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By GameMakers
The GameMakers podcast publishes deep discussions on F2P game development. Topics that we cover include F2P monetization, liveops, game design, game development processes, team structure, and more.

The podcast will cover 3 types of content:
1. F2P Game Dev: Game development topics focusing on the business of F2P games
2. Philosophy Friday: Deep dive discussions on philosophical industry and business issues in the games industry
3. LILA Games Story: The real world and real-time story of LILA Games as we start a new games studio

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GameMakers 2021 Drunk Game Awards Show: Best and Worst of 2021
We discuss the best and worst of game dev in 2021.   Our awards crew:   Javier Barnes, Lead Game Designer at King  Josh Burns, Founder at DigitalDevConnect  Shannon Chang, Head of Operations at Trading.TV  Niklas Herriger, Executive Coach at 8 Bit Coaching  Matthew Kanterman, CFA, Senior Equity Research Analyst at Bloomberg LP  Eric Kress, Principal at Gossamer Consulting Group, LLC K en Landen, Lead Product Manager at Scopely  Brian Peganoff, Ex. Senior Director, Corporate Development & Strategy at Glu Mobile   AWARDS CATEGORIES:   Biggest winner: Which games industry company was the biggest winner in 2021?   Biggest loser: Which games industry company was the biggest loser in 2021?   Best Game (HD or mobile)   Worst Game (HD or mobile)   Biggest Surprise    Biggest Comeback   Biggest Missed Opportunity   Biggest News   Game or Big Game Update You're Most Looking Forward To
January 16, 2022
Philosophy #11: 2021 Review | Key Trends & Lessons Learned
We talk about some of the biggest trends and lessons of 2021:   1. Rise of Personal Brands (and everyone now jumping on)  2. Power and Importance of Relationships  3. The Duality of Existence and Human Nature  4. The New New Thing   Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter
December 31, 2021
Philosophy #10: Recruiting Like A Pro | Games Industry
Today we discuss one of the most important topics for the success of a games studio, especially for startups and those working on new game projects: RECRUITING!   GUEST:  - Tayber Voyer, VP of Product - A Thinking Ape HOSTS:  - Joseph Kim, CEO at LILA Games - Brett Nowak, CEO at Liquid & Grit Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter
December 25, 2021
Philosophy #9: Bill Walsh | Don't Make Enemies
Bill Walsh, the Hall of Fame NFL coach, had a number of incredibly insightful and effective leadership philosophies as discussed in his book "The Score Takes Care of Itself."  One philosophy Walsh discusses is something he calls "Make Friends, Not Enemies."   We discuss this concept and as always the nuance and specific application. Check it out!   HOSTS:  - Joseph Kim, CEO at LILA Games  - Brett Nowak, CEO at Liquid & Grit Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
December 17, 2021
What Makes A Great Tech Lead or CTO ft. Niklas Herriger, Tommy Krul, and Avinash Pandey
An in-depth discussion on how to technical leads at gaming companies can become great!    Super far-ranging conversation from the scope of work, biggest problems, transitioning from individual contributor to manager, how to spend day to day, biggest lessons learned, and more!   SPEAKERS:      - Niklas Herriger, Executive Coach, Founder of 8 Bit Coaching      - Tommy Krul, CTO Super Evil Megacorp      - Avinash Pandey, CTO LILA Games   HOST:     - Joseph Kim, CEO, LILA Games.    Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter!
December 13, 2021
Philosophy #6: The Future of Work: Remote vs. Office | The Debate!
