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The Yellow Podcast

The Yellow Podcast

By Giulia Woergartner
The Yellow Podcast revolves around stories about photography, the great outdoors, travel, life as a freelancer, the battles of a creative, and all the little things that drive us to follow our creative calling. I am a big believer that you can learn from anybody. Every person you meet in your life made mistakes and had their successes, everyone has a story that you can learn from. I also hope to bring the community closer together by sharing these experiences and inspiring people out there to follow their true creative call.
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#10 How to find your unique editing style, the struggle of living in a Van and the secret of wildlife photography I @charlysavely

The Yellow Podcast

#26 The key to a consistent feed, how FPV is changing the way we create films and staged vs. authentic moments in outdoor photography with @kylevollaers
Today's guest is the adventure filmmaker and photographer Kyle Vollaers or @kylevollaers on Instagram. We dove pretty deep in this episode and covered so many different aspects of Kyle's life from his background to travel, filmmaking, and photography. We talked a lot about editing, how to achieve that consistent look in your feed. Kyle also let us into the FPV world and how it revolutionized the filmmaking industry. I am sure you will love this episode and make sure to check out Kyle's work after listening to this episode.
August 23, 2020
#25 The jokester of the travel industry creating incredible cinematic travel videos @samnewtownmedia
Today I am chatting with the incredibly talented and funny travel filmmaker Sam Newton. He has this incredibly dynamic in his work where he creates beautiful cinematic videos with rich storytelling and on the other hand he creates these really funny and entertaining pieces of content where he is making fun of things people do in our industry. Before you listen to the podcast, go check out Sam's work on YouTube and then come back and listen to this. We talked about how Sam picked up a camera in college, then traveled around the world and found his passion for making travel videos. We talked briefly about gear, the music he releases, and how he started off on YouTube. I am sure you'll love this episode!
August 11, 2020
#24 Master your editing skills, the new era of travel and stories from remote places in central Asia with @ricardobrazb
Welcome back to the new season of The Yellow Podcast, I am beyond excited to be kicking off this new chapter with Ricardo Braz or @ricardobrazb on Instagram. He is a travel and adventure photographer born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. We have been following each other for a while and I really love the aesthetic and flow in his astonishing work. On this episode, we talked about his journey as a creative, how he developed his style and mastered his editing skills, we also talked about conscious travel and slow travel. Ricardo told us about some of his favorite travel stories around central Asia and much more!  Before diving into this episode make sure to check out his work and tell him I send you!
August 05, 2020
#23 Creating a brand around yourself, authenticity is key to be successful and the freedom of being your own boss with @rachelbowler_
Today I am talking to the model, storyteller, content creator Rachel Bowler or @rachelbowler_ on Instagram. In this episode, we talked about how Rachel got scouted as a model at a very young age and how that opened up different opportunities to see the world and experience what it was like to work in that industry. She then came across Instagram and decided to become more independent and build a brand around herself. We also touched on mental health, body image positivity, and social media and how important it is to stay authentic to build a long term relationship with clients but also with your audience. 
May 21, 2020
#22 How to overcome struggles when going freelance, adding value to your community and female videographers in the travel industry with @angelaliggs
Today's gues is another female outdoor and adventure photographer and her page definitely makes you want to pack your backpack and go on a hike. I am talking about Angela Liggs or @angelaliggs on Instagram. We talked about how Angela went from working full time to slowly building up her social media on the side and then how she made the decision to pursue this as her full-time career. Another thing that stood out to me is the importance of having a good group of people around you and helping each other out to grow together as creatives. We also talked about the lack of female videographers in the industry! I hope you enjoy the episode! 
May 11, 2020
#21 How to approach clients, the importance of a community and working with like-minded people with @watchluke
Today's guest is the adventure and travel photographer Luke Jackson-Clark or @watchluke on Instagram. In this episode, Luke how his journey as a creative started at a very young age where he dedicated himself to music and theater, how he then picked up a camera for the first time and how that transition into traveling the world and working with some of the biggest brands in the world. Make sure to check out his work and send me some feedback on this episode. 
May 06, 2020
#20 Work and travel in New Zealand, "creating art not content" and living on the road with @finmatson
Today I am talking to the outdoor and travel photographer Fabian Matson or @finmatson on Instagram. I really love his work and talking to him we found out we had a similar experience of work and travel in New Zealand and how that kicked off the love for photography. We also talked about how he goes about editing his photos although he is colorblind, talked about the love for living on the road and road trips in general. Make sure to follow Fin and I hope you enjoy this episode! 
