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From Another Zero

From Another Zero

By Alejandra Enciso Dardashti
A safe space dedicated to the arts and artistic expression. Interviews, views, and topics related to the industry. Here, we just don't start from zero, we start from ANOTHER zero.
Hosted by Alejandra Enciso-Dardashti from the San Diego-Tijuana border.
From Another Zero is the alter ego of the podcast in español, Desde Otro Cero.
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It's a wrap everybody! another wonderful season comes to an end. Thank you all for tuning in. Catch up with the rest of the episodes. If you do not follow us already, please do so on Instagram and Facebook.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and check out our fabulous blog From Another Zero. Check out our live with Andrew Polec here. And if you listen on apple podcasts kindly leave us a 5star review so more people can listen, here. HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR Always in my heart, Alejandra
December 31, 2021
Women in Comedy, Stand-up and Improv
Well, folks, we have come to the end of another season and I am just in AWWWWW. In this episode, we greet two wonderful people from The Second City and cast members of She The People, Katie Caussin and Lexi Alioto, woot woot! We talk about women in comedy over the years, the changes, the pay gaps, the differences in this craft that has been dominated by white men for a loooong time. Of course, we discuss their other zeros, their mom and pops: Broken Roller and Semicolon. Causes we should learn about and support: Assata's Daughters and Cure Alzheimer's Fund. Don't forget our cause! lol Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and check out our fabulous blog From Another Zero. Thank you for coming along this second season with me. You have no idea. Love always, Alejandra
November 11, 2021
Fundraising, music and San Diego Opera with Andrea Puente-Catan
OMG! this is the second to last episode OF THE SEASON! how can that be???? Thank you everybody for the support. Let's get this baby to more places, shall we? In this episode, we have the lovely and insightful Andrea Puente-Catan Director Major Gifts & Hispanic Initiatives at the Sd Opera. A short but hefty and sweet episode! Check her small business rec Moosies ice cream and how to find what cause to support as well as supporting the San Diego Opera. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and read all the fabulousness happening on our blog We would not be here if it was not for you. Gracias siempre, Alejandra
October 28, 2021
PODVIEW IS BACK. San Diego's Theatre Season Openers
Yay I am so glad I get to do a Podview again! we have not done one for this season until now! And what a unique time because it is all the reopenings and the pieces the theatres chose to welcome their season with. We talk about:  The Gardens of Anuncia at The Old Globe The Garden at La Jolla Playhouse The Mineola Twins at MOXIE Theatre Premeditation, the play turned podcast short series by the Latino Theatre Co. Book of Leaves, a filmed reading by The Roustabouts Theatre Co. One in Two at Diversionary Theatre The Belle of Amherst at LAMBS Players Theatre All of these hyperlinked to the extended blog view in our beautiful blog with all the wonderful names of the creative teams and cast. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. And remember to support your local bloggers, your local artists, and your local podcasters! Catch you on the next one Alejandra
October 14, 2021
Disability Thinking Twice with Valerie Salgado
It is so cool to meet these wonderful people and talk about the amazing things that they are doing. Valerie Salgado es a dancer and educator based in San Diego with an incredible journey in movement and now special education. In this episode, we discuss what is considered good and bad behavior, the power of music and dance as well as her other zero, her small organizations to support, and causes to learn about. Check them out and give them the love: The Book Catapult in South Park Autism Speaks Guitars in the Classroom Give us the love as well if you have not already. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and check out everything we do in our bilingual and fabulous blog, the one that started it all Valerie Salgado is a Choreographer, Performer, and Educator based in San Diego, CA. With an eclectic training background and experience in theater, television, and concert dance, Valerie brings a unique perspective to the creation process. Her passion for dance and leadership skills motivate and inspire those she works with. Recent projects include entertainment for Europa Park, Dorney Park, and Playland as well as regional productions of Hairspray and Footloose. Choreographer credits include entertainment for Europa Park, Playland, and Dorney Park, Hairspray, Footloose, Off-Broadway's Helen on 86th Street, and Transcendence Theatre Company's This Magic Moment. As an Associate, Valerie contributed to Season One of the Emmy award-winning series, Smash, the world premiere of Frozen on Disney Cruise Line, and the Off-Broadway premiere of Bunty Berman Presents. In 2019 Valerie began course work towards earning her Masters in Special Education with an Emphasis on Autism from San Diego State University.