Companies globally require new ways of managing as they grapple with new working conditions from the coronavirus pandemic. As companies adapt to greater work-from-home environments, new problems have arisen.    Brett believes in a new world of remote work where those who don't adapt will not survive, JK believes that for "complex work" and for companies that are working in complex work environments especially those working on 0 to 1 products, in-office environments are best.   Hear both sides including specific nuance, trends, themes, and analysis of remote vs. office work.   What will be the future of work?   HOSTS: - Joseph Kim, CEO at LILA Games - Brett Nowak, CEO at Liquid & Grit LINKS: Managing Remote Work: The Problem with “Outcomes Not Hours” (Part 1 of 3) Managing Remote Work: Outcomes Gone Wild (Part 2 of 3) Managing Remote Work: Trust Isn't Enough! (Part 3 of 3) Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter: NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK! ***Click the notification bell so you don't miss any!***
December 12, 2021
How To Be A Great Games Company CEO! ft Gigi Levy-Weiss, Brian Peganoff, & Kristian Segerstale
We talk to some really dope superstars in the games industry to discuss this issue:   - Gigi Levy-Weiss, Partner NFX   - Brian Peganoff, former Corp Dev at Glu, VP at Deutsche Bank   - Kristian Segerstrale, CEO Super Evil Megacorp    Content Overview:  0:00 Intro  2:26 Role & Time of the CEO  14:31 Product Oriented CEOs  19:22 Examples of Great CEOs  26:52 Required Qualities  32:36 Three Views of the CEO  38:24 CEO by Company Stage  44:57 Finding Weak Points  49:22 Society + CEO Role Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
December 06, 2021
Philosophy #8: How to Make Difficult Decisions!
How should you make difficult decisions? What are common kinds of difficult decisions in the games industry? What are common decision-making models? What are important distinctions between types of decisions?    Deep dive on this very important topic in great depth and with our typical philosophical approach!   HOSTS:  - Joseph Kim, CEO at LILA Games - Brett Nowak, CEO at Liquid & Grit LINKS: The Principles of Product Development Flow, by Donald Reinertsen Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, by Jocko Willink Making Smart Choices: 8 Keys to Making Effective Decisions blog Win With Character, Win with Cruelty, Jim Harbaugh Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter
December 03, 2021
How To Fix Axie Infinity | Sustainability & Future of Sky Mavis
We discuss the sustainability and economy behind the massive hit blockchain game Axie Infinity. Naavik has released a research report breaking down the economy and sustainability of the game (check out the link to the report below).    Axie seems to have reached an inflection point in which the game may no longer be sustainable.   Find out more about Axie, its economy, Sky Mavis and how they monetize Axie, and the potential future and sustainability of both Axie and Sky Mavis.  Btw, it's easy to cast stones, so we also take an optimistic look and discuss the potential solutions and upside of Axie and Sky Mavis.   Check out this deep and very educational discussion now!   LINKS:  - Master the Meta newsletter: - Naavik Premium Research: - Axie Infinity: Infinite Opportunity or Infinite Peril research report:  PROMOTION:   Check out the Naavik premium research service for games: Use promo code NAAVIKGAMEMAKERS for a 10% discount off of the first 12 months of the subscription!
December 02, 2021
Games Industry in "Crisis": Biggest Risk & Opportunity in 2022 and Beyond!
