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The Barebow Archery Podcast

The Barebow Archery Podcast

Everything about barebow archery in Field, 3D and Target archery
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EP015 Archery Mental Mastery with Adam Cowming

The Barebow Archery Podcast

EP020 - Archers Reflex with Jes Lysgaard
What is Archers Reflex? Why do we get it? How do we get it? How can we train to overcome Archers Reflex? Archers Reflex is what is happening when things start going badly with your shooting, your bow and arrows are the same it's just that something isn't working right anymore. This is probably due to something completely natural and it's a learned behaviour. It's something you can re-programme, but it takes time. Danish 3D archer Jes Lysgaard explains everything in this podcast. Jes has shot in the Danish national team in the Longbow class in WA and IFAA 3D archery. He won Bronze in the European 3D championships and practises archery daily. Search for Jes Lysgaard and Archers Reflex on youtube for more information.
March 15, 2022
EP019 Paul Helms US 3D archer and Hunter
Paul Helms is right up there amongst the top 3D shooters in the IBO and TAS in the USA. Paul rose quickly up the ranks after ditching his Compound and going with a single string bow. Initially starting out in the Longbow class he switched to Barebow and made good progress until a routine medical check up stopped him in his tracks. Paul regularly shoots with high level competitors and hunters including Dewaynne Martin,Fawn Gerrard, Dwight Dorsey and Ken Reinas. Paul can be found on Facebook and on his Youtube channel Stick and String Life. Another long podcast but well worth the time to get the good information that Paul shares. Enjoy!!!   
October 03, 2021
EP018 Allison Wright (Kelly) WA 3D and British Team archer
Allison Wright is better known under her maiden name of Allison Kelly within archery circles. She quickly rose to the top of 3D archery in the UK within the NFAS and then World Archery circles. Having shot and won in many NFAS 3D events she tried her hand at WA3D and quickly qualified for her national team. Her first international competition was the World Archery 3D World Championships in Lac La Biche Canada in 2019. She finished in 11th place after less than a hanful of World Archery competitions under her belt. Then disaster struck and her life was turned upside down. Allison explains her shot process, her rise through the ranks and the daily battles she faces. It's a very long podcast but please bear with it.  
September 26, 2021
EP017 Archery without Anticipation - Gareth Ochse
Gareth Ochse is a South African archer with a history of high level sporting achievement. In the 90s Gareth was an international level rower (crew) representing South `Africa on the international stage and reaching 5th in the world. When done with rowing he moved on to extreme mountain biking, entering various endurance races. Lately he has caught the archery bug but noticed a decline in his performances and set about investigating why. Finally, after a great deal of research and surveys of the archery community, Gareth believes he has the answer to his questions about why we anticipate our release and get in our own way during the shot. Gareths work can be found at
September 19, 2021
EP016 Talan Skeels Piggins AGB UK WA Masters 50m Barebow Target Champion
Talan Skeels Piggins is the UK's first AGB WA Masters BB champion. He achieved this after shooting only one archery competition. Talan has faced many challenges in his life and becoming a Barebow Champion in the UK is only a small part of his amazing story. Talan also champions issues such as mental health in sport, sports mentoring, forces veterans support and disabled charities. He is a keen motorcycle racer and skier. He hopes to raise awareness around inclusion and accessibility in archery.
August 23, 2021
EP015 Archery Mental Mastery with Adam Cowming
How would you like the mindset of a champion archer? Adam Cowming from Archery Mental Mastery discusses techniques to turbocharge your thinking and remove bad thought patterns and processes that may have become wired into your brain. We discuss why archers get performance anxiety in competition but shot great in their backyard and how to break those types patterns of thought.  #archery #performanceanxiety #barebow #barebowarchery #targetarchery #3darchery #targetpanic #traditionalarchery
August 16, 2021
EP014 Steve 'The Rookie' Oakley
