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The Game Juice Podcast

The Game Juice Podcast

By Nathan Sample
Discussing games, geek culture, recent news, telling jokes, being edgy, interviewing streamers and content creators in the gaming sphere, and a whole lot of other stuff! Hosted by Nathan Sample.
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Goals! - The Game Juice Podcast #17

The Game Juice Podcast

The Game Juice Podcast #23
In this exciting episode of the Game Juice podcast we discuss Sonic Frontiers, Internet Explorer being dead, the new Final Fantasy 7 games coming out AND MUCH MORE!
June 21, 2022
Back In The Saddle Again! - The Game Juice Podcast #22
We're back in the saddle again in this new and exciting episode of The Game Juice Podcast! In this episode we'll be discussing our futures in gaming, Summer Games Fest, and the guy who spent $10,000 on Diablo Immortal!
June 21, 2022
Video Podcast upload test - Game Juice #19
I'm not sure exactly how well this is going to work, but if it does I'll begin posting video versions of podcasts on here too. This is episode #19 being re-uploaded on my anchor feed.
December 31, 2021
Merry Late Christmas + How I Would Improve GTA - The Game Juice Podcast #20
Episode #20 of the Game Juice Podcast! In this episode I discuss my plans for 2022 and how I intend to make my content, my process of "old-manning" my life, and many other things! Topics of the day What are my plans for 2022 How would I improve GTA 5 Ways to improve Christmas - Comedic segment Creator of the week: HanDCapableSean “Disabled Twitch streamer HanDcapableSean shows off his gaming skills by beating brutally hard games with a chin-controlled setup.” Source(s): Original Article - His Twitter - His Twitch -
December 26, 2021
Cym is a Vtuber now? - The Game Juice Podcast #19
Episode #19 of the Game Juice Podcast! In this episode Cym is trying out a new program he found on the internet that enables him to do the kind of animations that VTubers do. We Discuss how long success in content creation truly takes and we discuss a variety of different interesting news topics and stories! Where to find us: Nathan's Linktree Cym's Twitch Cym's YouTube Cym's Twitter News sources: Netflix begins testing mobile games in its Android app in Poland Martin Luther King, Jr. Fortnite New Game: I Have A Dream Speech : NPR Psychonauts 2 is out Small Soldiers-Inspired Shooter Hypercharge: Unboxed to Get a Campaign Mode - Gamescom 2021 Apple Is Finally Ready to Settle a Years-Old Lawsuit From Developers Dr. Disrespect Says He's Suing Twitch Over Ban: IGN's Article about it Dr. Disrespect's video discussing his potential lawsuit
August 30, 2021
Cym's Slurping Extravaganza - The Game Juice Podcast #18
Episode #18 - This one is a little bit late to hit the audio listeners and I apologize for that. I ended up switching streaming PCs which caused a 2 month hiatus while I got everything technically sorted out in my game streams then prepped them for the podcast itself. TRIGGER WARNING if you hate slurping sounds and ASMR maybe skip to approximately 30 minutes into this episode.  In this episode we discuss: my recent pick-up of an N64 (something I'm super happy to own) The worlds biggest Swiss army knife and much, much more!
August 30, 2021
Goals! - The Game Juice Podcast #17
Cym, Foxy, and I saying words into microphones of varying qualities. 