We brought together a number of experts from across the gaming ecosystem to have a casual but deep and informed discussion about the future of mobile gaming.   In particular, what are key opportunities game developers should be aware of and what are the potential risks as we move into 2022 and beyond.   SPEAKERS:  - Nadav Ashkenazy, SVP Publishing Solutions, IronSource: - Ron Rejwan, Co-founder/CEO of new gaming startup Sneaky Panda, Former Co-founder/CTO of Jelly Button the makers of Pirate Kings: - Lexi Sydow, Head of Insights, App Annie:  0:00 Intro  1:40 Biggest Impact Change  9:19 Mid/Hardcore Insurgency  16:40 Services Drive Growth  27:24 Social Multiplayer Crypto  39:20 Metaverse   49:37 Data Wars  58:34 Chasing Quick Money  1:05:50 Global Financial Crisis  1:12:46 User Acquisition Costs   1:18:21 Final Words   Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
November 29, 2021
Philosophy #7: PM Planning & Prioritization in the Games Industry
What kinds of planning do product managers do in game development?  We discuss the kinds of planning in concept/pre-production, production, and in live ops.    What kinds of revenue forecasting and analysis should you do?    How to plan for big innovations vs. incremental liveops beats?   GUEST:  - Adam Telfer, Senior Director of Product - Head of Central Product at WB Games:  HOSTS:  - Joseph Kim, CEO at LILA Games: - Brett Nowak, CEO at Liquid & Grit:  👇 CHECK IT OUT   GameMakers Newsletter:
November 26, 2021
The Future of Apple App Store Economics
So today there are a lot of complaints about whether a 30% Apple or Google app store fee is fair. And even further, whether there should be competition and the ability to have an open ecosystem for alternative payments or even app stores.   We have on with us today some folks who will talk about both the current situation behind App Store fees and speculate on where this is all potentially heading as well.   SPEAKERS:   - Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla. The company has solutions against alternative payments and payment solutions both on Web and for PC, but also increasingly with a focus on mobile.  - Matthew Kanterman, Senior Equity Research Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. Matthew in particular has a specific focus on gaming, Asia, mobile, and metaverse.  - Brett Nowak, CEO of Liquid & Grit. Brett also coincidentally co-hosts a podcast series with me called Philosophy Friday.  Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
November 19, 2021
Philosophy #5: Employee Feedback and Performance Reviews May Be Your Biggest Challenge at Work
Back at you with some deep thoughts on the challenges, difficulties, and potential solutions for one of the biggest problems at most companies: - How to give employee feedback and do performance reviews We deep people. Listen to this pod and let us know what you think! LINKS: - Airbnb System: The Power of Performance Reviews: Use This System to Become a Better Manager - LILA Games Values Doc: (see slides on feedback)
November 02, 2021
Philosophy #4: Get Offa Me With Your Work Life Balance, Work Life Integration FTW!
Lol. We discuss the nuance in definitions and scope of work-life balance, differences between work-life balance and work-life integration, compensation issues for people working a lot at start-ups, and other touchy subjects. I generally don't edit, but went way too far on this so we edited a bunch of stuff out.  About Us: - Joseph Kim, CEO, LILA Games - Brett Nowak, CEO, Liquid & Grit Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
October 24, 2021
Future of Mobile Ad Revenue | 2022+ and 2021 Retro
We discuss mobile ad revenue and monetization going into 2022 and beyond.    We initially talked about mobile ad revenue back in January and got a lot of great feedback. Check out the original video we did back in January: - Mobile Ad Revenue in 2021    So, what happened in 2021?  Why didn't CPMs collapse and what are we seeing now?  How did the market play out from our expectations back then going into IDFA to what actually happened?   Content Overview:  0:00 Intro  1:06 CPMs & Ad Rev  12:54 Contextual Ads  15:00 Programmatic  18:39 Genre + Hypercasual  23:31 Operational Changes  27:35 Data Transparency  36:00 Data Wars of 2021  52:19 Role of Admon Team  56:38 Data Strategy Role    59:55 Winners & Losers  1:05:37 Industry Implications  1:09:54 Predictions   Speakers:  - Josh Chandley, COO of WildCard Games - Sofia Gilyazova, Head of Ad Monetization, SocialPoint (TakeTwo's Mobile Games Division) - Offer Yehudai, Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Turbine/Fyber    Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
