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Fit And Fearless After 40

Fit And Fearless After 40

By Patrick Ash
The Fit and Fearless After 40 Podcast is for people ages 40+ who want to get stronger, fitter, build endurance and resilience, while embracing the journey. Looking for direction, support, and accountability? (Heck, even if you are not quite 40 yet and aspire to get fit and fast...this is the podcast for you😀).
This podcast is hosted and maintained by Endurance Journey Coaching - Patrick Ash, MSc
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Episode#5 - Meal Planning Strategies With Connie Pastorius

Fit And Fearless After 40

Episode#5 - Meal Planning Strategies With Connie Pastorius

Fit And Fearless After 40

Episode #15 - Strategies to Improve Health, Immunity, and Practical Self Care
In this episode I interview Dr. Julie Zepp. Dr. Zepp is a Naturopathic Doctor, living, working and loving in Regina Saskatchewan. Her  passion is to inspire others to live their best life, in mind-body and soul, be it with family, friends, patients and the community at large! We discuss: What are some behaviours and habits that can help build resiliency What challenges and opportunities have risen out of the pandemic Strategies to improve immunity (nutrition, sleep, vitamins, hydration, relationships, activity, community) Daily routine suggestions to make time with you, for you each day, listening to your body Tips to enhance health in the winter months (outdoor activity, light therapy, sauna, community) Upcoming programs offered by Dr. Zepp. Dr. Zepp can be reached at Facebook or For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at: Disclaimer - This podcast is for general informational purposes only. This does not constitute the practice of medicine, nursing, or additional health care services, including the giving of medical advice. The use of this information and the material link to this podcast is at the users own risk. The content on this podcast is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Users should not disregard or delay attaining medical advice from any medical condition they have and should seek the assistance of their health care professionals for any such conditions.
December 10, 2021
Episode #14 - Mindful Eating to Feel Great During The Holidays
In this episode, I discuss 5 tips to prevent the holidays from derailing your health and fitness goals.  Change your environment and remove temptations Prepare less food and Eat the "best bang" foods first Eat Slowly Calorie Restriction Prior to Big Meals Stay active especially on the day before, day of, and day after your big meal Need help staying on track in December with your fitness and health? Join our BadASS Bingo starting December 1st here. For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
November 24, 2021
Episode #13 - Strategies to Make Progress, Bust Through Plateaus, and Achieve Goals
In this episode I discuss 6 Strategies to help you make progress, bust through plateaus, and achieve your health and fitness goals. It's never too late to start and always ways to improve. I discuss these 6 strategies: Stop Thinking About It, DO IT. Ignore mainstream (influencer) advice Undiet and remove the quick fix mindset You don’t have to be perfect to progress Feel more than you see Let others take the helm and join you on your journey. Need help staying on track in December with your fitness and health? Join our BadASS Bingo starting December 1st here. For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
November 23, 2021
Episode #12 - Developing Confidence And Self Belief From Your Fitness Journey With Marc Lacquiao
Marc Lacquiao is the owner of Redline Fitness, the premier Police Fitness Training Facility, in Langley, B.C. Marc helps prepare candidates for the fitness requirements to qualify for the police force.  Today we discuss: Breaking skills down into simple components in order to help people overcome performance anxiety and self-doubt. Going through the "What If" exercise to identify challenges/fears and the solutions to those challenges/fear before they happen.  Develop a problem-solving mentality instead of a victim mentality.  Learning to focus on your best effort rather than what will go wrong. Overcoming challenges will make your journey more meaningful. 5-minute action - Visualize performing your best before immediately prior to your performance. This includes overcoming challenges. Book Recommend - Thinking Fast and Slow, Atomic Habits, and Power of Habit. The Ultimate Never GIve Up Video - Find out more about Marc and his coaching at: Join our Great Saskatchewan Endurance Series to help you improve your fitness and health this summer: For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
May 14, 2021
Podcast #11 - 4x4x48 Challenge - Overcoming Resistance To Achieve
I discuss taking on the 4x4x48 challenge (David Goggins). Specifically, I address: Why Do This? All goals will have resistance, the more challenging the goals, the greater the resistance. Limiting beliefs (how bad do you want it, know your why) How Did I Do It? The plan, schedule, and execution What Important Lessons Did I Learn? Small chunks, keep moving forward, all forward motion is progress. My hope is you can learn from my experience and use these strategies to make progress and achieve your next BIG goal! For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
March 26, 2021
Episode#10 - Tanvir Hasan - Mindset Switch To Create Lasting Change
Today I chat with Tanvir Hasan, Head Coach at Tanvir Hasan Coaching. We dive into some key mindset strategies to help working parents change their mindset to begin the process of making a meaningful change in fitness and health. Specifically, we discuss: How to develop a mindset to create lasting change Self Awareness - overcoming depression, understanding the power of your subconscious mind, change your thoughts to change your life The power of meditation - thoughts, feelings, emotions. Using affirmations - no limit thinking (What is your best life 10 years from now with no limitations? What will your life look like?) 5-minute action - understand what you really want (with no limit thinking) Gratitude (acknowledging what you are grateful for) How to get into contact with Tanvir: For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
March 05, 2021
Episode#9 - Clarisse Vandendorpe