Steve Oakley has hit the ground running with his barebow shooting. Only 1 year into the sport and already taking home belt buckles and trophies. Steve has had success in a tree stand too in a short space of time. Listen in to find out how he has done it! #barebow #bowhunting 
June 21, 2021
EP013 Kristina Dolgilevica 3rd Eye Archery Coaching for Barebow and Longbow
Kristina talks to The Barebow Archery Podcast about coaching barebow archers, what coaching can do for us single string shooters, good technique and what a coach and coaching programme does. Check out 3rd Eye Archery  for coaching.
June 14, 2021
EP012 Jens Fudge Choose to be a Winner Menatl approach for archery
We chat to Jens Fudge ex para olympian archer about his book Choose to be a Winner and the mental game of archery, competition stress and how to make yourself shoot better in pressure situations.
June 14, 2021
EP011 Sid Ball Border Archery - Bow Mechanics and setup, tuning
All you ever wanted to know about stickbow, barebow and longbow setups. Why bows work like they do, why different strings feel different to shoot, reflex and deflex on bows, bow design. Sid Ball is the man behind Border Archery and makes the Border risers and limbs. Border bows place highly the WA Instinctive and the traditional bow classes, hunters all over shoot Border products and Border now have the Tempest range of risers from short hunting setups to 27 inch target risers. Check out the Border Archery website / facebook page
June 14, 2021
EP010 David Jackson WA Archery 3D World Champion
The Barebow ARchery Podcast Speaks to David Jackson WA 3D World Champion about archery, 3D and field shooting
June 14, 2021
EP009 Aris Korbetis RCore Archery Grips and accessories
Accessories specifically for barebow and recurve risers were often homemade or very niche items. Grips were especially difficult to come by. changed that with many models of customisation available for a large number of risers. Archers could now have the grip they wanted. Aris talks about grips and his success at the Kings of Archery competition
June 14, 2021
EP008 Olympic Archer Jake Kaminski
Archer and coach Jake Kaminski shares his knowledge from over 20 years of shooting and his experience from competing at elite levels of archery. Jake is a Double Olympic Silver medalist in the sport of archery. Jake is now shooting barebow as well as Olympic Recurve. You can see more of jake on his Youtube channel. 
June 14, 2021
EP007 Dr Maurice Duffy The Mindset of a Winner
Dr Maurice Duffy talks about the Mindset of a Winner and how elite performers, athletes and business people think and act.
June 14, 2021
EP006 Chris Hill The Linear Shot Sequence
Chris Hill talks to The Barebow Archery podcast about The Linear Shot Sequence he described in his seminar at The Vegas Shoot. The method Chris Hill uses is different to the NTS archery system used in the USA coaching system. CHris talks us through an archery shot, how to improve and how to shoot like the Koreans.
June 14, 2021
EP005 Joel Turner ShotIQ pt2 Target Panic, shot process and competition
Pt2 of our podcast with Joel Turner delving into Target Panic, mental game, shot process and competition pressure. Joel explains his methods to control and archery shot and his journey from hunting into competitive archery. look him up on the SHOT IQ website.
June 14, 2021
EP004 Joel Turner ShotIQ Target Panic and the triggered shot Pt1
The Barebow Archery Podcast sits down with ShotIQ's Joel Turner to discuss cures for Target Panic and having a shot system. This is Pt1 as it's a very long discussion and a subject that needs to be fully explored. Grip sear, Tab sear and clickers, mental control, shot process.... this episode has all that good mental control stuff!!!
June 14, 2021
EP003 IBO Triple Crown Champion Dwight Dorsey
The Barebow Archery Podcast welcomes IBO 3D shooter Dwight Dorsey to the show. He talks about shooting IBO 3D archery stateside, his triggered shot technique and Joel Turner's SHot IQ programme. Dwight talks barebow archery gear and about his setup.
June 14, 2021
EP002 Martin Ottosson
In this show we talk to top Swedish Barebow archer Martin Ottosson about his shooting, the strength of barebow shooting in Sweden and he gives lots of insights on how to reach your goals in archery. Martin discusses the triggered shot, shot routines and tuning for barebow archery.
June 14, 2021
EP001 Maria Olesen
In our first episode of the Barebow Archery Podcast we speak to Danish Barebow archer Maria Olesen about her barebow journey after switching from compound. We discuss here recent successes in barbow target archery.
June 14, 2021