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The 5 Mics Podcast features five young, ambitious & successful black men who not only want to see a change in the World, but become the change themselves. The fellas cover a myriad of topics, weekly, including equality, cultural commentary, business, improvement, sports, current events & more. With diverse backgrounds and professions, you'll get to view life through different lenses & perspectives that will help you make an impact in the World, too. Tim, Ayo, D.No, Monte and James are the 5 Mics. Enjoy the show! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
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Side Dude
The Mics open up with #RelationshipCorner & ponder the question “Could you be a loyal side dude?” This then leads into monogamy vs polygamy discussion & why the guys would prefer one over the other. Next, they talk about maturity in the dating scene & how things have changed over time & experience. The fellas then get into managing time with their significant other & getting their much needed alone time. Things are wrap up with a deep discussion about finding ways to be successful in their current markets & the struggles of comparing others moves to your own. Tap in & enjoy. @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
June 30, 2022
Uptempo Sorrow..
The fellas start the episode off with a review of Drake's interesting new release which delves into a conversation about the state of music and where music might be headed as a whole. Next up a talk on posting what's deemed as thirst traps on both sides of the coin and what that means in a relationship. Fitness has been a huge part of the Mics lifestyle & they get into their drive to work out on a daily basis. #RelationshipCorner takes a look at Love Languages and the guys discuss how critical it is to both know and meet the needs of your partner's Love Language. Tap in & enjoy! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
June 24, 2022
City Boys Up!
City Boys Up!: The fellas give their thoughts on the Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial and verdict. #RelationshipCorner: Micheal B Jordan and Lori Harvey reported split leads to a deep dive on whether or not you can take a chick off the streets. The Mics also talk about deleting pics off social media after break ups. Even Playing Field: Here the fellas get into the fairness of opposite sexes competing in sporting events. This is a great convo! As usual the guys have their random banter. Enjoy the show! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
June 09, 2022
The Mics open up the Pod with a discussion on aging and how their mindsets have changed. They then give their condolences and thoughts on the recent events in Uvalde, Texas & Buffalo, NY. Next is a talk on Kendrick Lamar's new album. #RelationshipCorner comes in with a discussion on openly communicating with your partner or people you are dealing with. Of course the random banter is intertwined. Tap in & enjoy. @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
May 27, 2022
James St Patrick
The Mics return with a Live studio audience. They first update listeners on the status of the Pod and get right to it. A quick discussion on gas prices (04:37) & Daylight Savings Time (8:02) gets things warmed up. You know the fellas couldn’t pass up a chance to talk all things Kanye (12:10) with the recent Doc “Jeen Yuhs”, his divorce with Kim Kardashian & her new dude Pete “Skete” Davidson. Lastly the Mics get into #RelationshipCorner and discuss “Why women play games” (28:22) & “Dating people with kids” (45:57). Very interesting talk with varying takes. Tap in & enjoy! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
April 03, 2022
We Back!
The Mics return with Season 2 of the 5 Mics Podcast. The fellas get right to it, diving into a few different topics including Black History Month, Joe Rogan & Super Bowl vs Valentines Day. Quick update on Pod status catches the listeners up & of course the signature banter. New format, new season, same Mics. Tap in & enjoy! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
February 12, 2022
What Men Want
The Mics are back this week & start off with a mini Verzus between Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars (22:38). They then get into the #RelationshipCorner and go through several different topics & questions including Do women actually forgive? (31:03) What a man wants in a woman (43:27). The "Happy Wife Happy Life" mantra gets a double take from Ayo & the fellas discuss their thoughts overall (48:51). A good convo overall from the fellas. Tap in & enjoy the show! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
November 18, 2021
Bar Graph..
The fellas are back and Ayo starts off demoting Jeff Bezos (2:10) with the clip circulating with Leonardo DiCaprio. Tim informs the guys on why he doesn’t like class reunions (7:43). They then shift gears & talk about the tragedy during Astroworld concert (13:25). Next, the Mics touch on the Kanye West interview with Drink Champs (26:55). (43:22) #RelationshipCorner comes in with a few different questions. Tap in & enjoy the episode. @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
November 15, 2021
"Welcome Back.."