May 01, 2020
#19 Benefits of Solo Travel, discovering your style and how shooting over popular spots can spark creativity with @cathsimard
Today I am finally talking to another badass female outdoor photographer. I am talking to Catherine Simard also known as @cathsimard. We had a super interesting conversation about her creative journey as a photographer, we talked about solo traveling, how we both loved our experience traveling around New Zealand and how she has discovered her style. Another really interesting thing that we touched on the benefits of shooting over popular spots and how it can spark your creativity. I hope you are going to enjoy this episode, I can't wait to hear your feedback!
April 21, 2020
#18 Building your brand, finding your niche and making sacrifices in order to reach your goals with @heykelseyj
Today I am talking to the lifestyle and adventure photographer Kelsey Johnson or @heykelseyj on Instagram. We covered so many different topics from building your brand to finding your niche, the business side of photography and the struggles and sacrifices of living this lifestyle. Hope you enjoy this episode and don't forget to send me your feedback!
April 10, 2020
#17 Selling his belongings to pursue photography, moving to Iceland and the importance of rest for travel photographers with @nattesferd
In this episode, I am talking to the Swedish outdoor and lifestyle photographer Niklas Söderlund @nattesferd on Instagram. We started out talking about his first photo trip to Iceland and he instantly fell in love with taking photos. After that, he sold most of his belongings and gave up his apartment to pursue his passion for photography. After moving to Iceland and working as a tattoo artist on the side, he developed his love for moody and dramatic landscapes of the north. We also talked a lot about traveling and how we often have a habit of rushing a trip and how important it is to rest to be more creative.
April 07, 2020
#16 The best gear for a travel photographer, pursue your creative calling and the timeless feel of analog photography with @danielsjensen
Today's guest is the danish photographer/filmmaker Daniel Jensen. We talked about the reasons he decided to pursue a creative career,  camera gear and why he loves analog photography. We got an insight into how Daniel goes about his filmmaking and much more interesting stuff around travel, freelance, and photography. Go follow @danielsjensen on IG and I am looking forward to seeing your stories and hearing your feedback! :)  #theyellowpodcast
April 03, 2020
#15 The freedom of freelancing, importance of personal projects and the role of a director of photography with @mikaberra
Today's guest is a very good friend of mine, a very talented filmmaker and photographer from Sweden. His name is Mika Aberra. We had such an interesting conversation about how as a freelancer your lifestyle kind of turns into your job. The importance of creating for yourself and pursuing personal projects to be inspired and creating without any outside influences. Mika also walked us through the role of being a director of photography and how he got into shooting commercial films.
March 30, 2020
#14 Expressing emotions by merging landscapes, fashion and portrait photography with @oghalealex
Toda's guest on the Yellow Podcast is the London based fashion, editorial and portrait photographer Oghlé Alex @oghalealex.  What I love so much about his work is that he combines landscape photography with portraits and fashion. His visual style is a combination of minimalism with an amazing color palette that he likes to repeat throughout the locations and outfits. It was really interesting to hear his thinking process when he approaches a commercial shoot, the gear he uses and just his general philosophy in creating his art. 
March 26, 2020
#13 The secret to good commercial work, dealing and negotiating with clients and self-improvement with @jackharding
Today's guest is a brilliant photographer and a really good friend of mine the commercial and lifestyle photographer, Jack Harding. I have been looking forward to this conversation because I think Jack has a lot of knowledge in his field, he is absolutely crushing it and also has a very interesting journey as a freelance photographer. We talked about how he managed to travel the world while working a full-time job in a bank. We also touched on his approach to commercial work and automotive work as well as the importance of findings inspiration in other creative fields. Jack also left us a very positive and encouraging message on how to use the current situation of the Covid-19 outbreak to work on self-improvement and keep working hard towards your goals. 
March 23, 2020
#12 Sustainable travel, creating with intention and the carbon footprint of a traveler with @carmenhuter
Carmen Huter is a travel and outdoor photographer from Austria. We have been following each other for many years and planned this episode for quite some time now. We chatted about how to balance the passion for travel and promoting a sustainable lifestyle as well as keeping a low carbon footprint. We also touched on how the current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is going to affect our travel plans and our viewpoint on this whole situation. Follow @carmenhuter and send her some yellow hearts! 
March 16, 2020
#11 The secrets of making a travel film and the shift of creativity in content creation I @benn_tk
I am really excited to talk to the Australian content creator and filmmaker Benn TK. Most of the people I’ve had on the podcast so far basically started their career as a photographer mainly using Instagram. Benn comes from the youtube world so this is something really exciting especially for people who want to know more about that field. Benn got so much attention over the last few years, not only for his incredible storytelling capabilities but also for his edits and special effects that take his travel videos to the next level.
