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GeoPoll Talks

GeoPoll Talks

By GeoPoll
GeoPoll is the pioneer in providing remote, mobile-based research solutions throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. GeoPoll combines a robust, multi-modal technology platform with a large database of respondents, direct connectivity to mobile network operators, and a team of expert researchers in order to gather valuable data in more than 80 countries around the globe. Working with partners including international development organizations, local NGOs, and global brands, GeoPoll facilitates projects that measure vital indicators around the world.
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Using Surveys to Boost Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction is no longer an option for businesses in the age of today's empowered customers. The modern customer is highly informed with a variety of options available, and customer experience is often the differentiator. Collecting and leveraging data to understand consumers and incorporate their feedback enables brands to delight them at every stage of the customer journey, which can pay off immensely. It is possible to match up to these great customer expectations, but first, you have to know what those expectations are. The best way of finding out is by simply asking, which is where Customer Satisfaction surveys come in...
October 15, 2021
How COVID-19 has affected various aspects of life, and vaccine hesitancy, in Africa
GeoPoll's Rudo Manjoro hosts Amanda Nyanhongo (Southern Africa), Fran Bodine (US), Frankline Kibuacha (East Africa), and Matt Angus-Hammond (West Africa) in a discussion on the ongoing economic, social and health impacts of COVID-19. This GeoPoll Talks podcast episode focuses on the findings of our April 2021 study in Côte D’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, and South Africa on how the pandemic has affected various aspects of life and consumer behavior, vaccine hesitancy and availability, and thoughts on government actions. The panel also chimes in with their thoughts on the findings and personal experiences in the various regions.  You can download the report here or interact with this dashboard. 
May 31, 2021
Data Cleaning: The Importance of Cleaning Data for Research
In this episode of GeoPoll talks, Roxana Elliott talks to Benard Okasi, GeoPoll's Director of Research, about why data cleaning is important and the data cleaning process. 
April 27, 2021
Gender Equality and the Position of Women in Africa
In this episode of GeoPoll Talks, Rudo Manjoro of South Africa and Joan Cheruiyot of Kenya speak to Frankline Kibuacha a GeoPoll study on realities and perceptions about International Women’s Day, gender equality in various spheres of life such as in the workplace and school, gender discrimination, and harassment, and actions regarding gender inequality in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, as well as their own experiences and opinions.  See the full report here: You can also follow this discussion, with the graphs from the study, on the GeoPoll YouTube channel.  
April 13, 2021
Likert Scale Questions and how they are used in survey research
A Likert scale is a type of scale used in survey research that measures respondents’ attitudes towards a certain subject. Likert scale questions are single-choice, closed-ended questions and the primary benefit of using a Likert scale is that it provides more granular information on people’s attitudes towards a subject than a simple yes/no question type. By using a Likert scale, researchers can assess varying levels of agreement, importance, quality, and other factors. In this GeoPoll Talks episode, Roxana Elliott discusses Likert Scale questions, with real-life examples of how they are formatted and used.
March 12, 2021
GeoPoll’s 2020 Year End Report: Ongoing Impact Of COVID-19 In 6 African Countries
In November 2020 GeoPoll conducted a study in Côte D’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, and South Africa to gauge how lives have changed in 2020, people’s views on the future, and their willingness to take a vaccine. In this episode, Frankline Kibuacha speaks to Roxana Elliot and John Paul Murunga through the findings, and what they mean to businesses, governments, NGOs, and consumers.
December 22, 2020
Frequently Asked Questions in Mobile Survey Research
Since 2012, GeoPoll has established itself as the leading mobile-based research provider, conducting surveys via modes including SMS and voice call in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Over time, we have perfected the processes and technologies we use to gather reliable data via mobile. We sought to share this expertise through a webinar that answered some fundamental questions on mobile research. Watch the video version here with visual slides.
December 9, 2020