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My Favorite Mistake

My Favorite Mistake

By Mark Graban
Do you make mistakes? Of course. All leaders do. But do we learn from them? Listen and you'll hear executives, entrepreneurs, and other interesting people discuss their “favorite mistakes” and what they learned, including how to prevent making the same mistakes again. Or, how to turn apparent mistakes into positives. We discuss how to create a business & workplace culture where it's safe to talk about mistakes – this leads to continuous improvement, instead of blaming and shaming others or beating ourselves up. Hosted by Mark Graban (author of "Lean Hospitals" and "Measures of Success").
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Lean Manufacturing Expert Bob Rush is "A Big Fan of Mistakes"
Founder of Bob Rush Consulting Show notes: My guest for Episode #90 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Bob Rush, a Lean manufacturing expert, a management consultant (Bob Rush Consulting), and a contributor to the anthology book Practicing Lean. His bio from his book read: "Bob has over 35 years of operations experience and has had over 25 years of Lean practice. His experience is in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies, and title levels that ranged from shipping clerk to VP of operations. Some of the companies he has worked with, and for, include Hewlett Packard, JDS Uniphase, and Idex Corporation. His journey includes ten years of consulting experience, where he had only himself to blame if things didn’t work out." Bob was also "associate Lean manager" at Tesla Motors from 2015 to 2018 before returning to consulting. In today's episode, Bob shares his “favorite mistake” story about not realizing, at first, that “Lean” is a system, not a toolbox. Why does he say that “the biggest project I’ll ever work on is myself”? Other topics and questions: What’s your elevator speech about Lean? How do you explain it to a CEO? Creating a culture where it’s OK to talk about mistakes? What was the teaching style of your mentors? They knew you’d figure it out? Not simple telling… “Big fan of making mistakes” – Why did he once give a reward for the biggest mistake? Find Bob on LinkedIn
August 1, 2021
A Model, Author, and Breast Cancer Survivor Who Learned to Ask for Help: Christine Handy
My guest for Episode #89 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Christine Handy, a motivational speaker, author, and breast cancer survivor. Show notes: In 2016, Christine released her first book Walk Beside Me, a fictional depiction of her illness and a long road to recovery. After her diagnosis, Christine now aims to serve as a spokesperson, speaker, and Ambassador for cancer-related causes. An accomplished model, Christine began her career at the age of 11 in her hometown of St. Louis. Throughout her career, she has done campaigns for notable brands like Guess, J. Crew, JC Penney, Bud Light, Pepsi, Petco, and Target. In today's episode, Christine shares her “favorite mistake” story about “quitting” on herself and being afraid to ask for help while battling cancer. How did she manage to put aside pride and to learn to ask for help? Other topics and questions: What led to not wanting the help anymore? What turned you around? We believe we’re helping others by not asking for help Tell us about the book — Walk Beside Me — Why a fictionalization? Who would you want to play you in the movie that's being made? Jamie King Why does self-esteem need to be worked on every day? Why do you have to question authority? Find her on LinkedIn Instagram Twitter YouTube
July 29, 2021
Film Producer, CEO, and Creativity Expert, Nir Bashan
Author, CEO & Founder of The Creator Mindset, LLC. Show notes: My guest for Episode #88 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Nir Bashan, CEO & Founder of The Creator Mindset, LLC. Nir is a world-renowned creativity expert. He has taught thousands of leaders and individuals across the globe how to harness the power of creativity to improve profitability, increase sales and ultimately create more meaning in their work. Nir has worked on numerous albums, movies, and advertisements with famous actors and musicians ranging from Rod Stewart to Woody Harrelson.  His work on creativity has won a Clio Award and was nominated for an Emmy.   As founder and CEO of The Creator Mindset Consulting, his company produces workshops, consulting, coaching and keynote speaking engagements at conferences and corporate events. His clients include AT&T, Microsoft, Ace Hardware, NFL Network, EA Sports and jetBlue. His book The Creator Mindset: 92 Tools to Unlock the Secrets to Innovation, Growth, and Sustainability, which has been translated into two languages, was released worldwide by McGraw/Hill business in August of 2020. In today's episode, Nir shares his "favorite mistake," which involved his film production company that released a documentary film ("The Kitchen") that did well... but then went out of business. Why was it a problem to rest on their initial success? Why did it "work for a while" before "tanking"? Other topics and questions: Applying those lessons from your experience to your current business? Takeaway – “I don’t sell anything anymore” Why he does more listening now Can you have a process for being creative? It’s a tool to use, not a gift? Prof. Amy Edmondson, in her blurb for your book, makes reference to “using mistakes to learn fast” — tell us more about that… Look at the mistake in a positive way
July 26, 2021
A CEO Who Borrowed Money From Mom to Start a Tech Company: AlexAnndra Ontra
CEO and founder of Shufflrr Show notes: My guest for Episode #87 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is AlexAnndra Ontra.  As President and co-founder of Shufflrr, AlexAnndra is blazing a trail in the emerging new discipline of presentation management. The technology she helped create is already powering the presentation strategies of hundreds of Fortune-level companies, helping them save millions of dollars by transforming humble PowerPoint slides into invaluable business assets. Shufflrr visualizes your company's content so you can find, see, read through, that one great slide or file when you need it. Alex is also the co-author of the book Presentation Management: The New Strategy for Enterprise Content. In today's episode Alex shares her “favorite mistake,” which was borrowing money from her mother to start a tech company. When the great recession hit, she couldn't make the payments, which weighed on her heavily. She couldn’t just quit and move on — she stuck with it and the company is thriving now. Other topics and questions: What's it like starting a business with a sibling? Mistakes speakers make with presentations? Mistakes companies make in managing presentation slides?
July 22, 2021
Not Being Organized Around Customer Solutions: Cliff Bleustein, MD, MBA, CEO of AposHealth
Global President and CEO at AposHealth Show notes: My guest for Episode #86 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Cliff Bleustein, MD, MBA, the Global President and CEO at AposHealth. Read his full corporate bio here. Dr.Bleustein graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed his internship at the New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens. He later completed his residency in urology at Montefiore Medical Center. He went on to private practice Urology and became a board-certified Urologist. Dr. Bleustein earned a bachelor’s degree in science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He also received an executive master’s degree in business administration from NYU Stern School of Business where he now teaches Healthcare Economics as an Adjunct Professor. In today's episode, Cliff tells a “favorite mistake” story about his time at a previous company. What happened when they realized that they were organized around technologies, but the customers wanted solutions. How did the company get to be that way and why did nothing change? Other topics and questions: Tell us about AposHealth — who are the customers? Did your favorite mistake help you here? Mistakes in healthcare? Openness about talking about mistakes? Why does it take 17 years to adopt new technologies? Creating a blame free culture in medicine? In sales? As a CEO, what's your view on learning from mistakes? Insights into growing a global medical organization?
July 19, 2021
"The Lonely Genius is a Myth" & How to Hold Successful Meetings: Caterina Kostoula
Author of "Hold Successful Meetings" Show notes: My guest for Episode #85 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Caterina Kostoula. She is an executive coach and founder of The Leaderpath. Prior to The Leaderpath, Caterina was a Global Business Leader at Google where she managed some of the company's largest C-level partnerships. She was also an internal coach, awarded a 5-star-rating distinction from her coachees. Before Google, Caterina worked in advertising.  Caterina has coached leaders from Google, Amazon, Vodafone, WPP, Ferrero, ArcelorMittal, Workable, and several entrepreneurs. She collaborates with INSEAD, coaching Executive MBAs and alumni. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. She is the author of the book, released today, Hold Successful Meetings, published by Penguin Business. Caterina has lived in more than seven countries across America, Europe, and Asia. She now lives in London. She writes about personal development on Forbes, Fast Company, and Thrive Global. In 2017, she was one of Medium’s top writers on self-improvement, life lessons, and relationships.  She holds an INSEAD MBA and an Executive Coaching Accreditation and MSc from Ashridge Business School. She has two young children and enjoys spending time with family and friends. Topics and questions: What is your favorite mistake? Mistake: kept generating and making all of the decisions as a solopreneur Lesson: Cannot make impact without a team – not just outsourcing Mentor asked: What kind of leader do you want to be? In theory, leaders want ideas… but there's subtle sabotage Team members though say they’re scared Psychological safety – work on establishing this first Why write the book? Out of pain and frustration? What does “successful” mean in context of meetings? 4 reasons to have a meeting — 4Ds Common mistakes related to meetings? Mistakes with Virtual meetings? More tiring — make them shorter, take breaks every 45 min Interaction is harder – more interruption Meetings need more structure as a countermeasure Using breakouts Quiz – how successful are your meetings?
July 15, 2021
From a 9-to-5 Job to the Pit of Despair Before Success: John Paragon
Business coach from the UK Show notes and links: My guest for Episode #84 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is John Paragon, a business coach based in the UK — John is focused on coaching struggling fathers on discovering and launching their ideal business in 30 days. His website is Warning and disclaimer: There is a brief mention of the sensitive subject of suicide. If you are struggling, help is available Speak with someone today by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. Why did he leave a 9-to-5 job to end up in a “pit of despair” before finding more success and fulfillment? Why was he nicknamed “Honest John” when selling cars at a dealer and why was he a bad fit for having that trait of honesty? How has he succeeded in spite of dropping out of school at age 14? Why does he think every person should develop some sort of “side hustle”? Why does he focus specifically on coaching young fathers with starting businesses?
July 12, 2021
Studying Too Much and Suffering Health Consequences: Sabrina Malter
Manager of Strategy & Organizational Change My guest for Episode #83 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Sabrina Malter, a Manager of Strategy and Organizational Change at Roche Diagnostics (in Germany). Show notes: Today, Sabrina shares two "favorite mistake" stories. One is about studying too much and not taking care of herself to the point that she lost her hearing for a period and suffered from short-term memory loss. How has she learned to notice the early warning signs of such overwork and stress? Her second story is about "playing it safe too much" and how "courage" was her theme for the year 2020. We also talk about creating a workplace culture where it's safe to talk openly about mistakes, something we both agree is incredibly important. What happened when, as a fan of this podcast, she asked a new executive what his favorite mistake was? And, does she know what the word "verschlimmbesserung" means? She does and she'll explain what it means to her.
July 8, 2021
The Customer Wanted ONE Person to Blame: Kyle Kumpf
Entrepreneur and financial services process improvement leader Show notes: My guest for Episode #82 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Kyle Kumpf. He has founded a few businesses, has been a consultant, and is currently working in the financial services industry. Kyle has a bachelor's degree in packaging engineering technology from Indiana State University. Like me, he's been deeply involved in process improvement work (Lean Six Sigma) and his current mission is "ending human suffering as it relates to process in Financial Services." In this episode, Kyle talks about his "favorite mistake" involving a time when he "disobeyed one of his personal values" -- the customer wanted someONE to blame, and he wrote up an employee. Why did he regret this action and how did he realize it was a mistake? We talk about that, mistakes related to his passion of playing golf, and more.
July 6, 2021
How Complacency Threatened CEO Aya Shlachter's Design & Architecture Business
Mom, wife, entrepreneur, speaker, and CEO of MGS Global Group Show notes: My guest for Episode #81 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Aya Shlachter, a mom, wife, entrepreneur, speaker, and CEO of MGS Global Group, a built environment, architectural and graphic design consulting firm serving the creative industry. Her team specializes in architectural support, graphics production support, and design consulting services in the retail, residential and hospitality sectors for leading brands, including Coach, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, and many restaurants. Aya also runs the Architect My Life program, where she helps female creative entrepreneurs and CEOs like architects and designers scale to seven figures in 12 months or less while enjoying more out of life along the way. She will also be launching a podcast of the same name. Aya earned a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. In this episode, Aya shares her favorite mistake about getting complacent in the early days of a business that was going really well… until it was not. Why was the business on “autopilot” and what problems did that cause? Thankfully, early recognition of the mistake prevented bigger problems. Other topics and questions: Mistakes in setting up her website? Systems in place to prevent cashflow blindness? Covid challenges — hold out or pivot? Creating a system to look for blind spots / need to pivot? Mistakes retailers make in store design? Mistakes entrepreneurs make?