May 29, 2021
The best spin-off games! - The Game Juice Podcast #16
I'm taking a week or two off from streaming so Cym and his family took over for this episode. They were nervous but overall I think they did an excellent job! In this episode they talk about their favorite spin-off games, sports games, the most re-watchable tv shows they've watched and their favorite next-gen tech. Find Cym on social media: Foxy on social media:
May 22, 2021
Step Dad Kratos - The Game Juice Podcast #15
Episode #15 of the Game Juice Podcast! In this episode my co-host Cym and I discuss our opinions on GTA 5 and it's ending, my "new" retro gaming station, characters in media that were unintentionally scary to us as a kid and much more! Nathan: Twitch: Streamerlinks profile: Cym:
May 15, 2021
Geeksters Unite! - The Game Juice Podcast #14
Episode #14 of the Game Juice Podcast! In this episode Cym, Shadow, and I hang out with my long time streamer buddy Happy Married Gamer and his cousin DarthLo79 who share a channel called Geekster Cuzins. This one was very fun and chaotic and I'm very glad we all got together. Geekster Cuzins: Twitch YouTube Shadow: Twitch Cym: YouTube Twitch Nathan: Twitch Streamerlinks profile
May 08, 2021
Game Island - The Game Juice Podcast #13
Episode #13 of the Game Juice Podcast! In this episode Cym, Shadow and I discuss what game characters we'd choose to be trapped on an island with, we talk about what games we'd want to see get remade, and we discuss current trending news in the world of gaming! Cym: Twitch YouTube Shadow: Twitch Nathan: Twitch Streamerlinks Profile
May 01, 2021
BlightTown Renovation - The Game Juice Podcast #12
Episode #12 of the Game Juice Podcast. In this episode we discuss how we would choose to renovate BlightTown from Dark Souls, our top 5 favorite N64 games, our biggest gaming disappointments and more!   Cym: Twitch YouTube ShadowWolf: Twitch Nathan: Twitch Streamerlinks profile
April 30, 2021
A Video Game President! - The Game Juice Podcast #11
Episode #11 of the Game Juice Podcast! In this episode Cym and I discuss who we'd want to our video game president, what video game worlds we'd want to live in, and we cover the trending news topics of the week! Show and tell: Nathan's Odysee profile Cym's video about Worlds Adrift Topics of the day: What video game character would you choose to be the president of the United States? If you could live in a video game world what would it be? News segment: The PS3 and Vita stores will NOT be shutting down! Vin Diesel to star in a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots movie House of the dead remake Dayz Gone director's bad take Castlevania season 4 coming soon Horizon Zero Dawn is free on PSN until May 14th Discord stays independent! Newegg accepting Dogecoin Shroud "I feel drunk" stream moment PS Video Pass Evercade VS Announcement Sony's patents AI to play the game for you! Songbird - a terrible terrible movie idea Psychonauts 2 still coming in 2021 Cym: Twitch YouTube Nathan: Minds Parler Twitch Streamerlinks
April 24, 2021
UFOs and CMOS batteries! - The Game Juice Podcast #10
Episode #10 of the Game Juice Podcast! In this episode Cym and I discuss some of our most recent and also proudest gaming achievements, our recent game pick-ups, a recent theory on Dr Disrespect's ban from Twitch, the situation with the Playstation 3 and the Playstation 4s CMOS batteries, and much more! Where to find Cym: Twitch YouTube Where to find Nathan: Minds Parler Twitch Streamerlinks profile SHOW AND TELL SEGMENT: Cym: Mother boss – the witness Panic recording Zelda clips: Nathan: Playing Crash blindfolded, upside down, with boxing gloves on  Beating Banjo-Kazooie 20 years later Beating the Medieval remake News and info sources: The alleged reason why doctor disrespect was banned: UFO Sighting PS4/PS3 CMOS battery issue DCUO Flashpoint Event Valve Anti-cheat The Boys: Twitch cracks down on viewbots best selling consoles of all time: oddworld soulstorm trailer
April 18, 2021
Ewoks and Isaac! - The Game Juice Podcast #9
Episode #9 of the Game Juice Podcast! In this episode my buddy Cym and I discuss the games we've played recently, the mid 80s star wars ewok movies that were recently released on Disney+, the weird pilot and theme song to the television show mash and many other exciting things! Where to find Cym: Where to find Nathan: Minds: Parler: Twitch: Streamerlinks profile:
April 10, 2021
The Game Juice Podcast #8 - I don't feel bad for Epic Games
In this episode me and my co-host for my YouTube stream ShadowWolf sit down and discuss the situation between Epic games and Apple, our opinions on the current season of Fortnite, the PS5's blunder with backwards compatibility and much more! Streamerlinks profile: Shadow's Twitch: News stories and info sources: PS5 Won't Be Backwards Compatible With PS3, PS2, Or PS1, Says Ubisoft ‘Fall Guys’ Is Live, Shoots To #1 On Twitch And Steam Apple says Fortnite can come back anytime, once Epic cleans up its 'hot mess' NOT TODAY, Apple… Techlinked video US Smartphone Market Share: By Quarter TheQuartering On What Leafy's PERMA-BAN Means For YouTube - Steven Crowder video (where I first heard about this story) The Google Rant - Leafy video on StoryFire E3 Apologizes After Sexist Tweet Gets Ratioed 
September 03, 2020
The Game Juice Podcast #7 - Going solo!
