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Celebrity Interviews - 5 minutes with Marvin Ambrosius

Celebrity Interviews - 5 minutes with Marvin Ambrosius

By Fit Freaks
Sit down with Marvin and find out how celebrities maintain their fitness. 5 minutes with Marv exposes the best fitness tricks and tips that are being used by the famous to keep themselves in shape. Learn more about health & lifestyle helping you lose weight, get in shape, and stay fit for life.
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Fit in 5 Ambassador Fran Drake Tells us about her 12 Stone Weight Loss Journey
Fit in 5 has taken leaps and bounds and it's because of people like Fran Drake who championed the workouts and spread the word via social media and actively used the workouts everyday.  She has lost over 12 stone over a 4 year period and you should listen to this episode to hear how she achieved this and has stayed consistent.   Follow @fran_from_fat_to_fit_ on instagram
November 08, 2021
Louise Gookey Shares Her Lockdown Fitness Secrets And The Benefits Of Home Workouts
I had a great discussion with presenter, producer Louise Gookey who shares her fitness secrets and how lockdown helped her find a new routine that works with her hectic lifestyle.  Follow Louise via instagram - @Louisegookey
November 01, 2021
Who Is Patrick Hutchinson? Fitness, Life, Racism and Self Discovery
You may think you know who Patrick Hutchinson is but there's so much more to him than his heroic actions during the BLM protests. Listen to this interview to gain a deeper insight into the life of Patrick Hutchinson.  Follow @iampatrickhutchinson via Instagram and visit his website ''United To Change And Inspire (UTCAI) is an organisation that works to bring people together and empower them to create a better future for themselves and their loved ones.  We are united in strength to overcome injustice and prejudice and to champion equality for all. We advise, support and give a stronger voice to marginalised groups. We aim to change past narratives and bring about fairness and equal opportunities in education, business and the criminal justice system, as well as the corporate, creative and sports industries.  You can buy his book now ''Everyone Versus Racism''
October 15, 2021
Deke Walker - Lifestyle Fitness Vs Physique Fitness Pro Life
I was honoured to speak with Fitness Pro Deke Walker about his transition from Singer-Songwriter, Personal trainer to a Fitness Pro champion. He is on the road to compete on the biggest stage and you heard it here first on the ''5 min utes With Marv Podcast''  Follow him @dekewalker_
September 24, 2021
Fit For Television? Actress Deborah Ayorinde Tells Us Her Fitness Secrets On 5 Minutes With Marv
I was Lucky enough to grab some time with superstar Actress Deborah Ayorinde and talk about her fitness likes and dislikes and what type of exercise she likes best.  Make sure you tune into this one and follow Deborah on instagram and check out some of her latest Movie starring along side Kevin Hart ''Fatherhood'' and the critically acclaimed series on Amazon Prime ''Them"   Follow Deborah : @itsdeborah
September 08, 2021
Ranvir Singh Tells Us Her Fitness Secrets & How Strictly Come Dancing Was Her Toughest Challenge
I spoke with Ranvir Singh about her challenges with staying fit & healthy and her challenges being on a show like strictly come dancing that requires you to train like an athlete. We also talk about nutrition and keeping a routine habit that lasts a lifetime.  Follow Ranvir Singh via Insatgram @ranvirtv
August 06, 2021
Marvin Ambrosius Talks With Amy Golby About Her Amazing Body Transformation During Lockdown
I talk With Amy Golby About her amazing body transformation and lifestyle changes that led her to becoming the woman she is today. We spoke about how she even decided to go into PCA competition and Prep as a contestant! Wow! Such an amazing Story, you don't want t miss this one as it's packed with hidden gems that will help you on your fitness journey.  Follow her on the GRAM - Instagram: @dreams_and_Dumbbells
June 30, 2021
Celebrity Trainer Richie Swan Tells Us His Story About Becoming A Personal Trainer
Richie Swan Tells me about life before becoming a fitness professional and the struggles of being a personal trainer during lockdown. His knowledge, energy and motivation is legendary and if your thinking of becoming a personal trainer you should definitely listen to this podcast.