July 1, 2021
What Getting Stuck in an MLM Hard Sell Event Taught Tim Spiker About Leadership
Founder of “The Aperio” and author of The Only Leaders Worth Following Show notes: My guest for Episode #80 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Tim Spiker, founder of his company The Aperio and author of the book The Only Leaders Worth* Following: Why Some Leaders Succeed, Others Fail, and How the Quality of Our Lives Hangs in the Balance.  Other topics and questions: What does the word “Aperio” mean with your company name? What is the “who* not what principle”? “3/4 of effectiveness as a leader is who you are, not what you do” What are the four steps of empathy? The book — what does the asterisk next to Worth mean? How do you choose a leader worth following? Mistakes people make in choosing to follow leaders? What are the effects of poor leadership on relationships and health? Implications for hiring or promoting? Rationalizing bad behavior or thinking you HAVE to be a jerk to be successful (Steve Jobs?) Why do leaders want to do new things without changing how they are? Leaders reacting to mistakes? How should they? Humility in leaders is a magnet… trust
June 28, 2021
Not Knowing How to Write a Resume: Dr. Noor Ali
Health insurance advisor, physician, and surgeon Show notes: My guest for Episode #79 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Dr. Noor Ali, a physician from Bangladesh who struggled to find a job here in the U.S. She describes herself as a “passionate and strong-willed mother, wife, doctor, researcher, entrepreneur, and champion of women in science who want it all.” In this episode, she'll talk about her resume writing mistakes and she'll talk about the role she has embraced as a health insurance advisor here in the U.S. Dr. Ali will talk about mistakes that entrepreneurs and other people make when it comes to health insurance. We'll also discuss opportunities for improvement in the U.S. health system and her views on those who say it's a mistake to "want it all" as a professional woman. Find Dr. Ali on Social Media: LinkedIn Twitter Instagram YouTube Facebook
June 24, 2021
Being Careless with a Crocodile Changed Ron Magill's Life for the Better
Zoologist, and Communicators Director, Zoo Miami Show notes and links: My guest for this BONUS episode of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Ron Magill, the communications director for the Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens (or Zoo Miami) — he’s a zoologist and his “favorite mistake” story is one that only a zoologist could tell. I recently did another bonus episode with five personalities from the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. Ron is a weekly guest each Tuesday on their show. For that original bonus episode, I encouraged people to make donations to the Ron Magill Conservation Endowment, as I did. I hope you'll consider doing the same and it's a great cause. Today, Ron shares a story about how being young and cocky and careless with a crocodile managed was a "favorite mistake" because it happened for a reason... and it made his life better! I was able to get this story via the Cameo app and you can also buy a personalized message from him there, if you like.
June 21, 2021
Learning Not to Make the Client Look Terrible: Jeff Gothelf
Author of books including FOREVER EMPLOYABLE: How to stop looking for work and let your next job find you Show notes:  My guest for Episode #78 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Jeff Gothelf, author of books including Sense and Respond, Lean UX, and Lean vs Agile vs Design Thinking. His latest book is FOREVER EMPLOYABLE: How to stop looking for work and let your next job find you. Recently, he co-founded Sense & Respond Press, a publishing house for modern, transformational business books. Today, we hear his "favorite mistake" story from his first consulting gig. Why did he end up making the client look terrible in front of their bosses? And what did he learn from that incident to make sure he never does that again? Questions and topics include: Job search mistakes Reducing the “panic” that comes with company uncertainty Building a safety net around yourself Pull opportunities to you - grow your presence Startup mistakes - wasting time and money on ideas that don't work Why the magic ingredient is humility Find Jeff on Social Media: LinkedIn Twitter
June 20, 2021
Merging Consulting Firms With Her Husband: Moe Carrick
CEO of Momentum, Inc. Show notes, enter to win her books, and more: My guest for Episode #77 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Moe Carrick, the CEO of her company, Momentum, Inc. She is a best-selling author, consultant, relentless optimist, and bee keeper. Yes, I'll ask her about that last part. Moe has a new podcast coming soon called Work: Beyond HR. Moe is the author of two books, and you can enter a contest to win both of them: Fit Matters: How to Love Your Job Bravespace Workplace: Making Your Company Fit for Human Life In today's episode, Moe shares her favorite mistake — a story about merging her consulting firm with the consulting company of her second (and current) husband. Why was this a mistake? How did she learn it was a mistake and what did she do about that? We'll talk about her lessons learned and more. Other topics and questions: Why didn't she listen to the coach that she and her husband hired? Was it a “merger of equals”? How often is “bad employee” a matter of “bad fit”? How can straight, white people be an effective and graceful ally to people of color or the LGBTQ+ communities? White men as full diversity partners? My wife's blog post that I mentioned
June 17, 2021
Not Going to the Boss for Help on the Late Project: Matt Boos
Director of Strategy for The Industrious My guest for Episode #76 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Matthew Boos. We were classmates in elementary school back in our hometown of Livonia, Michigan. Now, he is the Director of Strategy for The Industrious and he's the keyboard player for Blizzard of Ozzy, a Black Sabbath Tribute band. In today's episode, Matt shares his favorite mistake story from a time when he was working for a major telecommunications company. A project was behind schedule ("in the red") and he and his project co-leader weren't forthcoming about that. Matt says he literally thinks about this ordeal every single day -- it's influenced him and he's learned from it. How has this influenced him as a leader? Listen and find out. This podcast is part of the Lean Communicators network.
June 14, 2021
Building Her Professional "Castle" On Somebody Else's Land: Victoria Wieck
World-renowned jewelry designer and entrepreneur Show notes: My guest for Episode #75 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Victoria Wieck, a world-renowed jewelry designer, entrepreneur, author, and someone who has spent more than two decades on two different cable TV shopping channels. Victoria's parents immigrated from South Korea when she was very young and, starting with no money, she worked her way up to selling over 10 million pieces of jewelry over her career. Victoria has a BS in Economics from UCLA and an MBA from USC. From 1998 until 2017, she was on HSN sharing her unique jewelry designs with millions of viewers with her monthly shows. She took some time off to plan her daughter’s wedding and to write a novel… but she came back to TV, sharing her elegant, affordably priced jewelry on ShopHQ through her weekly shows. Victoria is hosting a free webinar on June 24th called “How to Make More Money and Work Less.” The registration form can be found at the bottom of her website. Questions and topics include: Her podcast, “Million Dollar Hobbies“ Her upcoming book, Living the American Dream Why it was a mistake to give HSN full rights to her social media and online presence The problems with the contract that she signed “Don’t build your castle on somebody else’s land” The film “Our Darkest Hour” “Success is not final; failure is not fatal.” — Winston Churchill Her mission – help create a million millionaires Mistakes entrepreneurs make? Her novel Shattered Sky Find Victoria on Social Media: Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
June 10, 2021
Taking Responsibility and Learning from Mistakes: Terry Iverson, CEO of Iverson & Company
President & CEO at Iverson & Company Show notes: My guest for Episode #74 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Terry Iverson, the President & CEO at Iverson & Company, a third-generation family-owned company that produces machine tooling. Terry is the author of Finding America's Greatest Champion: Building Prosperity Through Manufacturing, Mentoring and the Awesome Responsibility of Parenting (2018). He is also founder of the ChampionNow! Foundation, formed in 2012. Questions and topics include: What lesson did Terry learn about responsibility, in the realm of high school academics and sports eligibility? Lesson about accountability, when others depend on you As a father, can you teach that story or has to be lived? Fessing up and telling the truth about a mistake in the business You don’t make a decision KNOWING its the wrong decision — but learn something?
June 7, 2021
Preventing the Cycle of Burnout From Repeating: Twyla Verhelst
Leader of the Accounting Professionals Program at FreshBooks. Show notes: My guest for Episode #73 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Twyla Verhelst. She lives and breathes accounting. As a CPA, tech entrepreneur, and now leader of the Accounting Professionals Program at FreshBooks, she’s working to empower accounting professionals with the tools they need to thrive, as well as helping them discover their most valuable tool — their authentic self. In this episode, Twyla talks about her “favorite mistake” — a past episode of burnout and what she learned that allows her to prevent things from getting as bad when she detects signs of burnout starting to appear. Questions and topics include: What caused her burnout? Why was a 7-day silent retreat helpful to her? What does it mean to be your “authentic self”? As an accountant, an introvert, she had created a representation of herself… speaking up, doing things she decided “weren’t her” Being authentic vs. getting out of your comfort zone?? Where is the balance? Being a mentor to women in accounting and entrepreneurship arenas… Is the name “Twyla” more popular after the show “Schitt's Creek” aired? Find Twyla on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
June 3, 2021
NSYNC and the WNBA; Trusting The Process With Sixers & Devils CEO Scott O'Neil
CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment Show notes: Warning: The episode does contain a brief mention of a death by suicide. If you are struggling, help is available Speak with someone today by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. My guest for Episode #72 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Scott O'Neil. He's the CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, a global sports and entertainment company that includes some of the most iconic and innovative teams and brands in the world, including the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA) and the New Jersey Devils (NHL). With more than 20 years of experience in the NBA, NHL and NFL, Scott has worked in the NBA league office, was formerly the President of Madison Square Garden Sports and he's now the author of Be Where Your Feet Are: Seven Principles to Keep You Present, Grounded and Thriving – which is available TODAY! Scott was also featured recently in this fantastic Wall St. Journal article: “For Sports Executive Scott O’Neil, Failure Is the Best Teacher.” Questions and topics include: Scott's “favorite mistake” when working for the NBA league office Why trying to reach teenage girls through NSYNC, as an attempt to grow the WBNA audience, was a mistake and why it “failed miserably” The mistake of not being more hands on Why relationships matter and how Scott came to appreciate this Have to be able to fail… the Sixers were in first place when we recorded this and they lose one third of the time The Sixers are famous for “the process” — were there ever times when you thought the process was a mistake? “Trust the process” — no short cuts to the top, short term pain for long-term gain How do you know when to stick with “the process” vs. adjusting to a new plan or approach
June 1, 2021
Matchmaking CEO April Davis on Rushing Through College & Dating Mistakes
Founder and CEO of LUMA Luxury Matchmaking  Show Notes: My guest for Episode #71 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is April Davis, founder and CEO of LUMA Luxury Matchmaking, an INC. 5000 high-end nationwide Matchmaking service featured in Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County, Forbes, and CBS. In today's episode, April shares her “favorite mistake” about pushing to get through college too quickly (she got her master's at age 20). You'll hear about how she left corporate America and started a matchmaking service (and why it was a mistake to not start it sooner). April also shares stories and advice about how to avoid mistakes when dating or when trying to find your perfect match for marriage and life. Questions and topics include: How did you come to start a matchmaking service? How much of this is technology versus a person making matches? Dating mistakes? Especially those by executives, entrepreneurs, and high net worth people? How do you measure your matchmaking success rate? How does your background in process improvement help you in this business?
May 27, 2021
The Surgical Mistake and the Bad Decision That Followed: Dr. David Mayer
CEO of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation Show notes: My guest for Episode #70 is Dr. David B. Mayer. He is both the Chief Executive Officer of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and Executive Director of MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety. In today's episode, Dave shares a compelling story from his time as an anesthesia resident. What happened after the surgeon cut into the wrong side of the patient? Was the coverup worse than the crime? What did Dave learn from this incident and the pressure to keep quiet? How has this inspired him to be a patient safety leader? Questions and topics include: Lectures now about how to respond to harm… how do the students react? The book Wall of Silence about the harm caused by medical errors Patients want the truth – parallels to the Garrison Brothers episode CANDOR program How do mistakes like this happen? Culture? Feeling safe to speak up? Can’t just demand candor? Just Culture His ZERO hat — How many patients are harmed or killed by preventable medical error each year? “Moon Shot?” Video What would you do if you were made Patient Safety Czar? 1) Committee to talk about the moon shot 2) National patient safety authority like NHTSA or aviation 3) Incentives better aligned around patient safety & quality 4) Transparency
May 24, 2021
Needing to Be Right, Staying Too Long, and Expecting the Organization to Love You Back: AmyJo Mattheis
Founder & CEO of Pavo Navigation Consulting Show notes: My guest for Episode #69 is AmyJo Mattheis, the founder and CEO of her firm Pavo Navigation Consulting. She has worked in international development, government, higher education, and religion — a professor and a pastor. Works a lot with high-tech startups… she has managed teams, built roadmaps, facilitated groups, navigated boards, set vision, and led thousands of people to bring them into form. Questions and topics include: What were AmyJo's three favorite mistakes? Needing to know the answer (or thinking I had to be right) Staying too long in a job Expecting the organization to “love you back” (even if that's a church) How do you learn it’s a problem? Somatic indicators – signals? Is it fixable? Is it mine to fix? Advice: set a timeline to see if it can be better Knowledge vs. assumption Being right vs. testing hypotheses Coaches people all the time who beat themselves up over mistakes — accepted part of the culture Believing it was my responsibility to make everything right or successful Founders in Silicon Valley and Venture Capital firms… fail fast, fail early?  Easier said than done “I am exactly where I am meant to be, doing what I am supposed to do, at the exact time and place it is needed. All of where I have been now culminates into a potent product that brings results of increase for all and a new pathway to profit for you, your company, organization, or institution.”
