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Founder Stock Investing

Founder Stock Investing

By Austin Lieberman
Investing your money should be enjoyable and empowering. This podcast is dedicated to simplifying investing, finding the best founder-led companies, and sharing our real portfolio results to show the world that home investors can beat the Wall Street professionals, build incredible long-term wealth, and achieve financial independence.
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FSI 012 We're Buying a House and It's Most Likely a Terrible Idea Financially

Founder Stock Investing

013 TripActions CMO Meagen Eisenberg - Make Sure That Youre The Best At It
This week’s podcast was incredible. I had the opportunity to interview Meagen Eisenberg, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at TripActions. Prior to joining TripActions, Meagen was CMO at Mongo Database (MDB), a company we have owned in our portfolio for more than a year, and before that, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Acquisition at Docusign (DOCU). These are three incredible companies, and in my opinion, Meagen was a big part of what made each of them successful.
March 25, 2019
FSI 012 We're Buying a House and It's Most Likely a Terrible Idea Financially
After a 3 episode hiatus, Sarah's back and better than ever. During this episode we talk about: Our decision to buy a house in the next three years The impacts are of selling stocks in our taxable brokerage account to use as cash for a down payment. Please do us a huge favor to help us reach more people. Subscribe and leave a review share our link on social media and with real life friends. Check out our website for news about our stocks and portfolio updates:
September 24, 2018
FSI 011: Lambda School - A Revolutionary Approach to Education with Co-Founder Austen Allred
I'm honored to have the opportunity to share my conversation with Austen Allred (Twitter @AustenAllred), Co-Founder & CEO of Lambda School (Twitter @LamdaSchool). I walked away from our talk inspired and impressed by what an incredible person Austen is. Check out for complete show notes. If you like the podcast please do us a favor and subscribe, leave a review, and share it on social media. This will really help us grow!
September 17, 2018
FSI 010: Happiness is the Goal with Brian Stoffel
I really enjoyed my conversation with Brian Stoffel. I am inspired by Brian's approach to prioritizing time with family, how he's aligned his work with his goals, and his ability to apply lessons learned from reading great books to his investing style and life in general.
September 10, 2018
How To Get Your Kids Started Investing. Jason Moser. The Motley Fool. Founder Stock Investing -- 009
Our guest today is Jason Moser from The Motley Fool (Twitter: @TMFJmo), He's an analyst for The Motley Fool, a grill master, beer enjoyer, and most importantly, a family man. On today's episode we talk about: What three stocks I use to describe Jason, how Jason started investing, how and why he joined The Motley Fool, how he started teaching his daughters about investing, and much more. for the related blog post.
August 27, 2018
How To Get Started Investing Part 1 - 008 Founder Stock Investing
For show notes head to On this episode we talk about 3 news articles in the headlines about stocks in our portfolio. These articles help outline why we invest in the most innovative companies we can find and how long-term investors like us can take advantage of Wall Street’s short term focus. Then we take a step back and begin a 2 part series on how to get started investing. We use the free Motley Fool Guide “13 Steps to Investing Foolishly” as a great starting
August 20, 2018
One Company Beating Facebook and Google at Their Own Game - [007 Founder Stock Investing]
It's early August and our Founder Stock portfolio is up 76% Year To Date. It's current value is $356,000. In 8 months, our portfolio has grown by $178,000. That's a lot more money than we make in a year combined. We never imagined these types of returns and it's literally changing out financial future. During the episode we review earnings from New Relic, Twilio, Alteryx, and The Trade Desk. We don't own The Trade Desk, but listen in to hear why we probably will soon!
August 13, 2018
Shopify and Square. Invest In Greatness - 006
During this episode we discuss: 1. Our current portfolio value. 2. Why I don't worry if people call our stocks "expensive" or "overvalued" 3. Earnings reports from two of our companies, Shopify and Square 4. What I was missing about Square's growth potential 5. Three companies of ours that are reporting their earnings next week Links Discussed: Shopify Second Quarter 2018 Earnings Report Square Second Quarter 2018 Earnings Report
August 6, 2018
July Founder Stock Investing Review: Up $21k and 7.24%. Facebook's Drop. Bad Sign? - 005
July was a wild month. We were up as much as $40k and over 14%, but after a $20k drop on Friday, July 27th. We finished the month up $24k and 7.24%. Our Founder-led stock portfolio is now up 56% Year to Date. This can't continue! Check out for information on all our holdings, our weekly research, and more details. Thanks for listening. Please subscribe, review, and share with friends so we can educate and inspire more people to get started investing.
July 30, 2018
We Like to Buy Stocks High, Not Low. Are We Crazy? - 004
There's always a lot of reasons not to invest. We talk about why we ignore these reasons and invest on the side of the data. Over the last 100+ years, the stock market has increased 2 out of every 3 years for an average of a 10% increase a year. We also review Microsoft's earnings because they're a great indication of how many of our cloud and software-based portfolio holdings should perform and we talk about two of our holdings Twilio and Mongo Database.
July 24, 2018
We're Up $30k In July And 62% This Year: Stay Humble. Stay Invested. - 003
Quick portfolio update: +$30k for July and up 62% year to date, our 4 rules for getting started investing, the 3 types of accounts we use, where we research stocks (and what sites we ignore), and grade Pivotal Software against our 10 investing criteria. Please Subscribe and listen to our new episodes every Monday
July 16, 2018
June 2018 Portfolio Review: 7.4% Return. Up $21k. - 002
There's a lot of people who talk about stocks on the internet. Most of them don't share their results. We're different. We are going to share our results. Good or bad and share exactly what stocks we are invested in. We are not financial advisors and we are not recommending people buy the stocks we own. We want to share our process and help inspire others to do their own research, find founder-led stocks they love, and invest their own money.
July 11, 2018
Why We Invest. Family. Freedom. Fun. - 001
A lot of people make investing sound really complicated. It doesn't have to be. Founder Stock Investing is a show about how our family invests our money. We share our process, our returns, what stocks we own, why we own them, and the emotional aspect of investing.
July 11, 2018