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God Bless My Brand

God Bless My Brand

By Cherise McAdoo
We all have God given gifts and talents, but often struggle with how to present them in the workforce, our businesses, and passions. Every week, join Cherise McAdoo: an corporate hustler, encourager, and entrepreneur — as she explores the elements of branding and faith.
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It's Going to Take More

God Bless My Brand

It's Going to Take More
Welcome back to the God Bless My Brand Podcast!  I'm so thankful that you've been patient with me over the last 12 months as I've been away. This week our theme is "It's Going to Take More". As we set higher goals, seek God more this year, and pursue greater - this season will require more of us. More time, more discipline, more patience, more knowledge.. I'm not sure what your more is, but I encourage you to lean into your season of "more". It's worth it. Your next season is worth it. You're worth it.
January 23, 2022
Planning for 2021
Hey there! Thanks for joining me for another episode of God Bless My Brand. Today we finished up our first season and the second installment of a two-part series with "Planning for 2021". Before you start goal setting for the new year, take a listen at a previous episode "Pray. Plan. Proceed". My hope is that you'll continue to seek God and wait for His response before you make new goals.  Here are the core areas we discussed: Family & Love Fitness Financial Career & Business Learning Fun Giving Mindfulness Looking forward to hearing from you next year!
December 28, 2020
Finishing Strong
Hey friends!  Thanks for joining me for another episode of God Bless My Brand. This week's episode is the start of a two-part series entitled "Planning for New". We start this week allowing ourselves to be present. With so much going on in the world and 2021 on the horizon, it's easy to start preparing for what's upcoming and forgetting about what we can do to make an impact for the rest of this year. We talk about what it looks like to be present, be focused, and be tuned in to what God has left for the next 29 days.  Join us next week for the finale of the series as we strategize and plan for 2021!
December 02, 2020
Let It Go
Hey friends! Thanks for joining me for another episode of God Bless My Brand.  Today we're diving into letting go of the things that we're holding on to in fear or anxiety. Sometimes, we believe that because we're in a silent season or we're not seeing immense benefits - that it's time for us to end that season. However, often God is calling us to let go of how we've envisioned it so that He can release the strategy that we need. 
November 09, 2020
What Has God Entrusted You With?
Hey there, Thanks for joining us again for another episode of God Bless My Brand! This week, we're joined by our first guest - David Umo. David dropped major gems on how he began his journey in investing and real estate. David encourages faith-based entrepreneurs to dispel the thought that creating wealth for yourself or for future generations is a wrong. He encourages us to instead, ask ourselves - what has God entrusted you with? Want to stay connected with David? Twitter LinkedIn Patreon Email David See ya next time!
September 09, 2020
Pray. Plan. Proceed.
Hey there, Thanks for joining me for another episode of God Bless My Brand! This week, we're walking through the foundation of an idea. In our spiritual journey, our ideas should be "vouched" by God. Think of this as the 'blue check' for your idea before you start planning and proceeding with those plans. This will allow you to start and continue experiencing that perfect peace that God promises, because you know He's already gone ahead of you to work things out in your favor.  See ya next time!
August 19, 2020
Prayers in a Pandemic
Hey there! It's easy to stop focusing or praying over your goals in the midst of chaos. Feelings of guilt, insecurity, or shame can easily creep in when you've been blessed, especially in a pandemic full of loss. This episode, we chat through how to...
August 03, 2020
What Are You Solving For?
Hey there, thanks for taking the time to listen in!During this week's episode, we dive into understanding the problem that you're solving for in your career, business, or personal brand. Understanding your why, your target market,  and your...
July 27, 2020
What's Your Why?
Welcome to God Bless My Brand! Do you know your 'why'? I'm not talking about why you started a business, but your 'why' for living - your purpose. In the first episode, we discuss the importance of knowing your 'why' and how it shapes your worldview....
July 09, 2020