June 03, 2021
Fitness trainer of the year is a game changer - Fit In 5 with Marvin Ambrosius
I was lucky enough to be huge on the fit & well awards and voted for Emma to be the instructor of the year.  Listen to the podcast and you will be why I voted her 💪🏽  Watch the full episode here:
May 27, 2021
Lavina Mehta Goes From Corporate Job to Personal Trainer & MBE - 5 Minutes With Marv Champion Edition EP 1
I had the pleasure of speaking with Lavina Mehta who changed career to become a personal trainer and in a short time made huge impact on the fitness world by creating a space for all ages to participate in exercise during the pandemic.
May 20, 2021
Former England Cricketer isn’t a fan of working out? - it In 5 with Marvin Ambrosius
Marvin talks to Former Cricketer, World Cup winner Ebony Rainford Smith and she reveals her fitness routine.    Ebony's Socials 👇   Instagram: @ebonyjewelrainfordbrent  Twitter: @ejrainfordbrent   Listen to the podcast: Watch the full episode here:
May 06, 2021
Former Paralympian makes champions through mindset coaching - Fit In 5 with Marvin Ambrosius
2x Paralympian (Beijing2008 & London2012) | TEDx Speaker | Transformation Coach | Host of The Mindset Athlete Podcast joins Marvin to talk about his transition from professional athlete to a Coach and how he still trains like an athlete.   Owen's Socials 👇  Instagram: @jamesoroberts11 Twitter: @jamesoroberts11 Personal website: Watch the full episode: Listen to the podcast:
April 22, 2021
Mellissa has the mindset of a Champion - Fit In 5 with Marvin Ambrosius
2 time heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has the mindset of a champion and that’s why he’s decided to work with Melissa (Melt Pr) She understands the mindset behind building champions and all successful brand and tells us how she stays in shape  Melissa's Socials  Instagram: meltpr  Twitter: meltpr   Watch the video here:
April 15, 2021
Orla Chennaoui tells us about her secret to a a healthy lifestyle - Fit In 5 with Marvin Ambrosius
Orla Chennaoui is a television journalist, former all-Ireland triple jump champion, podcaster, columnist, and writer. She reveals her secret to a healthy life.    Download fit in 5 App:     Watch the video here:  Orla Chennaoui's socials 👇  Instagram: sportsorla   twitter: sportsorla   #Hiit #Fitness #LiveWorkout #HomeWorkout #LockdownWorkout #FitIn5
April 08, 2021
Alex Hammond has the 🤫 - Fit In 5 with Marvin Ambrosius
Alex Hammond has been working as a presenter for over 20 years and has the secret to keeping a healthy body and mind  Watch the video here: #Hiit #Fitness #LiveWorkout #HomeWorkout #LockdownWorkout #FitIn5
April 01, 2021
Kristy McCabe shares her fitness routine - Fit In 5 with Marvin Ambrosius
5 Minutes with Marv with Kirsty McCabe broadcaster & meteorologist. Meteorologist Kirsty McCabe talks about the importance of routine and habits that last a lifetime.   Kirsty's socials 🔽  Twitter: @kirstymccabetv  Instagram: kirstymccabetv  Watch the full video here:
March 25, 2021
LBC Presenter uses fit in 5 everyday - Fit In 5 with Marvin Ambrosius
Activist, author, LBC presenter Natasha Devon talks with Marvin about her fitness habits and how The fit in 5 workouts help her stay fit and healthy. Watch the video here:
March 18, 2021
Has Lockdown affected my workouts? Nazaneen Ghaffer shares fitness her journey - 5 mins with Mar
Nazneen shares how lockdown affected her workout. Nazaneen Ghaffar is a British television weather presenter. She currently appears on the Sky News channel, having previously presented for BBC South East Today and ITV West. Watch the full video here:
March 10, 2021
Martine McCutcheon shares what fitness means to her and her family - 5 mins with Marvin Ambrosius
It was an honor having Martine McCutcheon and she revealed what fitness means to her! Martine Kimberley Sherrie McCutcheon is an English singer, television personality, and actress. She began appearing in television commercials at an early age and made her television debut in the children's television drama Bluebirds in 1989.  Watch the full video here:
