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Magic happens when women entrepreneurs support each other.
Welcome to Fempreneurs Unite where Magic Happens.
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Welcome to Fempreneurs Unite

Fempreneurs Unite

Meet Julianna Dawson | Author Inspiring Words: Love's Journey and Inspiring Words: Finding Yourself
It was such an honour to interview Julianna Dawson, Author of Inspiring Words: Love's Journey and Inspiring Words: Finding Yourself.  Read Transcript: Watch Video: Julianna is also a Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Founding President and CEO of Whole Life Change LLC.   In a previous life, she was a Director of a medical publication, managed projects for Newsweek and FORTUNE magazine in the US, Europe, and Asia.    Connect with Julianna Dawson at  Click on the Work With Me button  Fill out the form with your areas of interest and hit submit. Julianna will be in touch with you soon.
January 13, 2022
Tammy Lynn Collins is an Intuitive Creative Visionary who Turns Passion Into Profits
Tammy Lynn Collins is an intuitive creative visionary and brand strategist.    In this inspiring interview, Tammy explains how she turns her own passion into profits and how she helps clients clarify their passion so they can turn it into profits too. Tammy is a Consultant who helps you find and live your passion and drive your brand strategy.   The best way to start working with her is to do her 4-week program, LIVE Your Passion. Then you can move on to working closely with her to bed down your brand strategy. This program is called LOVE Your Brand.    If you want to work with Tammy for a year, creating your entire brand and building passive income streams, you can move on to LIFE - Legacy Infrastructure for Entrepreneurs. Full transcript here Schedule a discovery call with Tammy   Find out more   Follow Tammy on LinkedIn  Follow Tammy on Facebook   Join us at Fempreneurs Unite  (Free Group on LinkedIn)
September 28, 2021
Work with Georgia Varjas, Book Writing Coach
Have you ever wanted to write your own book?  Georgia Varjas is a bestselling author and book writing coach.   Georgia Varjas has been a writer for as long as she could hold a pen in her hand and now she is a book writing coach.     Georgia has written and produced many plays, contributed poems to 6 anthologies, performed spoken word poetry and entered slam competitions and published 4 books, including 2 bestsellers:  "The Rule Breakers Guide to Step Up and Stand Out" and "Rule It! How to Step Up and Stand Out on Video, Stage and Page"   Here is our interview, including Georgia's 3 steps on how to step up and stand out.    Book a free Book Planning call with Georgia here: Find out more about Georgia's Writers Circle here:  Visit Georgia's website for more info:  Follow Georgia on LinkedIn: Join us at Fempreneurs Unite:  Visit Fempreneurs Unite:
September 07, 2021
What is a Fempreneur? - 70 Signs You Are One
What is a Fempreneur? Here is my definition. I would love to hear yours. Pop over to leave your views at Let's get this list up to 101 Signs You're a Fempreneur.
August 12, 2021
Interview with Elizabeth Batalla - The Institute for Achievement and Excellence
Elizabeth Batalla left her executive corporate position to found the Institute for Achievement and Excellence in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Elizabeth helps women be unstoppable so they can achieve success and fulfilment in their life. In this interview, Liz offers one lucky viewer full lifetime access to her flagship program, worth $599 (USD).   Have a listen to find out more.   Find the full transcript and podcast here:  Watch video here: Join Fempreneurs Unite on LinkedIn:  Institute for Achievement and Excellence:  Connect with Elizabeth:  Connect with Lauren:
August 07, 2021
Welcome to Fempreneurs Unite
Hi everyone. My name is Lauren Kinghorn and I'll be your host on Fempreneurs Unite.   Welcome to Fempreneurs Unite where we'll be talking all things entrepreneurship.    You can also find us on our LinkedIn group, also called Fempreneurs Unite.   And as we know, magic happens when women support each other, collaborate, work together and promote each other.   So come and join us in the group and we can work together and create some magic. You can find us on LinkedIn here: You'll find our videos here: And website here:
August 06, 2021
August 5, 2021
August 05, 2021