May 20, 2021
Focusing on the Work More Than the Relationships: Ahmed Aref
CEO of CorpoCure, host of the "Values & Leadership" Podcast Notes: My guest for Episode #68 is Ahmed Aref, a global leadership coach, speaker, and strategic partner. He is an Egyptian currently living in Saudi Arabia, so he is my first connected with either country. He is CEO of CorpoCure, which produces the "Values & Leadership Podcast" and I was his guest there for Episode 11. He is also an Associate Coach with Global Coach Group and Ahmed is an Executive and Team Coach with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching. You can learn more through his LinkedIn page and his YouTube channel. Questions and topics include: What was Ahmed's favorite mistake? Why was he excluded from a key meeting? What happened with Ahmed focused more on the work instead of also focusing on relationships? Why is it important to spend time on those relationships? How can we give honest feedback with Emotional Intelligence? What mistake did Mark make but then NOT edit out from the recording? Not editing it out was an intentional choice, not an oversight…
May 16, 2021
Believing Her Boss Who Said a "Safe Space" Was Indeed Safe: Nika Kabiri
Co-author of the book Money off the Table: Decision Science and the Secret to Smarter Investing. Show notes: (go there to enter to win a free signed copy of her book) My guest for Episode #67 is Nika Kabiri, who describes herself as a “forward thinking, science-loving entrepreneur, author, public speaker, teacher, and researcher.” She's a decision scientist, who has her firm Kabiri Consulting, is on the faculty at the University of Washington Department of Communication, and is co-author of the book Money off the Table: Decision Science and the Secret to Smarter Investing. Nika has a PhD in sociology and, while she earned the JD degree, she's not an “attorney” (that was my mistake in the episode — oops!!). She has over twenty years of experience studying how people make decisions in a variety of contexts, from business to politics to relationships, and she's an active writer with a lot of great insights to share. You can also find her at Questions and topics include: What do mistakes even mean? Was law school a mistake? What’s your favorite mistake? Was it a mistake in thinking that the “Safe space” at work was really safe? But she was TOLD it was! How does a decision scientist decide whether she should speak up or not? Minimizing regret vs. maximizing possibility of good outcomes Helpful to delay a decision when you can? Forecasting the probability of outcome.. can’t predict the future… but we're craving certainty Broader themes on misinformation… what do you trust? Stories? Data? As people decide should they wear masks? Should they get vaccinated? You’ve written about solutions to conspiracy theories… what can individuals do, what must society do?
May 13, 2021
The Girl Never Made Mistakes, But the Author Did: Mark Pett
Author of "The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes" Show notes and enter to win a signed copy of his book: My guest for Episode #66 is Mark Pett, an “authorstrator”– he's the author (and illustrator) of children's books including the incredibly delightful and meaningful book “The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes.” Before writing his books, he created the syndicated comic strips “Mr. Lowe” and “Lucky Cow.” In the episode, Mark shares his “favorite mistake” story about his early days as a political cartoonist, trying to find work and mistakenly submitting a cartoon that was too close to another artist's cartoon that was already published. A Pulitzer Prize cartoonist warned him about “borrowing” ideas from his influences — it was an honest inadvertent mistake, but he was “mortified” and he learned from it. Here is a blog post of mine that I mentioned, about “imitate, integrate, and innovate.” We also talk about his book, which was powerful reading for me as an adult. I've dubbed it “the official book of the podcast” and I've been giving away copies to guests and friends of the show. We talk about perfectionism, growth mindset, and more.
May 10, 2021
"Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz" Personalities and Their Favorite Mistakes
Greg Cote, Amin Elhassan, Chris Cote, Roy Bellamy, Billy "Guillermo" Gil Show notes: This is a very, very special episode of My Favorite Mistake. Today, I get to share five stories from some of the personalities who are part of the highly popular Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. They are: Greg Cote (columnist for the Miami Herald and weekly guest) Amin Elhassan (former NBA executive and frequent guest) Chris Cote (Producer) Roy Bellamy (Producer) Billy “Guillermo” Gil (Producer) Each of them share a story (or stories) about their “favorite mistake(s)” from their careers. I was able to get video via the app Cameo, so I paid a nominal fee for each of them and also offered to make donations to a non-profit. This charity was started by a weekly guest of the show, Ron Magill, a zoologist from Zoo Miami — the Ron Magill Conservation Endowment. If you enjoy this episode and if you “get the show,” please consider donating to Ron's organization and its worthy cause. I first started listening to the show when they were on ESPN Radio, although I normally listened to them via their wildly popular podcast (it's often the #1 sports podcast in the U.S.). Dan recently left ESPN, walking away in the middle of a contract due to a number of conflicts, including being upset that Chris was laid off by “the mothership.” Le Batard and friends have been operating as an independent podcast, but recently announced a major sponsorship deal that is reportedly (if you can trust Greg Cote's reporting) bringing in $50 million over three years, as they build a new media company called Meadowlark Media. Congratulations to Dan and “the shipping container” and everybody associated with the show and their related podcasts and projects. If you're not a listener or you “don't get the show,” some of the stories contain show references that you might not understand. That's OK. Unlike Dan, I won't interrupt the episode to explain the jokes. I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.
May 6, 2021
Mistakes On The Jerry Springer Show, Reality TV, And Podcasts: Reena Friedman Watts
Host of the "Better Call Daddy Show," former producer on "The Jerry Springer Show" Show notes: My guest for Episode #65 is Reena Friedman Watts, the host of the podcast “Better Call Daddy.” She's also producing a new podcast called the “SNF Spotlight” (focused on Skilled Nursing Facilities). She started as an intern, a guest booker, and a producer for The Jerry Springer Show and never looked back. She’s hooked on telling the stories of outsiders. There's a long list of shows she has worked on… including Nanny 911, Judge Alex, and Divorce Court, She helps entrepreneurs get seen! Reena is also a Media Marketing Specialist through her company MegaWatts Productions. In the episode, Reena shares a few amazing stories about working with guests on “Springer.” Why is her favorite mistake “trying to make people what they're not”? Where did they find these guests? Did she ever feel unsafe with the fighting and the crazy situations? Did guests ever lie or make up stories? Spoiler alert: they did. We also talk about podcasting mistakes and whether she ever thought it was a mistake to start a podcast with her dad.
May 6, 2021
Forcing Change on Others in the Workplace: Lee Houghton
Business improvement consultant and podcaster Show notes: My guest for Episode #64 is Lee Houghton, coming to us from England. He's a business improvement coach — his company is called Get Knowledge and he's also the host of a podcast called “Business Problems Solved.” Here is his episode with Adam Lawrence, who was also my guest here in Episode 41 of My Favorite Mistake. Coincidentally, today Lee is publishing his episode where I am his guest. It's funny how that worked out. In the episode, Lee shares a few stories about how he was forcing change on others in the workplace (including the use of Lean manufacturing tools and methods). Why was he telling others what to do and what caused him to reflect on that? Is it a mistake to think that knowledge (training, education) is enough to influence people and affect change? What's the difference between “being told” and “discovering knowledge” in a way that includes learning from mistakes? Lee also has a program that's worth checking out — “Creating Confident Change Leaders.”
May 2, 2021
Moving For a Cheating Boyfriend After Graduating: Christy Whitman
Author of "The Desire Factor" Show notes: My guest for Episode #63 is Christy Whitman, a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach and Law of Attraction expert, as well as the two-time New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All and Taming Your Alpha Bitch. She is also the author of the international bestseller Quantum Success. Her new book The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power is available now. Christy has appeared on The Today Show, The Morning Show, and The Hallmark Channel and she has been a TedX speaker. Today, Christy and Mark talk about topics including: How did a new friendship point your career in a new direction? “A life of no excuses” — acknowledging mistakes means no excuses? Learning without beating yourself up? What is an “hyper-aggressive alpha bitch” and why is that, being that, a mistake for women? Why “watch your words“?
April 29, 2021
Creating a Culture That Learns From Mistakes: Keith Ingels
TPS Manager, The Raymond Corporation Show notes and links: My guest for Episode #62 is Keith Ingels, the “TPS Manager” (Toyota Production System Manager) at The Raymond Corporation, a Toyota Industries Company. Learn more about the “Raymond Lean Management System., which is based on TPS. We had a longer conversation about this on my Lean podcast series, if you want to check that out. In today's episode, Keith and host Mark Graban talk about one of his “favorite mistakes,” misunderstanding what the common Lean /TPS method called 5S really was really about. How did he make the “mistake of bad assumption” in the course of that work? Why was that mistake repeated, and how could it have been avoided? Why was it a mistake to blame people for being messy? One key lesson was about how can we help others “discover the need” for an improvement or a method instead of “forcing” them to do it? Keith also discusses how they work to create a culture where it's OK to talk about mistakes, so we can learn about them — that's the key theme of this entire podcast series! The Raymond Corporation also offers a free “quick tips” series on improvement, if you want to check that out.
April 26, 2021
New Job in Toyko, Mistakes on the First Day at Honda: Laura Kriska
Author of The Business of We: The Proven Three-Step Process for Closing the Gap Between Us and Them in Your Workplace Show notes: My guest for Episode #61 is Laura Kriska. When she was just 22, Laura became the first American woman to work in the Tokyo headquarters of Honda Motor Company. Her experience working with thousands of middle-aged Japanese men inspired her to write her first book The Accidental Office Lady: An American Woman in Corporate Japan. Inspired to create a ‘WE building’ revolution, Laura wrote her latest book The Business of We: The Proven Three-Step Process for Closing the Gap Between Us and Them in Your Workplace – a new approach to diversity, cultural difference, and inclusion that will increase employee retention and productivity and prevent misunderstandings that lead to lost revenue, lost time and increased legal risk. In today's episode, Laura and host Mark Graban talk about her experiences working Japan and what she has learned about working across cultural and organizational divides. Laura also discusses topics including: How her mistake could have been avoided with one sentence Failing to see how “cultural data” matters – the ways people are different Why did she offend the “most important office lady”? A “quality circle” project about getting rid of the women's uniforms What do you mean by a “we” culture? What's the connection between “we” and the Japanese word “wa” (harmony) Is a “we culture”? more prevalent in Japan and other Eastern cultures? What does she mean by being on “the home team” in a country or a culture? Paul O'Neill as a “we builder” Her article: "Covid-19 is not killing us, polarization is" Laura on her first day of work: 
April 22, 2021
A New NFL Assistant Coach's Many Mistakes: Dr. Jen Welter
Author Play Big: Lessons in Being Limitless from the First Woman to Coach in the NFL. Show notes: My guest for Episode #60 is Dr. Jen Welter. She has a PhD in Psychology and a Masters in Sport Psychology. Jen played professional and semi-pro football as a linebacker (on women's teams) and as a running back (for a men's team). She's most notably known for being the first woman to be hired as an assistant coach, when the Arizona Cardinals brought her in to be an assistant coaching intern during their 2015 pre-season training camp. She is author of the book Play Big: Lessons in Being Limitless from the First Woman to Coach in the NFL. In today's episode, Jen talks about breaking the “glass sideline” of NFL football and what it was like to work amongst men on the field and the sidelines. She openly shares some mistakes she made when she got so much attention in 2015 with the Cardinals, including “maintaining an air of perfection,” “not being open to help,” and getting taken advantage of since she didn't have an agent or others looking out for her. Jen also discusses topics including: Coaching and working with girls and how football is great for their self confidence and developing their bodies for strength, not just appearance What would we have seen if they did a reality show about her coaching? Or if they made a movie about her story? What are your biggest strengths as a football coach in terms of connecting with players? Knowing you played the game? Or more than that? Being a speaker — what sorts of messages for a corporate setting? Your unique value proposition is special – lean into it… be more special Authenticity – giving note cards to the players, “that’s what I would have wanted” Empathy is a leadership trait, period Has she watched "Ted Lasso"?