October 18, 2021
Philosophy #3: Zero to One vs. 1 to N Product Managers
We discuss the Peter Thiel concept of 0 to 1 vs. 1 to N in the context of product management. We believe there is a pretty big distinction between new game development which is oriented around this 0 to 1 concept and the 1 to N or live-ops PM. Links: - Zero to One by Peter Thiel About Us: - Joseph Kim, CEO, LILA Games - Brett Nowak, CEO, Liquid & Grit Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
October 18, 2021
Philosophy #2: Data Ethics in Gaming ft. Lars Doucet
Today we discuss Data Usage & Ethics in Gaming.   It’s not just about what are acceptable practices when it comes to market intelligence, there’s a bigger picture around data that impacts privacy at the device level with Apple and Google impacting IDFA, and even further with the data by companies that may be in competitive situations to their customers. Note that it was just announced that Applovin has just acquired MoPub for example.   Regular Hosts:  - Joseph Kim, CEO of LILA Games: - Brett Nowak, CEO of Liquid & Grit:  Guest:  - Lars Doucet, President of Level Up Labs. Twitter: @larsiusprime, Blog:  Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
October 16, 2021
The Future of Blockchain Gaming (Chong Ahn, Brian Peganoff, Mitch Zamara)
We discuss the future outlook and potential emerging opportunities for blockchain gaming.   Who better to discuss than:   1. Chong Ahn, VP of Product at Mythical Games (Blankos Block Party)  2. Brian Peganoff, Ex-Senior Dir of Corporate Development & Strategy at Glu Mobile  3. Mitch Zamara, Lead Designer, Million on Mars   Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
October 04, 2021
Philosophy #1: How to Be a Great Product Manager
With long histories in product management specifically in the games industry, we have a REAL discussion on what it takes to be a great PM.   Hardcore and real talk from guys who have worked on very successful products. I led the #1 top-grossing game King of Avalon plus a lot of other shit. Brett was a lead PM on Zynga Poker which was contributing 22% of Zynga's revenue at the time.   Real talk you won't get anywhere else. This talk is for hardcore PMs only!    Follow this channel if you want to hear more philosophy on current and important issues in the F2P games industry.   The story behind JK getting assassinated: HERE   Recommended Books on PM:  1. The Principles of Product Development Flow by Donald G. Reinertsem  2. Principles by Ray Dalio  3. Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink  4. The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz  5. Atomic Habits by James Clear 6. The Score Takes Care of Itself by Bill Walsh   Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
October 03, 2021
Moonton's Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Secrets to Success! With Chief Designer Skyhook
Moonton's Chief Game Designer Skyhook talks about MOBAs and the keys to success for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.   Questions asked:   0:00 Intro 0:25 Classification of MOBAs?  2:14 Difference in design between MOBA and RTS?  4:07 How did Mobile Legends succeed when other MOBAs failed?  5:57 What was the hardest challenge in Mobile Legends' success?   Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
October 02, 2021
Key Challenges for Blockchain Gaming ft. Lars Doucet
In this deep conversation with Lars, we were able to speak to the key challenges that remain behind blockchain and crypto in gaming.  Key problems discussed: 1. Degraded Blockchain Problem, 2. Some Problems with Play to Earn, and 3. The Problem with Land Sales.   Links:  - Lars Blog- The Fortress of Doors - Degraded Blockchain Article (Lars post from Fortress of Doors) - Land Speculators Will Kill Your Game's Growth (Game Developer) Also check out the original, full interview with Lars that has a wider ranged discussion on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency on Super Stonk Bros here  Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
September 30, 2021
Key Technology Challenges in Mobile F2P Games | Epic Tech Evangelist Arvind Neelakantan