The fellas are back Poddin after a hiatus and get right to it. Tim doubles down on his “F*ck Jada” stance with the recent story that came out from an interview (7:50). This leads into a talk about how men deal with their mental health & letting out frustrations or emotion (21:35). Next they get out the scuba gear and Jacques Cousteau deep dive into Squid Game and how it represents society (32:27). Next they announce their new partnership with Ace Athletics! (42:37). Things get wrapped up with #RelationshipCorner where the guys respond to a few of the listeners questions (47:28). Tap in & enjoy! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
November 08, 2021
Epi 51: “Sex & Relationships.."
This episode the fellas open up with another Fatherhood conversation with Tim expecting his first child this week! (01:26). The Mics then get into their histories of pregnancy scares (6:19), being motivators on social media (15:00). A deep dive intro the transgender movement incorporated with the Olympics and an overall discussion on transgenders in society in general (20:38). #RelationshipCorner wraps things up with the question “How important is sex in a relationship?” (41:17). You will definitely want to hear this convo! Tap in!  Aloha to D.No.. @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
August 24, 2021
Epi 50: "Wild Boyz.."
The Mics open up Episode 50 with a recap of the festivities last week with Tim’s birthday and Diaper Party (2:51) and club etiquette (10:16). They then talk about fighting for or with your homies (26:17) and what age do you let your siblings fights their own battles. The dive into how to prepare for Fatherhood (32:45). A run through with music with Nas’ new album, aging of artists and LOX/Dipset Verzus (40:15). #RelationshipCorner brings the question of what are you willing to deal with in a relationship which brings a deep discussion into levels of cheating and each person would handle cheating (50:55). Tap in & enjoy the big 5 0! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
August 12, 2021
Epi 49: "You Weak as Hell.."
This episode opens up with NBA Free Agency talk (01:54) and dives into yet another wave of COVID (10:25). The Mics then debate on who will remain in Rochester, MN the longest (15:48) before getting into a deeper topic of things being affordable at 30+ (19:25). Lox vs Dipset picks were reassessed prior to the Verzus airing (22:02). A deep dive into saving money and building credit (25:24), Kanye west being back in his bag with DONDA (31:18) and a convo about what "oldies" will be (40:17) round off the topics before getting into #RelationshipCorner (49:45).  Tap in & enjoy! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
August 06, 2021
Epi 48: "P’s & Q’s.."
The Mics are joined by a live audience in this episode. They open up with Dr. Dre’s divorce settlement and a deeper exploration into spousal support (05:02). They then talk about the Olympics and the importance of the games in other countries vs the USA (18:10). The fellas host a Q&A to close the pod with #RelationshipCorner. (37:14). Tap in an enjoy! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
July 31, 2021
Epi 47: "You Ugly.."
The Mics are back this episode touching a number of topics. They give their takes on Space Jam 2 (22:30), Marvel spin offs and the state of movie theaters post COVID (32:00). They close the episode addressing a post regarding age and potential (43:32). A short pod with a grip of topics. Tap in! Live pod going up 7/29 at 530pm. Check our Instagram for the info. @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
July 27, 2021
Epi 46: "Over Stimulated.."
Mics are back and chop it up this episode on a number of topics. They open up with what defining fuck boys (1:38), the reintroduction of the local tradition of Thursdays on First (3:28), the usual suspects in bars (16:31) and reflecting on growth in the bar scene (19:02). The convo shifts to music (32:35) as they discuss TPain’s recent rant and dive into the lack of creativity in the world. On the #RelationshipCorner the fellas get into the question of right person, wrong time (52:30) and lead into how familiarity can keep people stagnant (56:55). A lot more throughout this episode, tap in and enjoy! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
July 16, 2021
Epi 45.. "Can I Give Some Flowers?.."
The Mics open up the episode with a random discussion on a recent Trans-Korean story (01:07), Fast 9 (13:35), BET Awards and Tim gives flowers...sort of (30:42). #RelationshipCorner brings an interesting topic to the discussion (47:20) which leads to a talk about the impact of words (01:02:35). A lot of free flowing convo in this episode, tune in! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
July 01, 2021
Epi 44: "Triggered.."