April 19, 2021
BONUS: MIT Prof. Jonathan Byrnes on Mistakes Related to the Covid Vaccine Supply Chain
Senior Lecturer at MIT This is some bonus audio related to an episode of "My Favorite Mistake" that Prof. Byrnes and I recorded last week.    I'm going to release his full episode in mid-May where we talk about his "favorite mistake" and his new book (released 5/11) on CHOOSE YOUR CUSTOMER: How to Compete Against the Digital Giants and Thrive.   I had the chance to ask him about lessons and advice related to the Covid vaccination supply chain and roll out. It's very timely in a fast-changing vaccination landscape, so I wanted to share this now. You can read more here in an article he wrote:
April 17, 2021
The Hurting Hockey Player Who Felt Sorry For Himself: Dave Scatchard
Retired NHL player Dave Scatchard Show notes:  My guest for Episode #59 is Dave Scatchard, a retired National Hockey League player who now serves others as a coach through his practice, All Star Coaching. Dave played for 6 different NHL teams, from 1997 to 2011, scoring 128 goals in 659 games. Before making the NHL, the team that drafted him, the Vancouver Canucks, wanted him to shift his playing style from “goal scorer” to “tough guy.” This led to many fights, at least five concussions, and post-retirement injuries had led to a three-year period full of pain, memory loss, and struggle. Having recovered, Dave now shares a systematic approach for both businesses and individuals to redesign their lives and operating systems and live a healthier, brighter future with all of the abundance that goes along with living what he calls “The Big Life.” In today's episode, Dave shares his compelling and dramatic story. Beyond his medical recovery, why was it helpful for Tony Robbins to curse at him on stage, demanding to know, “Why are you hurting those people?” by not stepping up to help others. How did helping others accelerate his own personal progress? Dave talks about his “favorite mistake” of spending three years cursing his former career, asking God why he was punishing him, and looking at himself as a victim. He talks about the importance of his faith, his amazing recovery, and the power of positivity in this special episode. FOR A FEW MORE DAYS, you can join his free “Reawaken the Champion Within” Challenge.
April 16, 2021
Tom Peters on Getting Fired From McKinsey
Author of Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism. Show notes: My guest for Episode #58 is Tom Peters, the legendary management speaker and consultant, author of 19 books including his latest: Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism. You can also watch or listen to my interview with Tom back in August 2020 in my Lean podcast series. Today, we talk about Tom's “favorite mistake” of getting fired from the consulting firm McKinsey for reasons that might include the long hair he had at the time. Other questions and topics include: Why and how Tom got “caught up in the work” and “forgot the rules” while working at McKinsey Why he hates “successful people who think they deserve their success” What is humanism? What is “exteme humanism”? Innovation means whoever tries the most stuff wins? Why we should hire people who are “decent” and “nice” Why research shows it's a mistake to not have 50% women in your executive team Why it's a mistake to think only “noisy” people are the most creative, the best at sales, the best leaders Tom Peters' party mistakes Books he mentions: Compassionomics (The Revolutionary Scientific Evidence that Caring Makes a Difference) Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl: And Why You Should, Too Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
April 14, 2021
When Bill Maher Wanted Me Fired From Comedy Central: Art Bell
Creator of Comedy Central, author of the book Constant Comedy Notes and links: My guest for Episode #57 is Art Bell, the creator of The Comedy Channel (which later became Comedy Central). He's also the author of the book Constant Comedy: How I Started Comedy Central and Lost My Sense of Humor, and co-host of the podcast “Constant Comedy.” Today, we talk about Art's “favorite mistake” (it involves the comedian and talk show host Bill Maher) and topics and questions including: The ad campaign for “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher” and how that ended up leading to an award Why it's bad to surprise the talent Did Al Franken walk out on “State of the Union: Undressed” because he didn’t know it was going to be live?? Was that show a better fit, the next year, for Dennis Miller? Having to often talk Nancy Grace into going on the air on Court TV Is it risky to write a memoir like this? Did you need lawyers involved to make sure you weren’t making a mistake? Jon Stewart – on “Short Attention Span Theater, was it a mistake to fire his co host Patty Rosborough without taking to him? – telling or asking? He was surprised… Mistake for them to not make him the original host of The Daily Show? Mistake for Michael Fuchs to say the programming quality was a 2 or 3 out of 10? You decided quickly it was a mistake to say you were quitting? New York mag called the channel “the biggest flop in years” Making adjustments?? PIVOTED and made changes as quickly as we could Getting fired from Comedy Central and lessons learned
April 12, 2021
BONUS: Lori Baker-Schena on Two Bosses, Avoiding That or Managing That Better
I'm joined again by Lori Baker-Schena for a follow-up question related to her appearance in Episode 48: Two Bosses Who Didn’t Like Each Other: Lori Baker-Schena Since Lori has a PhD in organizational leadership, I get to ask a question that was suggested by my wife after she listened to the episode. It was a mistake to have not asked that follow up question :-) So, I ask Lori if organizations should avoid a situation where somebody has two bosses or if it just needs to be managed better.
April 10, 2021
Closing Her Psychology Practice To Take a Job: Dr. Neecie Moore
Owner of LCI Life Coaching Institute. Show notes and links: My guest for Episode #56 is Dr. Neecie Moore, owner of LCI Life Coaching Institute. For over 25 years Dr. Neecie has been inspiring, motivating and transforming audiences to align and connect with their destiny. Her vast experience as a successful business leader and an endless pursuit of advanced education, including a PhD in psychology, has her being heralded and celebrated by industry leaders like Tony Robbins, Dr. Patricia Love, and Dr. Harville Hendrix as a life coaching industry leader. Dr. Neecie Moore“YOU deserve extraordinary, in your relationships, your finances, your endeavors. You deserve extraordinary peace of mind, peace in the valley, and an extraordinary piece of the action. YOU deserve extraordinary!” Today, we talk about Dr. Neecie's “favorite mistake” of shutting down a practice she had built to take a job. Why did she immediately think that was a mistake? Why did people tell her it was a mistake to start a practice in the first place? What mistakes did she make with that first practice? What lessons did she learn and apply to later starting her second practice? We talk about that and: The mistake of thinking she could help everybody The importance of not just training, but also certifying, life coaches The neuro psychology of change Working with Tony Robbins Her workshop: “Uncover your Extraordinary Power of Purpose”
April 8, 2021
Being Defensive When Disagreeing With Marketing Clients: Swire Ho
Director of Sales & Marketing, Garuda Promo and Branding Solutions.  Show notes and links: My guest for Episode #55 of “the My Favorite Mistake” podcast is Swire Ho, Director of Sales & Marketing, Garuda Promo and Branding Solutions. He is also an Ambassador for the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Swire immigrated to Los Angeles in 1996. He trained as a sound engineer, working at recording studios and entertainment agencies before starting his own firm, Hellman Production, Inc, 2003 in Los Angeles. Swire and his team successfully produced attractive, personalized DVD and CD cases and custom merchandise like T-shirts, earning a Score award in 2009, for small business success. His business eventually grew so popular, he sold it in 2013 to focus exclusively on the promotional product industry. Swire is a proud SFG1 certified kettlebell instructor from #StrongFirst. He finds calmness through yoga, organic gardening, and enjoys being in nature. Today, we talk about Swire's “favorite mistake” and topics and questions including: How did he work to be a better listener and to not get defensive when disagreeing with clients? How and why is he “constantly working on this”? How did pivot during 2020 and the pandemic to branded masks and other products? What are some common marketing and promotions mistakes? Why don't you have to spend money to impress somebody? Other social profiles: Instagram Facebook Twitter
April 5, 2021
Pranks I’m Afraid Will Get Lisa David Olson Killed
Business humorist and the author of the new book Laughs On Wry: An Improviser's Memoir. Show notes: My guest for Episode #54 is Lisa David Olson a business humorist and the author of the new book Laughs On Wry: An Improviser's Memoir. She's an appropriate guest for today, given that it's the first day of National Humor Month. Later this month (April 12th), my guest will be Art Bell — creator of the Comedy Central channel (which is celebrating its 30th anniversary today). I wish I had an entire month of funny guests… but there's two for you. Lisa is a speaker, author, podcaster (“Stranger Connections“), and creative partner, who loves coffee and pranks! (the exclamation point is hers). In today's episode, Lisa shares her “favorite mistake” of not writing her book earlier because she thought nobody would read it. I think my favorite mistake from the conversation was Lisa talking about a prank at her workplace, a police station, that I'm afraid could get her killed if she repeats it. We talk about those mistakes and topics including: Why are you afraid of scaring the introverts? Humor as her escape from a traumatic childhood Helping businesses (and individuals) reignite their ideas… and their projects — how? Humor as a connector The risk of making mistakes when trying to use humor at work? What are you doing for fun? Humor as a gift vs something that can be developed?
April 1, 2021
Not Understanding His Customers’ Feelings: Kent Billingsley
ENTREPRENEUR TO MILLIONAIRE: How to Build a Highly Profitable, Fast-Growth Company and Become Embarrassingly Rich Doing It. Show notes: My guest for Episode #53 is Kent Billingsley, the author of the new book ENTREPRENEUR TO MILLIONAIRE: How to Build a Highly Profitable, Fast-Growth Company and Become Embarrassingly Rich Doing It. His friend Mark Cuban wrote the foreword. Kent is the founder and president of the Revenue Growth® Company, LLC. He has become America’s Revenue Growth® Architect by helping thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses (representing hundreds of thousands of employees) generate billions in new sales and revenue. He has personally designed, built, transformed, or turbocharged over 1,000 organizations in 36 countries. Billingsley has served in executive and leadership positions in several billion-dollar firms. Over nearly three decades, he has developed thought-leading content and trademarked programs helping thousands of entrepreneurs and their employees become millionaires and multimillionaires from their businesses. In today's episode, Kent shares his “favorite mistake” about not fully understanding the “psychographics” of his customers. He talks about the need to move beyond understanding customer demographics to really understanding his buyer's feelings. We also discuss topics and questions including: Why is it a mistake to think a company is a democracy? Why is it a mistake to assume we are going back to the old normal instead of creating a new normal? What was it like working for H. Ross Perot at EDS? Why was he “the greatest leader” he's “ever seen”? See his blog post about his passing.
March 29, 2021
Mistakes Men Make in the Workplace: Heather Zumarraga
Author of The Man's Guide to Corporate Culture: A Practical Guide to the New Normal and Relating to Female Coworkers in the Modern Workplace  Show notes and enter to win a signed copy of her book: My guest for Episode #52 is Heather Zumarraga, a work environment advisor, and President of Zuma Global LLC. She is a respected business commentator for channels including CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business News, and Newsmax, and she is now the author of the book The Man's Guide to Corporate Culture: A Practical Guide to the New Normal and Relating to Female Coworkers in the Modern Workplace. In today's episode, Heather shares some reflections from her time working in the financial sector — why was she driven to be #1 in her role and what was the cost of that? We also talk a lot about workplace mistakes that men make… discussing topics such as: Is it a mistake to try to treat everybody equally — being “gender blind” versus recognizing gender? What are some mistakes that men make in attempts to be better allies? Mistakes that men make when hiring or leading women? Mistakes that men make working for women? Having spent much of her career in testosterone-filled work environments, Heather wants to make sure that any male leader who wants to be part of the solution knows how to succeed and thrive in the inclusive modern workplace, as we go back to the office post-Covid. I think you'll enjoy the conversation. #leadership #business  sexual harrassment
March 25, 2021
An NFL Player's Mistakes On & Off the Field: Lenny Walls
Former pro football player, Certified Personal Trainer, and more... Show notes: My guest for Episode #51 is Lenny Walls, a retired professional football player who played for four NFL teams and three teams in the Canadian Football League. He is now a San Antonio-based Certified Personal Trainer, entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and community leader. I had the opportunity to meet Lenny when I was living in San Antonio and I did a number of personal training sessions with him, as I wrote about here. His businesses and community ventures include Walls Next Level Fitness, the Breaking Down Walls Foundation, Walls2Walls Coaching, and Walls2Walls Capital. In today's episode, Lenny shares some reflections about his "favorite mistake" -- not the money-losing investments, but his self assessment that he lacked humility "during his most successful time in life." We talk about what Lenny learned from his NFL experience and that time and how he's applied it to his second career. I had the chance to ask Lenny about his mindset on making very public mistakes on the field -- when do you take the time to learn and correct? We talk about his phrase "the hustle is entertainment" and we also chat about workout mistakes that many people (including myself) have made. All that and more...
