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Founders Club

Founders Club

By Giorgio Morocica
This podcast is for and about founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs seeking to change the status quo and bring innovative ideas into the world.
Learn how they are doing it and what innovative technologies and business models they are pushing forward.
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20. Harness the power of Storytelling to connect with your Audience | Tamar Hela20

Founders Club

35. The Art and Craft of Podcasting | Patrick Frick & Leonardo Marra
Patrick Frick, is a trilingual (Chinese, English, German) international sales manager with strong intercultural communication skills. At wenglor he provides leadership to the sales organizations across Asia.  He co-founded and co-direct the China Flexpat Podcast to help people work and live in China. He interviews successful foreign professionals in China to give practical advice to his listeners on how to succeed in that ecosystem.  Patrick's LinkedIn: ----------------- Leonardo Marra is a sales management professional with a solid background in cross-functional and cross-cultural relationships. Currently managing the Asia Pacific region for Istituto Marangoni and Domus Academy, global education pillars for professional and creative learning in the Fashion, Art, and Design fields. He strives to integrate the spirit of ‘Italianess’ and celebrate the global and multicultural reach of Italian culture. He is the host of The International Business Podcast where he engages in conversations to draw insights from international business leaders. Leo's LinkedIn:
December 31, 2020
34. How to create new systems and Rebuild your business | Brian Tam
Brian Tam is a 3x TEDx speaker and the lead consultant at Let's Make Great!, where he leads corporate teams through FIRST TIME EVER challenges. From new business models to fresh brands, he guides multinational companies in China to systematically explore opportunities and work through innovations.   He's the mind behind PROTO Innovation Cards, the author of Awrignawl Creativity, and the producer of "The Rebuild" -- a documentary following the aftermath of the post-COVID pandemic.  Born in New York, and proudly raised in New Jersey - he has been in China since 2007, working to drive the fantastic change that is happening in China & the world. Let's Make Great!   ------------------------------  Brian Tam's LinkedIn:
December 29, 2020
33. How to be relentlessly resourceful and invest in successful Startups | Rich Robinson
Rich Robinson helps startups build, scale-ups grow and organizations innovate. He is a sought-after keynote speaker that teaches at China's top two universities: at Peking University's Guanghua Int'l MBA program but also Entrepreneurship in China and at Tsinghua University's BI-Tsinghua joint program teaches 'pracademics' to senior execs. Previously with 8 successive startups as a co-founder or senior exec, and with dozens of others as an investor, board member, advisor or mentor (HAX, Chinaccelerator & 500). First a senior exec at 3 consecutive companies from private entities through to their listings, then went on to start 5 companies: 3 exited to publicly listed companies and 2 landed squarely in the 'L' column. Rich is active in the geek-o-system in Asia/globally and speaks frequently at conferences. (Web Summit Lisbon & Dublin, TechCrunch Beijing, GMIC Beijing & Silicon Valley, Rise Hong Kong, and TechInAsia Singapore & Jakarta, etc). ----------------- Rich Robinson's LinkedIn:
December 23, 2020
32. Changing the education system & embracing the entrepreneurial way of being | Don Wettrick
Don Wettrick is the founder of The STARTedUP Foundation, author of “Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation and Taking 20% Time to the Next Level” and host of the "STARTedUP Podcast".   Don is known for his award-winning work as a middle school and high school teacher; educational and innovation consultant; and educational speaker.  ------------------- ----------------- Don Wettrick"s Linkedin:
December 9, 2020
31. Turning Academic research into digital products | Xavier Anguera
Xavier Anguera is the co-founder and CTO of ELSA Corp.  Within ELSA he is responsible for engineering, research in speech/AI, and data science.   Prior to ELSA, he founded a digital electronic/audio-books publisher aimed at helping language learners getting used to the language while reading. Earlier in his career, he was one of the founding researchers in the multimedia research department at Telefonica, where he pursued research in speech and multimedia processing.  Xavier holds a Ph.D. in speech processing since 2006 and is the co-author of over 120 published research publications.  He is also the co-inventor in multiple awarded/pending patents and an active contributor to the open-source community.   Over the years he has participated and/or organized multiple scientific open challenge competitions in the speech and multimedia areas.  ------------------------ -------------------- Xavier's LinkedIn:
December 2, 2020