The Mics bring in one full year of podding & reflect on what’s next for 5 Mics Pod. They then talk sports with NBA Playoffs & the reactions on both sides for Sha’Carri Richardson qualifying for the Olympics. A random riff on sanitation standards & expectations post COVID. On the #RelationshipCorner the fellas get into their Triggers in relationships as well as what they think triggers their partners. Tune in & thank you all for the support through Year 1. Many more to come @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
June 24, 2021
Epi 43: "Put Me In Coach.."
@5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
June 19, 2021
Epi 42: "1+1=4.."
The Mics chop it up this episode about a number of topics. They talk Kanye West, his best album and why people hate on him. They also get into music and their preferences on their musical intake. #RelationshipCorner makes its way in with an interesting question as to what everyone's "Green Flags" are. Tim gets heated, literally. Tap in for this any much more. @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
June 11, 2021
Epi 41: "I Told You So.."
@5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops For more exclusive content, became a Patron of the 5 Mics Podcast at
June 05, 2021
Epi 40: "Save Some For Me.."
The Mics are back and break in the new studio with a number of topics. They dive into the new J. Cole album, rap lyrics & the landscape of music. They also shed light on the Kwame Brown cycle and give their opinions on what has been going on there on all sides. NBA Playoffs & Relationship Corner round things off with a sprinkle of random riffs as usual. Tune in & enjoy. Rest in Peace George Floyd! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
May 29, 2021
Epi 39: "Pogs & PAWGS.."
@5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
May 14, 2021
Epi 38: "Chips & Salsa.."
@5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops Subscribe on our youtube page!
May 07, 2021
Epi 37: "Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!.."
Justice is Served! Rest in Peace George Floyd @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops Subscribe on our youtube page!
April 23, 2021
Epi 36: "The Dick Count is Way Too High.."
Rest in Peace Earl "DMX" Simmons Rest in Peace Daunte Wright @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops Subscribe on our youtube page! 
April 16, 2021
Epi 35: "Hell Yeah.."
In today's episode, the fellas chop it up a number of topics including: The Derek Chauvin Trial  - We revisit the murder of George Floyd almost a year later and talk about the implications of the potential verdict for the trial Question Time - What are the top 5 ways to make money online? #RelationshipCorner - How do you deal with the contrast in a relationship between two people with different backgrounds? Are you not Entertained? - We randomly discuss our favorite moments and characters from Game of Thrones and dive into other T.V. shows and movie reviews And much more!
April 03, 2021
Epi 34: "Dis-sensitive?"
In this episode the fellas discuss a number of different topics including: Is the pandemic over? - Vaccines are rolling out and the streets are ready for life to begin The sad shit - We discuss Boulder, CO shooting and Deshaun Waston allegations Relationship corner - Is there such thing as “right place, wrong time” when it comes to relationships? @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops Cashapp: $5MicsPodcast $25 for logo tee; Include size and color Subscribe on our youtube page!
March 27, 2021
Epi 33: “Stop Asian Hate!”
In today’s episode the Mics welcome in a Live audience and dive into a number of different topics including: Stimmy! - Stimulus checks are rolling in and the fellas give their takes on what people are doing with their funds Prayers up for ATL - We discuss the recent tragedy in Atlanta and the support that has arose for the Asian community #RelationshipCorner - Long distance, cheating and accountability are among the highlights  Q&A - We get some help from the audience with questions to stir up the conversation And much more! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops  Subscribe on our youtube page!
March 19, 2021
Epi 32: "Cancelled.."
In today’s episode the fellas chop it up on a number of different topics including: Gimme the Vassine - As the cases go down and more people get vaccinated, when will we be ready to call an end to the pandemic  Justice for George Floyd - We discuss the future implications of the jury selection for the Derek Chauvin trial  #RelationshipCorner - We continue our ongoing discussions about the role of social media in dating  And much more! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops Subscribe on our youtube page!
March 13, 2021
Epi 31: "Let Me Be Honest.."