March 21, 2021
Could She Fix a Bullying Narcissist?: Phyllis Quinlan, PhD, RN
Nurse executive, consulting CEO, author of Bringing Shadow Behavior into the Light of Day Show notes: My guest for Episode #50 is Phyllis Quinlan, PhD, RN. She is a nurse executive and she is also the CEO of MFW Consultants to Professionals. Phyllis has a BSN in Nursing and a Ph.D. in Healthcare Administration. She is the author of many books, including her latest, Bringing Shadow Behavior Into the Light of Day. It's available through Amazon Kindle or as a paperback through her website. In today's episode, Phyllis shares a story, and deeper lessons and reflections, about her favorite mistake — taking on a colleague's bullying behavior on her own, thinking she could fix that person. She didn't go to HR or the executive team until it was too late. Phyllis talks about two types of bad behavior in the workplace: 1) The chronically clueless and unaware and 2) “Narcissists with a license.” The former group you can help, the latter cannot be helped. Phyllis shares lessons about what leaders can and should do about bullies in the workplace. What happens with a leader (or even the CEO) is a bully? How can we bring ‘shadow behavior’ into the light of day and prevent a toxic work environment? What are some mistakes that leaders make in dealing with bullies? How can we better train managers to deal with this?
March 18, 2021
A Future Cybersecurity Expert Hacking His College's Grading System: Neil Daswani
Author of Big Breaches: Cybersecurity Lessons for Everyone Show notes: My guest for Episode #49 is Neil Daswani, the author of the newly-released book, Big Breaches: Cybersecurity Lessons for Everyone.  Enter to win a free signed copy! Neil is, among other things, a Co-Director of the Stanford Advanced Security Program, and he earned a PhD in computer science from Stanford. You can learn more about him on his website and his LinkedIn page. He's previously worked for companies including Google, Twitter, LifeLock, and Symantec. In today's episode, Neil shares a “favorite mistake” story from his time in grad school, when he hacked into a grading system… not to change his grades, but because he could. Hear Neil describe the mistake in what he did AFTER getting into the system. Neil also shares knowledge and lessons about ethical hacking and responsible disclosure, the recent Solar Winds hack (and its impact and lessons learned — or should be learned), and the difference between “white hat” vs. “black hat” hackers? We also get his thoughts on the classic hacking-themed movie from my childhood, “War Games” — should we stream it, or skip it??
March 15, 2021
Two Bosses Who Didn't Like Each Other: Lori Baker-Schena
Co-founder of LeadHERship Consortium, LLC Show notes: My guest for Episode #48 is Lori-Baker Schena, a professional speaker and leadership consultant based in Southern California. She has a PhD in organizational leadership and is a co-founder of the LeaderHERship Consortium. She is currently on her third career. She was a journalist and PR person, then a professor for 25 years, now she's a coach and speaker. In our episode today, Lori tells a story about her “favorite mistake,” related to staying too long in a role where she had two different bosses who not only didn't work together well — they didn't like each other! Lori regrets that it took too long for her to realize the situation was unworkable, but she learned from it. We talk about how people react to bad situations, how we can “ask for what we need” and why that can be difficult, especially for women. How can you be in a situation where you love what you're doing at work. I mention Rich Sheridan and Menlo Innovations, the movie “Office Space,” and the Apple TV+ Plus “Ted Lasso.” Also, how can we get past "the shame of failure" and "pivot to positivity"?
March 11, 2021
Giving in to the Monkey: Mike Smerklo
Managing director of Next Coast Ventures Show notes: My guest for Episode #47 is Mike Smerklo. He is an entrepreneur, an investor, he’s the co-founder and managing director of Next Coast Ventures. He was one of the first employees at Loudcloud, recruited there by  Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. in 2003, he purchased ServiceSource, a 30-person technology services startup in San Francisco. As CEO over the next 12 years, he grew the business into a successful 3,000-person publicly traded company with close to $300M in revenue. Mike now shares his lessons in his book Mr. Monkey and Me: A Real Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs. In today's episode, Mike shares favorite mistakes about giving into “fear, uncertainty, and doubt” and how he made the mistake of trying to be a blend of two very different leaders who were both role models to him. We also talk about why he wrote the book and the “SHAPE” formula — Self Awareness, Help, Authenticity, Persistence and Expectations.
March 8, 2021
Getting Burned Out From Doing it All Herself: Pam Hopman
Financial advisor and CEO of The Hopman Group Show notes: My guest for Episode #46 is Pam Hopman, founder of The Hopman Group, a financial advisory firm based in Tucson. Pam has over 20 years of experience working as a financial advisor, with comprehensive knowledge of strategies for retirement income planning, wealth preservation, and estate planning. She holds the designation of Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor from the College of Financial Planning. Pam is the host of the Empower U Podcast and she recently launched her financial mastermind group called The Money Thing (formerly called Conversations Over Wine and Chocolate). In today's episode, Pam talks about how she owned a practice with multiple offices, but got burned out — she was trying to do it all. She sold the practice and took a marketing job. This turned out to be a mistake, as the first year was great, but the second year was a “nightmare.” Learn how Pam wishes she had been coached through the challenges with that first practice and how having a coach has helped her prevent repeating mistakes in her new practice. We also talk about financial planning mistakes and we learn we have a shared belief in the power of “baby steps” (hear Mark's podcast with psychologist Robert Maurer on that). Enter to win books and other items produced by other “My Favorite Mistake” guests.
March 4, 2021
Realizing a New Job Was a Mistake on Day 1: Eric Twiggs
Author, podcast host, Coach, and more Show notes: My guest for Episode #45 is Eric M. Twiggs, the host of the podcast called The 30 Minute Hour. I was his guest in this episode last month, so please take a listen. I've really enjoyed both conversations with him! Eric is a founding partner and president of The What Now Movement. His mission is to build high performing entrepreneurs, authors, and career professionals, who are prepared for life’s unexpected curve balls. Eric is the author of The Discipline of Now: 12 Practical Principles to Overcome Procrastination. Visit the show notes page to enter to win a copy! In today's episode, Eric tells a story about leaving a company to take a new job as a district manager at a video store company. On the very first day of the new job, Eric thought he had made a huge mistake. He didn't quit, because that would have been admitting a mistake… was that a mistake? He stuck with it and ended up learning so much from that challenging role that he calls a “favorite mistake” now. We also talk about situational leadership, finding your purpose, and the patterns that cause us to procrastinate — and what we can do about it. Please subscribe, rate, and review via Apple Podcasts or Podchaser! You can now sign up to get new episodes via email, to make sure you don't miss an episode. This podcast is part of the Lean Communicators network.
February 28, 2021
Interviewing Poorly and Failing To Get The Job, Twice! Terry McDougall
Executive coach, author of Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms. Show notes: My guest for Episode #44 is Terry McDougall. She is an executive and career coach, speaker and best-selling author of Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms. After 30 years of corporate business experience, 15 of which were in senior managerial roles, Terry chose to become a coach, in 2017. She also has a new podcast called “Marketing Mambo.” In today's episode, Terry tells a “favorite mistake” story about a time she applied for an internal leadership position, but she “bombed” the interview after being in the interim role. After a hiring misstep, the position was again posted and she again failed to get the job. “It was all on me — I wasn't prepared.” While it was painful, Terry calls it a “favorite” mistake because she learned so much through those experiences. She identified gaps in her interviewing skills and has worked on that — and it helps her now help others more effectively. “Not getting back up is the failure.” We also talk about panel interviews and how those are different in a Zoom area, along with other reflections and lessons on job hunting and career advancement. Terry also tells a story about the benefits of “small tests of change” before doing a big launch of something.
February 25, 2021
The Time the Phillie Phanatic Didn't Show Up: Dave Raymond
The original Phillie Phanatic (1978-1993), Author of "The Power of Fun" Notes & enter to win a signed copy of his book: My guest for Episode #43 is Dave Raymond, author of the book The Power of Fun. So what does Dave know about fun? He's had an incredibly fun career. For one, he was a somewhat accidental pioneer as a sports mascot — he was the first person to perform as the Phillie Phanatic, doing so for 16 years, in 48 states and five countries. He started Raymond Entertainment Group 20 years ago, where he has designed and rehabilitated hundreds of character brands for Fortune 500 companies, sports teams, and colleges and universities — Including Victor E. Green, who I’ve seen at Dallas Stars games and Gritty, the new Philadelphia Flyers mascot. In 2005, he founded the Mascot Hall of Fame.  Davie is also a motivational speaker (doing a lot of virtual work now). In the episode today, Dave shares his "favorite mistake" story which involved him and the Phanatic not showing up for an event -- and how the Phillies team leadership helped him learn a valuable lesson. We'll also talk about how he became the Phanatic, as a marketing intern with the team, the reception that he got from the fans, and whether the animosity with the late Dodgers' manager Tommy Lasorda was real or not.  We also talk about his recent work and why people should be having more fun in the workplace. Can you have a process for creating fun?
February 22, 2021
Being Surprised by Losing Her Consulting Role: Kristie Tobias
Author of the new book Fearlessly Made You: Surviving and Thriving in a Perfectly Imperfect Life. Show notes: My guest for Episode #42 is Kristie Tobias, author of the new book Fearlessly Made You: Surviving and Thriving in a Perfectly Imperfect Life. You can learn more about Kristie and the book via the book's website. Kristie Tobias is a Consultant with Huron Consulting Group, Coach, National Speaker and she is now, as of this week, a published author with over 15 years of consulting and leadership experience.. She has consulted over 30 organizations on topics focused on change management and leadership, employee engagement, leadership development, business optimization, and financial improvement. Content warning: Kristie does mention instances of being abused in her past. We do not discuss this in detail, but the subject matter might be alarming to some listeners. In the episode, Kristie shares a story about her favorite mistake, earlier in her consulting career, when she was removed from her role working with healthcare C-suite executives. Kristie reflects and shares that she" wasn't honest with herself about the internal work that needed to be done to improve the client" and she "took for granted" that she needed to grow, learn, and move relationships deeper than the surface. She says she can "now look back and laugh" because she has come a long way. We also talk about her book, what a "perfectly imperfect life" means (from the subtitle of her book) and what it means to be a better version of oneself. Here is an article about Kristie using exercise as a way to overcome PTSD.
February 18, 2021
Questioning a Business Leader's Commitment: Adam Lawrence
Author of The Wheel of Sustainability My guest for Episode #41 is Adam Lawrence, from his firm Process Improvement Partners. He is the author of the new book The Wheel of Sustainability: Engaging and Empowering Teams to Produce Lasting Results. You can also find a longer interview that I did with Adam about the concepts in the book, from April 2020, before he wrote the book. Adam has over 30 years of experience in process improvement activities, targeted at manufacturing and business processes and he started this company in 2018, based in Lancaster, PA. Today, Adam tells a story about a mistake that he made over 20 years ago, much earlier in his career. He was sent to a factory to do some improvement work and he wasn't getting much engagement or participation from leaders there. Adam made the mistake of questioning the commitment of the business unit leader, let's call him Carl. Adam reflects on this story and shares his lessons learned. “So, over the years, Carl and I developed a pretty good working relationship.”
February 15, 2021
Learning to Be a Stronger Patient Advocate: Krista Hughes
CEO of Hughes Advocacy, Birmingham, Alabama Show notes: My guest for Episode #40 is Krista Hughes, the CEO of her company Hughes Advocacy, a private patient advocacy firm that helps patients and their families navigate the health care system and get the best medical care possible. She has over 25 years of experience working in the medical industry for Fortune 500 Companies like Cardinal Health.   She has also worked for CareFusion, C.R. Bard, and Karl Storz.  Prior to founding Hughes Advocacy, Krista worked as a medical device representative in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and the Florida Panhandle. She has worked for the last five years as a “patient advocate” and we have a chance to talk about that today. Krista's “favorite mistake” is related to a time when she was advocating for a patient. We'll hear what she did (or didn't do) and how she's adjusted her approach as a result — to be a more effective advocate. We also talk about our shared passion around what's often called “medical mistakes” — many of these mistakes are very preventable. We'll talk about systemic causes of these mistakes and how the system often falls back on a strategy of “delay, deny, and defend” which we all known gets in the way of learning and progress. We'll also explore this in a future episode with Dr. David Mayer, the CEO of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, so please stay tuned for that. You can listen to or watch the episode below. A transcript also follows lower on this page. Please subscribe, rate, and review via Apple Podcasts or Podchaser! You can now sign up to get new episodes via email, to make sure you don't miss an episode. This podcast is part of the Lean Communicators network.
