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Freedom Matters

Freedom Matters

By Freedom

The Freedom Matters podcast explores the intersection of technology, productivity, creativity and society.

Our collaborators are the leading productivity and digital wellness voices of our time. They share their powerful stories and guidance on how to nurture productivity and reclaim control over technology.

This is not another ‘productivity’ podcast which puts more pressure on listeners to obtain unrealistic life goals. Our stories are real, and the advice is pragmatic, authentic, and designed to support a healthier, happier and more productive life.
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Honesty, Common Sense, and Growth - Parven Kaur
How honest are we with ourselves about our own screen habits? Honesty in this episode is key, as we discuss the best ways to parent in a digital age. In this episode, we welcome Parven Kaur, founder of Kids N Clicks; a web resource that help parents and children thrive in a digital world. With over 80,000 visits a month, Parven has a unique insight into what parents care about when managing technology in their families. Her expertise has led her to write for organisations including Common Sense Media and FOSI. In this episode we discuss: How honesty with yourself is the first step to good digital parenting How has the pandemic affected social and digital wellbeing Which resources to trust on digital wellbeing How to develop a growth mindset in your child. You can find out more about Parven at Host and Producer: Georgie Powell Music: Toccare
April 15, 2021
Screentime for kids, Thriving and the Importance of Intuition - Julia Storm
During the pandemic, screentime amongst children sky-rocketed, and parents became anxious. But do we really need to worry? And what can we do to encourage our kids to thrive in this digital world? In this episode, we welcome Julia Storm, a Los Angeles-based Digital Media Wellness Specialist. She is an educator, writer, public speaker and the founder of ReConnect, a whole child and whole family approach.  In this episode we discuss:  how to focus on your child, rather than screentime how to think about different types of screentime  two key skills to develop in your children (and yourself) to stay on top of technology. Learn more about Julia: Instagram - @reconnect4u Host and Producer: Georgie Powell Music: Toccare
April 9, 2021
The Pandemic, Positive Psychology & Friction - Teodora Pavkovic
Just how damaging has the pandemic been for our digital habits, and how can positive psychology help us to reset? In this episode, we welcome Teodora Pavkovic a psychologist, parenting coach and digital wellness consultant who utilizes the principles of emotional intelligence, neuroscience and positive psychology to inform and improve digital wellness for individuals, teams and organizations. Teodora is committed to helping individuals and groups preserve and protect their wellbeing and relationships in this increasingly digital world. In this episode we discuss: the impact of the pandemic on digital habits some approaches in psychology which are useful to build a healthier relationship with technology just why friction is so important. You can find out more about Teodora at: Website: Twitter: @psycoachTP Or read more about the topics discussed: In search of kindness, empathy and compassion in the digital world: 5 ways to create a healthy relationship with technology: Safety and positivity online: Host and Producer: Georgie Powell Music: Toccare
April 2, 2021
A Social Hierarchy of Needs, Hybrid Culture & Zoom Fatigue – Giancarlo Pitocco (Part1)
How should we define digital wellbeing? And how can technology serve us and our needs, values and aspirations? In this episode, we welcome Giancarlo Pitocco an ex-Facebook/Instagram employee who has spent over a decade studying tech's impact on how we think, feel, work, and communicate. Now he’s on a mission to help us reclaim our attention, wellbeing, and lives from the powerful grips of distractive digital technology. Giancarlo launched Purposeful Digital Wellbeing to deliver his powerful digital wellbeing curriculum through transformative talks, workshops,coaching, and consulting programs that have been sought out by organizations like The World Economic Forum, New York City Department of Education, Adobe, Spotify, Facebook, and Common Sense Media. In this episode we discuss: - frameworks for understanding digital wellbeing - how to align technology to your needs, values and aspirations - the best ways to combat zoom fatigue This is the first of two conversations with Giancarlo - tune in to coming episodes to hear more. More about Giancarlo: Host and Producer: Georgie Powell Music: Toccare
March 26, 2021
Burnout, Humanity and The Culture of You - Jonathan Garner
Jonathan Garner discusses the evolution of work and how companies now need to invest in their teams in new ways. In a hybrid workplace how do we recreate water-cooler moments? Our guest this week is clear - zoom quizzes are not the answer. Instead, how about investing in a Culture of You. In this episode, we welcome Jonathan Garner, founder or Mind Over Tech. Through live sessions and scalable online programmes Mind over Tech helps people embrace technology with intention. Their clients include Vodafone, Google, KPMG, The Cabinet Office, Natwest Group, Just Eat, and they are increasingly starting to bring their offerings to individuals as well. In this episode we discuss:  the reality of burnout in a pandemic  the challenges of a new hybrid working environment why companies need to invest in the culture of individuals. Mind over Tech ( Mot Newsletter ( Digital Habits Lab ( Host and Producer: Georgie Powell Music: Toccare
