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My Friend Says You Grow Gyms

My Friend Says You Grow Gyms

By G.R. Hoff
Your place for straight talk about growing your gym in ways you, your community, the people you serve, and, not least importantly, your bank account [yay!] will feel great about!
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The old, fat, graying geezer jumped for the rim... then this happened:
June 13, 2022
When you've got _____, problems aren't problems, they're ______
Give this one a listen for one of my favorite answers to business' biggest questions. Want more of the answer? Book a super high pressure call here:
May 17, 2022
My Biggest Business Regret
This ever happen to you?
May 10, 2022
Charming is Disarming, Funny is Money
Grumpy prospects? Tough convos with members? Try this... 
May 02, 2022
What a 20-Year Old Game Can Teach You About Business
Nerd alert in this one, boys and girls... check her out! 
April 25, 2022
Lessons from a Direct Marketing GOAT --> Absolute GOLD
Marketing advice from a 10-year old newsletter that's better than 99.9% of the crap you see out there today. Sidebar? Want to work with folks who walk the balancing act of old-school knowledge from the GOATS with new-school strategies of attention at a discount to create the ultimate marketing plan for your gym? Book a super duper high pressure call here:
April 18, 2022
How Much You Make Doesn't Matter... Here's Why
Wanna have a SUPER high-pressure convo about how to make the numbers that matter in your biz better? Let's talk about it -->
April 11, 2022
What To Do When Another Gym Blatantly Rips Off Your S***
Yep, happened to us... again. Here's what to do about it! 
April 04, 2022
What to Do About the Chris Rock & Will Smith Incident [do this first!]
Millions of people went from being experts in foreign policy and international conflict to assault and battery overnight… Should you chime in? [Pros, cons, and my recommendations in this episode]
March 28, 2022
Partnerships from Hell: How to Avoid Giving Your Gym a Death Sentence Before You Even Get Started
The best way to kill your gym (and relationships) before you even get started? Get in bed w/ the wrong business partner.  Here's how to avoid it and what to do instead.
March 21, 2022
Stomach Bug + Weight Loss = Better Business?
While I don't recommend the stomach bug part, this quickie of an episode can give ya a little idea on how to turn your setbacks into stepping stones. 
March 14, 2022
Do this and get more sales, make more money, and get a MAJOR step closer to operation "Free the Founder"
Want help with this? Just book a super duper high pressure get to know ya call here:
March 07, 2022
Do This When Clients Leave
Want help getting way more clients in the door (and a heckuva lot less to leave?) book a SUPER high pressure call here -->
February 28, 2022
Best ad of all time?
Who won the "Big Game"? Was it emotion?  Humor? Or was it the best damn example of direct response advertising ever seen on the world's biggest stage?!
February 16, 2022
If you want to do what you want to do... you gotta do this first
We all want to live in our genius and focus only on the things we're superstars at... in fact, we're TOLD to act that way and delegate everything else! The problem? The right advice at the wrong time ain't gonna cut it.  Do this instead and earn the right to sit where you do your best work and love coming to work every day.
February 14, 2022
The Single Most Important Factor in Turning Leads into Booked Appointments, and Booked Appointments into "Shows"...
Want us to just do all the dirty work for ya? Book a call and see if it's a fit:
January 24, 2022
Avoiding This Tempting Seductress Is Your Key to a Less Sh***y 2022
January 17, 2022
Uncrapify Your Content & Never Run Out of Ideas Again in 3 Simple Steps
99% of gym owners and fit pros are making this mistake every day and it's costing them time & money...  Don't be one of 'em.