September 29, 2021
Chicanas, Cholas y Chisme
Welcome back! letting you know that the main ego in Español just finished its SECOND SEASON! you can listen to the recap HERE. Our guests today, Elvia, Claudia, and Lindsey from Chicanas, Cholas y Chisme are doing amazing work across the board and the map! They shared their upcoming participation at the El Centro del Sur Latinx Theater Festival as well as their other endeavors.  They obvs shared their other Zero's, small businesses:  The Plum Dhalia in Los Angeles, California. Casa Ortiz in El Paso, Texas. Casa Piro in Socorro, Texas. Bodega Loya, in Socorro Texas. Crear Studio, in Santa Ana, California. Casa Fina, in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California. Refried Beans Restaurant, in New York City Also, support your street vendors! give that paletero the love, the lady with the flowers and tamales, all of'em!. Causes to support: Homeboy Industries Homegirl Cafe Casa 0101 Of Course! SB 805 Save the performing arts! Fullerton Museum Center The David Romero Scholarship, share those poems and spoken word! Check them all out and give them the love. Give us the love if you have not already on our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Channel by subscribing. And, the main boss, the one that started it all, our beloved bilingual and fabulous blog Support your local arts organizations, your local bloggers and your local podcasters! Stay safe and stay happy, Love, Alejandra
September 15, 2021
Teatro San Diego and Mixed Race in the Arts
A FIRST IN OUR PODCAST HISTORY. Julio Cataño was our guest in the main ego Desde Otro Cero in español. Since that episode turned out to be sooo good, we had to the version in English here in the alter ego. What can I say? We have mega cool conversations on this space and Julio did it again. Here are all the wonderful artists we should support as well as the causes: Continuum Dance Project Steffi Carter Mayra Barragán Valerie Salgado Espinoza's Tax and Immigration Service Onstage Playhouse Tough Talk, Tough Tea, & Tough Roundtable by William BJ Robinson Jr. And if you have not already, give us the love! on our social media Facebook, Instagram. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. And of course, the one that started it all, our beloved bilingual blog: From Another Zero. Thank you for listening and make sure to leave us a voicemail for the chance to win a pair of tickets for HAIR the Musical at The Old Globe. Hope you win! Also, check out their latest free online offering Anonymous Biography: The Arguments of Juan José Saer Love,  Alejandra
September 01, 2021
"To Create a Superhero Mindset in Every Marginalized Individual" with Kayden Phoenix
Oh, you guys! again with one of those short but really hefty episodes. Kayden is an absolute badass and we are ecstatic to have her on the podcast. This is exactly what this space is about. Be sure to follow her and all the wonderful things she is doing over at Latina Superheroes. As with every wonderful discussion over here, Kayden shared her other zero's, organizations, and causes. Be sure to check out and support: Akita Angels LA Downtown Women's Center The Good Shepherd Center  Also, be sure to follow us if you don't already on Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and check out our blog where we talk to more artists and do blog views about different shows happening: Take care and remember to support your local artists, local bloggers and local podcasters! Love, Alejandra
August 17, 2021
The Show HERSTORY directly from Brooklyn, New York
Our first live with THREE guests! Gisela Cardenas, Laura Butler-Levitt, and Heather Hollingsworth from the piece HERSTORY that will be playing August 4-7 at the Factory Festival in New York City! Check it out if you are able. Of course, we talked about their Other Zero´s, wonderful causes, and small businesses to support: Stuyvesant champagne Manhattanville Coffee City Harvest If you do not follow us already, please give us the love on Facebook and Instagram. Subscribe to our wonderful Youtube Channel and get your read on about everything performing arts both in English and Español in Support your local arts organizations, your local artists, and your local podcasters! Big, big hugs. Wear your mask! Alejandra
August 03, 2021
A Convo with Eden Espinosa
Yep! What a joy to have this Broadway sensation on our space! Eden is in San Diego doing a couple of musical evenings and we got the opportunity to talk to her, her other zero and of course her cause: Afect Change and her small business to extend our support: A Page of Mary. I am currently moving and my stuff is everywhere. But I had to get this to y’all! I will have the hyperlinks up soon. Love always. Alejandra
July 09, 2021
Representation and Being Represented
An amazing and honest conversation about talent agencies, unions, contracts, and REPRESENTATION. With the wonderful Caroline (Caro) Raedeker and Evette Torres from Shamon Freitas Model and Talent Agency. This episode is brought to you by Jenny Bakes, where all my Vancouverians at? A with every episode we also talked about their Other Zero, their causes, and small businesses to support. Here are the links to theirs: Free Arts San Diego Refugee Tutoring Make, Bake, Decorate City Farmers Nursery Nate's Garden Grill Look for views, interviews, and happenings in our bilingual and fabulous blog If you haven't already, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel where we also include the episodes. Support your local arts organizations, bloggers, and podcasters! :) Love, Alejandra
