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The Change Order

The Change Order

By gethearth
The Change Order’s mission is to share expertise and advice from home improvement business owners and professionals to help you transform your business. Growth comes from challenging ourselves and changing the way we get things done. We hope that this podcast series inspires you and gives you the advice you need to take your company to the next level.
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Paul Watrous on the power of education, professionalism, and community
This week, we are joined by National Roof Certification and Inspection Association president Paul Watrous to discuss how education can seal the deal, the value or certifications, and how associations elevate their members. To learn more about NRCIA and how they can help your roofing business visit Hearth helps you simplify your business and close more jobs with financing, quotes, contracts, invoicing, and payments tools. Get started at 0:00 Intro 3:56 Get to know Paul and NRCIA 6:12 How do associations keep their members competitive 9:06 Putting your best foot forward always 11:26 Tapping into the hot real estate market 16:56 Maintenance and roof care plans 22:06 Creating longevity with your customers 25:57 The value in community
May 12, 2022
Ruth King on pricing, profits, and process
This week, we spoke with Ruth King, a “profitability master” that helps small businesses grow by improving their financing processes. Through Business Ventures, Ruth helps small business owners reach their financial goals through training and resources. In this episode, we discussed blockers for creating meaningful change for a business, advice on starting a business, pricing for profit, the difference between profit and wealth, and what to look out for when hiring financial professionals. If you want to learn more about Ruth and how she can help your business visit 3:10 Get to know Ruth King 6:43 Blockers for change 9:56 Three things to do right now to get started 14:25 Net profit per hour pricing model 23:21 The difference between profit and wealth 27:33 The rules for cash savings 30:14 How to manage a bookkeeper and avoid embezzlement
April 28, 2022
Hearth Pro Talk: Contractors' Panel on inflation, recruiting, marketing, and more
On April 14, we hosted Hearth Pro Talk at our Austin offices. One of our sessions was a panel with three Texas home improvement businesses—Semper Fidelis Construction of New Braunfels, CCR Roofing of Austin, and Risen Foundation Solutions of San Antonio. We were so lucky to have these fellas drop by and share their experiences on growth, marketing, recruiting, and so much more. To learn how Hearth can help you simplify your business and win more jobs visit    0:00 Get to know the contractors  4:35 What did companies get wrong about COVID?  10:58 Recruiting good employees  20:25 How do you describe your success?  24:54 How they’re dealing with inflation  33:28 Marketing your home improvement business  40:30 Working with insurance companies
April 21, 2022
Hearth Pro Talk: Stacie and Scott Feller of Kanga Roof share the seasons of your business
On April 14, we hosted Hearth Pro Talk at our Austin offices. We had a great time connecting with contractors, and there was a lot of sharing of experience and expertise all with the goal of growing businesses. What we’re about to share is the audio from our first session of the day. Stacie and Scott of Kanga Roof showed us how to manage your business through different seasons—startup, growth, maturity, and exit. We hope you enjoy this session as much as we did.  Make sure you're subscribed because we'll be sharing our contractors' panel from our event later this week. 0:00 Get to know Scott and Stacie 4:23 Startup 11:25 Growth 18:19 Maturity 27:28 Exit 33:30 Question and answer
April 19, 2022
Matt DiBara on building trust and enhancing the customer experience
On this episode, We’re joined by Matt DiBara of DiBara Masonry and The Undercover Contractor. We discuss how contractors can build better connections and trust with customers. Learn more about Matt at and To learn more about Hearth, visit
January 31, 2022
Ray Clark on automating your appointment scheduling process to secure growth for your business
On this episode, we speak Ray Clark, co-founder and VP of Sales at Schedule Engine. His company helps contractors of all sizes convert leads into appointments. They also provide 24/7 call center and chat services for contractors to secure appointments that turn into projects that turn into profits. In this episode, we discuss automation, removing barriers for your customers, how to achieve the growth you know is possible, how your customer experience creates referral business, and more. Learn more about Schedule Engine and book a demo at
December 08, 2021
Danny DeBeikes Jr. on finding the right insurance policy for your home improvement business
Even the safest businesses have to keep in mind their liabilities and risks when doing business. You need insurance to protect yourself and your business. There seems to be insurance for every aspect of your operations, but where do you start? Today, we’re speaking with Danny DeBeikes of Hearth Insurance about how the right insurance policies can protect your business, what to look for when finding a policy, and how to make sure your claim processes as fast as possible. Visit to find the right policy for you.
November 17, 2021
Marc Levesque on generating leads and converting with great customer experiences
We are joined by Marc Levesque, CEO and co-founder of Webrunner, which helps contractors improve their lead flow to enhance their sales and win more. As a full-service agency, they know what gets leads through the door and converted into customers. We discuss why you need to invest in marketing your business, focusing on customer experience, how to quickly analyze marketing performance, and more. To learn more about Webrunner Media visit their site Intro 0:00 The benefits of investing in your marketing 8:22 How to generate consistent leads 13:00 The most impactful ads 20:30The importance of speed to lead 26:00 How to simply track your ROI 33:23
November 10, 2021
Shawn Van Dyke on streamlining your operations to protect your profits
Shawn Van Dyke is an author and business consultant that helps transform businesses looking to make big changes. Shawn helps businesses discover and create the systems they need to be successful. His program, Built to Build Academy, is tailored for businesses ready to grow the right way. In this episode with Shawn, we discuss how he got his start in home improvement, how specializing in something can help you make more money, how you can save money in the office, how to price your jobs, how to overcome money objections, and the tools you need to succeed. Learn more about Shawn at and learn more about Built to Build at Shawn has also authored two books—Profit First for Contractors and The Paperwork Punch List. Both are available through his website
October 27, 2021
Tom Reber on contractor confidence and making your business work for you
The Contractors’ Fight is led by Tom Reber. Tom has been in home improvement since 2002, and now is a motivator and business coach that helps contractors get out of bad habits and into good money. Tom connects home improvement contractors with the business resources they need to streamline their operations, generate more leads, and price their jobs right. Learn more about Tom Reber and The Contractors Fight at To get a copy of Tom’s new book Winning the Contractor Fight, visit
October 21, 2021
Chris Bache on how communication can transform your business and pay off big time
On this episode of The Change Order, we sat down with Chris Bache, co-founder and CEO of Hatch to discuss how communication can make or break a business. We talked about how automation can help contractors close more deals. We also chatted about customers’ communication expectations and how to meet them. Hatch helps contractors nurture leads into customers and customers into raving fans with communication automation tools. Intro 0:00 How Hatch was born 1:17 The biggest mistake new business owners make 5:43 Tools you need to win right now 10:34 New customer communication expectations 17:24 Best advice 20:26
September 22, 2021
Steve Weyl on how to improve your close rates and how honesty is the best policy
In our first episode, we spent time with Steve Weyl a renowned sales trainer that helps transform home improvement sales teams across the country. Before he was a sales trainer, Steve owned ABLE Roofing, which he took from zero to $105M in annual revenue. In our interview, we spoke about how Steve got his start in the home improvement industry, common mistakes new businesses make, how to close with brutal honesty, and how Hearth can help your sales process.  To learn more about Steve's training, Wake Up and Start Selling, email or visit Visit Steve Weyl's website: 0:00 - Intro 1:56 - Steve gets started 9:20 - Mistakes that new companies make 13:29 - Favorite project ever 23:03 - How to win with Hearth
September 08, 2021