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Founders Keepers

Founders Keepers

By Dr Grace Hatton
Want to hear the secrets to startup success, straight from founders' mouths?

Interviews with the people behind exciting players in social enterprise, healthcare + healthtech industries - from initial concept through to investor backing and beyond. Get in touch at
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#08 Jessica Smith - Growing a world-leading healthtech consulting agency with SomX

Founders Keepers

#19 Nic Blair - The telemedicine "revolution" in healthcare with Midnight Health
Midnight Health is a digital healthcare platform based in Australia that has built a customer base of more than 30,000 people since its launch in early 2021. Offering a range of healthcare services from video consultations to home delivery of prescription medicines, its mission is to enhance patient outcomes through technology by consolidating the fragmented health industry, simplifying experiences, and improving accessibility. Midnight Health has a current valuation of AUS$48 million as of August 2022, having recently taken on a AUS$12 million Series A investment from health insurer, nib. Nic is a serial entrepreneur who has built and made several successful exits from a number of businesses outside of the healthcare space, and in 2019 won the Australian Young Entrepreneur Marketing Award.  In this episode, we talk about single-handedly trying to revolutionise the digital healthcare space, learning from past building experience, and the future of telemedicine. You can find out more about Midnight Health in the following ways: Website: Linkedin: Find us on: Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Twitter: @founders.pod LinkedIn: Get in touch:
September 29, 2022
#18 Angela Lim - AI-driven mental healthcare management with Clearhead
Founded in 2018, Clearhead is New Zealand’s first AI driven diagnostic and triage platform for mental health and wellbeing. Clearhead aims to improve mental health access by providing choice, convenience and control directly to the user, and is also used by numerous organisations to build happier, healthier teams through a data driven approach that is scalable and cost-effective. Angela is a Paediatrics Doctor turned business leader, a TEDx speaker, and sits on multiple advisory boards for the New Zealand Government and not-for-profits. In this episode, timed to coincide with mental health week 2022, we cover the impact of covid-19 on population mental health, finding your perfect co-founder, and hustling at parties. You can find out more about Clearhead in the following ways: Website: Linkedin: Instagram: Find us on: Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Twitter: @founders.pod LinkedIn: Get in touch:
September 23, 2022
#17 Tess Cosad - Increasing fertility treatment access and options through tech with Bea Fertility
Founded in 2020, Béa Fertility is a London-based startup that provides at-home fertility treatment and ovulation tracking services for UK residents. Its aim is to increase access to effective and affordable fertility treatments by offering an alternative to high-cost fertility clinics, and the company has raised nearly £1m in funding for its non-invasive treatment option. Tess is a serial entrepreneur and marketing executive who has prior experience founding both a successful femtech brand and a B2B marketing agency. In this week’s episode, Tess shares probably the scrappiest story we’ve heard on the podcast to date; the trials and tribulations of fundraising; and the challenges of getting a new treatment to market (including guinea pig shortages). You can find out more about Bea Fertlity in the following ways: Website: Linkedin: Twitter: TikTok: Instagram: Find us on: Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Twitter: @founders.pod LinkedIn: Get in touch:
September 16, 2022
#16 Dr Ed Farrar - Managing tinnitus holistically with Oto Health
Oto is a UK-based startup helping people with tinnitus manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life by way of a mobile app. Oto’s most recent investment round saw them raise $3.3 million dollars in seed financing, and is the first reimbursed digital tinnitus app marketed in the US and Germany. Their tools are built in collaboration with ENT surgeons, researchers and hearing therapists combined with AI-powered hearing health tracking, and integrate CBT, mindfulness, physician guidance and relaxation techniques designed to limit the effects of tinnitus. Ed trained as a medical doctor and spent 6 years working as a medic in the Royal Air Force along with co-founder and former Royal Navy doctor George Leidig, before going on to launch Oto in the UK. Today, we cover Ed’s personal story that prompted Oto’s development, the trials and tribulations of fundraising, and his experience in the world-famous Y Combinator incubator where Oto was part of the Winter 2022 batch. You can find out more about Oto Health in the following ways: Website:  Linkedin: Twitter: Find us on: Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Twitter: @founders.pod LinkedIn: Get in touch:
September 09, 2022
#15 Jasmine Eskenzi - Tackling workforce burnout with sensory neuroscience app The Zensory
Jasmine Eskenzi is the co-founder of the Health Tech Hive and The Zensory. The Health Tech Hive is growing online network and event series designed to connect, educate and inspire individuals to build technology solutions to some of the world’s biggest current and future health challenges. The Zensory’s main offering in turn is an app that combines evidence-based neuroscience techniques with traditional wellness practices to help users maximize their ability to level out their mood and improve their mental health.   As part of her endeavours for gender equality in business, Jasmine is a member of NEOME Women Investment Club and is aiming to drive an increase in the number of women investing in business and female led businesses. Prior to this, Jasmine was the Head of Partnerships and Content at Collider Health, working with NHSX on their latest AI Initiative and with Longevity International to facilitate the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity. In this episode, we cover the importance of promoting diversity in healthcare, the “rollercoaster ride” of being a business owner, and how to tackle workforce burnout on a mass scale. You can find out more about The Zensory in the following ways: Website: Linkedin: Find us on: Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Twitter: @founders.pod LinkedIn: Get in touch:
September 02, 2022
#14 Dr Anas Nader - Revolutionising the structure of healthcare workforces with Patchwork Health
Fresh off the back of their recent successful £20 million Series B fundraising round, Patchwork Health helps hospitals reduce reliance on agencies for locum staff, and to improve flexible working options for clinicians. Launched in 2017, their services have since been adopted by 70 health organisations across 250 sites in the NHS alone. Anas has had an incredibly varied career, more recently training as a physician at Imperial College London before going on to found Patchwork Health with fellow doctor Jing Ouyang. In this episode, we cover everything from storytelling for investors to separating a career into “acts” and – highly topically – tackling burnout for healthcare professionals.
August 26, 2022
#13 Dr Owain Rhys Hughes - How Cinapsis supports digital, connected care and healthcare staff work-life balance
Designed in conjunction with practising physicians, Cinapsis SmartReferrals reduces emergency department attendances in the UK by 83% through providing advice & supportive guidance. Family practitioners, nurses, paramedics and pharmacists can contact specialists directly through the platform for clinical advice on a patient case both quickly and securely. Since Cinapsis launched in 2019, thousands of doctors’ hours have been saved for the NHS, and Cinapsis has made it possible for 70% of non-urgent referrals (such as dermatology) to be managed remotely. Owain is a former NHS surgeon with almost two decades of experience working in frontline clinical medicine.  He has been awarded a personal Fellowship from the Medical Research Council and has twice received the British Journal of Surgery Prize. In this short episode, we cover scrappiness in startups; paving the way for surgical care in the healthtech space; and, more philosophically, following your own path in life. You can find out more about Cinapsis in the following ways: Website: Linkedin: Twitter: Find us on: Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Twitter: @founders.pod LinkedIn: Get in touch:
August 19, 2022
#12 Dr Maxine Mackintosh - Networking and connecting healthcare innovators and disruptors with One HealthTech
Dr Maxine Mackintosh is, amongst many other things, the co-founder of One HealthTech: An international, grassroots, federated community of health technologists which exists to support individuals from under-represented groups to be future leaders in health innovation. Maxine also works as a Research Associate and Fellow working between The Alan Turing Institute, The Health Foundation and the University of Oxford, where she primarily works with Professor Chris Holmes in the Department of Statistics. She is a previous Forbes 30 under 30 in Europe, and her work has looked at applying machine learning to health, care and life science challenges. Today, we speak about the critical importance of equity in healthcare and data; One HealthTech’s purpose and mission, and the benefits of growing a community that champions and supports health innovation. You can find out more about One Healthtech in the following ways: LinkedIn: Instagram / Twitter: @One_HealthTech Find us on: Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Twitter: @founders_pod LinkedIn: Get in touch:
August 12, 2022