January 10, 2022
Jonathan Goodman on Standing Out, Killing Things You Love, and the Easiest Way to Become the Single Most Influential Trainer in Your Town
Our first guest on the podcast was downright incredible - from agricultural commodities and mercilessly giving G.R. hell to some deep, honest conversations about selecting for success, failure, and some great social marketing wisdom from the guy who wrote the book on it. Here's a taste of what went down... Embarrassing ourselves on camera? How G.R. could’ve made something of himself “Agricultural commodities are always interesting” Why is an industry GOAT like Jon doing itty bitty shows with folks like little ole me? [playing chess while others are playing checkers] 3 stages of content feedback Jon’s using to grow his personal brand “I know that my success in the future is going to be largely dependent on the ______________ I have today” “I want to increase the odds as much as possible that I’m building stronger connections with people that are going to be a big deal in the coming years.”  “It doesn’t take ____ ____ ___ ___ to stand out from the masses in a measurable way…” Why Jon doesn’t give a shit about your Instagram audience How Jon is stacking the odds in his favor on finding meaningful connections with the folks who are going to “be somebody” in 2022 Why you’re stuck selling low-cost products based on fear & emotion (and what to do instead) The most beautiful thing about a podcast… The funny-as-hell JARG Award and creative ways to become the epicenter of your community!? A simple challenge for gym owners to become THE GAL or GUY in your community The real goal of a podcast Jon reveals a surprising truth about online training The key to getting your messages spread on social media and why you’re likely talking to the wrong people Why Jon doesn’t talk about wealth & family in his content… yet. One of G.R.’s favorite copywriting maxims Training trainers and cutting [profitable] things you love Jon’s incredible story of how he had to break his business to rebuild it Annnd more!   This was an absolutely loaded episode - we hope you enjoy it as much we did! Jonathan Goodman is bringing the fitness industry together. Since 2011 he's published 11 books, welcomed over 20M visitors to his website, and sold over 250,000 educational items to health and fitness enthusiasts. Originally from Toronto, Coach Goodman has enjoyed over 1,300 days exploring the world with his young family. Please follow him on Instagram at @itscoachgoodman Links: Book a super duper high pressure gym growth call at 
January 03, 2022
These Will Make Your Life Better in 2022
In this episode I share two of my favorite concepts I use to make my life better along with some of my favorite examples for each. One surprising set of math has given my morning an extra 50 hours in the past few years [say whaaaat]! Want to talk about us making more your gym better, too? Book a suuuuper high pressure call at
December 20, 2021
Doomed Gym Business Model Called By NostraGymGus?
December 14, 2021
Nose Squeegies and Sales - The Forgotten Sales Secret
December 06, 2021
The Two BIGGEST Website Mistakes You're Probably Making [even gym owners with "fancy" expensive websites are guilty]
They're probably not what you think (and not what your "web guy" wants you to know about)... PS: did you know you could get a free, search-engine and conversion-optimized website from your friends here at Gym Member Machine? Just book a super high pressure call to find out how at
November 29, 2021
How You're Secretly Feeding Your Competitors and Making Your Life Harder Without Even Knowing It
This is a scary one - want help fixing it?
November 23, 2021
Black Friday and the Absolute WORST Offer a Gym Owner Can Make in 2021
Please... think before you LBO...  Want to chat about growing your gym?
November 15, 2021
How to Create a Permanent "Fall-Back" Extra Hour a Day for the Rest of Your Life
Get so much done your other gym owner friends will ask you if you're on drugs or found a time machine and make every day feel like it's time to "Fall Back."
November 09, 2021
Launched Monday, Made $10K... [ideal patient syndrome]
Is it time for you to call the doctor?
November 01, 2021
The Best Way to Become THE Local Celebrity Gym Owner in 2021?
Here's how I did it. Hope it serves you as well as it served (and serves) me:
October 25, 2021
Entrepreneurial P***Hub?
October 18, 2021
Toxicity, Birthdays, and Free Gifts?
Check it all out in this week's episode! 
October 12, 2021
The Facebook Apocalypse - Are You Ready? [plus 32 other ways to get your next client]
With Facebook shutdown, a lot of gym owners are wondering if they're ready? Will it be down a few hours? Days? What happens afterwards?  You can worry, or you can be prepared.  Check out this week's episode for the Member Machine Marketing Pyramid or skip the line and book a suuuuper high pressure call here:
October 04, 2021
How to Create the Worst Team Ever?
September 27, 2021
Where do babies *scratch that* bad months come from? [losing months and the long tail]
Catch the video version here:
September 06, 2021
Why Solving $80k a Month Problems is Killing Your $10k a Month Gym
Let's talk bottlenecks - for the accompanying video - head on over here:
August 31, 2021
"Coach" Lessons From One of the Craziest and Most Important Dudes In My Life
I'm not gonna lie, guys, this one was tough to record. One of the most important people in my life just had a stroke and, while we're hoping for the best, it's all up in the right now. Hopefully back to much better news next week, but I hope you'll enjoy some of the most impactful leadership lessons from the guy I know only as "Coach."