In this episode, the fellas discuss a number of topics including: Mask Off - Texas lifts the mask mandate and we talk about co-vid 19 reopening (0:30) Tim is Out the Game! - Tim is officially married (8:07) Bobby is FREE - Bobby Schmurda has been released from prison. This news leads into a whole conversation about the rap game (11:10) Progress - The George Floyd act is passed to combat police brutality (42:33) Relationship Corner - Can you like pictures on Instagram when you have a significant other? When someone likes your photo, does it mean they like you? (01:16:15) And much more! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops Subscribe on our youtube page!
March 06, 2021
Epi 30: "Dirty Thirty.."
In this episode, the fellas chop it up on a number of topics including: Frozen Tundra - We discuss what’s going on in Texas & address the lack of support from the states government (8:56) Judas and the Black Messiah - Perhaps we have a  #moviecorner now as we do another movie review for the culture and talk about the societal impacts (20:05) Randomness - There are plenty of random tangents in the show this week. What’s the best hangover food? Komodo Dragons eating monkeys. A dog receiving a $5 million dollar inheritance. Edible experiences (44:56) Wait What??!? - Tim drops gigantic news as if he was announcing what he ate for breakfast. (1:05:16) Renting vs. Buying - An interesting debate that will help you be savvy with your money (1:09:30) Rihanna vs Beyoncé - The Army vs The Hive (1:24:20) Good flow, plenty of range, tap in! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops Subscribe on our youtube page!
February 19, 2021
Epi 29: "Hitch.."
@5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops Subscribe on our youtube page!
February 13, 2021
Epi 28: "New Nela.."
In this episode the fellas talk about a number of different topics including: Baby Nela - Tim and Mela are having a baby! He tells the story of how he found out and we talk about family and fatherhood (09:07) American Skin Review - Spoiler alert 🚨 we review the movie and talk about it’s broader impact on the culture (20:40) Black history month - Do people actually care about black history? What should be done to have an impact? How are we still fighting? (37:40) And much more! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops Subscribe on our youtube page!
February 06, 2021
Epi 27: "F the Suits!.."
In today’s episode the fellas discuss a number of topics including: R.I.P - We pay homage to those that have passed both past & present including Kobe Bryant, Hank Aaron, Larry King, and Cloris Leachman & Cicely Tyson. F*** the suits - Robinhood shuts down trading certain stocks because the little guys figured out how to use them to beat hedge funds at their own game. Relationship corner - Why do men complain that women are h*es when we’re the one who “created” them. Check out our Instagram page @5micspod for information on how to join our Giveaway! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops Subscribe on our youtube page!
January 29, 2021
Epi 26: "Reunited.."
In today's episode, the fellas chop it up on a number of different topics including: Welcome Back D.No - D.No stops in from Cali to reunited with the pod crew for the  6 month anniversary episode. Imma Need You to Clock Out - Trump is out. Biden is in. Time for a new chapter in politics. (3:20) Relationship Corner - Are there levels to love + is it okay to date someone after they slept with your friend? (33:25) Audience Q&A - How long should you give your partner to 'find themselves'? Why don't men cry and show vulnerability? Interracial dating & more. (50:10) Real Talk - We touch on a number of different deep and real topics like aging, our relationships with our parents, and how perspectives change over time. (109:25) And much more! This episode was brought to you by Disgruntled Brewing: "One taste and you’ll know this is Midwest brewing at its finest—skilled, artful Midwest brewing. The kind of Midwest craft brewing that’s drawing attention worldwide." @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops @theterrencerowe Subscribe on our youtube page!
January 22, 2021
Epi 25: "Hit the Button!.."
In this episode the fellas welcome James back to the Pod & discuss a number of different topics including: Impeached x2 - Donald Trump gets impeached for the second time. Also, we talk about the aftermath of the capitol storming. (7:15) Still fighting - What's the next step in social justice after the past 4 years have gone by? (20:00) Sports corner - From NFL playoffs to the blockbuster NBA trades, we take a quick dive into the sports world (36:10) Relationship corner - Would you want your wife to re marry after you die? How soon is too soon to begin a new relationship? (50:17) And of course, much more! Tune in & enjoy. @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops Follow, subscribe, like & comment on youtube!
January 16, 2021
Epi 24: "Storm the Capitol.."