July 01, 2021
Those Angels We Call Stage Managers
Well, hello there! We are back full throttle with the second season of our podcast! yay! We will be recording our episodes LIVE so we can get to interact with you in real-time. Join us as we host Stage Manager and Producer galore Samantha Bauman-Martin and explore the world of Stage Managers and the basic question "What is it that they do"?. Sammy's -Other Zero- is the pandemic. Listen how she got through it. She is currently working with the company Little Cinema, her cause is Mutt Scouts and her small business recommendation is the restaurant Alforon Mediterranean Lebanese Food San Diego. Check them out and give them the love! Give us the love too and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. I apologize for the audio glitches, we will listen to each other very soon. With love always, Alejandra
June 16, 2021
WE ARE BACK! The Second Season is Here
I cannot believe we have not talked since December 2020! This is a quick hello and recap of what has been going on since we talked. What is happening with our main ego Desde Otro Cero and what is coming for this one, our lovely alter ego. Check out our announcements over at  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram Subscribe and hit that bell on Youtube Take care, happy to be back and we will see AND listen to each other on June 11 Love always, Alejandra
June 01, 2021
Season 1 Recap
It is the end of the season! We do a quick recap of all the episodes and the wonderful guests we had with all the inspiring topics. Signing off for now, wishing you all happy holidays and a wonderful new year. Thank you for coming on this journey with me, we will listen to each other on season 2! Love always, Alejandra
December 21, 2020
Arts Curriculum and Community
Where is that intersection between theatre, education and engagement?  How important are community and learning environments?  Please join me in this amazing and raw conversation with Crystal Mercado, Artistic Director and Founder of Bocón Arts and Karen Ann Daniels, Director of Mobile Unit at The Public Theater in NYC.  Links to what we talked about:  Café Dionisio in Tijuana.  Bocón Arts  Onstage Playhouse  More about our guests:  Karen Ann Daniels is the Director of Mobile Unit at The Public Theater in NYC.  A native San Diegan, she is an accomplished actor, director, vocalist, and musician. In her prior role as the Associate Director of The Old Globe’s Arts Engagement, she program managed community partnerships and piloting and implementing key programs: Globe for All (the biannual tour of free plays across San Diego,) coLAB (devising original performances with community,) Community Voices (playwriting for new writers) and Reflecting Shakespeare (teaching Shakespeare in corrections facilities) across communities. She joined the Globe in 2013 after working in the technology sector and as a teaching artist and director with Studio East’s ArtsReach! program in Seattle. Karen Ann created marketing and event programs including large-scale trade shows, networking, and national recruiting events for Xbox, Halo, Windows Phone, Hardware, Server and other Microsoft Entertainment clients as well as for private entities, non-profits, and advertising clients. In 2019, her new musical, The Ruby in Us premiered as part of The Old Globe’s coLAB project, which was co-created with the Fourth District Seniors Resource Center in San Diego. Ms. Daniels served as a chair for the City of Chula Vista’s Cultural Arts Commission, held a seat on the Leadership Committee and was co-chair of Learning for the New California Arts Fund representing the future of community engagement for a cross-section of California arts organizations, via the James Irvine Foundation. She holds a B.A. in Art History from UCLA, an M.F.A in Musical Theatre from San Diego State, and a certificate in Shakespeare from the British American Drama Academy.   Crystal Mercado is a proud native of San Diego California and the Artistic Director of Bocón, dedicated to empowering artists of all ages to create collaborative works of art that voice social perspectives on community stages. She is a theatre artist, director, facilitator, and educator passionate about the intersections of theatre and her community of San Diego. Crystal’s unswerving dedication and devotion to education has earned her a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre for Youth from Arizona State University and a BA in Children’s Theatre from San Diego State University. As the Co- Founder of TuYo Theatre, she served as the Co- Artistic Director. She co-wrote and co-directed Self-Conchas a new bilingual play for middle school. She directed Bodyguard: Protector of Anatomy (Creede Repertory Theatre), a bilingual play that toured to hundreds of schools across the American Southwest. She has worked as an artist in residence teaching theatre, creative drama, puppetry and theatre for social change in classrooms K-12 all over San Diego. Mrs. Mercado’s actions to create a dialogue and take actions around her community set a new precedent for how to engage community audiences through the many forms of storytelling and personal narrative is at the center of her artistic work and pedagogy.  Photos of the Artwork by Reanne Acasio and Rich Soublet.
