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Fresh Takes by Total Expert

Fresh Takes by Total Expert

By Total Expert
Step away from the desk and listen in to the Fresh Takes podcast with Total Expert Chief Evangelist Sue Woodard and financial services industry leaders. Hear how they’re driving change and creating success in their org and walk away with inspiration to fuel your own success. You’re 15 minutes away from fresh ideas!
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Corey Trujillo - The Roadmap to Happy Customers

Fresh Takes by Total Expert

Brian Vieaux - Zero-Party Data: How Well Does Your Financial Institution Know You?
There’s no shortage of consumer data but the real question is, “How does your organization access and act on that data?” Listen in to FinLocker President and COO Brian Vieaux and our own Sue Woodard for data best practices and how to serve up personalized recommendations throughout your customers’ financial journey.
July 30, 2021
Doug Wilber - The Social Media Playbook for Financial Services
When it comes to connecting with consumers all over the world, where should you turn? Social media. Sue Woodard is joined by Denim Social CEO Doug Wilber who shines a light on the power of social media and utilizing it to nurture customer relationships. Doug answers the million-dollar question, “How does your brand connect with consumers on social media?” For more information, visit
June 30, 2021
Brian Covey - Becoming the Lender for Life
Pro soccer player turned VP of one of the largest mortgage companies in America, loanDepot VP, Regional Production Brian Covey joins Sue Woodard to share how their lenders are standing out and delivering superior customer experiences. Listen in to hear Brian’s take on becoming consumers lender of choice and forming lifelong financial relationships. To learn more, visit
June 15, 2021
Mel Marsh - Stand Out with Positive Memorable Customer Experiences (PMCEs)
As consumers navigate their own life journey, they need a trusted financial advisor on their side. Someone who knows them, values them, and has their best interest in mind. Sue Woodard is joined by Mel Marsh of Cardinal Financial who details how to deliver PMCEs and be your customers’ go-to partner for all of their financial needs.
May 25, 2021
Kristen Brabants - Employee Empowerment Yields Exponential Growth
Empowering originators to be the CEO of their business led Guaranteed Rate to once again have the most originators on the 2020 Scotsman Guide over any other company. Kristen Brabants and Sue Woodard break down what’s led to this repeat achievement and share best practices that other lenders can bring into their business.
May 14, 2021
Kevin Peranio - Navigating the Shift to Purchase
In honor of our 10th episode, we have a very special guest from PRMG, Kevin Peranio (KP)! As Chief Lending Officer, KP shares his philosophy of taking care of your internal teams first, and the rest will follow. Put on your shoes, listen in, and walk away with a fresh perspective on staying ultra-connected with your customers.
April 27, 2021
Ryan Schmidt - The New Perception of Reverse Mortgage
Hit the pavement with Sue Woodard and Ryan Schmidt, wholesale marketing director at Finance of America Reverse (FAR). FAR has been named a top lender again in 2021 and is sharing their secret to success to deliver the optimal customer experience. Plus, find out the three C’s every mortgage lender needs to implement in their business.
April 13, 2021
Paul Gigliotti - Orchestrating a Culture of Change
Total Expert’s Sue Woodard and Pinnacle Home Loans Chief Operating Officer Paul Gigliotti will have you walking (or running!) as they dive into the key components to create a culture of change – both for your customers and inside your organization. Paul shares how organizations can set their teams up for success and deliver stand-out customer service. For more on Pinnacle Home Loans, visit
March 30, 2021
Tony Thompson - Fulfilling the Dream of Homeownership
The aspiration of homeownership is real for so many, yet there is still a large gap in empowering all communities to make it a reality. Sue Woodard is joined by Tony Thompson, founder and CEO of NAMMBA, to discuss what can be done to increase homeownership and the impact it has on the community as a whole. Plus, Tony shares what their Mission 2025 program is all about and how you can get involved. To learn more, visit
March 16, 2021
Hunter Young - Personalized Customer Experiences: How Personal Can You Get?
If there’s one industry that holds the most personal customer data, its financial institutions. But are the customer experiences matching up to show consumers their bank or lender truly knows who they are? Hunter Young from HIFI Agency joins Total Expert’s Sue Woodard to share quick wins financial institutions can implement today to elevate their customer experience. Plus, they dive into the hot topic of embedded finance and what it means for the industry. Grab your shoes, take a walk, and tune in now! To hear more from Hunter, visit
March 02, 2021
Corey Trujillo - The Roadmap to Happy Customers
Looking to go the extra mile for your customers? Get expert tips from Corey Trujillo of American Financial Network as she shares customer success best practices, how to differentiate on experience, and what you can start doing today to get inside the minds of your customers.
February 16, 2021
James Robert Lay - Clearing the Path to Digital Growth
Digital Growth Institute Founder & CEO James Robert Lay joins Sue Woodard to discuss building “the growth team” to deliver a top-notch customer experience. Get your steps in and uncover why the majority of digital transformation projects are failing, and what you can do to ensure success. To learn more, snag your own copy of James Robert Lay’s newest book:
February 09, 2021
Anne Legg - Creating Solutions with the Member in Mind
Walk a mile with Total Expert Chief Customer Officer Sue Woodard and founder of THRIVE Strategic Services Anne Legg. They cover all things related to leveraging your data to deliver exceptional customer and member experiences as well as best practices to set up your internal teams for change. To learn more about THRIVE Strategic Services, visit
February 01, 2021
Michael Guidotti - The Ultimate Digital Lending Experience
Grab your shoes, embrace the great outdoors, and take a walk with Sue Woodard and Michael Guidotti of American Pacific Mortgage. They’ll break down some of the biggest changes to the digital lending experience and what’s helping American Pacific Mortgage stay connected with their customers.
February 01, 2021
Brittany Hodak - The State of Customer and Employee Experience
Step outside and join Sue Woodard and Brittany Hodak for the first episode of Fresh Takes! 2020 was a wild ride and impacted the customer (and employee) experience in more ways than one. So, what does that mean for the year ahead? They unpack this and more, plus Brittany shares what she’ll be focused on in her new role as Chief Experience Officer.
February 01, 2021