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Fast & Functional

Fast & Functional

By Katie Garrott, MS, CNS
Bite-sized, 10 minute episodes for the busy person who wants to use easy, research-proven methods to improve health. I have a functional medicine approach that helps you understand how your body works so you can address the root causes behind the symptoms preventing you from feeling your best!
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37 - Learn About Your Health By Deciphering Your Stools

Fast & Functional

37 - Learn About Your Health By Deciphering Your Stools
I talk so much about gut health because it's the foundation of overall health. But how do you know if your gut health needs improving? One of the easiest (and free!) ways is to become more acquainted with your bathroom habits.  We have a fun time discussing this icky topic that can reveal so much about your health. Listen in to find out what your BMs are trying to tell you! A great way to address abnormal stools is through lifestyle changes. Lack of exercise, poor sleep, high stress, and an inflammatory diet all contribute to gut issues. For help getting on track, book an appointment or transform through our online program.
August 22, 2022
36 - Goodbye Acne: The Path to Flawless Skin
While there's all kinds of creams and serums that can help you deal with acne, in functional medicine we want to address the root causes. Why do you even have acne or occasional breakouts? Resolving the imbalances that trigger it will give you lasting results and take the burden off of managing it.  Listen to the end where I tell my own personal story of acne! Then share this episode with someone who can benefit from it.  Want us to answer a question or cover a certain health condition, symptom, or problem? Go here to request it! For a plan and support in making lifestyle changes that can address these root causes, join our online program. Check it out here.
July 28, 2022
35 - Pack These Foods To Feel Great Traveling
While there may be some special meals you want to enjoy on your travels, eating whatever's available for all 3 meals per day isn't the smartest strategy for your health or how you'll feel day-to-day.  You'll want a pen and paper as you listen to this one. I discuss what I pack for both roadtrips and flights to keep my body nourished while away on trips! For more ideas on feeling your best while traveling, check out our blog post here. From there, you can check out our services and online program if you're looking for help in overcoming your health issues. 
June 19, 2022
34 - Getting Personal: Life Lessons From My Half Marathon
Some might say I'm addicted to learning. Hey, it's one of the things that makes me so good at my job! Sometimes, I like to do things just because I'm excited about what I might learn from it (not because I actually want to do it). Signing up for a half marathon was one of those things. And while I'll never do it again, listen in for why it ended up being such a valuable experience!  Want us to answer a question or cover a certain health condition, symptom, or problem? Go here to request it! For suggestions on much easier and shorter ways to get movement in, join our online program that helps you implement not only exercise but also a healthy diet, better sleep, and improved stress recovery. Check it out here.
February 28, 2022
33 - Why Is My Hair Falling Out!?
Noticing more hair in the shower (my husband calls me out on this in the episode 😬), or seeing a little more of your scalp than you'd like? Listen in to find out what causes hair loss, and what we can do about it! Want to see for yourself what your iron or hormones look like and if they could be contributing to hair loss? You can go here to order your own labs. If you'd like help interpreting them, finding your root causes, and working through a plan to improve hair growth, schedule an appt with us here. If you're more of a DIY-person: in our online program, one of the weeks is dedicated to understanding stress and has a handout helping you identify and implement stress-recovery activities. Check it out here.
January 23, 2022
32 - How To Have More Joy
We recorded this a week before Thanksgiving, so 'tis the season for gratitude and joy. Though sometimes, 'tis the season to realize how hard it is to feel anything other than overwhelm, exhaustion, or disappointment as you reflect on the year. If you think you could use a little more joy in your life, listen in for the secret recipe.  Want us to answer a question or cover a certain health condition, symptom, or problem? Go here to request it!  In our online program, one of the weeks is dedicated to reducing stress and has a handout helping you identify and implement joyful activities. Check it out here.
November 18, 2021
31 - Getting Personal: Why I Do What I Do
I take a break away from my typical style of teaching to get up close and personal with you guys. I share about my story, and the stories of several of those I've helped. I share how these stories have shaped my mission in life, and I leave with you hope and encouragement that through functional medicine and compassionate health coaching, abundant health and a better life is waiting for you!  To learn more about what we do, go here. If you want a low-commitment way to get started, check out my online program here. What’s Functional Medicine? Go here for the answer.
