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By Francesca Amante
A podcast highlighting entrepreneurship, leadership, real estate, public speaking and the world of competitive figure skating in Skate Canada in which Francesca Amante's journey first began.
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Metabridge CEO Steve Wandler speaks on his Entrepreneurial Superpower


Business Coach Bonita Summers
Founder Francesca Amante sits down with business coach Bonita Summers to discuss raw topics on life, our internal discoveries, trusting our intuition and stepping into the world curious about how to become the best version of ourselves.  Bonita has held a variety of positions as a Queen's University administrator while simultaneously taking courses, raising 4 children and volunteering at a crisis centre in Kingston, ON. Bonita made the Dean's Honour Roll two years in a row, placing as one of the top 200 students in Arts and Science, and receiving special honours in political studies. As a former journalist for the Chronicle Journal/Times News of Thunder Bay, ON, Bonita has been a freelance writer, published author, and editor of "Your Workplace", a national business magazine.  Bonita is also a certified Yin Yoga instructor, Therapeutic Touch practitioner, and an Advanced Psych-K Practitioner. Bonita's volunteer activities include mentoring for the WEBC (Women's Enterprise Centre of BC) and for the LD-ACE program for the University of Victoria, as a mentor for aspiring First Nations entrepreneurs. She has also been an environmental activist in the prevention of mishandling of radioactive wastes, a Red Cross volunteer for the Kosovo project, and a dog companion at the BCSPCA. Her greatest passion is being of service to those who seek fulfillment in their relationships and careers, and clarity on their spiritual path. To that end, she continues to study and practice various techniques for deepening human awareness to support hers and her clients' evolution in consciousness.
July 16, 2022
Wandering the journey of being a business owner
Business owner and photographer of WanderlinePhotoCO, April Reeke comes together with Francesca to have a real, raw and authentic conversation around being a business owner, entrepreneur and what that looks like on the daily. April is such a driven, passionate and talented entrepreneur and is is such a pleasure to have her join us for this talk. She brings a smile to all whom she meets and we know this podcast will bring a smile to your day wherever in the world you are listening from. Enjoy!
March 25, 2022
Men's Coach Brandon dives into Vulnerability
Vulnerability. Relationships. Entrepreneurship. Failure. Success. We talk about it all. Come down the raw journey with coach Brandon and Francesca.
March 18, 2022
Divorce & Vulnerability
Francesca & her valued friend Brooklyn reflect on Francesca's divorce, how it shaped her, and how Francesca speaks on grew into who she is today. Francesca speaks on embracing vulnerability, gratitude and embracing failure in both in business and in day to day life. Francesca and Brooklyn smile in gratitude for what the journey has taught Francesca and how she's remembered in the process that it doesn't matter where you go, what material possessions you acquire, rather the people that are on your journey that matters the most. 
March 11, 2022
Metabridge CEO Steve Wandler speaks on his Entrepreneurial Superpower
CEO and Founder of Metabridge, Steve Wandler, joins Francesca to discuss his journey into creating Metabridge, his journey into public speaking, and creating a culture within entrepreneurship that embraces failure, a safe place to talk about importance and wellbeing, mental health and balance as an entrepreneur. Steve gets real about his ADHD, expectations our society places on us from childhood to "pass certain tests" and, to achieve a level of success that precludes failure of any sort. We are here to grow and learn from our mistakes as human beings - all the while, being authentic about who we are and the superpowers that make us uniquely who was are. Steve encompasses this to a "Tee" in all he does and embodies in his journey.
March 02, 2022
Interview with CO Founder & CEO Kyle Jones of Impact Builders
CO Founder Kyle Jones & CEO of Impact Builders joins Francesca to discuss his journey and his evolution in entrepreneurship. Kyle has had a great impact on Francesca's life, and has been an inspiring force since they first crossed paths. Francesca admires Kyle's dedication to his builds, his loyalty to his clients, and his continued drive to spread kindness into this world. Enjoy this inside look at this incredible entrepreneur and founder.
February 26, 2022
Interview with AMANTE Team Member, Brooklyn
Founder of AMANTE Francesca Amante interviews the talented Brooklyn and welcomes her as the newest member of the AMANTE team! Brooklyn and Francesca met years ago when Brooklyn was only 14 years old. Brooklyn has witnessed Francesca go through all chapters of life, including Francesca's divorce, her move to Kelowna and the journey of becoming a Real Estate Agent! All these years later, Brooklyn's idea of becoming a member of Francesca's team became a reality! AMANTE is very excited to welcome Brooklyn to the team and to let her light shine with all of her talent and gifts! AMANTE | PODCAST 
February 23, 2022
Entrepreneurship & Leadership with Founder Francesca Amante + Coach/Speaker Brandon Archer
This week Francesca Amante joins the talented coach, speaker and entrepreneur, Brandon Archer, as they speak on the topic of leadership, personal development and mental health in the work place. Brandon was a keynote speaker at the JCI Canada 2020 Regional Convention and has been on 20+ podcasts in the country and USA. We are honoured to have him back to highlight the key to growing as a leader and how his heart attack was the catalyst to him starting his journey as a coach and leader of young leaders in this changing world.  AMANTE | PODCAST  
February 19, 2022