30. Your buyers are still out there and they need you | Viveka Van Rosen
Viveka von Rosen is a LinkedIn Expert & Speaker, Forbes Top 20 Most Influential. As the Chief Visibility Officer and Master Trainer at Vengreso, she helps customers to win more business using digital sales techniques like social selling. Viveka has been speaking on stage since she was 7 years old. After a brief 30 year hiatus, she started speaking again to audiences of all sizes in 2007. Her first introduction back onto the stage was as the keynote social media speaker at the Waldorf Astoria Ballroom to a room full of millionaires and billionaires. She speaks on LinkedIn regularly, on stage monthly at various events all over the world. You can check out her keynote for the Digital Day Out conference in Auckland, New Zealand. Internationally known as the “LinkedIn Expert”, Viveka works with B2B companies and executives, helping them achieve business success through the use of LinkedIn. From Auckland to Vancouver (and just about everywhere else in between). Viveka has been on stage educating and entertaining audiences about the power and potential of LinkedIn. Author of the best-selling books, “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day,” and "LinkedIn: 101 ways to Rock your Personal Brand", Viveka has been listed as a Top Social Media Influencer in Forbes for the past 4 years and a Top 25 Social Media Expert by LinkedIn. --------------------------- LinkedIn: Faceboook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Instagram:
November 25, 2020
29. Demystifying the Landscape of Learning Technology and Reimagining Learning | Christopher Lind
Most individuals who have dedicated their careers to learning and talent development have spent the majority of their time in Human Resources. Christopher is different from most individuals. He’s a bold, digital-first learning and talent development leader that’s always reported directly to the business functions he’s served. As a result, he’s spent his career leading the reimagination of learning and talent development across a variety of industries, while going head-to-head with business operation leaders and being directly accountable for the outcomes. ---------------------------------- Christopher's LinkedIn:
November 18, 2020
28. A different way to learn a language: with Virtual Characters! | Giuseppe Fantigrossi
Giuseppe Fantigrossi is the co-Founder, CEO who conceived Play2Speak while playing with the idea at the Founder’s Institute Entrepreneurship program, back in 2017.   Polyglot of 4 languages, he has 11 years of international business experience in process improvement and IT integration solution projects, and as an English Foreign Language Instructor.  Giuseppe is also a gamer at heart, who loves helping others out when he can.  Giuseppe holds an MBA and was a food scientist, once upon a time...  --------------------------------  Linkedin:  More about play2speak:
November 10, 2020
27. Why purpose matters in entrepreneurship and leadership | Jonas Wolf
Jonas Wolf is an enthusiastic facilitator, entrepreneur and leadership coach with a track record of transforming lives by inspiring and empowering people, driving change, growth, and getting results for individuals, startups, and corporations alike.    He draws on his rich background of working in 4 continents, with dozens of startups and corporates, launching his own business in Germany and the innovation agency AngelHack in China.   Jonas’ purpose is to help people and their ideas to GROW in order to make a positive difference to the world. He believes that the world needs more purpose-driven, engaged, and optimistic leaders to contribute their ideas to the companies they work for or build.   Jonas is honored to be recognized as a Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper.  He co-founded the social impact movement ChallengePreneurs whose mission is to inspire leadership, empower future leaders to lead from anywhere, and to make a difference to one million people.  --------------------------------------------  ChallengePreneurs LinkedIn Page Jonas' website:
October 20, 2020
26. Changing the Education landscape one school at the time | Giuseppe Tomasello
Giuseppe Tomasello is an Italian Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder at With a mission to help language school get more customers online. is a SaaS platform that enables language school managers and directors to  1. Get more students online.  2. Increase in student retention.   3. Increase student engagement and learning experience   4. Manage all the students and teachers all in one place.     The platform makes use of several cutting edge technologies and techniques to deliver outstanding results for their clients, including:  - AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology  - Student and Teacher centered UX design  - Growth Hacking and data-driven funnel optimization  - A Lean Startup based framework for digital transformation  - Rapid user iteration  Giuseppe started the journey as a self-taught full-stack developer to build the first version of a tool for learning Mandarin.  From there he had launched 2 APPs (Edugora and in the Google Play Store and Apple APP store getting tens of thousands of downloads.  -----------------------------------------  LinkedIn Profile  More about Edugo:  Become a PATRON of the podcast:
October 13, 2020
25. The UK's Most Hated Sales Trainer | Benjamin Dennehy
Benjamin Dennehy is an engaging sales speaker, Interim sales director, and sales trainer who will explain that the barriers cemented within your selling process ARE your parents’ fault!   Dennehy brings antipodean brutality and charm to the sales experience many have never encountered before. His ‘no holds barred’ presentation will educate, inspire, motivate, and help your salespeople understand why they struggle with many of their daily sales frustrations. LinkedIn
October 6, 2020
24. Social Selling: Building Sales Pipeline & Brand Awareness through LinkedIn | Sam Rathling
Sam Rathling is a Social Selling Strategist & LinkedIn Expert. She is one of the most sought after consultant in Europe on prospecting and building sales pipeline through LinkedIn. On a mission to generate £1 billion in sales for her clients by 2025.  Moreover, Sam as a SPEAKER & AUTHOR had the chance on educating thousands of individuals and business owners but also sales professionals on the power of LinkedIn for lead generation via speaking events and via her well-known book  'Linked Inbound. In her current role as founder and Chief Visionary Officer: Social selling strategist, LinkedIn Trainer & Lead Generation Expert, Sam helps companies to maximize LinkedIn to get tangible business results. She has helped her clients generate over £93.7m in closed business deals from LinkedIn in the last 18 months. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Useful links mentioned in the podcast (for the SSI score)  Article on why CEO's are so scared of LinkedIn)  Sam's Website (my website)  To book a call about corporate training or outsourced solutions with Sam  Sam's Online Academy  Paperback Version of Sam's Book  Kindle Version of Sam's book  Sam's LinkedIn profile:
September 29, 2020
23. Hacking your startup growth from 0 to 1 Billion-dollar valuation | Sean Ellis
Sean Ellis helped to bring five companies to market as VP Marketing/Growth that went on to exceed billion-dollar valuations including Dropbox, LogMeIn, Eventbrite, Uproar, and Lookout in addition to launching and selling two businesses as Founder/CEO (Qualaroo and Sean is author of Hacking Growth (published in 16 languages), co-creator of, host of The Breakout Growth Podcast, keynote speaker and runs workshops around the world to help teams align around a cross-functional approach to growth he calls growth hacking (a term he coined in 2010). Sean has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Fast Company, Inc, and newspapers around the world as well as on MSNBC. Learn more at  ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Support the Podcast and become a Patron here: Follow our Linkedin Official page
September 22, 2020
22. How to scale your Marketing Agency | Ashley Galina Dudarenok
Ashley Dudarenok is a renowned China marketing expert, entrepreneur, bestselling author, professional speaker, and vlogger. She was recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice in Marketing in 2019 and chosen as an Asia-Pacific Top 25 Innovator by the Holmes Report.    She is the founder of a China-focused social media agency Alarice and China insights and training company ChoZan. Ashley runs the world’s #1 YouTube business vlog about the China market, consumers, and social media at Ashley Talks.    She is an author of 3 Amazon bestsellers on China. Ashley is an active supporter of women in leadership and is the creator of the self-development program FIRE🔥. She’s a regular contributor to the SCMP, Technode, the Next Web, China Daily and is often featured in other media such as Forbes, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, WIRED, etc   Please add follow links to ChoZan ( and Alarice ( and (optional) Ashley Galina Dudarenok (   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Follow Founder Club LinkedIn page:
September 17, 2020
21. How to pivot during a crisis | Alvaro Montoya
Alvaro is an entrepreneur very passionate about solving problems. His motto? "Since we only have one life, wouldn't be great we can spend it helping others while enjoying doing it? That's my way of being an entrepreneur!"   During the last decade, he built many prototypes trying to solve different kind of problems: from a mobile app to help him learn Chinese (school never accepted to buy it), to a management storage software to help his neighbor manage his inventory (he never used it T_T), to a 3D virtual reality tour guide service for museums (not sure why he stopped that project!),  to Akkadu: originally a live translated subtitles solution for universities & lectures, with the mission to help students learn in their own language. Pivoted few times but still with the same mission he managed to fundraise and now with his amazing team making the product better and more accessible. If you want to know more about check them out at!