February 11, 2021
Pursuing an Acting Career After His MBA: Matthew E. May
Multi-best-selling author, former University of Toyota instructor, chief strategy at Stratechia Show notes: My guest for Episode #39 is my friend Matt May, he's a multi-best-selling author and he's Chief Strategist with his firm Stratechia. I've known Matt for a long time as a former University of Toyota educator, a Wharton graduate, and an amazing author. I've interviewed him many times before. I didn't know that he was formerly a theatre and television actor (including a stint on a soap opera — I don't have video clips of that). Today, we talk about a few of his favorite mistakes: Not taking the traditional high-paying job after completing his MBA Leaving New York City for Los Angeles in the pursuit of his acting career Matt and I also talk about mistakes more generally — when are they “happy mistakes?” Were there any acting gigs that were mistakes? How should we think about mistakes, as individuals and as organizations? This podcast is part of the Lean Communicators network -- check it out!
February 8, 2021
Emailing Every Professor in Canada — 40,000 of Them: Brenden Kumarasamy
Founder of Mastertalk, based in Montreal Show notes and more: My guest for Episode #38 is Brenden Kumarasamy, and he is the founder of MasterTalk, a YouTube channel that he started to help the world master the art of public speaking. Today, we talk about his favorite mistake, when he sent 40,000 emails out to “every professor” in Canada… and that did not go well for Brenden. What does go well for him is public speaking. Brenden shares his expertise about common mistakes that people make in public speaking (hint: it relates to practice) and mistakes that people make on YouTube. You can also find him on Instagram.
February 4, 2021
Not Listening to Her Intuition and Wasting $23,000: Monica M. Bijoux
CEO of "Decide to Move," military veteran, coach, author, and podcaster My guest for Episode #37 of "My Favorite Mistake" is Monica M. Bijoux, the founder and CEO of DECIDE TO MOVE. She has been coaching business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals for almost 20 years. As a veteran herself, she has been working with veterans as they transition from active duty life to business owners and entrepreneurs for over 10 years. Monica has a Masters of Science Administration with a concentration in Human Resources and a Masters of Social Work. Monica is host of a podcast, also called “Decide to Move”, and she has co-authored three books: Fiercely Speaking; Teach Your Expertise; and Propel. In this episode, Monica talks about learning to follow her intuition and learning to value herself. What are some of the challenges that veterans face when transitioning to civilian life? And, we also talk about her coaching work and how not to be victim.
February 1, 2021
Thinking He Could Sell His Way to Profitability with Stephen King
Founder, President, CEO of GrowthForce. Show notes: My guest for Episode #36 of "My Favorite Mistake" is Stephen King... no, not that Stephen King... but the Stephen King who is founder, President, CEO of GrowthForce, one of the nation’s largest outsourced bookkeeping, accounting and controller service for companies and non profits that use QuickBooks. He is also the host of the "Path to Profits" podcast. Today, Stephen talks about his favorite mistake of not billing what he was worth and thinking he could "sell your way to profitability." What good is more volume if the margin isn't good? He talks about the valuable lessons he has learned -- how a small pricing change can lead to a huge profitability boost, while still making the customer feel good about it. Stephen also shares how the "most important part of the culture" at GrowthWorks is "learning from mistakes" and being a "learning organization" as a core value. You'll hear how Stephen once had a "best mistake of the month" award and how they now use a Slack channel to share mistakes, even if there's no longer a prize.
January 28, 2021
Using Shame as a Leadership Tool with Sabrina Moon
Engineer, founder & CEO of the Problem Solving Institute Show notes and more: Joining me for Episode #35 is Sabrina Moon, founder & CEO of the Problem Solving Institute. She's an engineer and a certified Dare to Lead™ facilitator. Today, we talk about her favorite mistake of using shame as a leadership tool, and we discuss what we were exposed to in our early days at General Motors -- the "command and control" leadership style (as Jamie V. Parker brought up in Episode #8). How did Sabrina learn to become more self aware about her leadership style and the impact it had? What was the transformation process that she went through? Sabrina also shares what she has learned from Brené Brown about leading.
January 25, 2021
Mistakes Running a Chiropractic Practice with Dr. Kelly Henry
Chiropractor, entrepreneur, consultant, and author Joining me for Episode #34 is Dr. Kelly Henry, a chiropractor who has owned clinics, but now helps others in his role as "The Customer Experience Doctor." He is also the author of the newly-released book Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service: Proven strategies to maximize your profits. The book is currently the #1 new release in the Amazon "customer relations" category Enter to win a signed paperback copy of his book! In the episode, Kelly talks about his "favorite mistake," which was an underperforming chiropractic office in Phoenix. The business was "harder than he thought" and he reflects that he should have had coaches to help him. We talk about chiropractic schools don't really teach much about starting or running a practice (a problem that is common across various medical specialties). Kelly was later very successful when he purchased an existing practice with a built-in patient base. He's learned a lot about improving the customer experience and customer retention over time, which he shares in his book. We talk about why the employee experience and the customer experience go "hand in hand," how a small bump in customer retention leads to a big bump in profit, and what healthcare organizations can do beyond surveying patients on their experience.
January 21, 2021
Bonus: Billy Taylor Follow Up Conversation on Episode #5
Billy was our guest on Episode #5 and it's our most-listened-to episode by far (by a factor of 5X). I hosted Billy Taylor on LinkedIn Live today, to do a "watch party" of his episode, followed by some additional conversation and I'm sharing that audio here. See the recording of the watch party and the follow up conversation. Billy's company:
January 20, 2021
Mistakes in Filmmaking and College Basketball with "Filmpreneur" Forrest Tuff
Forrest Tuff, the founder and CEO of One Vision Productions, professional speaker, business coach, author. Show notes: Joining me for Episode #33 is Forrest Tuff, the founder and CEO of One Vision Productions, an award-winning, multimedia production company. He does so many things...  Forrest is a creative person who is also business savvy (he calls himself a “filmpreneur”). He has 180+ movie credits that include documentaries, indie films, and a major motion picture with Twentieth Century Fox. He is the host of the Tuff Talk Show… and he was also a Division I basketball player. Today, we talk about his "favorite mistake" of leaving a regular job (something others thought was a mistake). We talk about his views on the possibility of mistakes in making movies and taking three-point shots. We talk about his coaching through the SCORE program and how he defines servant leadership.
January 18, 2021
Not Pushing Back on the Client's Framing of the Problem with Michele Parrish
Consultant, founder and managing partner of Parrish Partners... MIT Leaders for Global Operations alum. Show Notes: Please subscribe, rate, and review via Apple Podcasts or Podchaser! Click here to enter to win a free “My Favorite Mistake” coffee mug! Joining me for Episode #32 is Michele Parrish. She is a consultant and she is founder and managing partner of the firm Parrish Partners. Michele was previously an executive at Intel and one thing we share in common is that we're both graduates of the MIT Leaders for Global Operations Program. In today's episode, Michele tells a story related to advising a CEO who called her in with a very particular problem in mind. Michele learned about the need to push back and to not be shy about disagreeing with the client about what the problem really might be. We'll talk about the importance of “emotional intelligence” (something she teaches about), systems thinking, and the need to slow down to pause and reflect.
January 14, 2021
Juggling Life and Being an Emergency Physician and Startup CEO with Dr. Greg Jacobson
Emergency physician and CEO of KaiNexus, a technology company in Austin, TX Show notes Click here to enter to win a free "My Favorite Mistake" coffee mug! Joining me for Episode #31 is Dr. Greg Jacobson, an emergency medicine physician and the CEO/co-founder of KaiNexus, a technology and software company. In the interest of full disclosure, I will mention that I have worked with KaiNexus, in various capacities, since 2011 and I have an ownership stake in the company. That said, Greg is one of the most interesting people you'll ever meet. Many startup CEOs launch their company at night while working their day job. Greg started KaiNexus during the days while working some nights as an E.R. doc. In today's episode, Greg (always the overachiever) shares FIVE favorite mistakes from his career: Not reading more Not figuring out work/life balance Struggling with the diffusion of CEO attention as the company grows Not being appreciative enough Not doing his own due diligence We'll talk about all of that, the importance of creating a culture of continuous improvement in a company, and much more. I think you'll enjoy the conversation, as I did. Please subscribe, rate, and review via Apple Podcasts or Podchaser!
January 11, 2021
Isao Yoshino & Katie Anderson on Mistakes, Leadership, Learning, and Culture
Toyota veteran Yoshino and business consultant Anderson... Japanese and American learning together. Show notes: Enter to win a free "My Favorite Mistake" coffee mug! (through Jan 22) Joining me for Episode #30 is Katie Anderson, the author of the book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn: Lessons from Toyota Leader Isao Yoshino on a Lifetime of Continuous Learning. We are also joined by Mr. Yoshino, the subject of the book, who joined us from Japan. You can download a sample chapter via Katie's website. I get the very unique opportunity to ask each of them about their “favorite mistake.” Mr. Yoshino tells a story from his early days at Toyota, where he learned the importance of not blaming individuals for systemic problems. He later retired from Toyota after nearly 40 years of work in Japan and the United States. Katie then tells a story, from early in her career, about being a “bull in a china shop” during meetings and getting feedback that caused her to reflect and change. We then talk about lessons from Toyota and their book, including the importance of creating a culture where it's safe for people to speak up about mistakes — either in a factory or in a hospital. Why is it important for leaders to create the conditions for people to be successful? Why should leaders take responsibility when mistakes happen? Why is intentional reflection the key to learning?
January 7, 2021
Not Knowing Who She Wanted to Work With: Kim Thompson-Pinder
"The extraordinary word ninja" - author, publisher, book coach... Show notes: Joining me for Episode #29 is Kim Thompson-Pinder and she calls herself the “the extraordinary word ninja." Kim is Owner/Chief Visionary Officer at RTI Publishing House, and she is the author of five books. Her most recent title, being released soon, is Author to Authority (click for a free preview). Kim is also host of a podcast of the same name. You'll hear Kim talk about that colorful phrase and why she uses it. You'll learn about her favorite mistake of getting overwhelmed with clients -- how she just "fell into" this sort of work and she didn't clearly define who she would want to work with. Is it a mistake to not have a book? Maybe not, but Kim will talk about the value of having a "signature book" that defines you and your business.
January 4, 2021
Actor Mark Teich on Not Creating His Own Career Path -- His "Favorite Mistake"
Actor, comedian, writer, director... entertainer Mark Teich Show notes: Joining me for Episode #28 is Mark Teich, an actor, comedian, writer, and director. Mark and I were high school classmates, both graduating from Livonia (MI) Churchill High School in 1991. I played drums in the pit orchestra for at least four musicals that Mark acted, sang, and danced in (he later earned BFA degrees in all three disciplines). We catch up about high school days a bit in the episode, if you'll forgive us. Mark honed his improv skills in Chicago and New York performing and writing in famed troupes such as The Second City and the Upright Citizens Brigade. He also enjoyed a highly successful comedy career culminating in four certified gold CD's, a certified gold DVD, two Comedy Central Presents specials, five worldwide tours… He performed at a sold-out Carnegie Hall with comedy partner Stephen Lynch.  He has starred in four Disney cable shows… has been seen on shows like "Monk" and "New Girl," and the movie "Leatherheads." I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been watching, say, a football game on TV… and there’s Mark Teich in a commercial. He’s been in commercials for more than 80 companies including Bacardi, Dell, Subway, Little Caesars, IHOP, Fidelity Investments, and TempurPedic… channeled MC Hammer in a Hallmark commercial that was named “World’s Best Commercial.” He is currently starring as “Uncle Vin” in an online series called The Finchers, Presented by Viewsonic. Today, Mark shares his "favorite mistake" which involves following others instead of charting his own path for his career. We also talk about actors auditioning for jobs and parallels to those of us who are "auditioning" in terms of sales presentations or other competitive settings.  I think you'll enjoy the conversation, as I did. This was a lot of fun and I appreciate Mark making the mistake of joining me for a really fun episode to end the year with.