December 26, 2019
#10 How to find your unique editing style, the struggle of living in a Van and the secret of wildlife photography I @charlysavely
Charly Savely is such an inspiring and talented woman in the outdoor photographer community. We have been following each other for such a long time and it was great to finally find some time to chat about photography, travel and more. Next to her amazing wildlife photos, Charly also has a very unique feel to her photos and she told us how she developed this style of hers. We chatted about how Instagram glamorizes everything and that she definitely struggled to get to where she is at today.  Check out her amazing work @charlysavely on Instagram. 
December 21, 2019
#9 The creative journey of two travel bloggers, advice for newcomers and moving to Europe I @thecommonwanderer
I am so excited to have Miranda and Mark aka the Common Wanderer as a guest on this Podcast, We met in the Dolomites about a year ago and I think these two are a wonderful and very talented couple of creatives. Mark and Mim told us how they turned their passion into a living and how they travel around the world working for different clients and tourism boards. They also explained what it is like to mix a relationship with business and how they balance it. Check out their blog and Instagram for more inspiration from the two Aussies and I hope to run into them again soon! Enjoy!  
November 19, 2019
#8 Going down the non-traditional path, taking risks and will removing likes lead to better content? I @tuckerdoss
Tucker is one of the funniest people I've met and we have been following each other for ages and it was so much fun having him on this episode and you can see it from the length of the episode! Sound quality is still to be improved but I am learning guys, trust me! haha! Anyway, this is a great episode if you want to be inspired and just get in a good mood. Tucker told us about his early days in wanting to become a professional snowboarder and then he found his passion for photography and filmmaking. Find his Youtube channel and Instagram as @tuckerdoss and make sure to leave a comment and tell him I sent you! If you read this, please leave a 5-star review on the Podcast app, it will make my day :)
November 16, 2019
#7 The importance of storytelling, valuing your craft and changing peoples mindsets I @dancarter
Dan Carter is a South African based freelance photographer and coffee fanatic. We chatted about how important it is to use your platform and work to promote something meaningful and something that evokes emotions in people. Using your influence for the better and encouraging others to speak up about the things that really matter. He also told us about his travels around Africa and his experiences as a freelance photographer when he first started out. Make sure to follow @dancarter on Instagram and tell him I sent you!
November 10, 2019
#6 Traveling to the remote countries of this world and learning photography online I @muenchmax
Max is a Berlin-based outdoor and adventure photographer and has definitely been one of my first big influences in photography. He has been in this business for over 5 years now and he walked down the memory lane and told us all about the first time he picked up his camera, all the way to teaching other people photography and setting up his own company in Mongolia. You can visit and check out his courses and amazing self-experience in Mongolia. Use THEYELLOWPODCAST for 20% off at the checkout when you buy his Masterclass! Follow @muenchmax to see his amazing work and get inspired by his travels!
November 07, 2019
#5 Working with brands, reality of a freelancer and the travel industry I @tomkahler
Tom Kahler is a UK based outdoor and automotive photographer. In this episode, he gave us an insight into his early dreams of being a photographer and how he went about it. Tom has worked with countless international brands and gave us some pretty good advice on how to build longterm and successful relationships with clients. Make sure to check out his work on Instagram @tomkahler and add some yellow hearts to his feed if you read this!
November 04, 2019
#4 Most influential female photographer from Iceland I @asasteinars
Asa Steinars, an outdoor and adventure photographer based in Iceland talks about her photography journey and all the ups and downs as a freelance photographer. She told us about her favorite places in Iceland, working a full-time job and taking every free minute to go out and explore the beauty of her homeland. Asa is such a big inspiration and her dreamy moody landscape photos make you want to pack your winter clothes and travel to the cold parts of our planet. Make sure to follow @asasteinars on Instagram and if you read this leave some yellow hearts on her feed and tell her I sent you! Please don't forget to 
November 01, 2019
#3 Interview for @pngea I The challenges of a travel photographer
This is one of the Live Session I did for the travel company @pngea , we talked about the beginning of my photography to all the way to the business side of being a travel photographer. Christian, the founder of PNGEA, and myself had a wonderful talk and I think there is some great advice you can take away from. 
September 18, 2019
#2 Full-time travel Photographer I @espenvalverde
Espen Val Verde, one of the biggest travel and adventure photographers from Denmark. We talked about the beginning of Espen's photography journey as a food to a full time travel and outdoor photographer. As we currently are road tripping together we decided to record this Podcast under a sky full of stars out in the Arches National Park. So, I apologise for the background noises but I think I couldn't ask for a better place to record a podcast. Make sure to follow along on his adventures.
September 04, 2019
#1 Introduction/My Photography & Instagram Journey
Hello everyone, I am so excited about this Podcast! In this first episode I am going to talk about why I started this podcast and share my story on how I got into the travel photography and Instagram world. You can find me on Instagram @giuligartner and I am looking forward to share more about my journey on this platform!
August 18, 2019