August 23, 2021
Is Your Business "Should"ing All Over Itself?
August 16, 2021
Getting In Bed With Crazy [how to stop psycho employees before they start]
August 02, 2021
How to Stop Avoiding the S*** You Know You Need to Do [and finally start growing at the pace you know you should be]
Procrastination is a grizzled old ***** that's been beating the heck out of the human race for ages... Here's what I do to stop it before it starts:
August 02, 2021
Our Massive Move = Glaring Example of the Importance of Delegation in Your Business
Just because you can doesn't mean you should...
July 19, 2021
The Silly Video Game Framework That's Totally Transformed My Business
Don't knock it till you try it... these video game nerds have a little something to teach us as gym owners - check it out! 
July 13, 2021
When Should You Cut A Program/Service From Your Gym?
Not sure when it's time to cut bait on that program that's never really taken off like the other things you do? This episode will help you think through the decision-making process to make an informed, strategic decision on what programs to keep and what programs to cut in your business.
July 05, 2021
Your Gym As A Public Company?
The Elon Musk birthday episode & what "tricks" gym owners should take from publicly traded companies and apply to their own businesses.
June 29, 2021
Use a Little Bit of THIS to Take Your Gym's Ads to the Next Level
June 14, 2021
4 Things Gym Owners Dramatically Overvalue...
These things just mean a heck of a lot less to your business than you think they do... Find out why on the inside:
June 07, 2021
What Training Like a Pyscho Can Teach You About Your Business
June 01, 2021
Should You Start A Summer Athlete Program?
Should you start that super-exciting new program/offering/etc. in your gym? Here's something that help you decide...
May 24, 2021
Unforgivable Business Sins: Letting the Wrong Voices Get a Vote
No this isn't some commentary on the state of our political system, it's an unfortunate reality that entrepreneurs get the pleasure of dealing with as they grow. Hint: don't let the wrong voices get you moving in the wrong direction... 
May 17, 2021
Unforgivable Business Sins: "Me Me Me"
Nobody cares about the thing ya sell... they care about the problem it helps them solve... this and more in this week's unforgivable business sin... 
May 10, 2021
How NOT to Hire Your First Salesperson at Your Gym
The two qualities you absolutely MUST filter for... and one GIANT red flag that should keep even the most slick, polished salesperson off your team, permanently. 
May 04, 2021
Why Pre-Workout Drinks Should be Mandatory for Every Aspect of Your Life
Here's the deal, I love preworkout drinks and I'm not afraid to say it...  I also think you should take the preworkout principle and apply it to everything you do.  Yep, you're gonna be feeling a lot of face tingles...
April 26, 2021
Unforgivable Business Sins: Being the Best in Your Area... Part 2 [Plus an incredible cameo]
Last week we talked about the impact succumbing to this sin could have on you and your members... this week we talk about why it's killing your progress at every step of the customer journey (we even had my favorite cameo ever make an appearance).  Want help with this shiz?
April 19, 2021
Unforgivable Business Sins: Being the Best in Your Area... Part 1
April 12, 2021
Nasa, Musk, & Mars: What Your Checked Out Employees Are Missing
March 08, 2021
Think - The Sequel: The Problem With $1 Down Gym Coaches...
This one should be fun :)
March 01, 2021
3 Big Lessons from the Texas Snowpocalypse
Hey crazy cats and Roaring Kittens, we've got internet again and your favorite Texan has 3 major lessons from spending a week snowed in with spotty power, water, and (GASP!) no internet... Check 'em out! 
February 22, 2021
How $GME to the Moon Can Help You Grow Your Gym
The whole world has gone crazy about the madness surrounding the GameStop stock explosion... here's what it can teach you about your gym... 
February 01, 2021
How to Fall in Love With ____ Traffic
January 25, 2021
The Four Second Fix That's Currently F***ing Your Follow-Up
"I'm the GREATEST SALESPERSON OF ALL TIME..."  Same guy: "Hi, is this Jenny?" ...  Don't make the same mistake...
January 18, 2021
"It's Over Once the Credit Card Clears"
Ever been on the wrong end of a biz that thinks like that?  Us, too.  Want to build a steady stream of raving fan referrals that love the heck out of you and your biz? Do this instead... 