December 21, 2020
Making Business Decisions Out of Ego with Trav Bell
Australian, coach, "bucket listologist" Show notes: Please subscribe, rate, and review via Apple Podcasts or Podchaser! We also have a new Facebook page for the podcast. Joining me for Episode #27 is Travis (Trav) Bell, coming to us from Victoria, Australia. He's not our first guest from Australia, but he is our first Aussie accent! Trav is a self-appointed "Bucket Listologist" a.k.a. "The Bucket List Guy." He is a coach and a Certified Speaking Professional, and is also Founder & CEO of his coaching firm. Trav previously founded & franchised a chain of personal training studios across Australia and that's one of the things we'll talk about today in the context of his "favorite mistake." "Making business decisions out of ego," is how he describes his favorite mistake. You can find him online via his websites and He also has a new book just out called My Bucket List Blueprint, available through Amazon.
December 17, 2020
Doubting Herself as a Singer and Performer: Yaya Diamond
Singer, recording artist, podcast host, radio host, and more... Show notes: Please subscribe, rate, and review via Apple Podcasts or Podchaser! We also have a new Facebook page for the podcast.  Joining me for Episode #26 is Yaya Diamond, a professional singer, recording artist, podcast host and (now) radio host. She's very dynamic and I've enjoyed our conversations very much (she's having me on her podcast as a guest shortly, something we've already recorded). You can tell why she is a professional entertainer and I am not :-) Yaya says that her "favorite mistake" is not trusting her own abilities and talents, which has sometimes held her back, as we'll discuss. Yaya has worked to stop repeating this mistake, using a "5-4-3-2-1" method that she learned that helps her avoid overthinking situations. We talk about making mistakes on stage as a performer (and I share a personal mistake that I made as a member of the Northwestern University Marching Band). I think you'll enjoy the conversation, as I did.
December 13, 2020
Sorority President Leadership Mistakes with Val Ries
Val = leadership trainer, executive coach, "management muse" Show notes: Joining me for Episode #25 is Val Ries, a leadership trainer, an executive coach and a "management muse." She's a nurse with an MBA and her firm is called Executive Muse. Val has a book due out in April 2021 called Chief Inspiration Officer, so I'm looking forward to that. You can get the first chapter now through her website. Today, Val shares her "favorite mistake" about her first leadership role, as president of her sorority. Why does she reflect and say, "I didn't know what I was doing"? What did Val learn from this experience and how has it helped her in her career and in her work with others? We talk about this and more.
December 10, 2020
Having Clients That Are a Bad Fit with Ash Taylor
From England, former tennis coach, entrepreneur, founder of The Business Clubhouse, and more Show notes :// My guest for Episode #24 is Ash Taylor, our first guest from England. He is the Founder of The Business Clubhouse. He is also a speaker and a business coach supporting small business owners. Ash is also the author of the recently-released book titled Hitting the Wall: Winning the game of business by breaking through your own barriers. You can learn more at Today, we talk about Ash's “favorite mistake” of working with clients that he was not well suited for, in the context of a business that he owned that provided services and coaches for tennis clubs. How has Ash worked to avoid making the same mistake in new ventures? How successful has he been at that? How does he coach other entrepreneurs around this issue? We also talk about coaching business leaders and how we can make it safe, creating a culture of not being afraid to put your hand up and ask for help, as he aims to create a psychologically-safe environment of peers. Ash and I also chat about planning for what to do WHEN we make a mistake (since we WILL make mistakes).
December 7, 2020
"Let's Be Bad Together" with Coach Jimmy Nelson
From Dallas, high-performance business coach, actor, and storyteller Show notes: My guest for Episode #23 is Coach Jimmy Nelson, who has been a high-performance business coach for over a decade. Using his 20+ years of experience as a stage and film performer, Coach Jimmy crafted his own personal story to create a 7-figure business and now dedicates his life to helping professionals craft their own stories to attract and impact the lives of their ideal audiences. As he says, "Tell a story, change the world." You can learn more about his work via his website. He also has a free eBook available now about his morning routine and what you can learn from that. You can also get free story-telling sources via Today, we talk about Coach Jimmy's "favorite mistake" of letting external reasons become excuses. He says we need to "make stages" instead of waiting to be invited onto someone else's stage. We talk about mistakes that people make in story telling. And we discuss this blog post, "Stop blaming others and start taking action." He says you need to "first let it hurt, then take action." He adds, "Failure will always be part of our life, but that’s where we get our lessons from" and that's basically the theme of this entire podcast series.
December 3, 2020
Karen Martin on Leaving Her Corporate Job to Go Solo and the Arrogance of Certainty
Consultant, award-winning author, and more Show notes Joining me for Episode #22 is Karen Martin, President of TKMG, and Founder and President of TKMG Academy. She is the author of many books including The Outstanding Organization and Clarity First. Today, we talk about Karen's "favorite mistake" of leaving a corporate job to go solo. Why was it a mistake to want the VP title so badly? Why did it seem like a mistake (to her or to others) for her to leave? We also have a great conversation about how to create a culture in a company where it's safe to talk about (and learn from) mistakes. I also love this quote and you'll have to listen (or read the transcript) to get the context: "So I think of certainty as being a form of arrogance because we can't actually ever be certain."
November 30, 2020
Starting a Business for the Wrong Reasons With the Wrong People: Eran Thomson
Game designer, entrepreneur, wordsmith, idea machine, and joy pusher Show notes Joining me for Episode #21 is Eran Thomson, our first guest joining us from Australia. The is the creator of the game "Song Saga," which is now available for your holiday gift-giving needs. He's been the founder of many entrepreneurial ventures, and he describes himself as a "Wordsmith, Idea Machine, Joy Pusher" in addition to being a writer, podcaster, marketer, and speaker. In the episode, Eran talks about his "favorite mistake" of starting businesses for the wrong reasons and/or with the wrong people. He also talks about the mistake of trying to do everything himself and what he's learned from that, as well. We also talk about his game and simulate a round of it between the two of us. Song Saga seems like it would be a lot of with a group and it could be played during a virtual gathering... You can enter to win the game here.
November 23, 2020
Trusting an Expert and Not Verifying with Michelle Seiler Tucker
Author, founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Show notes: Joining me for Episode #20 is Michelle Seiler Tucker, founder and CEO of the firm Seiler Tucker. Michelle has sold hundreds of businesses to date and currently owns and operates several successful businesses. Michelle is one of three American women to hold the Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI) certification. Michelle is the author of the book Sell Your Business For More Than It's Worth and her newest book, due out in January 2021, is Exit Rich: The 6 P Method to Sell Your Business for Huge Profit. In our episode, Michelle shares one of her "favorite mistakes" involved in selling a business and we chat about some of the mistakes made (and lessons learned) by business owners who want to sell their business.
November 19, 2020
Carrie Sechel on Making Partner and Leaving a "Comfortable Hell"
Former Deloitte partner, coach, speaker, and trainer Show notes: Joining me for Episode #19 is Carrie Sechel, a former Deloitte partner who now works as a coach, speaker, and trainer. As Carrie explains: "After years of building my career as a partner at Deloitte, I found my family broken by guilt, shame, resentment, and addiction. My husband, Todd, and I committed to creating our own family model that celebrates the best of each of us. Now, we have a relationship and life that I couldn’t even imagine a few years ago." She has over 20 years of coaching and consulting experience. Carrie is the author of the bestselling book, BASE Jump: Finding Yourself In An Unfulfilling Professional World and she is a co-author of the WarriHER Playbook. In our conversation, Carrie shares a mistake from her time at Deloitte, where what might have been characterized as a "human error" and a "process error" was really, to her, a "management error" that she was responsible for. This situation and the "gap" she identified between "what I am and what I'm pressured to be" led to her departure and her increased focus on female breadwinners and the particular issues that can create in lives, families, and careers.
November 16, 2020
Audie Penn and His "Favorite Mistake" That Got Him Fired
Management consultant  Show notes: My guest for Episode #18 is Audie Penn, an operational performance consultant at Audie Penn Consulting. In today's episode, Audie tells a story about a job that he got fired from early in his career. Audie got results, but got fired, he thinks, for making people look bad for solving what had been viewed as a long-unsolvable problem. We talk about the importance of relationships and organizational politics and his lessons learned from that episode. He's now become a successful consultant, proof positive that we can build upon mistakes to end up stronger and better off for them. We also talk about what Audie calls "the dignity of work," which I think is a very important concept.
November 12, 2020
Melanie Parish on Responding to a Request for Proposal and "The Experimental Leader"
Author, speaker, podcast host, coach, and entrepreneur Show notes:  My guest for Episode #17 is Melanie Parish. She is an author, speaker, podcast host, founder of Experimental Leader Academy, and Master Certified Coach. She is the author of The Experimental Leader book and an expert in problem solving, constraints management, operations, strategic hiring, and brand development, Melanie has consulted and coached organizations ranging from a Fortune 50 company to IT start-ups. In today's episode, Melanie shares her “favorite mistake” about the contracting process with a client. Why was she “naive” about this process? We also discuss what it means to be an “experimental leader” and a “new kind of boss.” How can we cultivate a culture of innovators? What should we do when some experiments seem like “mistakes”? You can get a free promo copy of her book by going to and using promo code podcast100.
November 9, 2020
Mark Graban on His Recent Mistake That Almost Lost Four Episodes
The usual host of this podcast being interviewed this time... Show notes: My guest for Episode #16 of "My Favorite Mistake" is Jamie V. Parker... she's the guest host. This gets complicated... she was my guest (as the guest) for Episode #8, where she shared her favorite mistake. Today, she's the guest host and she's interviewing me about a recent mistake that I made, a combination of errors and problems that almost led to me losing four episodes that had been recorded, but not released. I also talk about something that might be a "favorite mistake" from my days working in manufacturing, a mistake that I wrote about in the book Practicing Lean (and Jamie also contributed a chapter to that book. Another thing Jamie and I have in common is podcasting, so please check out her podcast here.
November 5, 2020
Rico Racosky on "Just 2 Choices" -- Art or Aviation, Fighter Jets or Transport Planes
Retired Air Force pilot and Southwest pilot, book author Show notes My guest for Episode #15 of "My Favorite Mistake" is Rico Racosky, a retired 737 pilot for Southwest Airlines, who previously flew jets in the United States Air Force -- fighter jets ( (F-16 and A-7) and transports (C-141). From his bio: "Rico grew up in a small coal mining town full of self-doubt and lacked a clear direction in life. Along the way to living his dream of becoming a fighter jet and airline pilot, he developed a strategy for clear and effective decision-making that launched his entrepreneurial path, and he’s now determined to share his strategy and impact as many people as possible." In today's episode, Rico shares his "favorite mistake" regarding a choice that he had to make during his Air Force career. We also talk about his "Just 2 Choices" framework that was developed through his time in the cockpit -- he's the author of the book Just 2 Choices... It's Your Life. In the episode, we also talk about his choice to not become an artist (and Mark's similar life choice to not become a musician). We also discuss the importance of good decisions as a pilot and how sometimes we need to prevent mistakes instead of just learning from them after the fact.