November 23, 2020
Solimar Salas. An interview with MOLAA's Vice President of Museum Content & Programming
Join me in this amazing conversation with Solimar Salas, Vice President of Museum Content & Programming at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) in Long Beach California. We talk about the difference between Latin American Art, Latino Art, the term Latinx and a bunch of other cool things. Please follow us on social media: Instagram @FromAnother0 and Facebook: From Another 0. Our wonderful blog:  And last but not least, our Youtube Channel where we upload our zoom calls and practically raw episodes :) Links to the things we talked about: Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) website Mom n' Pop shops/local businesses to support: Lola's Mexican Cuisine in Long Beach, CA Gusto Bread in Long Beach, CA Hacienda San Pedro in Puerto Rico El Cielito Cafe in South Gate, CA MADE BY MILLWORKS Causes and Non-Profits Arts Council for Long Beach Help me help you, food pantry in Long Beach Thank you for listening, don't be shy and leave a voicemail bellow! Love always, Alejandra
November 09, 2020
The Podview: Roosevelt: Charge the Bear, What the Constitution Means to Me, Say Their Names
Sharing our POV regarding three wonderful pieces:  (Please note two mistakes on this episode: 1) I mention Heidi Schreck doing contests... they were competitions... 2) The plays and monologues in Say Their Names have different titles from those of the names of the victims they are speaking of. Roosevelt: Charge the Bear by The Roustabouts Theatre Co. The world premiere of Roosevelt: Charge the Bear starring Phil Johnson in a virtual filmed presentation as part of their fourth season. As theatres all across the world are adapting to current conditions, many are moving their presentations to filmed productions online.  Roosevelt: Charge the Bear will run through November 2.  Tickets for the new media release are available now at Phil Johnson stars in this new one-man show about President Theodore Roosevelt, one of the most fascinating people of the 20th century. In this gripping 90-minute show, the new president grapples with the issues that would define his term: taking on the trusts, trying to get his message across to the people, and his colossal challenge - the coal strike of 1902. Miners and others were killed, tensions were high, and --- the biggest threat of all --- innocent people were at risk of freezing to death that winter. Rosina Reynolds helmed the production. The design team included Tony Cucuzzella (Set Design/Props), Matt Lescault-Wood (Sound Design), Joel Britt (Lighting Design), Jordyn Smiley (Costume Design), Ross Stewart (Costume Design Assistant). Jessamyn Foster was the Stage Manager. Michael Brueggemeyer was the Director of Photography/Editor. Rebecca Crigler, General Manager of The Roustabouts, produced the drama, following SAG, Federal, State, and local COVID-19 practices and protocols. What the Constitution Means to Me Direct from Broadway, playwright Heidi Schreck's boundary-breaking play breathes new life into our Constitution and imagines how it will shape the next generation of Americans. Fifteen year old Heidi earned her college tuition by winning Constitutional debate competitions across the United States. In this hilarious, hopeful and achingly human new play, she resurrects her teenage self in order to trace the profound relationship between four generations of women and the founding document that shaped their lives. Available on Amazon Prime. Say Their Names Inspired by the #SayHerName Movement, these are readings of Plays and monologues about Black Indigenous Women of Color (BIWoC) who have died at the hands of law enforcement, written by BIWoC Honor Roll! playwrights, for BIWoC and their allies. Say Their Names is a self-initiated Honor Roll! Project in association with Repro Freedom Arts, The Breath Project, and African American Policy Forum’s #SayHerName Campaign. Honor Roll! is an advocacy group for women+ playwrights over 40 and their allies. Honor Roll! Executive Committee: Cynthia Cooper, Cheryl Davis, Yvette Heyliger, Olga Humphrey, Sarah Tuft, Jacquelyn Reingold, and Lucy Wang. Say Their Names Committee: Diana Burbano, Cheryl Davis, Yvette Heyliger, Jacqueline Lawton, Mildred Lewis, Celeste Walker, Lucy Wang.  Enjoy the readings: 
October 26, 2020
La Jolla Playhouse with Eric Keen-Louie