LILA Games CTO Avinash Pandey discusses key tech challenges in scaling mobile F2P games with Epic Games' Technology Evangelist Arvind Neelakantan.   Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter: Watch it on the GameMakers YouTube channel:
September 29, 2021
IndiaF2P: What Global Strategics Are Looking for From Indian Game Companies
Deep discussion on what global strategic game publishers like Stillfront, SEGA, and Scopely look for when expanding into India from a development or market perspective.   Moderator:      - Justin Keeling, General Partner, Lumikai Fund   Speakers:      - Alexis Bonte, Group COO, Stillfront Group     - Saito Go, Executive Officer & Head of Japan Asia Publishing, SEGA Corporation     - Justin Scarpone, SVP & GM Asia, Scopely   Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
September 28, 2021
IndiaF2P: How To Build A Successful Career in F2P Games
Panelists discuss:  1. How did you break into this industry?  2. Gaming career choice versus traditional options?  3. Different Roles?  4. Sustained interest?   Moderator:   - Vik Agarwal, Lead PM, Zynga    Speakers: -  Poornima Seetharaman, Dir of Design, Zynga  - Karan Gaikwad, Lead PM, Nukebox  - Shilpa Gaur, Lead Marketing & Strategy, Cympl   Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:
September 28, 2021
Doing the Work For a Top Grossing Game | Game Design by Paul Leydon
Paul Leydon LILA Games Chief Creative Officer and former lead game designer on multiple #1 top grossing titles like King of Avalon (FunPlus) and Game of War (MZ), discusses his design and research methodology. He discusses the importance of doing the work and depth in making a hit game.   Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter: Watch it on the GameMakers YouTube channel:
September 24, 2021
IndiaF2P: How India Becomes A World Leader in Games
In this conversation, we have some of India’s top game industry leaders.    Speakers:  #1. Manish Agarwal, CEO of Nazara #2. Amit Hardi, CEO of Nukebox #3. Salone Sehgal, Genera. Partner at Lumikai #4. Anuj Tandon, Head of Corp Dev India & MENA at Krafton The focus of the conversation is oriented around India as a game development ecosystem. We talk about What’s keeping India from becoming the next China or Turkey, what are the strengths of the Indian game dev scene, and how do we accelerate the local Indian gaming market.  This was the first of 5 sessions from the India F2P gaming conference. Be sure to check this out as well as some of the other sessions.    Moderator:  - Joseph Kim, CEO of LILA Games  And you can always read about it in the GameMakers newsletter and get alerted to new events in the future:
September 09, 2021
Is the future of games Instant? (Lars Doucet, Emily Greer)
We talk about the history and future opportunities for Instant Games. Joining us is Lars Doucet who wrote about this in his blog post (linked below) and Emily Greer, who as the former founder and CEO of Kongregate, has a strong perspective on this.   LINKS:  - Jon Lai, a16z partner, tweet on Instant Games: - Lars Blog Post "The Future of Games is an Instant Flash to the past":  - Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter: Speakers: - Lars Doucet, President of Level Up Labs: - Emily Greer, CEO of Double Loop Games: Moderator: - Joseph Kim, CEO of LILA Games:
September 01, 2021
IDFA Loss: Real Data & Real Talk
We talk about real-world data and the implications of IDFA deprecation. Now there has been a lot of VERY BAD information being published on this topic. So today we have with us 3 real-world practitioners and some real data about what’s actually happening. More specifically we will discuss: #1. Real world data and impact of IDFA Deprecation #2. Specific changes to how we do UA and Marketing based on the effects of IDFA Deprecation #3. Implications to product and monetization design #4. Who are likely winners & losers from these changes? SPEAKERS: 1. Brian Bowman, CEO of Consumer Acquisition: 2. Matej Lancaric, Independent UA & Marketing Consultant: 3. Warren Woodward, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Upptic Overview:  0:00 Intro  2:15 Games Impact: Real Data  12:02 Winners, Models, Supercell  16:47 Algo Instability, Lookalikes   20:43 Google Performance  23:35 Unity Perf Explained  26:20 ROAS Loss  30:05 Specific Marketing Changes  36:43 SKAdnetwork Conversion Value  43:17 Creative Testing on iOS  44:43 Reactivation Campaigns   46:13 Strategic Maneuvering  48:56 CPG Marketing  53:20 Product Implications  56:42 Winners & Losers