In this episode the fellas cover a number of different topics including: Storm the capitol - We discuss Trump rioters storming the capitol in Washington D.C. and compare their treatment to BLM protestors Kanheyyyyyyyyyy - Is Kanye west having a gay relationship with Jefree Star? Did it cause his divorce with Kim Kardashian? Relationship corner - Can you hook up with someone a few times, stop hooking up, and remain friends? Sex in relationships - From marriages that go dry to “scheduling” time to put in that work And much, much, much more. @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops Follow, subscribe, like & comment on youtube
January 08, 2021
Epi 23: "366.."
In this episode the fellas talk about a number of topics including: Where’s the stimmy? - We talk about the new round of stimulus checks and how the people are getting screwed over by the government 2020 in review - We all share the highlights, lowlights, and lessons learned from the craziest year of all time. Looking forward to 2021 - From New Year’s resolutions to new adventures, we talk about what’s next for the year ahead @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
January 02, 2021
Epi 22: "Vassine.."
In this episode, the fellas chop it up on a number of different topics including: *Spell "Vaccine"- We vote on whether or not each of us would take the vaccine and talk about the conflicting data in the "science" behind co-vid *December 21st - On December 21st, it's rumored that black people will develop superpowers due to a unique reaction with the Sun and the Melanin in our skin. We all choose what we'd like our new superpowers to be *Representation matters - From the upcoming release of "American Skin" to Michael B Jordan creating a showcase for HBCU's, we talk about the impact of seeing black faces on the culture as a whole Special shouts to Hidden Spring Ale Works for lacing us with a nice care package this episode. Check them out in Tampa @hiddenspringsaleworks @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
December 19, 2020
Epi 21: "Blue Check.."
In this video, the fellas chop it up on a number of different topics including: Own It - We discuss Dave Chappelle asking fans to boycott platforms that host the Chapelle show without paying him and talk about ownership on the back end vs money on the front end. Beens, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes - Happy Thanksgiving! We talk about the things we're thankful for and debate the best and worst foods. Trying to Get the Blue Check - We talk about what it means to follow your dreams and why and how people choose or choose not to do it. Relationship Corner - How do you find the right balance of quality time with your partner? What will you tell your grandkids about 2020? - We talk about and look back o perhaps the craziest year in all of our lives. And much more! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
November 28, 2020
Epi 20: "According to Rutgers.."
In today's episode, the fellas cover a number of topics including: *The Co-Vid Saga Continues - We discuss the impact of lockdown part two and how we all plan to move during a period of surging cases *Do Women Watch Porn? - We discuss and even cite statistics on porn use among both men and women *Relationship corner - We discuss different topics from requests on Instagram including your partner's sexual past, thirst traps, liking pictures on IG, who's considered out of your league, money in relationships, and more Tap in & enjoy the show! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops @theterrencerowe
November 21, 2020
Epi 19: "Inevitable.."
In today’s episode the fellas return after a short break & dive into a number of topics including: Co-Vid part 2 - Lockdown season has returned. Plus Ayo tells his story of catching the Rona. What’s crackin - Crack, & all other drugs, are legal in Oregon Get it off your chest, Tim - Throughout the episode Tim shares thoughts on, & wants smoke with, damn near everything & everybody. Top 5 debate - The fellas name their top 5 rappers Tune in for this & much more! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
November 12, 2020
Epi 18: "Only Fans.."
In today’s episode the fellas cover a number of topics including: Will the real PassTheHops please stand up? - James tells his story of a hacker stealing his Snapchat account and scamming his friends. I miss the old Kanye - As always, Kanye finds a way to make headlines. We talk his campaign ad, his mistakes, and his inspiration on the culture as a whole. Relationship corner - We cover different relationship topics including attractive traits that aren’t physical, hall passes for cheating, and deal breakers. Only fans - We discuss the new wave of only fans accounts and talk about who’d we pay to subscribe to. And much more in this off the cuff episode! #EndSARS #PrayForNigeria @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
October 24, 2020
Epi 17: "🐐..”
