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What Do You Want?

An episode of The Little Drops Podcast By Femi Jacobs

By Femi Jacobs
Unique and original perspectives on life, love, creativity, arts and business from one of Nigeria’s best known actors and certified transformative coaches. Get my new and first book, “RISE - Cultivate the Grit for Greatness” now out on amazon, paperback and Kindle. Enquire at your local bookstore or call +2348104701356.
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The 4R's After Failure
You might have been too hasty, too fearful, a little unprepared; but what you saw was right. You still deserve it. It's still in your orbit. Perfect the plan. Wash your nets. Rest a little. Get help. But never abandon the dream. Go!
August 12, 2019
People, Purpose, Pattern
This is a series. It's for Christians who desire a strong relationship with the Father.
August 8, 2019
The Promise Was There Before The Pain
I have a theory - your pain was reacting to your promise. It is therefore a mistake to let pain lead the conversation.
August 2, 2019
Living From Your Dreams or Your Traumas?
Anxiety will be response of an idle imagination that is not deliberately activated. If you don’t construct a picture for your mind, it will use your trauma to create a scary future for you and you’ll not be able to stop the accompanying debilitating anxiety.
July 26, 2019
Get Off That Drug, Get With The Program!
Change is closer than you realize, if you could only step out of a sedated existence into a conscious one.
July 14, 2019
Something Higher Than Forgiveness
You will need to accept what you can’t change. There is no virtue or benefit in sweating the small stuff. If something is a constant, we can safely assume that it will always be so and make adjustments to accommodate it in advance such that it makes no dent on our rhythm and on our energy; because whatever messes with your energy also messes with your money and your very life.
July 11, 2019
You Are The Problem Your Problems Are Trying To Solve
You are the problem your problems are trying to solve. You are the mystery. You are the conundrum. You are a bundle of complexities. Pain is a signal that potential is unutilized. You’d remain rooted in false comfort if life doesn’t introduce challenges and you won't be able to unpack what you contain in glorious latent potential.
June 29, 2019
From Shaking Tables to Building Tables
This is sector specific because I work in film and television primarily, but it captures the attitudes of originality, authenticity, dexterity, sacrifice and passion - which are must-haves for a successful career and work life. Your feedbacks are welcome.
June 27, 2019
What Do You Want?
Precision leads to power. Al of your being radiates with extraordinary energy. But without precision, they are scattered everywhere and end up being wasted. The way to unleash the intelligence in your life is to focus on a handful of objectives.
June 26, 2019
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