September 10, 2020
20. Harness the power of Storytelling to connect with your Audience | Tamar Hela20
Tamar Hela is an entrepreneur based in Shanghai and the COO of the digital agency Genius Encel. She helps Fortune 500 companies in Asia generate leads through LinkedIn. As the Co-President of LinkedIn Local Asia, Tamar has created a network of communities made up of Linkedin lovers, embracing the original idea of LinkedIn Local: getting to know “the person behind the profile.” Tamar founded the LinkedIn Local Shanghai community, which has more than 3000 members, making it one of the most professional and active networks in China. Connect with Tamar at these places: Genius Encel website: Genius Encel Blog: Personal website: Personal Blog: Online courses: LinkedIn: Facebook: Facebook fan page: The LinkedIn Community on Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
September 1, 2020
19. Build your tech unfair competitive advantage | Davide Cali
Davide Calì is an Italian executive, researcher, and founder, who during his twenty-five years long career, successfully delivered over five hundred IT projects. More than thirty of them were executed in cooperation with Fortune 500 companies.  He led and participated in over twenty research projects, some of which resulted in Intellectual Property patents. He wrote a dozen of international IT scientific papers, specifically addressing AI-related areas such as Smart Agents, Expert Systems, NLP, Ontologies, and Machine Learning.   From 2001 to 2015 he was CTO/CEO and partner of seven Technology and Artificial Intelligence Start-ups (four Italian and three International). In 2010, he was chosen as the software expert for the Italian government delegation at the World Exhibition in Shanghai and after few years of cross border projects, in 2015, he permanently relocated to Shanghai.  In 2016 he co-founded EXPAND, a Technology Accelerator for early-stage start-ups focusing on Deep Tech, Digital Science, and Smart Industry.
August 25, 2020
18. The International Business Podcast with Leonardo Marra | Giorgio Morocica
Leonardo Marra is an International Sales Manager host of The International Business Podcast. As a guest, I had the chance to talk more about my experience as a start-up co-founder in the fast-paced Chinese startup ecosystem and share some of the lessons I have learned on the way.   Please subscribe to his podcast
June 9, 2020
17. Empowering teams to achieve their growth targets | Maja Voje
Maja Voje is a growth marketing and digital transformation expert who takes a “real world, real results” approach to empowering teams and organizations. Ms. Voje’s early career accomplishments include:  • Co-instructing the best-selling online course on growth hacking in the world (used by 50,000+ students and organizations like Tesla, IBM, and from 2017 to the present.   • Serving as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) during OriginTrail’s $22.5 million token generation event (TGE) in 2018  • Agreeing on an official partnership with Sean Ellis and to promote growth hacking in Europe in 2019  • Managing digital projects for world-class companies like Google (2014) and Rocket Internet (2015).
June 2, 2020
16. How to thrive in China | Shaun Rein
Founder The China Market Research Group, Keynote Speaker, and author The War for China's Wallet & The End of Cheap China Shaun Rein provides clients with the strategic market intelligence that they need in order to make smarter decisions in China. He helps multinational and domestic Chinese multi-nationals and investors understand how to seize advantage of the fastest growing economy in the world with actionable initiatives. He works with clients from a variety of industries. Fortune 500 and leading Chinese companies, private equity firms, SMEs, and hedge funds. Clients include Apple, Yum! Brands, Fidelity, Warburg Pincus, Richemont, DuPont, AXA, Electronic Arts, Hugo Boss, SAS, Ecco Shoes, LG Electronics, Samsung, SK Group, P&G, LinkedIn.
May 26, 2020
15. Lead with empathy in times of Crisis | Daphne Tuijn
Daphne is an entrepreneur, Co-founder & CEO of Chaoly, nonetheless Data-analytics & growth hacker in China.  Tech specialist in the eCommerce industry with a strong desire to formulate successful strategies for companies to grow in the Chinese eCommerce space. Having both built an eCommerce company as well as a tech company in China, she knows what it takes to succeed in this fast-paced economy.
