born and bred to do.  With absolutely no farming background what so ever, calling herself a ''First Generation Farmer'' is fearless in it own right. Alice, aka, the calf girl is certainly a new breed of farmer in Ireland, shares her stories and passions with host Lynda Bolger. 
October 11, 2021
The Fearless Farmer, Pat Doran
Pat Doran is steeped in farming background, he is a passionate thought leader and a traditional farmer from Wexford. Pat has fearlessly changed his small holding of land into all things Organic. Pat shares his story with Host Joe Rowe. Enjoy!
October 04, 2021
The Fearless Farmer, Robert Tobin
Robert hails from County Wicklow and possesses something special that many of us dream about. That’s the courage to change! The conversation between host Lynda & Robert was jaw dropping. Robert gives detailed sound advice for any young farmer going it alone, and wanting to do something different.
September 27, 2021
The Fearless Farmer, Michael Doyle
Host Joe Rowe, talks to Michael Doyle about his Fearless Farming journey spanning over 4 decades through Dairy Farming, journalism and writing a book! A joy to listen to and a show stopper on one of Ireland Fearless Farmers.
September 20, 2021
August 13, 2021
August 13, 2021