January 11, 2021
What to Fall In Love With To Crush the Ever-Loving Poop-Emojies Outta 2021
Hint: it ain't the 'rona :)
December 29, 2020
I met a killer... (and what the top agent in the area can teach you about sales)
This is a fun one... 
December 22, 2020
The Gym Business Model Most Likely to Die in 2021...
Plus some ridiculous data from my favorite form of light holiday reading...  Check it out :)
December 14, 2020
What A Toddler Can Teach You About Leadership (Why Your Team Hates You & Why Good Clients Leave)
Do you ever get the feeling your team dreads hearing from you?  Want your clients to stick around forever (even if they're not hitting world-beating PR's every minute of every day?)  Check this one out...  PS: want a free trial of the most valuable damn paper and ink you'll ever have shipped to your door? Check it out:
December 07, 2020
What a 69-Year Old Taking His Shirt Off Can Teach You About Leadership
-Why being made fun of by your team is an incredibly admirable goal  -Why "your people" and "finding good help" aren't the problem -Leadership secrets from a crazy 69-year old who took his shirt off on TV
November 30, 2020
Free Done-For-You Black Friday Funnel [no CC required!] + Black Friday Strategies for Gym Owners
Shamelessly steal our proven Black Friday funnels here, free (no CC required):
November 23, 2020
Free Service To Training Gym Owners At Risk Of Lockdown
Gym owners: if you haven't filled out our *C0VID* impact survey yet, please take 10 minutes and knock that out. Shutdown mandates/threats are already coming down in California, Michigan, and Ohio (just to name a few) and we're putting together some awesome shiz to help the training gym industry fight back. We'll compile the data & share the results with you in reports/infographics you can use #1: to appeal to your local & state governments against lumping you in with the big box gyms and #2: to share with prospects who are concerned about the safety of businesses like ours. Even if you're in a state that's not at risk, you'll help gym owners who ARE and (bonus points) you'll be able to put prospective members at ease and stop getting no-showed for cap'n C0VID concerns.
November 16, 2020
How to Avoid Being a Political Pawn Under New Leadership
Don't be a Political Pawn Under New Leadership... here's what to do to protect your gym from a blue wave of shutdowns...
November 09, 2020
The Worst Gym Sale I've Ever Experienced (at one of the world's "most successful" franchises)
Would you fire everybody and start over? (Hint: I would)
November 03, 2020
4 Quick & Ugly Frameworks to Decide What You Should Be Getting Off Your Plate
Grab your free month of the Sell Serve Succeed Inner Circle at
October 26, 2020
The sales mistake even veteran fit pros make when handling pushy prospects...  Want a free trial of our game-changing sales course & coaching program? Check it out at
October 13, 2020
Two Surprising Split Test Results + How to Improve Lead Quality On Facebook + Record Month Reflections
Two Surprising Split Test Results + How to Improve Lead Quality On Facebook + Record Month Reflections - a little mini megasode to get you into Q4 at the top of your game.
September 29, 2020
If you want your people to follow you...
You better do this...
September 21, 2020
Great Leadership Comes Down to Two things...
I love breaking down hyper complex issues into simple, actionable concepts...  Today, I get to be pissed that I didn't come up with this one (because it makes so much damn sense)...  Truth is, the quality of your leadership is really only determined by two things. Check out what they are in this week's episode!
September 14, 2020
Debt: The Bankrupt Business Model for Gym Owners in 2020
Let's talk about debt, bay-bee...  Except... it's not what you think.  I've seen too many gym owners and fit pros running up a balance on this "account" that's gonna be an absolute beeeeeyatch to pay off if we're not careful.  Don't make the same mistake: 
September 07, 2020
The Quickest Way to Lose Clients On Social Media
August 31, 2020
How to Get Clients on Social Media Without Being a Sleazy Douche
Tired of being told to slide into prospects' DMs? Me too. Fix it with this episode. Who loves ya? -GRRRRRRRRRRRRR
August 17, 2020
The Simple Campaign Any Gym [closed-or-not] Can Run to Get New Members This Week
A brand new gym closed 58 members in a month using this simple ad strategy while being forced to close... Check it out! Want us to set something like this up for you - from the ads to the member sitting across from you (in person or remotely), head over to, book a call, and let's chat! 
