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Fat Gay Vegan

Fat Gay Vegan

By Sean O'Callaghan
Fat Gay Vegan uses humour and personal stories to entertain vegans and people thinking of going vegan (and people who swear on their holy book that they will never go vegan). FGV shares news, reviews, travel tips, and memories from a childhood in Australia as he lives an adulthood in the UK and Mexico.
This is not another vegan podcast, this is your new best friend.
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June 16, 2021 FGV mini news roundup. All the vegan news you need and don’t need from Fat Gay Vegan

Fat Gay Vegan

June 16, 2021 FGV mini news roundup. All the vegan news you need and don’t need from Fat Gay Vegan

Fat Gay Vegan

Fat Gay Vegan Weekly Roundup - the ‘I moved to Soho’ edition!
The news roundup is back after a moving house break and Fat Gay Vegan has plenty to tell you. He’s getting married. He lives in Soho. He’s still eating a lot. Listen to all these exciting developments now! Thank you to Patreon supporters for keeping the show on the road.
July 20, 2021
Get all the latest news from FGV in the 26 June 2021 episode of the Mini News Roundup
How many times have you moved house? As I get ready to relocate AGAIN, I talk about why I’m excited to be heading back to London. I sing the praises of a stuffed crust pizza I are, plus talk about a vegan-friendly beer company giving money to charity. Listen up!
June 26, 2021
June 16, 2021 FGV mini news roundup. All the vegan news you need and don’t need from Fat Gay Vegan
I’ve been a bit worried about taking vegan food options for granted now they are easier to find. I ramble a bit about that as well as vegan ice cream, vegan Sheffield, and new music from Marina.
June 16, 2021
Fat Gay Vegan mini news roundup 10 June 2021 - direct from London
What is the limit that you would pay for a vegan sausage roll. Listen to FGV as he is outraged by the price of a vegan sausage roll in London. He also shares news of restaurants and bars in the capital and explains why he might change his name to the Plum King. It’s a laugh a minute in the world of FGV. *please note: a laugh a minute is not guaranteed
June 10, 2021
Fat Gay Vegan talks with... Steve of Café Van Gogh
In this special episode of the Fat Gay Vegan podcast, Sean talks with Steve Clarke of Cafe Van Gogh. This social enterprise restaurant is 100% vegan and serves as a training platform for young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities who are looking for careers in hospitality. Learn about the history of the café and how head chef Bonita is steering it into the future.
May 24, 2021
Fat Gay Vegan News Roundup: episode 5
Where did FGV get his start in the world of plant-based promotions? London of course, and now he is moving back. Here all about it in this week’s episode as well as new vegan market news and the vegan pork creating a storm. FGV is here to inform and tantalise!
May 19, 2021
Fat Gay Vegan Weekly News Roundup: episode 4
There are MANY vegan eateries you will want to visit in London after lockdown and restrictions, but FGV has picked his top 10. Also included in this week’s episode? Product of the week, a job vacancy in London, and how you can get free vegan meat. FGV wants you to eat.
May 12, 2021
Fat Gay Vegan Weekly News Roundup:episode 3 May 5, 2021
Lady Gaga has given vegans reasons to not be her most ardent supporters, but my vegan product of the week is from Gaga’s makeup range! I also talk pick n mix sweets, how you can support a homelessness charity, and my recent vegan feast at a non-vegan pub. This is your weekly news alert for May 5, 2021. FGV is in your ears! Support FGV here:
May 5, 2021
Fat Gay Vegan Weekly Roundup: episode 2
Have you ever seen a celebrity in a vegan restaurant? FGV has. This week’s roundup features the loaded chocolate bar trend, where to get vegan milkshakes in Sheffield, and what you need to know about having vegan afternoon tea for two delivered to your house. Oh yeah, you’ll also find out which celebrities he saw! It’s your weekly vegan news alert for April 28, 2021 and FGV wants to be your friend!
April 28, 2021
Fat Gay Vegan Weekly Roundup: episode 1
Do you remember the first time you tasted seitan? Fat Gay Vegan shares his memory from almost 20 years ago! Sean O’Callaghan aka Fat Gay Vegan uses episode one of his new weekly roundup to shout out the northern city of Sheffield, talk about the chippy phenomenon, and recommend things all self-respecting vegans should be eating. FGV has been using humor to promote compassionate choices for over a decade and he wants to be your friend.
April 22, 2021