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What started as an Instagram blog back in 2016, is now growing and connecting with foodies young and old. #FoodieSpace was made to share and create a community that laughs, shares and eats together. Not just in a restaurant, but around the world. That is exactly what this podcast is all about, sharing and actually starting a conversation. Joining the head of FoodieSpace, Jose (@ JoseMakesFood), are Isaack (@ ElTacko47) and Ashley (@ Ashion
Update! (It's a Good One)
Finally! Jose made the scheduling for the pod and we are all ready to start sharing with each one of you. For now, every Tuesday you can listen to us on iTunes and/or
August 19, 2017
The FoodieSpace Podcast Pilot
This is the pilot episode of "The FoodieSpace Podcast" hosted by Jose, Isaack, & Ashley. Summer, Fidget Spinners, and Fall vs Autumn. Follow us on Instagram as @FoodieSpace.
August 1, 2017
FoodieSpace Podcast Pilot
This is our pilot episode of the FoodieSpace Podcast. In this episode we talk about: What We Did This Weekend, E3, The New Frozen, and Fidget Spinners. Featuring music by @BonusPoints (Roadside Snacks).
June 13, 2017
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