#11 Dr Matthew Fenech - Metabolic syndrome and diabetes patient management with AI in Una Health
Dr Matthew Fenech is the Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Una Health: A pre-seed stage startup based in Berlin, Germany.  Una Health claim that they are on a mission to reverse metabolic dysfunction through precision nutrition and lifestyle management, combining mobile technology, AI, biosensors and behavioural science to create an effective algorithm-based digital therapy enabling patients to take charge of their health. Matthew has worked in clinical academia, technology policy, and led the design of an NHSX-supported toolkit to accompany the Code of Conduct for data-driven technologies in health. He has also authored a number of peer-reviewed publications on the ethical and safety considerations of the application of AI in healthcare, as well as reports about the risks and opportunities of emerging technologies in low-and middle-income countries. Today, we touch on the joys of working for and running a business that you love; navigating the highs and lows of breaking into the digital therapeutics market; and the benefits and importance of building in public. You can find out more about Una Health in the following ways: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @una_health LinkedIn: Instagram: @somx_healthtech/ Twitter: @somXhealthtech Find us on: Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Twitter: @founders_pod LinkedIn: Get in touch:
August 05, 2022
#10 Dr Emilia Molimpakis - Video gaming in treating mental health disorders with Thymia
Dr Emilia Molimpakis is a neuroscientist-turned-co-founder of the healthtech platform Thymia: A diagnostics platform that can be used by clinicians and patients to accurately assess and monitor depression. Inspired by video games, it uses neuropsychology and linguistics to pick up on subtle markers of depression that might otherwise be missed. The platform secured a pre-seed raise of $1.1m US dollars earlier in 2022, and is expanding rapidly to support clinicians and patients across the UK, Europe, and the US. Emilia has a PhD in Neurolinguistics, and prior to co-founding Thymia, she worked for over a decade as a researcher using language as biomarker for cognitive decline and treatment response in neurological disease patient populations. We talk today about being on the startup treadmill and finding your perfect co-founder; moving from the theoretical in academia to building a product in the real world; and the role of video games in patient care. You can find out more about Thymia in the following ways: LinkedIn: Find us on: Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Twitter: @founders_pod LinkedIn: Get in touch:
July 29, 2022
#09 Dr Avi Mehra - Portfolio careers and broadening horizons with Doctorpreneurs
Recently awarded UK Asian Tech Pioneer of 2022, Dr Avi Mehra is a medical doctor by training and was the National Medical Director's Clinical Fellow at Bupa from 2014-15. He was later appointed as an Associate Partner at IBM, and is currently responsible for helping expand IBM’s healthcare and life sciences consulting practice.  Along with a group of UK-based doctors, Avi is also a co-founder of Doctorpreneurs – a non-profit organisation and global community for doctors, medical students and individuals interested in healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship. Doctorpreneurs now run healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship themed events and collaborate with leading organisations and initiatives all over the world, including the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme, Wired Health and Stanford Ignite.  In this episode, Avi talks about balancing a portfolio career as a physician, corporate associate and non-profit co-founder; the importance of reflecting on your work and identifying your own growth needs; and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  You can find out more about Avi’s work in the following ways:  Website:  Email:  Linkedin:  Twitter: @aviam3  Find us on:  Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod  Twitter: @founders_pod  LinkedIn:  Get in touch:
July 22, 2022
#08 Jessica Smith - Growing a world-leading healthtech consulting agency with SomX
Jessica Smith is the co-founder and CXO of the privately-held innovation and communications agency, SomX, and whose expertise is specifically targeted at healthtech companies. SomX have provided personalised strategy, content and PR for more than 30 healthtech companies to date, including startups at seed stage, Series A and Series B, as well as corporates in healthcare, pharma and health and life insurance. Jessica was a previous Associate Director at global PR and marketing agency, and has broad experience in healthcare communications across NHS, corporate, charity, healthtech and pharma industry clients. Today, we talk about finding Somx’s niche; her experience of being a female founder in the healthtech space and not asking for permission; and her approach to ensuring a good work-life balance for her and her team (with some added guest vocals from her adorable labradoodle).  You can find out more about SomX in the following ways: LinkedIn: Instagram: @somx_healthtech/ Twitter: @somXhealthtech Find us on: Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Twitter: @founders_pod LinkedIn: Get in touch:
July 15, 2022
#07 Dr Matthew Beatty - Improving surgical outcomes and patient lifestyles with Sapien Health
Dr Matthew Beatty is the CEO and co-founder of Sapien Health: A digital clinic that provides virtual support before and after a patient’s surgery in order to improve health outcomes. Endorsed by the NHS in the UK, and the recent recipient of an SBRI Healthcare grant, Sapien’s main offering is a mobile app-based solution, combining expert health coaching, personalised digital clinical guidance and a toolkit of educational resources to help subscribers understand and adopt lifestyle habits that have a strong evidence base for improving surgical outcomes.  A medical doctor by training, Matthew has also co-founded a platform which supports technological entrepreneurs in remote working, and was the previous clinical lead for Huma – a venture-backed healthcare data organisation. In this episode, we talk about about Sapien Health’s journey from idea to launch; the advantages of being a physician in the startup space; and Matthew’s ambitions for the future of digital surgical healthcare.  You can find out more about Sapien Health at:  Twitter:  Find us on:   Website:   Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod   Twitter: @founders_pod   Get in touch:
July 08, 2022
#06 Elena Rueda and Dr Paulina Cecula - Democratising contraceptive choices and leveraging AI with Dama Health
Both Elena Rueda and Dr Paulina Cecula are guests on today's episode and are the co-founders of Dama Health: An early-stage startup in London that empowers women and clinicians to make equitable, safe, personalised and person-centered decisions regarding contraception, based on genetic testing and an AI-led matching system for various contraceptive options. Their platform is the first of its kind, integrating data from a patient’s preference as well as their personal medical history. Dama’s fundamental aim is to revolutionise reproductive health decisions by providing women and clinicians with health insights that incorporate medical, genetic, and personal data into evidence-based clinical recommendations. Elena has a background in medical sciences, design thinking and and entrepreneurship, whereas Paulina is a physician by training. In this episode, they both share their insights as female founders in the healthcare startup space; the challenges and highlights of fundraising; and their mission to democratise contraceptive choices and access. You can find out more about Dama Health in the following ways: LinkedIn: Instagram: @damahealth_ Find us on: Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Twitter: @founders_pod LinkedIn: Get in touch:
June 30, 2022
#05 Dr Abdullah Albeyatti - Delving into blockchain and telemedicine with Medicalchain & MyClinic
Dr Abdullah Albeyatti is a serial entrepreneur as well as a practising physician: The co-founder and CEO of two companies (Medicalchain and MyClinic), he runs both businesses alongside his regular surgeries as a general practitioner.   Established in 2017, Medicalchain leverages blockchain technology to digitize and securely store and share electronic health records across a distributed ledger, and has raised over $24 million US dollars through an initial coin offering. In turn, MyClinic is a free, compliant and easy-to-use telemedicine platform that allows patients to connect directly with healthcare professionals via video link. In this episode, we cover how Abdullah balances his passions for entrepreneurship and clinical work; the crucial importance of support networks for business leaders; and the advice he would pass on if he were to build again from scratch. You can find out more about Medicalchain in the following ways: Twitter:  Medium: LinkedIn: You can find out more about MyClinic in the following ways: Instagram:  Twitter: LinkedIn:  Find us on:  Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod  Twitter: @founders_pod  LinkedIn: Get in touch:
June 22, 2022
#04 Ashley Hanger - Building Australia's first diabetes service subscription box with Stripped Supply