In today’s episode the fellas cover many different topics including: *Election 2020 part 376 - We continue to discuss the two candidates and parties and will do so until the election is over *Is LeBron the GOAT or nah - We have the classic debate that every single NBA fan has *Covid life - We continue to talk about life in the age of Covid and how things will be when we fully “re-open” *Shifting the culture - As always we talk about solutions to improve the black community and fix the cultural, racial, and economic issues that cause so many problems *Relationship Corner question of the day - How do you introduce your significant other to your platonic friends? @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
October 17, 2020
Epi 16: "Nigerian Psycho.."
In this episode, the fellas chop it up on several different topics including: *Shout out my boy Flyshawn - We discuss the star of the Vice Presidential debate and continue our never-ending discussion on politics in 2020 *SMH Torey - Torey Lanez has been charged with assault and faces up to 23 years in prison *DM Etiquette - We talk about the proper way to slide in someone's DMs and how social media and dating go hand in hand *Do you bring sand to the beach? - In today's question from the #RelationshipCorner, we ask "When is it appropriate to bring your significant other to the function?" Intro: Drake - Do Not Disturb Outro: Dreamville - Under the Sun @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
October 10, 2020
Epi 15: "One Night Stand.."
WTF was that - We discuss that trainwreck of a presidential debate and the state of politics in 2020 and beyond? The difference between black people and n***as - We discuss the different types of black people in our community, how they behave, and what differentiates them Monte's questions of the week - In a special edition of the #relationship corner, Monte shares the results and answers of IG poll questions he posed about different relationship topics Tune in for a wide-ranging conversation that jumps through many different topics but made for a great discussion throughout. @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
October 03, 2020
Epi 14: "A.S.L..”
In today’s episode the fellas discuss many topics including: We’re sorry Breonna - We discuss the inevitable and unfortunate decision of prosecutors deciding to not bring charges against the officers who killed Breonna taylor. Mask On? - We talk about co-vid and whether or not masks will be a permanent facet of American life Watch ya mouf - We discuss whether or not different groups are allowed to speak on the behalf of other groups, e.g., men and women or whites and minorities Relationship Corner - As always, we dive into a handful of relationship and sex topics from age gaps, settling in your 30s, pornography use, and more. Just...tune in! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
September 25, 2020
Epi 13: "Prude.."
In this episode the fellas bring in Ayo's birthday with a spirited Pod and cover a number of topics including: *Sports talk - L.A. Clippers downfall and preview of the Conference Finals *The Lizzo Effect - We discuss body positivity and how artists like Lizzo boost the confidence of their fans, for better or worse *Maya Moore - It turns out the prisoner Maya Moore freed was her romantic partner. Was this still a righteous move? *Surprise, surprise - Offset and Cardi B are getting divorced *Relationship corner - When, where, and how often should you post pictures with your partner on social media? And much much much more. This episode had many twists and turns. Enjoy! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
September 18, 2020
Epi 12: "Soulmate?..”
In today's episode the fellas cover the following topics and more: NFL Kick-Off and Co-Vid - The opening night of the NFL season featured a game with 16,000 fans in the stadium. Does this mean we're done with co-vid? Relationship Corner - We discuss whether or not we believe in the idea of soulmates & how to find a great partner without settling, but also without being too picky. Mental Health - We talk about what it's like to deal with concepts like masculinity and mental health as black men in America in 2020 @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
September 11, 2020
Epi 11: "Previous History.."
In this episode the fellas dive into the following topics: R.I.P to legends - We open with a shoutout to Chadwick Boseman and John Thompson J.R. and reflect on how we've all dealt with this crazy year NBA protests, worth it? - We discuss the impact of the brief boycott from NBA players and the true impact it had on social justice issues. Still fighting - As always, a bit of dive into the issues in "the culture" today Relationship Corner - The relationship question of the day "Why do women have an issue if you have platonic female friends? @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
September 04, 2020
Epi 10: "Black Lives Matter.."
In today’s episode the fellas discuss the tragic shooting of Jacob Blake Jr. and have a great discussion about police brutality and racism. Strap in, this one gets deep. @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
August 27, 2020
Epi 9: "Ten to Two..”