Leave a voice message and say hi! don't be shy! My guest today: Eric Keen-Louie joined the La Jolla Playhouse in 2018 as Producing Director, overseeing the day-to-day management of the artistic and producing operations of the theater. He spent seven years at The Old Globe, where he started as Associate Producer and later became Associate Artistic Director. At the Globe, he helped guide nearly fifty productions, eleven of which moved to Broadway or off-Broadway, including Bright Star, Allegiance, and the Tony Award-winning A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.  Links about what was discussed during the episode: La Jolla Playhouse: Eric's Mom and pop shop recs:  SPICY CITY in Kearny Mesa:  SHWARMA GUYS in South Park: Eric's causes:  Fourth District Seniors Resource Center Let America Vote:  More info on Eric: He co-created the theater’s new play development initiative The Powers New Voices Festival and helped launch the arts engagement programs Community Voices and Globe for All. Keen-Louie spent three years at The Public Theater as the Assistant to the Associate Producer and then Director of Special Projects, working on world premieres by Stephen Sondheim, Richard Nelson and Suzan-Lori Parks, as well as the Broadway revival of Hair and the creation of The Mobile Unit. Independently, he produced Kingdom and the GLAAD Media Award-winning when last we flew. He also assisted Broadway producer Margo Lion on Hairspray and Caroline, or Change. He is a recipient of The Edward & Sally Van Lier Arts Fellowship for Producing and an alumnus of American Express’ Leadership Academy. He graduated with a B.A. in Dramatic Literature from New York University and an M.F.A. in Theatre Management and Producing from Columbia University, where he received a Dean’s fellowship. He is on the Board of Directors for The National Alliance for Musical Theatre and is currently a member of LEAD San Diego’s 2021 Impact San Diego class. Thank you for listening! Love always, Alejandra
October 12, 2020
Our first POD-VIEW! Talking about The Niceties and Portaleza
What is a Pod-View you ask? Well, it is a review but, as we learn and democratize content this is -my point of view- when watching an artistic piece. You can listen more on this matter in our previous episode with Arts Critic Jose Solís. You can read other (formerly known as reviews) I have done here: In this episode, we will talk about works happening in San Diego: The Niceties by Eleanor Burgess, a streaming presentation from Moxie Theatre.  You can find all the info here:  We will also talk about Portaleza by David Israel Reynoso/Optika Moderna, a streaming presentation as well, from The La Jolla Playhouse. And all the info for this one you can find here: PORTALEZA was created in collaboration with the performers, and by the contribution of artists such as: SONYA CALDERON (Illustrator/contributor | and the DIGITAL WOW development team at La Jolla Playhouse. I felt pretty rusty trying to get my ideas into place to be honest for this episode, I did try my best. If you see these shows, get in contact with us! send us a DM on Instagram: @FromAnother0 or Facebook:  And, do not be shy, leave us a voice message so we can hear and share your lovely voice. I am very excited to share this new chapter with you. Love always Alejandra  
September 29, 2020
BIPOC Arts Critics
What is an Arts Critic? and why do we need more BIPOC Arts Critics? In this wonderful conversation with New York-based Arts Critic Jose Solís, we dive into the performing arts world and discuss how theatre, theater, and marketing look versus how it should look. If a review should just be written and how we should get with the times.  Jose Solís began his career as a culture critic when he was 16 and launched a film review website while living in Honduras, where he was born and raised. He began writing about theatre while attending college in Costa Rica, and upon moving to NYC in 2012 focused entirely on the stage. His work appears in The New York Times, American Theatre, TDF Stages, Backstage, 3 Views, and America Magazine. He is also the co-creator and co-host of the Token Theatre Friends podcast/web series. Follow Jose on Twitter: The Token Theatre Friends podcast:  Mom and pop shop he recommends: La Sirena Mexican Folk Art:  La Sirena also has a GoFundMe:  The Cause we should learn about: Raíces  Follow us on Instagram:  Like us on Facebook: Check out our YouTube Channel: Listen to our main ego in Español Desde Otro Cero!: Thank you for listening! Leave a voice message below! Love always, Alejandra