August 15, 2021
Social Casino Outlook with SciPlay's Joe Byrne
Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter! Conversation with Joe Byrne Director of Business Development and Strategy at SciPlay one of the world’s biggest and most successful social casino game companies. Topics: #1. How do the most sophisticated game companies use market intelligence data to inform their product strategy? #2. How given new changes because of IDFA deprecation for example would create new requirements for the kinds of insights from the data that we look for?  #3. Strategic insights on how the social casino genre is evolving and new trends for that genre.   This conversation was facilitated in partnership with AppAnnie who is currently rolling out an update to their gaming taxonomy. Thanks App Annie!   Speaker:     - Joe Byrne, Director of Business Development and Strategy at SciPlay
August 12, 2021
Tech Infrastructure for Competitive PVP Games
Read about it in the GameMakers newsletter:  How do competitive PVP games manage and scale up their tech infrastructure? What did Riot do for Valorant? We spoke to arguably the best two people in the entire world to address this question Riot's Head of Infra & Live Ops Zach Blitz and Network Next CEO Glenn Fiedler.  SPEAKERS:    - Zach Blitz, Head of Infra and Live Ops, Riot Games    - Glenn Fiedler, Founder & CEO, Network Next
July 28, 2021
Team vs. Family DEBATE: We Are "Not a Family" 🖕
Tobi Lutke and Brian Armstrong re-popularized the notion of companies as described as "families" or "high performance sports teams." This impacts 1. employee performance expectations, 2. how to deal with discussions of social issues at the workplace, and 3. dissociating personal vs. professional lives.    Let's have a nuanced discussion with a strong cross-section of key people from the games industry.   Speakers: - Eden Chen, CEO  - Drew Levin, Lead PM Zynga  - Chong Ahn, Head of PM EA  - Ken Landen, Sr. PM Blizzard Relevant Links  - Initial Netflix Culture document (this seems to be the original popularization of the team-focus theme) - Tobi Lutke: We are not a family - Brian Armstrong: Mission focused company
July 20, 2021
GameBiz #3 Game Company Growth Strategies ft Chris Petrovic and Eric Kress
Today we will be talking about the current state of Game Company Growth and the various growth strategies being deployed by different game companies.   SPEAKERS: - Joseph Kim, CEO, LILA Games - Eric Kress, Principal, Gossamer Consulting - Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer, FunPlus LINKS: - Four Growth Paradigms on GameMakers Newsletter Part 1 - Four Growth Paradigms on GameMakers Newsletter Part 2
July 13, 2021
GameBiz #2: Talking Strategy & Synergy with STILLFRONT! ft. Alexis Bonte, Nadir Khan, Tobias Kringe
Today we are going to be talking about game publishing, the strategy behind consolidated studio organizations, and the future of the industry.    Our speakers include:   - Alexis Bonte, Group COO, Stillfront   - Nadir Khan, COO, Candywriter   - Tobias Kringe, Founder and Managing Director, Bytro Labs Our hosts include   - Joseph Kim, CEO, LILA Games   - Eric Kress, Principal, Gossamer Consulting   - Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer, FunPlus
July 08, 2021
GameBiz #1: Game Industry M&A (March 2021) ft. Chris Petrovic & Eric Kress
Speakers:     - Joseph Kim. CEO, LILA Games     - Eric Kress. Principal, Gossamer    - Chris Petrovic. CBO, FunPlus (former SVP & Head of Corporate Strategy, M&A and Business Development at Zynga)  Content Overview: 1:15 Intro / Context  4:15 EA's Acquisition of Glu  11:16 Glu Reorganization 15:30 Zynga + AdTech 25:35 Industry Consolidation 38:40 Best M&A Targets 44:15 Smaller M&A Targets  50:00 Final Words
July 07, 2021
Integrating Crypto and Metaverse in Games | Michael Wagner CEO of Star Atlas
Today we are going to be talking about the Solana Blockchain, the Metaverse, and how it all ties to games. To speak to these issues we spoke to Michael Wagner, co-founder and CEO of Star Atlas, the company making a Metaverse game using the Solana blockchain. SPEAKER: - Michael Wagner, CEO Star Atlas LINKS: - Upcoming Star Atlas drops: - Star Atlas Social Links: Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Youtube | Instagram | Discord | Reddit | Facebook | Linkedin - Joseph Kim, CEO LILA Games - LILA Games: We're Hiring! Especially Systems & Economy Designer, Product Manager, and Level Designer! - GameMakers YouTube Channel
