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Evolve with Grace

Evolve with Grace

By Grace Agi
Evolve with Grace Podcast is a Career and personal development brand that provides you with strategies and tools required to become excellent in all facets of Life.
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What should I do? (How to make decisions)

Evolve with Grace

What should I do? (How to make decisions)

Evolve with Grace

My 2020 Journey-Pt 2
This episode talks about my experiences in 2020. I’m sharing this with the hope that you will be inspired and also plan towards the year 2021
December 31, 2020
My 2020 Journey—Part 1
This episode gives you details about my 2020 journey so far. It specifically sheds light on all the background preparations I had done in 2019 for the year 2020. As you listen, I hope you are as inspired as I was when I was recording this. Enjoy!!!
December 23, 2020
Money Conversations-What is Happening to My Money? with Chisom Ezeilo
Personal finance management is one of the biggest struggles of an average millennial. This episode gives a brief overview of the fundamental issues surrounding financial awareness.
September 07, 2020
Entitlement Mentality || Dream Killer Series Finale
We live in a world where people feel entitled to other people’s resources;time, money, respect etc. Entitlement mentality is a big deal and should be addressed...because this affects interpersonal relationships and can serve as a limitation or road block to becoming your best self. This episode speaks to this and also provides a way out of Entitlement Mentality.
August 14, 2020
Success Coma
This episode speaks to the fact that success can either be tool for more successes or become the grave in which other successes are buried through the ‘I have arrived’ mentality or the pressure to have another success after a previous win.
August 01, 2020
I’ll do it later (Procrastination)||Dream Killer Series
This episode talks about procrastination;Types, Reasons for procrastinating and How to overcome it.
July 13, 2020
This Episode talks about fear as expressed with the phrase ‘What if’, in the pursuit of our goals and dreams and how you can overcome it.
June 19, 2020
What should I do? (How to make decisions)
At every point in life, we are faced with making decisions. Sometimes these decisions are very easy to make but other times they can be very tough and difficult to make. This episode talks about the different stages of decision making and how you can arrive at the best decision for any given situation.
June 08, 2020
Overcoming Inferiority Complex Finale
This episode talks about leading yourself to become a confident person. It gives insight to practical things you can do to enhance your self perception.
June 02, 2020
Overcoming Inferiority Complex-2
This episode talks about Finding yourself as a means to overcoming Inferiority Complex
May 25, 2020
Overcoming Inferiority Complex-1
This episode talks about Knowing yourself;the first step to overcoming Inferiority Complex. The content was drawn from my experiences after fighting and winning the battle over Inferiority Complex.
May 18, 2020