September 14, 2020
Wine, Marketing and being Bicultural
WE HIT 100,000 VIEWS ON OUR BLOG! thank you! Please follow us if you don't already :) In this episode, we talk to marketing expert extraordinaire Tony Uribe from the Rosarito-San Diego region. We talk about his different business ventures and living in a region that overlooks two countries: the good, the bad, and the ugly lol. Here is a brief bio for Tony in his own words: The fastest way to stalk me is on my page which links to all my public social accounts.  Born and raised in the Southbay, National City kid at heart. Proud POCHO Socialite (de aquí y de allá) currently living allá, hustling hard-ish. Quit corporate America to live the American dream from a beach town in Mexico. I consider myself a branding/marketing consultant or coach who always advocates for our Raza, minority-owned small businesses, and organizations that do good for our neighborhood. I’m an artist and creator, dancer, and educator #HumbleBrag; I don’t really identify as Chicano even though I'm all for el movimiento and though I'm a part of the LGBT+ community don't really call myself gay but I am pretty self-aware (both who I am and what I stand for). Tony's Social Media and links: Twitter: Instagram: Baja Wine Tour: Linktree: Cause discussed in the episode: Thank you for joining and listening! Do not be shy and leave a voice message below! Much love, Alejandra ______
September 01, 2020
The Roustabouts Theatre Co.
A lovely conversation with Artistic Director Phil Johnson, a proud founding partner in The Roustabouts Theatre Co. As an actor/writer, his solo show, A Jewish Joke (co-written with Marni Freedman, directed by David Ellenstein) had an Off-Broadway run at Theatre Row in NYC in March 2019, after a successful San Diego run for The Roustabouts, as well as touring regionally: Chicago's Victory Gardens, New Haven, and St. Louis. ( Other original shows: Withering Heights, written and performed with Omri Schein and directed by Ellenstein, for TRTC; She-Rantulas from Outer Space in 3D!, co-written with Ruff Yeager, for Diversionary Theatre and the NY Fringe Festival; and The Hound of the Baskervilles, as a San Diego Foundation Creative Catalyst Grantee, at North Coast Rep in 2012. Phil played in Les Misérables on Broadway and on tour; the Canadian production of Sunset Boulevard; and the 1st National Co. of Miss Saigon. He is a two-time winner of the San Diego Theatre Critics Circle Craig Noel Award for acting, for Midsummer Night's Dream at Intrepid Theatre Company, and The Man Who Came to Dinner. So. California theatres include North Coast Rep (Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Laughter on the 23rd Floor, Spelling Bee), Old Globe (How the Grinch...), and Cygnet Theatre (Mistakes Were Made, Pageant). Local directing credits include SD Playwrights Project and Scripps Ranch Theatre. He teaches and produces a Solo Show Workshop for writer/performers that is part of The Roustabouts season. The company encourages new local writers from Southern California. Phil's newest one-man show, Roosevelt: Charge the Bear, co-written with Marni Freedman, is currently being workshopped and will be produced in San Diego in 2020. Links to what we talked about: Margin of error, available for streaming until August 23. Get all the scoop in our review here: Local business and cause to support: Restaurant Aladdin in San Diego: Third Avenue Charitable Organization (TACO). Give us the love, Like us on Facebook:    Follow us on Insta: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: The Thought of the Week is up on the blog! Let us do the work together Leave a voicemail below! Love always, Alejandra ------------
August 17, 2020
Arts Engagement and Accountability in this New Normal