August 10, 2020
Why the Pay-Per-Show Filth Crowding Your News Feed Could Cost You an Extra $111,600 a Year
Why it's here?  What's the deal?  Where'd it come from?  What's the problem?  It's costing me WHAT?!!
August 03, 2020
What Now? Two Things are Back: COVID & Taxes... What do we do now?
It's time for some business adulting... Taxes are back... Covid ain't gone yet... PPP Money is running out... Here's what to do next... 
July 20, 2020
Never Do It From Scratch Twice - Time Saving Tips for Growing Your Gym
How to separate yourself from the competition, save time, and give your members a better experience with one stupid-simple tip. Wanna chat about growing your gym in ways your gonna feel awesome about? Click here to book a super duper high pressure call now :) 
March 08, 2020
The Quality of Your Coaching Doesn't Matter... Yet
"People just don't value quality training..."  "People just want to do ____ or ____..." Great people who are coaches... I love you, but I've gotta level with you. The quality of your coaching doesn't matter... yet.  See what I mean in this week's episode. PS: Want to see why we don't suck? Check out the rundown here:
March 06, 2020
What a Tiny Black Belt Choking Me Out Could Mean for Your Business
Sometimes it's the smallest of hinges that swing the biggest doors.  A tiny tweak to your ad copy could mean, the smallest change in your language during your sales process, or  a tiny adjustment to how you coach up your team could mean (literally) hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars in increased sales to your business... Check it out! PS: we put together three free trainings (better than everybody else's paid stuff) to help you grow your gym fast at 
March 02, 2020
20 Lessons, Thoughts, and Ramblings for 2020
Full disclosure, in reading the notes for this bad boy after writing it I find it comes off as preachier than I’d like it to, so note that these are half-a** written more as a reminder to myself (and an invitation for you to do what you want with that perspective) vs. a YOU SUCK IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE THIS (!!!) Scenario…
January 01, 2020
The Secret Conversation Method to Help Make Tough Conversations Easy [crazy clients? underperforming employees? spouse not doing the dishes?]
This simple 3-step process helps you handle those tough conversations we all have to have easier than ever (and the weird thing is, in a lot of cases, the other party will actually LOVE you for it). Crazy clients? Use this. Tough talk with a team member? Use this. Need to get something across to your kiddos? Use this. Love, hugs, all that stuff, -G.R.
December 07, 2019
Burned by your goo-roo?
Been burned? Us too. Here's what to do about it. BONUS: a little bonus about the best way to build your money-back guarantee at the 19-minute mark... Enjoy!
December 04, 2019
THINK! The Deadly Hidden Cost Your Guru is Hiding From You
You see ‘em everywhere, the crazy testimonials, the too-good-to-be-true promos, the crazy claims (GROUP TRAINING IS DEAD, NOW IT’S NOT, THIS IS COOL NOW, NO NOW IT ISN’T)... Take a deep breath, get out a pen and paper (so you can start your hate mail as you’re listening), and THINK :)
October 10, 2019
The Insult All Gym Owners Secretly Want to Hear [How to Cultify Your Gym]
What do (good) BJJ gyms and CrossFit (in its prime) have in common? What's the exact (incredibly, ridiculously scientific) equation you MUST follow in order to create a cult-like following in your business? Give this episode a listen to find out
October 07, 2019
The Sales Equation
Ever get pushback on your prices? "Oh but the gym down the street only charges X for unlimited..." This is why. Every single sale in your life is weighed on this equation, whether you know it or not. 
September 07, 2019
Slimy Sales Secrets from the Industry's Biggest D-Bag
Have fun with this one :) 
August 07, 2019
The Dirty Little Secret Agencies and Gurus Don't Want You to Know About
Ever wonder why you see agencies and ad guys posting crazy testimonials and wonder why their stuff isn't working the same way for you? There are secrets. Yep, it's shady. Yep, I tell ya all about 'em from a guy who's seen the inside of the industry's biggest players (spoiler alert: didn't like what I saw)
August 07, 2019
Welcome & Why
Welcome to the My Friend Says You Grow Gyms podcast, your place for straight talk about growing your gym in ways that you, your family, your team, the people you serve, and... not least importantly... your bank account [yay!] will feel awesome about.
August 07, 2019