In this episode I do my podcast as an actual podcast! I talk about recent projects that I'm working on, the upcoming suicide squad game, Fortnite rebelling against Apple, and much more! My streamerlinks profile: News articles: Suicide Squad Game Announced By Batman Developer Rocksteady Apple just kicked Fortnite off the App Store Shroud Returns To Twitch Today: Here's When You Can Watch When Does Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 Start? DC FanDome: When & How to Watch 'Suicide Squad' and Batman Game Announcements
August 22, 2020
The Game Juice Podcast #6 - Playing with Ductape!
In this lovely episode we interview my good pal Ductape plays, talk about his roots in gaming and content creation. We answer questions from the discord and discuss the return of G4, the July 2020 Xbox Game Showcase, Joe Rogan's statement on gaming, and the Analogue Pocket! My new YouTube channel link - Links to ALL of my stuff: Ductape's stuff: News stories covered and sources: G4 Teases a return! YouTube video from G4TV - Gamespot article - G4's Website - Adam Sessler's Tweet - Xbox Games Showcase July 2020 Verge Article - Gamespot YouTube video - Analogue Pocket release date announced! Gamespot Article - Analogue's site - Joe Rogan's controversial statement on gaming  Dexerto's Tweet - Slasher's original Tweet - Slasher's secondary tweet providing context -
July 30, 2020
The Game Juice Podcast #5 - What Z Heck!!?
Interviewing my pal Z Heck the creator of CGN (Collection Gaming Network) a social networking website designed specifically for gamers! In this episode we discuss Z's introduction to gaming through his grandfather, his life experiences and we talk about how he created the site CGN and what the site is all about!  Links to all of my socials: Be sure to check out CGN and Z: NEWS: Egoraptor apologizes for his editors behavior Hyperscape is being released - new Ubisoft battle royale game Ubisoft Executive Resigns Following Abuse And Assault Allegations Man sues twitch for 25 million dollars because he can’t stop masturbating 17 Year Old spends his parents’ life savings on PUBG Mobile Source:
July 06, 2020
The Game Juice Podcast #4 - Let me be Frank!
Episode #4 of the Game Juice Podcast! In this episode I interview Frank Fortune AKA the master of weenies! We talk about Frank's first console, his improv experiences and we cover recent news regarding a new Crash Bandicoot game, Apex Legends, the fate of Mixer, AND MUCH MORE! Watch the show LIVE - Links to Frank's stuff: Frank's Twitch - Frank's YouTube - Frank's Twitter - Links to ALL of my channels and social media pages: Sources for news: New Crash Bandicoot game announced: Apex Legends coming to the Switch: Mixer is dead: Pokemon Snap sequel for Switch: Dr Disrespect BANNED from Twitch: *I won't be linking anything about the new consoles, Season 3 of Fortnite, or the Last of Us 2 since these are more opinionated discussions than they are talking about the actual news involved in these topics.
June 27, 2020
The Game Juice Podcast #3 - Nathan & Nathan!
A fun little interview with my good pal Nathan Sifu! In this episode we talk about Sifu's content, his personality, and his journey into developing his very own indie game! Links to ALL of Sifu's stuff: Links to ALL of my stuff:
May 25, 2020
The Game Juice Podcast #2 - Chatting with Static!
Having a fun little interview with my buddy Static! Static is a streamer, a podcaster, and a very funny dude! We talk about how he got into gaming and streaming, how we both met, our time on Vidme, and his affinity for Mortal Kombat. LINKS TO STATIC’S STUFF: Twitch - Twitter - Static’s Podcast - Static’s Patreon - Instagram #1 - Instagram #2 - Links to all of my various profiles:
February 10, 2020
The Game Juice Podcast #1 - An Introduction!
Introducing myself, talking about what I'm all about, and answering the following questions from the lovely folks on Twitter: "If you could create your own video game, what would it be like? Title? Would you be a character in this game?" - Sassy Cat "Well, it's a gaming podcast right? Tell us your very first gaming memory, what got you into gaming, and what your favorite console is and why. Tell us a game franchise you want to make a comeback as well." - Just_Static "What controller is your favorite controller out of all the  console generations" - Happy Married Gamer "What made you decide to begin streaming and doing videos?" - LinktheInformer Links to all of my various profiles:
January 28, 2020
Game Juice Podcast Trailer
What the podcast is and what it'll be all about!
January 03, 2020