June 29, 2021
30 - Exercise Motivation: Top 10 Benefits
We all know exercise is "good for us", but that general knowledge isn't enough to get us to do it! If you really want lasting motivation, educating yourself on the specific benefits that apply to you can help you achieve that. You'd never guess the second benefit!  Check out my blog posts on exercise here to keep the education/motivation going!  If you need help implementing a workout routine, along with other healthy habits, check out my online program. 
March 27, 2021
29 - Ask Your Doctor This At Your Next Appointment
Want to make your time with the doctor more productive? Want to make sure you're not missing key information to your state of health? We cover what you can get out of the appointment and from labs, from a functional medicine perspective!  To learn more about what it's like to work with me, go here. Feel free to use the contact form to send me requests for future episodes!
February 23, 2021
28 - Are Diet Drinks Ok? The Best Alternative Sweetener
Many of us desire to eat or drink something sweet, but don't want the negative effects of sugar. Learn what could be hurting your body and what's the best 0 calorie way to satisfy a sweet tooth. For all the dirty details on artificial sweeteners, check out my blog post here. To learn more about Fort Worth's food scene, go to our sponsor here.
December 28, 2020
27 - The #1 Fruit To Fix Your Gut
Want to have better digestion, better bowel movements, a healthier immune system, and enjoy sweet fruit without increasing blood sugar? Listen in for fun facts on how this fruit can help you (and why Phil is obsessed with it).  For ideas on how to eat it, check out my blog post here.  To get to know the creative folk behind Fort Worth's food scene, go to our sponsor here. 
December 01, 2020
26 - The Truth About The Flu Vaccine And Tamiflu
Ever wonder how effective or safe it is to take what you doctor gives you for flu prevention or treatment? Want to know what natural options exist? Listen to get all the facts so you can make the best decision for you! Go here for the quick reference guide, and here for the blog post. Check out our sponsor at
October 31, 2020
25 - What Motivates Me to Exercise
It's not enough to know WHAT you want to do. You have to know WHY. Education without motivation (which comes from the why) never leads to action, which is what you really want. So listen in to get some ideas so you can start taking more ACTION!  Check out the foodie blog and podcast of our sponsor at
October 05, 2020
24 - Why You're Still Tired With Enough Sleep
So you get the required 7-9 hours of sleep, yet you still don't feel ready to tackle the day, and struggle with energy every afternoon. What are you missing? Listen in to find out, and how you can start improving your sleep quality tonight!  For a deeper dive with research to back it up, check out my blog post on this topic: Check out the sponsor of this podcast:
September 09, 2020
23 - How To Tell If You Need Magnesium
Many of us have insufficient magnesium status to maintain good health. Deficiency can affect everything from inflammation, gut health, mood, sleep, and pain. Find out if you need magnesium and how to optimize your levels!  Read more from my blog post on this topic here: Check out our sponsor, Fort Worth Food Stories:
August 09, 2020
22 - Fix These 4 Common Exercise Mistakes
Are you putting in the effort to exercise and not sure it’s really doing anything for you? These exercise mistakes can reduce the effectiveness of your workouts and limit your results.  Read more from my blog post on this topic here: Check out the podcast of our sponsor, Fort Worth Food Stories:
July 26, 2020
21 - 4 Health Effects of Salt You've Never Heard Of
We've all heard salt causes high blood pressure. You'll learn it's actually not that simple, and that excessive salt can impact other aspects of our health as well.  To read the blog with all the action steps, click here. 
June 26, 2020
20 - How Sunlight May Save Your Life
We all know sunlight helps us make Vitamin D. But do you know just how important Vitamin D is? Or the other ways in which is can drastically improve our health? Listen for why it's so important, and how to get it in safe ways.  For my blog post on this topic, click here.  For a blue-light reducing app for your screens, click here.  For blue-light blocking glasses to wear at night, click here. 