Today I chat with Clarisse Vandendorpe, Head Coach at Strong And Confident Busy Mums. We dive into some key strategies for busy parents to employ to help develop healthy nutrition and excise habits with limited time. Specifically, we discuss: Movement or nutrition - which is more important to address and for how long. Why it's essential to lead your own habit change and keep your actions simple - pick one and practice consistently. Create successes from the start - build confidence and progress.  Pick one most important thing you want to change now - the best gift you can give.  Look at your agenda/calendar - book in a 5-minute action each day. Create a practice each day that you can do with 10/10 consistency. Add activities/habits that bring you pleasure  Take care of yourself first - what is one action you can do today to take care of yourself? How to get into contact with Clarisse: Free Group Team Super Hero Mums- For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
January 28, 2021
Episode #8 - 2021 Why Not Now?
What do I think about on my 44th birthday? Letting go of what was and looking for the opportunities ahead.  My mantra for 2021 is "I am flexible and resilient to adapt to any situation. I seek the opportunities to take action to improve my situation and the situation of the people I serve in my life. I take action, reflect and learn, and refine my choices moving forward so I always make progress towards the outcomes I want." My challenge to you in 2021 - What is your opportunity today and what action are you willing to take in this moment to seize it? For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
January 27, 2021
Episode#7 - Key Nutrition Habits For Health and Improved Endurance - With Anders Carbonnier
Today my special guest is Anders Carbonnier. Anders is the owner of Coach Carbo Fitness. He specializes in helping people transform their fat into muscles without sacrificing burgers or beer. Today we discuss: How to be structured with the nutrition plan without being overly restrictive. Understand why certain habits lead to poor food choices - finding triggers that lead to poor food choices.  Meal prepping to create better nutrition options.  Why some endurance athletes have trouble with weight management.  Carbs vs Fat, Fuel around training sessions, eating nutrient-dense food versus calorie-dense foods, slow down, be mindful when you eat. Best 5-minute action to create a small win - why are is making the change you want important to you.  For coaching support, Anders can be on facebook @anderscarbonniers For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
January 11, 2021
Podcast #6 Ayo Williams - Simple Steps to Creating Lasting Change
Today my special guest is Ayo Williams. Ayo is the owner of Achieve Your Objective - Training and Nutrition. He specializes in helping dads in their 40's get lean, lose stomach fat, and keep it off, in only 30 minutes a day.  Today we discuss: How to best start to develop the habits required to reach a goal. Hint: the client drives the goal. Why willpower and/or discipline should be replaced by a system you can be accountable to. Small wins matter If you have limited time what can you do now to make meaningful lasting change.  Best 5-minute action to create a small win.  His best purchase under $100.  For coaching support, Ayo can be reached at For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
December 28, 2020
Fit and Fast After 40 Podcast #2 - John Duncan
Today our very special guest is the inspiring John Duncan. John has been a participant in our last 2 Endurance Journey Prairies Challenges. What makes John and his story so inspiring is due to some significant health challenges John lives in long term care and needs a wheelchair to move from place to place. In spite of these challenges, John has focused on what he can do rather than on what he can't.  A lesson for us all to embrace. Here is John's story.  Any feedback and questions, please submit them to  For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
December 24, 2020
Episode#4 - Setting Yourself Up For Success In 2021 With Ashley McBride
Today I talk with Ashley McBride. We take a deep dive into goal setting for 2021 to help set you up for your success.  Topics include: The steps to make goals that will actually create long term progress. Reverse engineer them. Creating priorities and being relentless with time management - Saying No and Filling Your Cup First The 5-minute action to create lasting change.   You can contact Ashley Here:  For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
December 24, 2020
Episode#5 - Meal Planning Strategies With Connie Pastorius
Today we chat with Connie Pastorius. Connie is a Certified Fitness Coach and Mama living in NYC. She is the owner of Pastorius Fitness. She specialized in helping busy mamas get stronger and gain energy so they can go from chaos to crushing it. We dive into all things meal planning today: Strategies to meal plan with success 80/20 principle of meal planning Easy steps to start meal planning right away Make is fun - theme eating days of the week The simple trick of doubling meals to eat healthier more often The importance of a good chefs knife Her Ultimate Smoothie Guide For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
December 22, 2020
Episode #3 How Did I Get Here? A Backstory in Moments, Lessons, and Values
A brief backstory into some of the important values I have developed as a coach: Patience - results will take longer than you think so enjoy the process. Persistence - showing up for yourself each day. Perseverance - make commitments to yourself and stick with them. Setting Goals for 2021 - think about your goals in terms of the skills, habits, and behaviors you need to develop to achieve those goals. Any feedback and questions, please submit them to For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
December 14, 2020
December 10, 2020
December 10, 2020
Episode #1 - Showing Up
Today we cover the topics of: The Intent of The Fit and Fast After 40 Podcast How we plan on helping people ages 40+ and beyond Seth Godin's The Practice: Shipping Creative Work Why having a strong emotional circle is important for your health and fitness in a pandemic  Any feedback and questions, please submit them to  For coaching support, find Patrick Ash at:
December 09, 2020