In this episode the fellas cover several topics including: *The NBA draft, bubble playoffs, and the Masai Ujiry controversy *The dating game in in 2020 and beyond *Relationship trick questions “Do you think she’s attractive?” And much more @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
August 22, 2020
Epi 8: "WAP🤔”
*NSFW*  In this episode, the fellas go from a normal conversation about the NBA Bubble and slide into a “slippery slope” discussing the new hit song WAP and what it means for women’s empowerment, the double standard between men and women, the general conversation about sex, and more. Just listen.  *NSFW*  Instagram: @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops Intro Song: Black Soprano Family - It's Over Outro Song: Cardi B - WAP f/ Megan Thee Stallion;
August 12, 2020
Epi 7: "Hypothetically Speakin"
In today’s episode the fellas cover: “His ancestors pushed him” - The Jonathan Isaac Kneeling controversy “Nothing justifies this” - New footage released in the George Floyd case and the “other side” uses it as an excuse “American civil war?” - We discuss the impact of continued escalation in the culture war “Do drinks count as a date?” - From hanging out to dating and relationship, we discuss the different milestones on the path to an entanglement And much more! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
August 05, 2020
Epi 6: "Beluga Whales Have Knees"
In today’s episode the fellas cover: *Beluga whales have knees - From mermaids to aliens to robots and AI, the pod kicks off with an interesting and random convo. *WNBA national anthem walk off - What is the right way to protest and how do we make change? *Continued impact of co-vid 19 from professional sports to every day life *We’re still fighting, but how? - We discuss and debate how to continue the fight for equality when change seems difficult to impossible. And much more. @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
July 29, 2020
Epi 5: "Entanglement"
In today’s episode the fellas dive into several topics including: “Entanglement? You mean, relationship?” - All 5 mics give an in-depth opinion on, not just the Will & Jada situation, but the complicated nature of relationships and whether or not monogamy is ideal. Real life vs. celebrity life - Should we even use celebrities as role models in the first place? What the hell, Mr. West? - We discuss the infamous Kanye west and his latest PR stunts. Nick “Cancelled” Cannon - Nick Cannon came under fire for allegedly making ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ statements. We pick apart what he said and share our two cents. We dive deep into a few core topics this episode. Sit back and get ready for a deep conversation. @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
July 15, 2020
Epi 4: "Who Got the Uber?"
In today's episode, the fellas dive into a number of topics including: Is the 4th of July canceled? How do we deal with holidays, monuments, and American legacies with racist ties? A local "me too" moment hits MN & a broader conversation about sexual assault allegations and sexual encounters altogether. "I don't want no minute man" What's the appropriate length for sex? Continued discussion on race including "Can you be pro-black and in an interracial relationship? And much more! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
July 11, 2020
Epi 3: "Micheal C. Jordan"
In today's episode, the fellas cover many different topics including: *Cam Newton's signing to the Patriots and whether or not his contract was fair. *Co-Vid Part 2 - Will there be a second wave? How will the lockdown work this time? Just how bad is the virus? *The Seattle CHOP Zone shootings & how the media pick and choose when black lives really matter *Continued discussions on police brutality & when cops should use force *How change can actually occur? What are the solutions to the problem? How can we change our broken institutions? And much more! We dive deep in this episode and cover damn near everything currently going on in society. Oh, and BTW, ARREST THE COPS WHO MURDERED BREYONA TAYLOR!! @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
July 04, 2020
Epi 2: "Who is Laurel?"
5 Mics is back with episode two of the Pod. The fellas come to the mic to discuss: *Finding leaders to continue the movement and inspire the youth *Stories of being stereotyped as a black male *How black people can take ownership of their success and save themselves *Reaching - how the media goes too far trying to break new stories *How the institutions, media and politicians, have failed us and what to do about it @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
June 27, 2020
Epi 1: "We still fightin'"
5 Mics opens up their first episode and dives into a bevy of topics. How to continue the fight to make long-term gains for equality. What it’s like to be a black man in America. Representation in entrepreneurship, economic empowerment, and making ownership cool. How black people can gain access to the resources and education they need. Monte, Ayo, Tim, James & D.No are 5 Mics. @5micspod @timnela @ayotheauthor @dnorrisii @blaccadonis @passthehops
June 22, 2020