Appropriately for Diabetes Week, the guest on this episode of Founders Keepers is Ashley Hanger: The founder of the diabetes drug and device subscription service, Stripped Supply (tagline: “Diabetes is a prick”). A journalism and public relations graduate by background, Ashley embarked on her journey with Stripped Supply in early 2020 to address an unmet need she saw among young diabetic patients in Australia struggling to order and receive their medication and device supplies on time. Leveraging a large social media following of predominantly Gen Z people living with diabetes, and with an initial waitlist of over 500 subscribers before launching in late 2021, Stripped Supply is now Australia’s first dedicated diabetes patient management subscription service: Automating and delivering custom supplies to its members across the country. The startup boasts that it utilises existing medical infrastructure to bring diabetes medication to people that need them most, and an easy-to-sign up subscription model that makes drug and device refills as easy as possible. Ashley speaks in this episode about her non-traditional route into healthcare business ownership; her love for storytelling as a founder and experience of pitching her story to investors; and how she is effectively harnessing the power of social media in tackling holistic diabetes care. You can find out more about Stripped Supply in the following ways: Instagram: Facebook:  TikTok: Find us on: Website: Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Twitter: @founders_pod Get in touch:
June 15, 2022
#03 Barry Smith - Serendipity in probiotic food supplement product development and scaling with Symprove
Barry Smith is a former military nurse-turned-farmer, and the “accidental” founder of Symprove: A water-based liquid probiotic formula marketed as a food supplement, containing four strains of live and active bacteria designed to be delivered directly to the gut. Initially developed as a cattle feed under the name Multigerm, but underpinned by the belief that it could help to support healthy gut function in humans, the company pivoted and the product was rebranded for human consumption in 2010. Since then, Symprove has grown into a multi-million pound business, and has been featured in numerous scientific research studies linked with promoting a range of human health benefits, from alleviating the symptoms of IBS as well as those of Parkinson’s disease. Today, Barry shares his unusual journey from establishing his own health and wellness company and shipping products from his literal backyard, to the importance of building an evidence base for Symprove, and where he sees the future of the probiotic industry heading. You can find out more about Symprove in the following ways: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Find us on: Website: Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Twitter: @founders_pod Get in touch:
June 08, 2022
#02 Livia Ng - Revolutionising clinical trials with Neucruit
At just 24 years old, Livia Ng has built an active community of biotechnology companies focused on providing opportunities for business leaders. A neuroscientist by training, she is the founder and CEO of Neucruit: A seed-stage organisation that connects patients and researchers through data and seeks to optimise clinical trial management. Neucruit’s platform supports clinical trial site selection; optimises recruitment materials; and enables clients to reach patient groups not easily accessed through otherwise traditional methods – in this way helping to address fundamental inequalities in patient representation that still exist in clinical trial conduct and processes. She joins me on this week’s episode to share her insights in shifting from a traditional academic role to building her own company dream team; where she sees the future of clinical trials heading; and the importance of persevering in the face of adversity when building your own empire. You can find out more about Livia and Neucruit’s work at: Find us on: Website: Twitter: @founders_pod Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod Get in touch:
June 01, 2022
#01 Nicole Cacal - Design thinking and sustainable business transformation with Forbes Ignite
Nicole Cacal is the Founder and CEO of Forbes Ignite; an independent social enterprise and license partner of Forbes Media. Forbes Ignite broadly functions as a consultancy advising leading companies on sustainable transformation, underpinned by a leadership network that unites global changemakers at the centre of technology, sustainability and social impact, including healthcare and unmet needs in the healthcare industry.  Nicole is also a Professor at the Parsons School of Design, and has previously worked in venture capital and product development at a global start-up incubator with a focus on emerging technologies. More recently she is the co-author of the forthcoming human-centred design and AI book, “What’s Your AI Strategy?” from Wiley Press.  In this episode, we talk about her journey in design, technology and teaching, what it’s like to sit at the intersection of these fields, and Nicole shares her honest experience of what it is to be a female founder and how she has dealt with the challenges she has faced along the way.  You can find out more about Nicole’s work and follow her next venture at:  Find out more about Forbes Ignite at:  Twitter: @forbesignite  Instagram: @forbesignite Find us on:  Website:  Twitter: @founders_pod  Instagram: @founderskeepers.pod  Get in touch: 
May 25, 2022