November 2, 2020
Practicing What She Preached About Work/Life Balance with Michelle Bonahoom
Consultant, CEO of VisionOne High Performance Group Show notes: Joining me for Episode #14 is Michelle Bonahoom, Founder and CEO of VisionOne High Performance Group and founder of the “We are Unstoppable” movement. She is also the author of the book Unstoppable: 7 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck, Make the Big Change, and Unlock Your Potential. Today, we talk about some mistakes that Michelle made related to work/life balance, or the lack thereof. After her husband passed away suddenly, what did Michelle do to better practice what she preached when it came to work/life balance and other things that companies need to do in response to risk or bad events? We talk about that, being a "recovering perfectionist" and more in this episode. Her website:  Her book:
October 29, 2020
Viewing Business Relationships as Transactions with Brian Bogert
Professional speaker, peak performance coach, entrepreneur Show notes:  Joining me for Episode #13 is Brian Bogert. He is the President/Owner of the Brian Bogert Companies, LLC. Brian is a professional speaker and peak performance coach to executives, entrepreneurs, athletes and others looking to unlock what is inside. As his bio says, he lives his life by the “if and how I can help” principle, which impacts everything he touches. His ability to provide energy and encouragement to those he interacts with inspires them to make their best even better. In this episode, Brian talks about the mistake of “viewing a relationship as a transaction.” He tells a story about some promotional gifts that he had sent out to some potential clients — and a mistake he made in going from an approach that worked to an approach that actually angered some people. He talks about important behaviors, such as being intentional, pausing before reacting, and embracing pain as a way to reduce suffering. Brian also shares lessons learned from the pain of living with and recovering from a childhood accident that detached his left arm… and how he has overcome this to adjust and thrive. Click here to get a free workbook that Brian is giving away — “No Limits.“
October 26, 2020
"Chasing Shiny Objects" as an Entrepreneur with Angel Cellucci
Nurse practitioner, entrepreneur, CEO of two companies Show notes: Joining me for Episode #12 is Angel Cellucci, a nurse practitioner and an entrepreneur. She is owner and CEO of two firms related to fighting medical billing fraud and mistakes: Medical Fraud Fighters and Overbrook Consultants, Angel is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She has been a nurse for over 20 years and a Family Nurse Practitioner for almost 10. In the episode, Angel shares her favorite mistake of "chasing shiny objects" as a new entrepreneur -- what she means by that and what she's learned from that. We also talk about her work and passion around medical billing mistakes and what patients can do to protect themselves from that. Is that problem with your bill (and 93% have an error) a mistake or is it intentional? Human error or blatant fraud? She has a free eBook available on her website: "The 5 Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself From Medical Fraud & Abuse."
October 22, 2020
Whiskey Making (and Selling) Mistakes with Dan Garrison & Donnis Todd
Owner and Master Distiller from Garrison Brothers Distillery Show notes: We have two special guests from Garrison Brothers Distillery joining us for Episode #11. They are Dan Garrison, founder and CEO of the distillery and Donnis Todd, their master distiller. I've known Dan and Donnis since I first had the chance to visit their distillery in Hye, TX back in 2013 as part of an MIT alumni group visit. I've visited many times and I've volunteered as a bottler, as I've blogged about. I love the people, the place, and the product -- their Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskeys, many of which are award winners. In the episode, Donnis tells a story about a time when he let some whiskey age one year too long... and what he learned from the mistake (and how Dan handled it). Dan talks about a mistake he made with one of their key national retailer relationships and what he learned from that. They both talk about how they've created a culture of "fessin' up" to mistakes when you make them and why that's so important to their company.
October 19, 2020
Sleep and Wellness Mistakes with Jane Wenning
Trainer, health coach, medical technologist Show notes:  oining me for Episode #10 is Jane Wenning, a Certified Medical Technologist, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Health Coach who has been helping women improve their mental and physical health for over 20 years. More from her bio: “During her high school and college years, she was overweight, struggling with eating disorders, had low self-esteem, and experienced brain fog. After having two unhealthy but successful pregnancies, she struggled with postpartum depression and knew she had to make health changes if she wanted to welcome a third child into the world. She spent hundreds of hours studying and researching nutrition, brain health, longevity, sleep, emotional intelligence, interval training, fasting and epigenetics and estrogenics. She now equips business professionals with the tools needed to become leaner, stronger, healthier, and create changes that lasts beyond retirement.” Today, Jane shares her “favorite mistake” about sleep and how she learned to adjust her lifestyle and schedule to allow for proper restorative sleep. How does somebody know if they don't need as much sleep as others versus being truly sleep deprived (and being in denial about it). You can learn more about her at her website These “four pillars” of wellness are recovery, emotional energy, nutrition, and movement. You can also find her on Instagram.
October 15, 2020
Confusing Goals With a Clear Strategy and Path for Success Jonathon Hensley
CEO and Chief Creative Officer Show notes:  My guest for Episode #9 is Jonathon Hensley, the CEO and Chief Creative Offer at Emerge Interactive, where he works with clients to transform business strategies, user needs and new technologies into valuable products and experiences. He is also author of the upcoming book, Alignment -- and you can register to get a free digital copy here when it launches. In this episode, we talk about lessons he's learned in consulting with clients, in particular how w broad goal doesn't always lead to a clear cohesive vision for exactly where you're going and exactly how you're going to get there. How can we turn "great intentions" into meaningful progress? "[In times like these], you need to be really clear and be diligent and stay the course on your vision. But know that you're going to have to keep adjusting on how you're going to get there and be adaptable and resilient, which everybody is being forced to do right now." Jonathon Hensley
October 12, 2020
The Question That Changed Everything for Jamie V. Parker as a Leader
Consultant, podcaster, entrepreneur Show notes and transcript: My guest for Episode #8 is Jamie V. Parker, the founder of her consulting firm, Process Plus Results, where she is a trainer, speaker, and coach. She is also the host of a podcast called Lean Leadership for Ops Managers. As many guests have said, Jamie shares her favorite mistake that she's made "so far." She talks about working to change her leadership style away from the "command and control" approach that had been taught to her in the early stages of her leadership career. Jamie shares stories about a mistake she made in working to lead and coach others in a corporate setting. We'll learn the "question that changed everything" for her as a leader and how she eventually figured out how to get through to one manager who was really resistant to her coaching. This podcast is part of the Lean Communicators network -- check it out!
October 9, 2020
Being the Last to Know, Professionally or Personally with Matt Granados
Consultant, coach, speaker, CEO Show notes: My guest for Episode #7 is Matt Granados, the cofounder of LifePulse, Inc., a consulting, coaching, and speaking organization. He is also the author of the recently-released book, Motivate The Unmotivated: The Proven System for Sustainable Motivation. He and his wife also have a podcast called REALationship. Today, Matt shares some examples of similar mistakes from his professional life and his personal life — being the last to know about something major or not paying attention to the things that matter. We also talk about common mistakes that are made when leaders try to motivate others in the workplace. Visit his website for a special offer for podcast listeners.
October 7, 2020
Communicating a Difficult Fact to a Client with Brenda Batista
Consultant, entrepreneur, engineer, attorney, Black Belt Show notes:  Joining me for Episode #6 is Brenda Batista, the president of her firm Inspiring Company Culture. She's an engineer and an attorney — she's a management consultant and an entrepreneur. And, today, she's sharing her “favorite mistake” from her time as a consultant. Brenda shares a story about giving a factual piece of information to a client… and why the way she delivered the message was a mistake that created many learning opportunities on many levels. We'll also talk about how she helps leaders create inspiring company cultures and high performing teams. Brenda is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Project Management Professional, and 5 Voices System certified trainer. Over the past 25 years, she has been at the helm of many high performing teams dedicated to performance improvement. Brenda has managed complex multi-million dollar client accounts, created computer simulations to predict business performance, and established a scalable consulting methodology for start-ups and established businesses.
October 1, 2020
Billy Taylor on Not Adhering to the Standard in Operations Leadership
Retired Goodyear executive, consultant, speaker entrepreneur, and CEO Show notes: My guest for Episode #5 is Billy Ray Taylor, a retired Goodyear executive and now the founder and CEO of his firm, LinkedXL. In today's episode, Billy talks about his “favorite mistake” in which he was “compromising on the standard” early in his career as a leader. “What were the standards for leadership?” he asks. How did mentors and his leaders help him learn the importance of maintaining standards? He then transitioned from being the student to being the teacher. Billy Taylor: “What you accept, you cannot change. What you tolerate, you can never change.” This podcast is part of the Lean Communicators network -- check it out!
September 27, 2020
Jim Benson on "My Favorite Mistake" in Consulting With Clients
Consultant, author, "Personal Kanban" expert Notes: My guest for Episode #4 is Jim Benson, the creator of the "Personal Kanban" method and an expert making work flow and decisions easy. He is the CEO of Modus Cooperandi and is a Founding Partner in Modus Institute. And, he's co-creator of the "Lean Coffee" meeting format. Today, Jim shares a story about working his mistakes and assumptions that he made when working with a large telecom / communications clients that had thrown out the new cross-functional way of working that Jim had helped them put in place. It's a mistake that was humbling to Jim and a mistake that he cheerfully learned from. Jim is co-author of the book Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life. You can find him on Twitter as @ourfounder.
September 22, 2020
Karyn Ross on Her Favorite Travel Mistake & Being Kind to Oneself
Author and consultant, entrepreneur, kindness enthusiast  Show notes: Joining me for Episode #3 is Karyn Ross, an author and consultant who also works in my field of the “Lean” management system. Today, Karyn will talk about her favorite travel-related mistake and what she learned from that. We'll also talk about how we can be kind in our coaching of others (and how we can be kind toward ourselves when we make mistakes). Her books: The Toyota Way to Service Excellence: Lean Transformation in Service Organizations  How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence: A Lean Coaching Workbook. Think Kindly – Speak Kindly – Act Kindly: 366 Easy and Free Ideas You Can Use to Create a Kinder World…Starting Today! Big Karma and Little Kosmo Help Each Other Karyn signed a deal with a publisher for a new book, The Kind Leader. Please also check out Karyn's non-profit, The Love and Kindness Project Foundation.
September 15, 2020
Congressman Will Hurd, Learning From a Campaign Mistake and Lessons From the CIA
Republican Representative from Texas Show notes: My guest for Episode #2 is not currently a business leader, but he is going back into the private sector in January 2021. He is Congressman Will Hurd, a Republican representing Texas’s 23rd Congressional District. Hurd was student body president at Texas A&M University, he served as a CIA undercover operations officer including stints in the field in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. After working for a cybersecurity company, he was elected to the House in 2014. Today, the Congressman talks about his “favorite mistake,” which includes his lessons learned from running and losing his first election in a runoff. We'll also hear about his experiences in the CIA and how they focus on training — and executing the mundane tasks perfectly — as a way to prevent bigger, catastrophic mistakes. Thanks for listening -- please subscribe, rate, and review. You can support the podcast:
September 8, 2020
Kevin Harrington & Mark Timm, One Shark and Two Mentors
Kevin Harrington from "Shark Tank," Mark Timm from many entrepreneurial ventures, co-authors  Episode web page: I'm really excited that my guests for the inaugural episode of the “My Favorite Mistake” podcast are Kevin Harrington and Mark Timm, co-authors of the new book Mentor to Millions: Secrets of Success in Business, Relationships, and Beyond. You probably know Kevin as one of the original “sharks” on the hit TV program “Shark Tank.” He's the creator of the infomercial, pioneer of the “As Seen on TV industry,” and co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), founded in 1987. Mark Timm has been a serial entrepreneur and exponential-thinking practitioner for almost three decades. He has started more than a dozen companies, several of which have multiplied and been sold. He has spoken professionally for more than 25 years, giving thousands of speeches to over a million people around the globe. In today's episode, they both open up about their “favorite mistake” and what they learned from that. They'll also share stories about Kevin mentoring Mark and others and some common mistakes that can be made in a mentoring relationship. If you're interested in the book, be sure to check out their website. I am also running a giveaway contest, via my blog, where you can enter to win one of two copies of the book. At the end of the episode, Mark and Kevin share a special offer related to some extra materials that you can get, for free, when you buy the book. Please subscribe, rate, and review the podcast -- that helps others find this content and you'll be sure to get future episodes as they are released weekly. Support the podcast: 
September 2, 2020
Teaser: Representative Will Hurd (R-TX)
Preview of Episode 2: While my new business podcast "My Favorite Mistake" will focus on leaders from startups (and more mature companies), I found the opportunity to interview Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX). He will be leaving Congress after this term to return to the private sector.    When I publish the full episode, you'll hear him reflect on lessons learned from a mistake from the early days of his time in politics. I appreciate and admire the congressman's willingness to admit a mistake, to take ownership of it, and to learn and move forward, leading to more success in the future.   That's what this podcast is all about... he'll probably be the only politician I'll have on the show, but we connect dots between leadership in politics and business... how the "Lean Startup" methodology can lead to learning and iteration in any endeavor.
August 27, 2020
Teaser: Kevin Harrington of "Shark Tank" and Mark Timm
Preview of Episode 1: My guests will be Kevin Harrington and Mark Timm, the co-authors of the book, Mentor to Millions: Secrets of Success in Business, Relationships, and Beyond. Kevin was one of the original "sharks" on the hit TV show "Shark Tank" and Mark is an entrepreneur many times over.  This is a teaser for the episode and I share what this podcast is about and what I hope listeners will  think, feel, and do after listening,
August 27, 2020
Trailer: "My Favorite Mistake" (2021) I hope you'll enjoy listening to My Favorite Mistake, published twice a week -- Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. Please subscribe, rate, and review!
August 10, 2020