June 21, 2021
4 Game Company Growth Paradigms: Zynga, Applovin, Skillz, and Jam City
As game companies become desperate for growth, what are the different strategies they will pursue? Zynga, Applovin, Skillz, and Jam City represent 4 different growth paradigms in F2P gaming. This week I discuss their different approaches to growth and the potential risks these companies face. LINKS:    - Joseph Kim, CEO LILA Games    - LILA Games: We're Hiring! Especially Systems & Economy Designer, Product Manager, and Level Designer!    - GameMakers YouTube Channel
June 20, 2021
MetaHuman Creator | Epic's Road to the Metaverse ft. Arvind Neelakanan (Epic Tech Evangelist)
Epic Games recently announced MetaHuman Creator, a cloud streamed application that enables the creation, live captured animation, and potentially, in the future, fully AI capable life-like NPCs.  What are the implications of this new technology to games? In terms of cost, capabilities, and production value?   SPEAKER:     - Arvind Neelakantan, Tech Evangelist at Epic Games:  HOSTS:     - Joseph Kim, CEO at LILA Games:    - Avinash Pandey, CTO at LILA Games: LINKS: #1. Sign up for the GameMakers Newsletter #2. Check out the GameMakers YouTube Channel
June 14, 2021
Data Infrastructure for Live Games ft. Andre Cohen (Tilting Point), Gaurav Gupta (Lightspeed VP), and Oliver Loffler (Fmr KOLIBRI)
Key advancements in data infrastructure tech are driving big new changes in game development studios' approach to liveops data. We're seeing rapid adoption of technologies from companies like Snowflake, Grafana, Prometheus, etc. What are the technologies and companies we need to be aware of and how does this impact F2P game live ops? Speaking on this we have world-class experts in André Cohen (Head of Data Science at Tilting Point), Gaurav Gupta (Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, board member Grafana), and Oliver Löffler (former CTO KOLIBRI). CHECK OUT: #1. This episode on YOUTUBE #2. GameMakers Substack NEWSLETTER
June 09, 2021
The Warning | Game Companies Face Structural Transition in 2021
Sign up for the newsletter everybody: JK talks about 5 big changes that will potentially cause huge structural shifts in the games industry all coming to a head in 2021: #1. Post-COVID Renormalization #2. Lack of M&A Targets for Growth #3. Impact of IDFA Deprecation #4. Game Studio + Ad-Tech Vertical Integration #5. The Rise of China RELATED LINKS: - Game Biz #1: Chris Petrovic, Eric Kress, and I talk M&A in 2021 - Mobile Ad Revenue in 2021+: With Josh Chandley (Wild Card Games), Sofia Gilyazova (Social Point), and Offer Yehudai (Fyber) - Modifying Payment Behavior in Games: Clash of Clans: Bigger, Better, Battle Pass by Eino Joas
June 08, 2021
Game Development Best Practices | Chris Cobb (Pragma Platform), Noemi Rouleau (Square Enix), Xiang Shen (Century Games)
We talk about game development methodologies and best practices with how to structure and execute game development.    SPEAKERS:      - Chris Cobb, co-founder and CTO of Pragma Platform, who also formerly worked as an engineering lead at Riot Games, and held software development roles at both Popcap and Microsoft.      - Noemi Rouleau, Associate Producer at Square Enix Montreal. Noemi also worked in production at Ubisoft on games like RainbowSix Siege , For honor, and Assassin’s Creed Origins      - Xiang Shen, CTO at Century Games. Century is a multi-billion revenue Beijing-based games developer and publisher. Xiang also formerly founded mobile games studio Outact, and was formerly a technical director at Roblox, and worked in software engineering at Tencent, EA, and Ubisoft.     TOPICS:  0:00 Intro  1:18 Team Structure  9:00 Dev Team Roles  20:40 Game Dev Phases  36:18 Engineering Practices (CI, Code Review, Coding Standards)  50:27 Dev Methodology  1:03:18 Sprint Estimates   1:14:10 Final Message
June 03, 2021
Self Actualization Through Video Games | Shahar Sorek CMO of Overwolf
Today we speak to Shahar Sorek to answer a core and fundamental question behind video games. We will discuss the question: Why do people play video games? JK discusses how Shahar's concepts are very similar to the Japanese game design concepts around "user needs": basically that players will play games to fulfill some latent psychological need or desire manifested through playing games.