March 19, 2021
Phones, Fun, and a Daily Delight – Catherine Price
What really is fun? And how do we get more of it in our lives? In this episode, we welcome Catherine Price, "...the Marie Kondo of brains" (The New York Times), journalist, speaker and author of international best-seller, 'How to Break Up with Your Phone'.  In this episode we discuss: what the pandemic has taught Catherine about screen/life balance how to define and find fun why a daily delight practice will spark joy We have no doubt, this conversation will leave you with a smile. The music you hear in today's episode is by Freedom's own Tanajah. Hear "Kid Again" and more here. == Catherine Price ( Screen / Life Balance ( How to Break Up With Your Phone (Ten Speed Press, 2018) ( Join the Fun Squad ( Host and Producer: Georgie Powell Theme music: Toccare
March 15, 2021
Conversation, Control, and Unplugging for a Cause – Kim Cavallo, founder of the Unplug Collaborative
Why is control over technology such a misleading concept? And do we all need a 12 - step program? In this episode of Freedom Matters, we welcome Kim Cavallo, a nonprofit fundraiser turned unplugged experience curator, and Director of the Unplugged Collaborative, organisers of the National Day of Unplugging (March 5th - 6th). In this episode we discuss: the role of non-profits in supporting social change the power of conversation why everyone needs a 12 step-program and how to get involved in the National Day of Unplugging 2021 National Day of Unplugging 50+ Ideas of What to Do on NDU 2021 Unplug and Crochet for a Cause Fort Fun Photo Contest Little Free Libraries Scavenger Hunts  More about Kim Experience Freedom Host and Producer: Georgie Powell Music: Toccare
March 5, 2021
Coffee, Tea, and How Freedom Came to Be – Fred Stutzman tells the story of creating the Freedom app.
Where did Freedom begin? And faced with the challenges of big tech, the attention economy, and workplace innovation, what is its future? In our first episode of Freedom Matters, we welcome Freedom's Founder & CEO, Fred Stutzman. We discuss: what motivated him to build leading productivity app, Freedom his take on the challenges of the technology landscape why users need guard-rails how work is changing and innovation is inevitable and why there may be a more positive future for social media. More about Fred Experience Freedom Host and Producer: Georgie Powell Music: Toccare, Blue Dot Sessions
March 4, 2021
LISTEN: On Becoming Indistractable – Live Interview with Nir Eyal
In a time of constant distraction, how can we become less distracted? In this interview, renowned author and behavioral design expert Nir Eyal discusses specific steps we can take to be less distracted and more engaged with what matters most. Resources mentioned: Schedule maker: Summary article: Distraction guide: Wikipedia news page: (daily) === Freedom Matters Interviews Nir Eyal For the Freedom team, Fred Stutzman, Alex Dempsey and Phil Amalong Music by Toccare
October 19, 2020
LISTEN: 5 Ways For Freelancers To Reclaim Focus With Deep Work
As a freelancer, you have no choice but to be a jack of all trades. Between marketing your business, responding to clients, and managing your finances, it’s a 24/7 grind. The ability to juggle a million different priorities isn’t just an advantage — it’s a must. But there’s a big difference between being busy and being productive. But the good news is that you can reclaim your focus and tap into unparalleled levels of productivity. Introducing… deep work. From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
September 15, 2020
LISTEN: How To Stay Focused While Studying
Studying is tough. Whether you’re a veteran student getting a Ph.D. or someone starting high school, figuring out how to stay focused while studying is a challenge that we all face. Whether your biggest challenge is social media, procrastination, time management, or a combination of all three, we’ve got a variety of tools and techniques that can help minimize the stress of studying and keep you focused on what matters. From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
September 15, 2020
LISTEN: I Hate Social Media - A Guide To Taking A Break
Many people, upon realizing how much time they’re spending on social media, push back, hoping to reclaim some of their time. But it’s not easy. Social media is addicting. It’s enjoyable to see the like count steadily climb on an Instagram post. They want to make changes to their social media usage but don’t know how. We’re here to help. If you’ve ever found yourself hating social media and wanting to take a break, this post is for you. We’re going to break down why people often hate social media, as well as how to effectively take a break. Ready? Let’s dive in. From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
September 11, 2020
LISTEN: How To Focus On Reading
Addicting technology is so embedded in our daily lives that we’ve become accustomed to having the information we want available within seconds, summed up in 140 280 characters or less. We constantly switch between apps, and when we get a notification, we drop what we’re doing and check it out. These habits are impairing our concentration and making it difficult for us to focus on tasks like reading that require sustained focus. From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