March 04, 2021
Music producer DREADY listens to what while he works out? - 5 mins with Marv
I talked with Dready and he revealed what he listens to when he works out. Karl Jarzhino Daniel, better known by his stage name Dready, is a music producer, songwriter, business executive, and DJ. He worked with Jeezy, Chip, Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Mavado, Kardinal, Meek Mill, etc.   Watch the full video here: Website:   Dready's Socials 🔽  Instagram: officialdready  Twitter: @OfficialDready   #Hiit #Fitness #LiveWorkout #HomeWorkout #LockdownWorkout #musicproducer #FitIn5 #celebrityinterview
February 25, 2021
Hannah Wilkes social media strategy exposed - 5 minutes with Marv
I sit down with Hannah Wilkes to expose her social media strategy and how she deals with fitness during the lockdown.   For podcast version of this interview  visit:  Visit our website for fitness workouts and discount merchandise:  #Hiit #Fitness #LiveWorkout #HomeWorkout #LockdownWorkout #FitIn5
February 18, 2021
Hip Hop Legend Saigon takes me to school - 5 minutes with Marv #hiphop #fitin5 #rapper
I had the pleasure of interviewing the king of New York Saigon who talks to me about his fitness regime and what he does to maintain a good fitness level.    Socials ⬇️   Follow: saigon_nyc  Website:   #FitIn5 #hiphop #newyork #ny #rapper #justblaze #music #xxl #fitness #marvinambrosius #5minuteswithmarv #fitfam #interview #celebrity #lockdown #homeworkouts #calisthenics #bodyweight #exercising #lifestyle #family #musicisforlife #entourage
February 10, 2021
Sky News Presenter Injustice! Does it matter what you look like to be on TV?
Sky News Presenter Gillian Joseph talks to me about body image, life in the public eye and the importance of being self aware in an industry that wants more than just your talent. Follow Gillian on social media: @gillianjoseph101
February 06, 2021
Are Sky Sports News Presenters FIT? Jo Wilson breaks the myth - 5 Minutes with Marv
I speak with Sky Sports News presenter Jo Wilson about her fitness level after becoming a mother and the changes to her body.  We touch on key habits she has to stay fit and the challenges of working out after becoming a mother.   Follow Jo Wilson:  Instagram - jowilsontv   Podcast also available here:  #Skysports #skytv #jowilson #fitness #fitafterbirth #prenatal #postnatal #prenatalfitness #postnatalfitness #interview #Lockdown #habits #motivation #lifestyle #marvinambrosius #fitin5 #youtubeshow #chatshow #podcast #FitIn5 #journalist #covid #zoom #newsstory #news
January 28, 2021
All-Star Angel McCoughtry tells me the truth - 5 minutes with Marv
This week's episode is with 2 times Olympic Gold medalist, 5-time WNBA All-star, and shooting guard for Las Vegas Aces Angel Mccoughtry giving us an insight into how she intends to stay fit for life.   Follow Angel Mccoughtry  Instagram: @mccoughtry Las Vegas Aces @lvaces  Angel McCoughtry's WNBA profile:​  Want the same fitness tips I share with my celebrity clients? Get them free in my new book here:
January 25, 2021
Jess Impiazzi shares her fitness secrets - 5 Minutes With Marv
Welcome to my new online series talking with Celebrities for 5 minutes about health & lifestyle helping you gain tips, advice, and insight into how to stay fit for life.  The first episode is with special guest Jess Impiazzi - Follow her socials below: Instagram: @jess_impiazzi Twitter: @jess_impiazzi Tik Tok @jess_impiazzi  This episode is sponsored by LinqSport - Connecting people through sport.   Arrange and play sport and leisure activities in your area. With LinQsport you can host meet-ups or just browse and request to attend sport and leisure activities with like-minded people.   DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW 📲
January 25, 2021