May 28, 2021
Tom Kalinske | The King of Brands (From Flintstone Vitamins, Barbie, Hotwheels, He-man, and SEGA)
Tom Kalinske has had a career as the King of Brands. Tom first became well known for marketing Flintstone vitamins and then reviving Barbie and Hot Wheels at Mattel and then Launching Masters of the Universe. In the games industry and perhaps most famously Tom’s efforts to turn around SEGA of America were chronicled in the book and recent CBS documentary Console Wars. Tom famously turned around the SEGA console business growing SEGA of America from $72M to more than $1.5B in revenue. Learn the lessons of how Tom revitalized the old, and created new massive hit brands. 
December 04, 2020
Riz Virk | US-China App Wars, Life is a Video Game, Game Start-up Lessons
Riz Virk is Executive Director of Play Labs @MIT. Prior to that Riz has had a very successful entrepreneurial career as part of the founding team of TapJoy and CEO and co-founder of GameView Studios (makers of TapFish) that was sold to DeNA. More recently in addition to his work at MIT Riz has written three books: #1. Treasure Hunt: Follow Your Inner Clues to Find True Success #2. Startup Myths and Models: What you Won’t Learn in Business school #3. An MIT computer scientist shows why AI, Quantum Physics and Eastern Mystics all agree we are in a video game In addition to his books, Riz writes articles including most recently a piece for NBC News titled “Trump uses TikTok and WeChat to challenge China. Welcome to a new conflict: The app wars.” In this far ranging discussion we talk about App Wars, why Riz believes we live in a simulation/video game, and critical start-up lessons and how they can apply to game start-ups today.
November 26, 2020
Gaming Trends | A Look Ahead to 2021 (SensorTower's Randy Nelson Interviews JK)
In today’s episode, Randy Nelson from Sensor Tower interviews me (Joseph Kim) about gaming trends in 2020 and potential impacts for the future including 2021 specifically. In this discussion we talk about not only the defining trends of 2020 and what will be the longer term impacts from 2020 into 2021 and beyond but in addition: The nature of the firm Building not only product, but also organizational advantage How to think about and build structural advantage How we view India from the perspective of LILA Games Release schedules Remote work How to think about Multiplayer games How to pick game markets and knowing a secret Impact of gaming on kids and future opportunity Changes to game studios in 2021 including the adoption of better scenario analysis and building framework to deal with unexpected events, and a potential rationalization of the market Trends to midcore games Game communities and influencers Facebook gaming So a SUPER wide ranging conversation... don't miss it!
November 26, 2020
LILA #2: Why Did We Start LILA Games?
In this episode Joseph Kim, Paul Leydon, and Avinash Pandey the three co-founders of LILA Games talk about each of their personal reasons for wanting to create the new company.
November 26, 2020
LILA #1: JK Gets Fired! What's Next?
In May of 2019, I (Joseph Kim) got fired (practically, although not "technically") from NBCUniversal as SVP of Games & Digital Platforms based on a mismatch of values, culture, and approach. This was the beginning of a long road that eventually led to the formation of LILA Games with my co-founders Paul Leydon and Avinash Pandey. A week after I was fired, my good friend Miska Katkoff hosted a podcast interview with me which we published on the Deconstructor of Fun podcast. In this episode, I re-publish that interview from May 2019 to give you context on the initial stages of why I wanted to start a new company which eventually became LILA.
November 26, 2020
Intro to the GameMakers Podcast
In which, Joseph Kim aka Joe Kim aka JK aka J-diggity-dog discusses the objective of starting this podcast. Also catch: The GameMakers YouTube Channel The Deconstructor of Fun podcast Your host: Joe Kim (Twitter = @jokim1)
November 24, 2020