What is the difference between arts engagement and community outreach? How should accountability look like in this new normal for theatres? We talk about this and many more interesting topics with Freedome Bradley-Ballentine, Arts Engagement Director of the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, and newly appointed Associate Artistic Director. Freedome has been in San Diego for four years, but his impact on the community has been unforgettable. His work forges significant bonds, building positive social connections with economically, geographically, and culturally diverse communities throughout San Diego. He has developed a host of new programs and re-imagined legacy programming facilitating the Globe’s commitment of making theater matter to more people. Links of what we talked about during the episode: For more information on the Old Globe's Arts Engagement Department: The Pam Farr Summer Shakespeare Studio Final Performance: Local business and non-profit organization: Bahn Thai Restaurant: Common Ground Theatre: Announcements at the Zero: The Thought of the Week is up, bilingual and fabulous: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: Thank you for joining us! With love,  Alejandra -------
August 03, 2020
Miki Vale: HUEman, Musician, Playwright, Artivist, & Educator
Opening song: Grains of Sand. Closing song: Worth It. Both written and performed by Miki Vale.  Miki Vale has performed at landmark venues and festivals in the US and internationally, from Hollywood and D.C. to Mumbai and Cairo.  Dedicated to her cause as she is to her craft. Using art as education, Miki explores the impact of hip-hop culture on race, class, and gender.  Her experiences range from teaching in classroom settings, performing at social justice events, and, in 2017 she served as a cultural diplomat for Next Level Egypt (funded by the U.S. State Department).   Where to follow Miki: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: Links to the coffee shop, lounge, and cause discussed during the episode:  Café X. Which is currently closed but you can follow them here: Kava Lounge: Mutual Aid San Diego: A cause derived from and Please follow us on Instagram: Facebook: Blog: We would love to hear from you! leave a voicemail!  With love, Alejandra ---------------------------
July 20, 2020
Mindfulness in the Arts with Ben Cook and Dan DeLuca
The FIRST episode of the alter ego in English!!!! with my very special guests and "padrinos" of the podcast, artists, Broadway performers, and now Mindfulness in the arts coaches: Ben Cook and Dan DeLuca.  Ben Cook: Most recently played Riff in the Broadway revival of West Side Story. He has been a part of 5 Broadway shows, 2 Broadway national tours and has made many appearances in the film/television world. Still a working actor, he is now studying at the School of Positive Transformation to become a certified Positive Psychologist Practitioner and also devotes a large portion of his time to teaching the important work of mindfulness and its specific connection to the performing arts alongside his incredible team.  Follow him on Instagram: Dan DeLuca: Is a theater and television actor, best known for originating the role of Jack Kelly on the First National Tour of Disney’s Newsies. He has starred in dozens of shows across North America, and has helped develop new musicals alongside the greatest theater composers of our time including Stephen Schwartz, Alan Menken and Martin Charnin. Dan is currently enrolled at Quantum University specializing in emotional intelligence/mindfulness and is writing, directing and starring in his own web series based on the science of self-development entitled “The Invisible Things”.  Follow him on Instagram: Links related to what we talked about:  Their course Mindfulness in the Arts. Find out more here: The upcoming dance masterclass with Ahmad Simmons on July 10! Dan's YouTube Series The Invisible Things: Local Mop and Pop shop to support  in NYC: Cafe Amrita: Charities and Causes to learn about:   Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective: The Loveland Foundation: Broadway for Racial Justice: #WeAreNotaTrend: Thank you for listening! Please follow us at: and follow our blog: With love, Alejandra ------------------------
July 06, 2020
Episode 0: why? who? what?
This is not the first episode. It is the episode zero to put a little bit of context. I did not know if I should "debut" at this time. I did not want to seem insensitive to all that is happening. After giving it a lot of thought, I think it is the best time to go out and add another voice and express my solidarity. I see you, I hear you, I stand by you. Here are some suggested links on how we can know more and support:  The bail project Official  George Floyd Memorial Fund Justice For Tony McDade  I run with Maud  Justice for Breonna Taylor  Anti-racism resources I look forward to hosting the first episode of this podcast and listening to each other soon.  Stay safe, Alejandra
June 01, 2020