September 11, 2020
LISTEN: 5 Signs You're Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone
Not as productive as you used to be? Feeling anxious all the time while your real-life relationships degrade? The culprit may be buzzing in your front pocket. Most of us know that we’re spending more time scrolling, swiping, and browsing on our phones. But when we start thinking about how to minimize it, things get murky. We tell ourselves that extra visit to Facebook or game of Fortnite isn’t that harmful. It’s hard to consider detaching from devices that have become such integral parts of our lives. You can do better, though. It comes down to building new habits and applying practical tips that reclaim lost time. From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
September 11, 2020
LISTEN: Why Do I Procrastinate? 6 Ways To Stop Procrastinating Today
Why do we procrastinate? And most importantly, how do we overcome procrastination? In this post, we break down the what, why, and how of procrastination. We’ll talk specific strategies for overcoming procrastination, as well as examine the root causes of it. The goal? To beat the beast of procrastination. From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
August 26, 2020
LISTEN: Time Blocking – A Guide For Consistently Productive Days
Most people use their calendars reactively, meaning that they put things on their calendars as they come up. The problem with this approach is that it can lead to the day getting very chopped up, which then makes it difficult to get things done which require in-depth thinking. So what exactly is time blocking? Why does it work so well for some people? And how can you implement it in your own life? From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
August 25, 2020
LISTEN: Screen Time Rules - Not Just for Kids Anymore
For adults, the thought of applying screen time rules for ourselves is often overlooked. Shouldn’t we have enough discipline to handle this on our own? This couldn’t be further from the truth. In this age of unprecedented screen access and interactions with tech designed to be addictive, it’s never been more important to use every tool we can to ensure our screen time is healthy and intentional. From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
August 20, 2020
LISTEN: What's the Point Of Productivity?
The line between work and home has been seriously blurred, if not completely obliterated. It’s increasingly difficult to tell whether we’ve had a productive day, and many people feel like they’ve never done enough. But is this productivity shame appropriate? Where have we gotten our preconceived notions about what it means to be a productive worker? Maybe it’s time to reconsider our ideas of productivity. From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
August 20, 2020
LISTEN: Why Can't I Focus?
Whenever you’re up to your eyeballs on a tight deadline and find yourself wandering off into a social media black hole or a YouTube binge, a single question comes to mind: Why can’t I just focus already? Why is it so hard to focus? What does focus even mean and how can we do it better? We explore the research and ask the experts for the best ways that we can improve focus. From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
August 13, 2020
LISTEN: How Your Phone Is Ruining Your Relationships
Smartphones have changed everything from how we navigate when driving, to how we purchase goods and services. They’ve also radically changed the way we interact with one other. From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
July 23, 2020
LISTEN: What's The Right Amount Of Time To Spend On Your Phone?
How much time did you spend on your phone yesterday? How much phone time is right for you? We look at the research and discuss guidelines for healthy screen time. From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
July 22, 2020
LISTEN: Decision Fatigue – The Cost Of Distraction
In order to make a good decision, you must weigh all the factors involved, decide what’s most important, and then act based on that analysis. Performing these calculations requires mental energy, and your ability to make good decisions declines with the number of decisions you must make. Decision fatigue sets in as you make more and more choices. From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
July 22, 2020
LISTEN: Lack Of Motivation – The Forgotten Emotional Aspects Of Productivity
When you understand what motivation is and how it works, you can then do specific things to significantly increase your overall levels of motivation. We explore the intricacies of motivation, discover why we often lack it, and look at practical actions we can take to improve it. From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
July 21, 2020
LISTEN: Finding Focus In Uncertain Times
While uncertainty levels are at an all-time high right now, it’s not going to totally disappear once this is all over. We will all continue to experience periods of confusion and anxiety from time to time. That’s just how life is. So how can we find focus when it feels like everything is turned upside down? From Freedom Matters Blog Host: Mike Goodrick Music by Toccare
July 21, 2020