May 19, 2020
14. Love the problem not your solution | Ash Maurya
Life’s too short to build something nobody wants.  After building products for more than a decade, and throughout that time searching for a better, and faster way for building successful products.  Ash Maurya joined and contributed significantly to the diffusion of the Lean Startup movement along with Eric Ries and Steve Blank.  His books Running Lean, Scaling Lean, had a huge impact on me alongside the Lean Canvas that is an amazing tool widely used by founders and early-stage startups around the globe.   Among many lessons, he has learned as a founder and entrepreneur here are the 3 most important:  - Listening to customers is key, but you have to know-how.  - Life is too short to build something nobody wants.  - Love the Problem, Not Your Solution.
May 12, 2020
13. How to build communities and scale your business | Anna McAfee
Anna McAfee is the founder of the first LinkedInLocal offline event. It all began with a single post in 2017, fast forward 2 years, at its height #LinkedInLocal touched the lives of over 300,000 humans, in 650+ cities, in 92 countries. It ignited her excitement for online to offline, a deep passion for community, for supporting more sustainable mental health practices, and to bring a better sense of belonging to the world. 
May 7, 2020
12. How to become a LinkedIn Rockstar | Chris J Reed
In this video interview, I had the chance to talk with Chris J Reed.  International best selling author on the subjects of LinkedIn, Personal Branding, and Social Selling. Chris is infamously known as "The Only CEO With A Mohawk", recognized globally by his notorious pink mohawk!   Chris is also the No.1 Most Recommended Global LinkedIn Marketing Expert with 4 Best Selling Books about LinkedIn, CEO and Founder of the No.1 Most Recommended Global LinkedIn Marketing Firm, Black Marketing with 1,600 LinkedIn Recommendations and leads the No.1 Most Recommended Global LinkedIn Masterclass.  In this episode you will learn about:   LinkedIn Leadership Personal Branding  LinkedIn Marketing  Social Selling  Content Marketing
April 29, 2020
11. Helping language schools to grow online | Herbert Gerzer
Herbert Gerzer runs a highly creative Digital Marketing Agency for language schools.  He has over 12 years of experience in the industry, from teaching to sales, to marketing. Now he helps language schools attract new students and sell more courses through Facebook and Instagram Ads.
April 21, 2020
10. The role of Artificial Intelligence in Education | Ph.D Mike Timms
Michael J. Timms is Founder and Principal Consultant for EdTech Evaluation, a consultancy focused on helping to enhance the effectiveness of educational technology products and assist education systems in adopting new learning technologies. Dr. Timms was formerly Director of Research Development and Quality Assurance at the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) where is responsible for supporting the educational research conducted across all research divisions. His role included identifying and developing innovative approaches to educational research and providing the infrastructure to support current and future work. Before that, he was Director of the Assessment and Psychometric Research Division at ACER for six years where he led a division of around 70 staff. Dr. Timms’ particular research interest is in the application of educational measurement in intelligent learning systems. He has led many projects focused on the use of innovative computer-based assessments to tap into student knowledge and abilities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
April 12, 2020
9. What we value determines what we do | David Allison
David Allison has spent his career helping organizations motivate, influence and engage audiences. He is the founder of The Valuegraphics Database, the world's first custom database that can predict and influence behavior. The database contains insights from close to a half-million surveys, conducted in 152 languages, about 420 metrics: our values, wants, needs and expectations. It is globally representative, and accurate +/- 3.5% with a 95% level of confidence. David's company uses the database to provide clients with data-driven personas that pinpoint precisely which values will most powerfully trigger behavior for anything on earth. His bestselling book, WE ARE ALL THE SAME AGE NOW: THE END OF DEMOGRAPHIC STEREOTYPES was listed by INC Magazine as one of the top ten leadership books of the year, and Kirkus Reviews called it a "genuinely authentic contribution to the field of marketing literature." David speaks globally about how to predict and influence behavior and provides custom data for every audience he addresses. He is represented by the National Speakers Bureau and the Global Speakers Agency.