May 31, 2020
19 - Self-Sabotage: How I Overcame It And How You Can Too
Learn the 3 common but destructive thought patterns we all engage in that keep us stuck in self-sabotage, and exactly what you can do to transform your mindset to find freedom! For more guidance on creating structure to follow-through with your plans, download my Routines for Success Roadmap.
April 30, 2020
18 - How To Boost Your Immune System
Grab a notepad and get ready to hear A TON of tips on how to stay healthy during cold and flu season.
March 16, 2020
17 - The Placebo Effect And The Power of Mindset
Makayla Ervin, business coach for female entrepreneurs, interviews me on this podcast. Listen in for some mind-blowing studies on the placebo effect! We discuss the power that mindset has over how you feel and achieving your goals.  
March 12, 2020
16 - Overcoming Weight Loss Resistance
Have you been trying to lose weight and get healthy for what seems like forever and you just feel like the results don't match the amount of effort you put in? Maybe you're overlooking some of these common causes of weight loss resistance. 
January 13, 2020
15 - How Stress Makes You Sick and Overweight
Listen to in to discover how stress affects your metabolism, energy, gut, etc. I also describe how it affects decision-making, basically making you do stupid things. I wrap it up with ideas on how to balance stress out so it affects you less!
October 28, 2019
14 - Is Thyroid to Blame? Part 3
The final episode in our Thyroid Series is all about taking action- learn a few key ways you can best support your thyroid's optimal functioning!
May 28, 2019
13 - Is Thyroid to Blame? Pt 2
You found out your thyroid is under-performing, now what? Learn what causes the thyroid to not function as well so you know how to best support it!
May 15, 2019
12 - Is Your Thyroid to Blame?
Find out the symptoms that are most unique to hypothyroidism, what to test for, and what ranges show your thyroid is functioning optimally. 
March 14, 2019
11 - Will Fruit Make Me Fat?
Fruit has sugar- and is a carb! Gasp! So should we be avoiding it if we want to lose weight? Listen in to find out when and how much to include in your diet.
January 16, 2019
10 - How To Survive the Holidays
Follow these tips to fully partake in the holidays while not making your health suffer. For example, learn about the best way to enjoy alcohol without gaining weight.
December 10, 2018
9 - Debunking the Top 4 Sleep Myths
Find out the truth about the best ways to sleep to maximize your health!
November 01, 2018
8 - Top 4 Supplements We Need
Find out which nutrients you are most likely to be deficient in regardless of your health or diet.
October 11, 2018
7 - Blog Chat: Why Diets Don't Work
Have you noticed that the "calories in must be less than calories out" method of weight loss doesn't lead to long-term success? This episode explores the reasons why, based on the blog post on this topic found on my website
September 25, 2018
6 - Gut Health Part 3 - Your Second Brain
Learn how the gut can control so much of the body, from your mood to your joint pain to your weight!
September 10, 2018
5 - Gut Health Part 2 - Lifestyle
This is the second of a 3-part series on gut health. Part 1 discuss Leaky Gut and diet, while this episode discusses how different aspects of our lifestyle un-related to food affect the health of the living organisms in your GI tract and your ability to digest and absorb food.
August 25, 2018
4 - Gut Health Part 1
Did you know we have more bacterial cells than human ones? Learn how to keep these guys healthy, and how they can cause "leaky gut."
July 31, 2018
3 - Why Am I So Tired?
If you feel like you're living a generally healthy life and yet don't have the pep in your step that you used to have, listen for ideas on what could be wrong and what you can do about it! Fatigue has many causes, which means there will be many things you want to do to improve it.
July 22, 2018
2 - Paleo, Vegan, Keto, Oh My!
How do you know which diet you should follow to get the best results? Are any of them actually good for you anyways? In this episode, we discuss the pro's and con's, what the research says, and what you should ultimately do.
July 21, 2018
1 - What is Functional Medicine
Listen as Katie and Phillip hash out the new 21st century way of doing medicine. Functional medicine is able to address complex conditions such as IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, and autoimmunity.
June 17, 2018