April 6, 2020
8. Turning 1 month turnover loss into 1 year big profit | Yoann DELWARDE
Yoann is a French engineer by training and a human developer by passion. Having been in Shanghai for almost 6 years, he climbed the ladder from sales engineer to sales director, multiplying his company sales turnover 6 times and leading a team of 15 people from 5 different nationalities. He is starting his own business now to help companies to scale up and people to sell more with integrity. His sales experience with SMEs and various clients such as JOHNSON & JONHSON, MARELLI or BAOSTEEL helped him to identify the needs of different organizations as well as individuals for sales training, coaching and consulting. Passionate about public speaking and personal development, he runs workshops to help individuals learn through experiential trainings, mentor start-ups through Chinaccelerator and give lectures to different MBAs and business schools in Shanghai.
March 26, 2020
7. How to "hack" LinkedIn and generate millions of views and revenue | Josh Steimle
Josh is a TEDx speaker. Author of "7 Systems of Influence" he has written 300+ articles in Time, Inc., Fortune, Forbes, FastCo, Mashable. He leveraged that attention to generate millions for his marketing agency MWI ( And then turned his writing skills to LinkedIn where he created posts that led to millions of views and generated leads and sales. He became fascinated with the art and science of personal influence which led to creating The 7 Systems of Influence, a framework he uses to help executives and entrepreneurs do get their names in top-tier business publications as well and build their personal brands on LinkedIn. He started his second company, Influencer Inc, which helps executives and entrepreneurs grow their businesses through PR and LinkedIn. He is also a husband, father, skater, Dinosaur Jr. fan, political news junkie, ultra trail runner, triathlete, author of Chief Marketing Officers at Work.
October 15, 2019
6. Exploring the link between mental health and sports | Ben Baldieri
Ben is the host of the podcast "Rolling Forward", which explores the link between mental health and sport, where he dives into the habits of high performers. He is also marketing lead, and a community leader at MOTIVATE Shanghai, a personal development group focused on providing entrepreneurs with the skills they need to achieve their goals. In his free time, Ben is a keen Jiu-jitsu player.
October 9, 2019
5. From overcoming language and cultural barriers to expanding with Alibaba | Chloe Goncalves
Recruited among 3500 candidates to join the first Alibaba Global Leadership Academy (AGLA) created by Jack Ma to fasten the group globalization, Chloe currently is helping European Brands enter the China market and sell through Alibaba's e-commerce platforms. With a double Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and International Business and +6 years of professional experience,  Chloe is interested in China's Digital scene, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Marketing, and New Technologies.  You can reach Chloe through the following social media links: Wechat: goncalveschloe Join the 15 days Mandarin Language Challenge:
October 2, 2019
4. Revolutionizing corporate training and learning | Matthew Spriegel
Matthew Spriegel is the founder and CEO of ATIOM which is a revolutionary way to train corporate employees. ATIOM helps businesses move beyond their one-off employee engagement activities by offering a gamified mobile-based platform that makes training fun, effortless and measurable. With a focus, on increasing customer satisfaction, employee engagement and most importantly, revenue.
September 18, 2019
3. Nightlife master | Artur Engalychev
Artur Engalychev is the CEO and founder of Unight which is a one-of-a-kind online platform giving you direct access to dining and clubbing venues in your city. 
September 11, 2019
2. From Impossible to Golden Idea | Jay Thornhill
Co-Founder and Head of Product Development for Baopals. Baopals ( is a fast-growing startup launched in March 2016 that has opened the gates to Taobao and Tmall for non-Chinese. Over 3 million products have been purchased on the platform in 3 years, and the co-founders are the only foreigners ever awarded "Top 10 Up-And-Coming Entrepreneurs" by the Shanghai government. Previously founded A Learning Culture, a boutique communication skills training consultancy, which was acquired by Ivy League English. Other links 15 days Mandarin language challenge
August 28, 2019
1. Venture Capital, China and Social Media | Kevin Jon
Former German-Polish management consultant passionate about 3 things. 1. Venture capital (co-founder of funding accelerator Properas and mentor to startups)  2. China (in charge of startup acceleration at XNode in Shanghai and first time in China in 2009)  3. Social media (influencer and regular interview guest in entrepreneurship and management consulting industry with 45k+ views/mth.) This episode is brought to you by Get your 30 min online lesson for Free! Just use promo code "GIORGIO" and learn Mandarin faster!
July 28, 2019